‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Officially Greenlit

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the walking dead season 21 The Walking Dead Season 3 Officially Greenlit

What Happens Next: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Details Revealed

Zombie masses will continue to live on (or something like that) in AMC’s The Walking Dead, which has officially been renewed for a third season.

Following fantastic ratings for the first two episodes of the show’s second season – including record-breaking numbers for the season two premiere, titled “What Lies Ahead” (read our review) – AMC has gone ahead and (not surprisingly) put in an order for at least one more season of the horror/drama series.

Here is an official statement on the matter, from AMC president Charlie Collier:

“Today we are pleased to announce that the ‘dead’ shall live as we proudly renew ‘The Walking Dead’ for a third season on AMC and, globally, with our terrific partners at Fox International Channels. We are thankful for everyone’s contribution in front of and behind the camera as we continue to make ‘The Walking Dead’ a unique television experience. And, we are so proud as it continues to set viewership records around the world.”

While “What Lies Ahead” seemed to inspire love/hate reactions from dedicated Walking Dead fans, that episode’s (relatively) mixed reception had little effect on the ratings for its followup, “Bloodletting”, which managed to attract some 6.7 million total viewers in the U.S., dropping only about 8% in total viewership from the record-breaking season 2 opener.

That strong hold was proof enough for AMC that fans are still interested enough in the direction the Walking Dead TV show is taking (from a narrative standpoint) to not abandon ship anytime soon.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Season 3 Officially Greenlit

Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes won't be done battling zombies anytime soon.

However, there’s legitimate reason to be concerned (or, at least wonder) about the quality of The Walking Dead once the show reaches the half-way point of season 2 – which marks the end of Frank Darabont’s time as the series’ head honcho. The messy behind-the-scenes drama which led to Darabont’s departure between the airing of season 1 and 2 was bad enough to leave many fans worried about the show’s quality in later season 2 episodes.

We’ll soon find out whether Darabont’s guiding input was the glue holding this critically-respected ratings monster together – or if the rest of the Walking Dead production team (including new showrunner Glen Mazzara and original Walking Dead comic book creator/show producer Robert Kirkman) can keep things running smoothly for at least another season and a half.


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC

Source: AMC

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  1. What really happened on Shane???? How did they turn to zombies without being bitten???Do they turn to zombies when they die without being bitten???

    • The infection is airborne. So when they die, it takes over.

      • Well how did Rick not die?

        • Rick didn’t get shot, When rick handed the gun over he was pointing it at Shane as well, So Shane was shot & stabbed at the same time, He also turned into a zombie because the infection is in everyone’s brains, Dieing just triggers it now because the infection is air born.

          Hope I helped anyone who reads this is the comments as well as you Ryan Lombardo&4

          • Shane only got stabbed. When he was stabbed the gun went off!!!

            • yes because Rick’s gun was pointing towards the deck to show Shane he was submitting and to get Shane to put his guard down.

            • Ricks son shot Shane.

      • Actually they are all infected (what Dr. Edwin Jenner said to rick in season 1. So even if they die without being bit they turn unless they get a shot to the head death.

        • As it was revealed in the last episode of Season 2, but my prediction is that what Jenner said isn’t actually true, and that there is always a different reason.

          • NO THERES NOT

      • It’s not actually airborne as such, it was touched upon on the final episode of season two, if you remember in season one, the scientist dude who’s name i have forgotten, whispered in Rick’s ear, he told rick that the virus is inside everyone. so the virus is dormant until the host dies. then the virus regenerates the dead brain tissue. this kind of scientific viral zombie infection has been used in a few films.

    • They are all infected with the virus. The Dr at the CDC told Rick right before they left. He tells everyone in the last episode of Season 2.

    • they l carry the disease that’s what was said near the end even if not bitten because Rey carry it inside of them they will turn regardless

    • The virus is airborne, everyone carries it. When Rick killed Shane, he then became a zombie.

    • Well, in the episode “18 miles out”, Shane uses his knife to stab and kill a walker at the school, and when he’s trapped on the bus, he uses the same knife to cut his hand and wipes blood on the bus door to attract walkers. That is what I know for sure, but with Randal, I’m guessing either something similar happened to him with Daryl’s knife as he tortured Randal by stabbing his leg. Either that or being locked up in the barn where walkers were kept, the germs and dry blood got into Randal through all his cuts and bruises.

      • omg thats so true u just changed everything i knew about the season

      • slso, whe Shane cut himself with infected knife, that may well bew why his personality changed so violent.

      • dude the virus is airborne… everyone has it so when they die they turn into a zombie…. and when a person is bitten, the person gets a severe infection that kills the person… the bite doesn’t turn them…. Everyone in the world is infected.

      • No… Everyone is infected. Thats what the doctor told Rick… otherwize shane would have started getting sick after cutting his self… Every one is infected.

    • when some one dies they turn into a zombie….every one in the world has it when they die

    • Rick killed Shane because Shane was going to kill Rick. The reason they change without being bitten is because they are all infected with the virus.

    • remember at the end of the final episode of season 2 rick told everyone that they all carry the walker disease? yeah well if someone dies walker bite or like maybe being stabbed like shane they will turn in to a walker anyway.

    • The disease that caused the walkers went airborne everybody is infected and will turn into one bitten or not at death the bite just makes you turn faster its a ticking time bomb

    • yeah ppl when they die turn the end of season 2 explains when randal gets his neck snapped by shane and comes back, then when rick kills shane he turns rick later explains that the doctor from the cdc says that everyone is infected. thats a kinda twist i like

    • There is a way and it was explained but I forgot. I am sorry but it was explained in a unique way but yet it made sense….

    • well if u listened u would have heard rick say that the infection spreads through the air and only turns u when u die

    • they are already infected with the diease but they dont automaticlly turn into zombimes.

      hope that helps.

    • If you watch Series 1 episode 6 dr jenner whispers into ricks ears ” Everyone is infected ” . So even if you havent been bitten , when you die you’ll turn into a zombie . Hopethis helps you understand

  2. They should also have survival games like this movie… An online game like this movie would be awesome

    • Hey you, there is a game called ” the walking dead ” for sale on steam :)

  3. They should also have survival games like this movie… An online game like this movie would be awesome. Not like dead frontier tho…that game wants money.

    • Bryl There is already a game out exactly like this It’s called “The walking dead” its on stream should check it out, it dose not cost much & if you worried about price for a good game then you’ll never play a good game.

  4. OMG, can’t wait till October. I am watching all episodes for both Season 1 & Season 2 many times now…. :( Please, move it to later date… waaaahhhhh…. im dying to see Andrea. Im wondering what’s going to happen to her after she was saved by Michone… hhmmmmmm

  5. Its gonna be Awesome!!!

    • YEP!!!!!!

  6. Just to let all of you “dead” fans know, the season is starting in mid-late October and that the Governor (from Book 3&4 of the comics) will be in season 3!

  7. oh my life!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL SEASON 3!! It is getting really good. it was so sad that Shane had to die but it looks like something is happening to Rick. I think he’s going to lose it. I wonder whats going to happen to Lori tho???? So when you die the sickness will take over.. hmmmmm can that be correct??? I don’t know but I’m ready for this crazy ride we are about to take!!! ;)

    • Shane deserved to die, trying to kill rick to take over RICKS family and killing innocent people to live, He’s a mess.
      Rick is not losing it, He’s simply yelling this time because he’s sick of having everyone look up to him and blaming everything on him. & I’m glad you are excited about season 3 coming out, also, The “sickness” Is not taking over when you die, Its air born the infection so its in everyone already because they’ve breathed it in, So when they die there brain stops, If you watched all the seasons before you would have seen that when you die and your brain shuts down, because the infection is air-born once you die its a trigger to start that part of your brain again. Hope this helped- Check out more on your shows today & Check polls out.

      • watch the episode inside the CDC with the Dr wife the test subject when her brain died moments later it showed it restarting but in a darker and gloomy fashion that was the virus causing this effect on her brain. i love this show…also remember it showed Shane and Lori on the road in a traffic jam they napalmed the city this caused the toxic virus in the air.

    • Shane was a huge jerk he tried to rape Lori don’t forget that what kind of man does that? and then tries to kill rick after rick came back to save him in the bus i would have left him im glad rick offed him i just ask myself why did he wait so long

  8. wen does season 3 start? in october in 2012? or what

    • Yes season 3 starts in October 2012.

    • iv heard it will start on October 24th but im not sure if thats the real date or not

  9. cant wait to for season 3… :)

  10. if you remember shane also got stabbed with the same knife that Rick used to also kill zombies so traces of their infected blood will still be on that very same knife :)

    • that does not explain why Randell turned into a walker after only getting his neck snapped by Shane. and i wonder what happened to Sophia how did and when was she a walker? like i wonder if she climbed into the barn trying to hide not realizing there was walkers in there? hmmm

      • well because they are infected with the disease, say someone died not by a walker just by like getting shot or something the brain would shut down and the disease would take over so they would become a walker.
        I think that the day Sophia ran away that night when everyone stopped looking for her she got bit and later Otis found her and put her in the barn, she couldnt of fell in because there would be lots of bite marks on her when there was only one on her shoulder. :)

  11. I wonder what will happen to Lori’s baby? the baby is infected twice.. once from airborne cause the mother has to breath and having 2 infected parents make the kid…

    you ever wonder if the kid can control zombies?

    will the kid maybe get a rare mutation and be immune to the zombie infection? (maybe find a cure throu the 2nd generation zombie DNA)

    is the baby really shane’s?

    and how can lori turn on her own husband like that.. she was cool but turned out to be a total “B”… im sure you can figure out what the “B” means… i think rick is cooler then shane…

    and i think rick had to fight shane, because the group couldnt handle 2 alpha males… (with animals, there usually only one)

    • Also, what would happen if the baby is dead inside Lori’s stomach, turns into a zombie, then what would happen, would the baby eat Lori from the inside?

      • I totally wondered that same thing when they were saying last ep of season 2 that Rick knew from the CDC guy everyone would turn zombie when they died … so yeah, i thought omg a miscarriage would be a whole new ball game then wouldn’t it? i mean babies don’t have teeth .. so thats good, but WOULD it be a ‘crawler’ … you know? not just your own dead baby but a ZOMBIE inside you! ack!

    • Shane had to die he was a murderer and would have been a rapist he was a bad man and Rick he is a great leader

    • Lori has a normal baby, BUT(spoiler alert) Lori is holding the baby and they both DIE!!!They get shot. READ THE COMICS!!!!!!!

      • not exactly normal, her baby is infected to like the rest of them, yeah but i dont think they are gonna kill them both in the prison Lori is to much of a good character to be killed right now anyway but if it where up to me i would make her give birth to the baby and Lori would pass away after giving birth.

    • what if Lori has a miscarriage and the baby dies inside of her and comes back as a zombie and is tearing her up from the inside and they have to try to get it out of her to save her ! just a thought

  12. I love the show iam a big fan I cant wait intil the next one comes out iam happy love yall all

  13. My boyfriend and I LOVE The Walking Dead. We are both addicted. <3 I guess it helped kick start our relationship because we both found something we love in common: Zombies :p I'm so inpatient for Season 3. I'm excited to see how much the show will differ from the comics.

  14. I like the walking dead movie…but to the end of season two things changed.I dnt like the idea of making the infection airborne.This generally means that they will all die and it wnt make any sense…Then when a zombiee is shot, are there chances that after sometime he will wake up again???…Besdides, the damages they have are more compared to a shot they get to make them completely DEAD!!!!

    • Which walking dead movie??? There is a movie made in the 20′s I believe called the walking dead,but it’s about someone executed that is brought back to life(possibly a silent film but not 100%) which one are u talking about?

      • the above one (series)…not the one you are talking about…

    • i dont think you understand it completely, say someone gets shot they will die the brain will shut down and the disease will take over again so they will be a walker, and if they shoot a walker it will die it wont come back unless they havent hit the brain properly.

  15. ZOMBIE Strike Miami, FL Man Shot and killed by police officer after caught chewing a guys face off

  16. if you had to pick between a ice pick and a knife to kill a zombie what would you pick and why?

  17. Ok, heres a question for you zobie heads, since I have never even seen a comic of the show but have watched every episoed , I was woundering if anyone else that does not truely know from the comics thinks that maybe Carl is really Shane’s son and not Ricks? Like maybe Shane and Lori were screwing around behind Ricks back before any of this zombie stuff ever even started. I mean that what I got from it at the end ofseason 2 when Lori seemed to get so mad at Rick right at the end When she found out her son Carl was actually the one that shot zombie Shane. Ok am I the only one that saw this that way? Please only noncomic book reading people give there opinion on this, I only want opinions not facts according to the comics.. I would rather find out how that really plays out by actually watching it on the show, so please don’t ruin it if you know, I just want opinions, ok. Thanks

    • i dont think carl is shanes son i think rick is carls father, but i do think the baby is shanes, also i think lori got real mad at rick becuase she knew the baby was shane’s and that she loved shane more, i mean shane tried to kill rick tons of times and lori got all b*tchy at rick

  18. When Is season 3 coming back on?!?! I’ve been waiting forever.

    • Season 3 returns this Oct no exact day has been released yet.

    • Hi Vader’s 501st,Just wanted to comment on your screen name, Pretty Cool, You ever play battle front or battle front 2, on playstation or xbox, Love those games. Ok, back to my earler post anybody got any opinions about Shane and Lori being an item before the zombies ever started taking over? Thanks.

      • @Jim
        I must of hit reply on the next comment lol. I didn’t notice till after hitting post.

    • i heard it was coming back on October 24th

  19. When Is season 3 coming back on?
    I’ve been waiting forever.

    • @ Jim
      Thanks for liking my screen name and me being a big star wars fan I just had to use Vader’s 501st. As for your question on BF 1&2 I own both and have been waiting for a 3rd forever. I even found some gameplay of BF3 on YouTube when it was still in production but heard it had been canceled before being finalized. The gameplay looked pretty awesome you should check it out.

      As for your question on lori and shane its possible that they may have had a thing going secretly behind Rick’s back.

      • Vader’s 501st thanks for the info. I been waiting forever as well for BF3. I’ll be checking out youtube for sure. Anyone else out there got any opinions about Shane and Lori being an item before zombie invasion? I think Carl wasn’t Rick’s real son but Shane’s.

        • @ Jim
          Your welcome :D

  20. I love this show so much I tend to masturbate to a few of the episodes ….like when Shane tried to rape Lori or when chin lee dicks down the farmers daughter …. Good stuff!!!

  21. I love this show so much I tend to masturbate to a few of the episodes ….like when Shane tried to rape Lori or when chin lee bangs out the farmers daughter …. Good stuff!!!

  22. I love this show so much I tend to rub one out to a few of the episodes ….like when Shane tried to rape Lori or when chin lee bangs out the farmers daughter …. Good stuff!!!

  23. Season 3 starts Oct 14, 2012

  24. Season 3 begins Oct 14

    • it says 9th august vader501st do u like force unleashed?i think its the best star wars game series ever closely followed by rogue squadron,im still learning new moves on it after all this time new moves emerge like grabbing wall when somersaulting and double somersaulting again.

      • @ Egg

        Yea I like The Force Unleashed I have both games as well as Rogue Squadron. The Force Unleashed has plenty of moves, which one are you playing TFU 1 or 2 ?

  25. When does season 3 air in new zealand?

    • @Ria i honestly cant say when it airs in new zealand i have no clue tbh but i do know when it airs i belive i dont know if its global though October 13th 2012

  26. Will BT vision ever pick it up and if so when?

  27. SPOILER – you cant resist but to read this but ya. I read that they are in fact following the comics and Lori’s baby is born a hybrid which means half walker and half human. walker wont attack him so he is a good asset. also the black kid and dad from the beggining return. Lori also gets shot near the very last episode and dies, rick , daryl, carl, and sam * the baby * are rescued by the government top soldiers and are taken to safe haven. * YOUR WELCOME *

  28. when dose the W.D come on tv in new zealand help!!!!!!

  29. i want to see season 3.