‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Officially Greenlit

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the walking dead season 21 The Walking Dead Season 3 Officially Greenlit

What Happens Next: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Details Revealed

Zombie masses will continue to live on (or something like that) in AMC’s The Walking Dead, which has officially been renewed for a third season.

Following fantastic ratings for the first two episodes of the show’s second season – including record-breaking numbers for the season two premiere, titled “What Lies Ahead” (read our review) – AMC has gone ahead and (not surprisingly) put in an order for at least one more season of the horror/drama series.

Here is an official statement on the matter, from AMC president Charlie Collier:

“Today we are pleased to announce that the ‘dead’ shall live as we proudly renew ‘The Walking Dead’ for a third season on AMC and, globally, with our terrific partners at Fox International Channels. We are thankful for everyone’s contribution in front of and behind the camera as we continue to make ‘The Walking Dead’ a unique television experience. And, we are so proud as it continues to set viewership records around the world.”

While “What Lies Ahead” seemed to inspire love/hate reactions from dedicated Walking Dead fans, that episode’s (relatively) mixed reception had little effect on the ratings for its followup, “Bloodletting”, which managed to attract some 6.7 million total viewers in the U.S., dropping only about 8% in total viewership from the record-breaking season 2 opener.

That strong hold was proof enough for AMC that fans are still interested enough in the direction the Walking Dead TV show is taking (from a narrative standpoint) to not abandon ship anytime soon.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Season 3 Officially Greenlit

Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes won't be done battling zombies anytime soon.

However, there’s legitimate reason to be concerned (or, at least wonder) about the quality of The Walking Dead once the show reaches the half-way point of season 2 – which marks the end of Frank Darabont’s time as the series’ head honcho. The messy behind-the-scenes drama which led to Darabont’s departure between the airing of season 1 and 2 was bad enough to leave many fans worried about the show’s quality in later season 2 episodes.

We’ll soon find out whether Darabont’s guiding input was the glue holding this critically-respected ratings monster together – or if the rest of the Walking Dead production team (including new showrunner Glen Mazzara and original Walking Dead comic book creator/show producer Robert Kirkman) can keep things running smoothly for at least another season and a half.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC

Source: AMC

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  1. This is terrific news!!! Yay!

  2. hell yea!! hope this goes up to season 5 at least =)

    • Its confirmed it will go past season six cause once Lori has the baby, she tells the stories of Season 1-3

  3. Wow, let me say that I’m not surprised the show is awesome with season two barely 2 episodes in its great to know that a 3rd season has been confirmed.

  4. The show should end at the end of the prison sequence. It would be the quintessential zombie movie ending and would leave fans wanting more. To get where the comic is now, real zombie fans would leave in droves, and the series would be left with the “shippers” moaning about how Michonne should go with Tyrese and not T-Dog. I would really really hate that.

    Seriously, how could they NOT greenlight a new season after breaking records? Oh, and not incidentally, breaking their own record. Was somebody worried about this?

    I hope they commit to a real arc and stick with it. As a never ending series, I worry about it’s chances. The zombies will eventually get old, so they’ll have to think of bigger things. TV guys CAN’T think of bigger things, so they’ll lean on melodrama. Five years. That’s what will work.

    oh, Congrats, Walking Dead, on being picked up.

    • Also, on the Darabont issue. Darabont has brought a lot of interesting Stephen King things to screen, and so is loved for it. Rightly so, as Shawshank is fantastic, and so is Green Mile. He also did The Mist, which I thought was pretty good….But Darabont included a lot of the rambling mumbo jumbo that King loves. A situation gets dire, and suddenly people are taking time outs to preach God or have sex with people they just met. Rather than say “Hey, dude. I know you won’t completely buy it, but I just saw a REALLY BIG f****** CREATURE out that door. For your own safety, back off.” Instead we gotta have a discourse and five pages worth of dialogue about it.

      This is Darabont’s forte. I quite liked it in his two prison films. The world was safe, but the situation was weird. A good time to emote, because most every one was fine.(In both Shawshank and the Green Mile only ONE person was held for something they didn’t do) In The Mist and The Walking Dead, EVERYONE is caught in a situation that they didn’t bring about. Darabont used the same paradigm as the prison films for this. He had people discussing WAY WAY too much about everything. In a crisis, I can’t think of ANYONE who would start talking about how they were having sex with each other and that couldn’t happen now. No, all other issues have been postponed…Let’s not get, like, eaten.

      Perhaps, with Darabont, and his love for this kind of navel gazing, out of the way, things will go to a more visceral level for the band of survivors. Listen, if the “shippers” want to watch a show about relationships, there are MYRIAD options. Why do we have to have it in a genre piece like this? Perhaps the new guy will see that it’s the zombies and the danger that’s bring the viewers, not the COMPLETELY INANE SHANE AND LORI, OR ANDREA WANTS TO KILL HERSELF plotline.

      • Well maybe the reason why there are people getting romantic, thinking about suicide and stuff is because the walking dead series isn’t just a horror/thriller series – it belongs to the drama category as well – just so you now of it.. :)

    • OH!!!!No doubt the walking dead is the best concept and t.v. show EVER!!!!However, do you read the comics? (Well obviously!) I think they could go 12 seasons (at least) This is the best show ever (besides Dexter it’s #2)But 5 seasons COME ON!!!!!They could meet new people, and the comic brings back the black dad from season 1(not his son)it could go on for many years (ihope it does)There could be always DRAMA!!!!(whether from zombies, Rick’s family, and the group (Carol mainly)& finding a new safe place since the farm is gone, and Rick trying not to let more people die! i personally feel that he is going through way TOO much and Darryl and Rick should partner Up, it would be the perfect team(an open minded perceptive person(Rick)and the outdoorsman(Darryl)with tracking and s lot of skills Rick isn’t as good at. They are the perfect team! Can’t wait til season 3

  5. The down side to this is that AMC will now think they can cut the budget and still get results. I bet the trim the SFX back even more just to see what they can get away with.

    Sorry by I am cynical when it comes to TV and the greed of the corp execs who care nothing about quality.

  6. this is a good news! make more season AMC..

  7. With so many series being so short now days you cna basically just DVR the whole series and watch all the way through…….If you’re like me you about jump out of your chair when they cliff hang and you have to wait a week to find what happens next….So many series are only 8 to 10 episodes long now so it’s easy to just do them all at once…BBC America has these 6 part mini series…..The trouble with all these shortened series is that you just feel you’re into the thinck of it, and then it’s fanale time……Arrrrrrgh

  8. Fabulous news! AMC, INVEST in all of your terrific shows and keep them coming!!!!

    There is some fabulous TV on Sunday nights and so far the Walking Dead is competing and winning with the HBO/Showtime series.

    Cheers for more fabulous creative TV!!!!!!

  9. I am a huge ‘The Walking Dead’s fan. And I think out friend Piecar is absolutly right!
    What we see now is too much bla-bla-bla, when what we really wanna see is blood-blood-blood.

    I mean, the Comics are awesome, great story, a lot of action.
    But the series is more like a mexican soupopera now.
    I really hope the 2nd part of the season 2 gets better, and if they do as the original story, i bet they’ll break records every episode.

  10. I love this show and think that a little more action would be great! As for more seasons, heck yes!!! This show has gone down a little but there is always next episode… I think that the shows end very well and keep me thinking of the next episode(s).

  11. Another thing… everyone that the people love
    (Darryl,Rick,Shane,Andrea,etc.) have lived so far! Carl got shot, still alive and well. What im saying is that someone should get “bit”. Just to show the fans that they are not superheros… That they can still become the “Walking Dead”!

    • If Darryl gets bit, whole show ends.

      • mike you are so damn right if darryl die everything goes to hell he is the best guy in the walking dead and he deserves to live :D:D

  12. oh my gosh! i love the walking dead! i am such a huge fan! much love!

  13. my x mas wish more seasons to come for the walking dead hell yeah can’t wait for season 3 make it fast please!! ^_^

  14. from Portugal we are waiting for season 3, tanks

  15. I really love this show and the whole series i just think they gotta introduce a tank to them like left-4-dead(game) i would like to see them deal with that

    loven the show.

  16. I can’t wait for the next season, I love this series! And I actually like that its not just blood blood blood all the time Zombie film/movie/series. I wouldn’t mind a bid more blood/action but there are plenty of other Zombie movies and games out there with a lot of action/blood. This is a different and I like it.

  17. season 1 and 2 was AWESOME! hope still continue til season 6 hahahaha great job! :) haha can’t wait to see season 3

    • i think walking dead is the best show in a long time hope it stays running for a long time


  19. I love walking dead cant Wait 4 season 3. Oh yeahhh

  20. i believe they should go up too 5 seasons or even 6 then if they feel they aint gonna make any more make movie as they could end it on a high that way hell of a show Shane really lost it in season 2 episode 7 loved it but i really think hes going crazy and think hes gonna turn out too be a outcast..

    • Shane is gonna die before season 2 ends. I’m almost positive. Dale said it won’t be long till Shane kills again…. Next episode you see that Shane punches Rick. Shane is gonna try to kill Rick and then someone will kill Shane before he does. The comic books are really useful.

  21. I love the Walking Dead and the characters they have now and I wouldn’t ever change a good thing:)

  22. from the philippines, my whole family cant wait for the season 3, awesome series! More searies pls and more twists!

  23. From the philippines, my whole family cant wait for the season 3, More season please and more twists!

  24. one of the best tv shows ever made. just finished the first 7 episodes of the second season and waiting for episodes 8-13 this february. hope this show goes for 10 seasons. 😉


    • Season 2 isn’t over yet it was confirmed soon after the first season ended that the 2nd would expand to 13 episodes which means its halfway through, the second half of season 2 returns Feb. 12 and season 3 will expand to 16 episodes

  26. I will wait all year, for this.

  27. lord i hope so. you cant dangle this series out there like fresh meat to a walker than take it away. makes them even meaner. so hooray for season 3 just wish i could be a part of it. so does my 11 year old daughter who has walking dead meetings with fellow students durring free time in school. keep up the story there will always dead heads like my family. sparkie.

  28. Lithuania waiting 3 season.

  29. Its sad that a sow that started out with great potential has turned into an over rated soap opera. With the over acting, to much talking and little or no action Im sure the show is soon to meet its doom.