‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Zombies Revealed

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walking dead zombies The Walking Dead Season 2 Zombies Revealed

With production currently underway for The Walking Dead season 2, AMC has released the first official image of what fans can expect from the zombies when they return this October.

Maintaining some familiar elements that many remember from the first season, it appears that the zombie make-up for The Walking Dead has been upgraded for its sophomore year (see below), both in budget and in look. Stylized contact lenses looks to be a new addition that serves to elevate the, well, walking dead into something much more terrifying than their predecessors.

During the first season, the majority of the infected were simply provided with pseudo-bloodied eyes that focused the audience’s attention on the zombies’ pupils. While this certainly fulfills the expected look of those in search of human flesh, it’s nice to see that the producers and make-up artists are attempting to progress and evolve the look of the series’ antagonists.

You can view the first image of the season 2 zombies below:


The Walking Dead season 2 Zombies The Walking Dead Season 2 Zombies Revealed

walking dead season 2 zombies The Walking Dead Season 2 Zombies Revealed

As you can see from the image above, while a single zombie takes focus, she’s also surrounded by a large number of undead compatriots. Since the image is framed as such to prevent any type of reveals regarding what could bring about this type of zombie occurrence, one can only assume these invaders await Rick, Shane and the rest of the RV survivors on the road to Hershel’s farm – this assumption comes from the fact that Hershel and the rest of the farm inhabitants have yet to be cast.

Considering it will be another 5 months before audiences get their first glimpse at the second season of The Walking Dead, it appears that AMC is going to continue last year’s promotional craze for the show’s sophomore year. While a single image might not seem like much, this is only the beginning.

the walking dead season1 zombie The Walking Dead Season 2 Zombies Revealed

It's all in the eyes - 'The Walking Dead' season 1 zombie

Expect to see further zombie-inspired promotional endeavors as we approach the expected October 31, 2011 premiere date. For those attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, make sure to keep an eye out for the return of AMC’s undead mobs – and perhaps a few surprises, as well.


The Walking Dead season 2 is expected to premiere October 31 on AMC

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  1. very 28 days later
    Not AT ALL a bad thing :)

  2. As long as they add in more action and more common sense. No more pitching tents in the woods and waiting for the Zombies to show up with no one on watch.

    • Excellent point- zombies can only win (at least in most film treatments) because humans are complete idiots.

      First would not the group have at least moved on or at a minimum posted guards and erected some kind of fence or defensive barrier?

      This show was, overall, quite stupid in its first season.

    • Haha..i thought that too, they were so out in the open and vulnerable near those woods. They should have kept them longer on those roof tops with more gun power, preferably with secure doors downstairs!

  3. Love this show can’t wait!!!!!

  4. Great, no more cheesy looking zombies- maybe.

    However are they spending any money to upgrade the 3rd rate scripts from season 1 or improve the mediocre acting and direction?

    Last season was, in the main, pedestrian and hackneyed. Just the usual boring rehash of every George Romero film (and they have starkly declined in imagination becoming highly formulaic and larded with inane political commentary in recent years).

    Can we please have a truly innovative zombie TV program or film for once? Is this simply too much to ask for?

    • Hey M.

      you need to google “We’re Alive” if you want new twists on your zombies.
      I’m actually cool with the people just looking dead, as long as we get to see a bunch of them kill or die.

    • Well a zombie based TV series IS an innovative idea. It has NEVER been done before so I’m not really sure what you want here.

      I also didn’t think the scripts were “3rd rate” nor the acting mediocre. Are you sure you watched the same show the rest of us did? I guess there is just no pleasing some people.

      My only complaint was that they considered 6 episodes = a season. I was already balking at some programs calling 13 episodes a season (not just a fall/winter season but that’s it for the year) and now this? It was either a long introduction or a mini-series but 6 hrs is not enough to qualify as a season imho.

      • Completely agree -

        This show was the first of its kind, well adapted (read the books) and extremely well cast!
        All hail Andrew Lincoln for turning American.
        And of course it has the 2nd best Spfx man out there Mr Nicaterro (Tom Savini is 1st)

        Also none of the corner cutting cgi vfx which I like but not in horror movies.

        We only have to look at all the zombie movies made so far are they any better scripted than this was?
        And anyone who disagrees with that please tell me which one is?

        Even my girlfriend couldn’t get enough and why I asked, ‘because it has a good story and is well scripted on top of being scary’ she said…

        I also agree it was far too short of a season and to make us wait till Oct this year is ridiculous..
        A good all round package that can only get better with all these people at the helm..
        Keep em coming theres so much story to go after….!

        • I completly agree. Very well said.

      • This is not the first zombie tv series. The uk made dead set was the first. Available on DVD import.

  5. So are these zombies going to have a “shelf life”? Meaning they can starve to death or at the very least keep rotting till they fall apart.

    This is something that is NEVER really covered because movies always span a very limited period of time (usually from the beginning of the infection)

    Logically, zombies should “die” on their own and all the pockets of humanity need to do is simply weather the storm and then clean up the mess afterward.

  6. I thought the first season was good. Hope it picks up more in the Romero territory.

  7. Thank god its not on ABC It would have been cancelled. Like V thos idiots LOL

  8. For someone like me, it takes something very interesting to keep my attention (thank you A.D.D) :D This show keeps me glued to my seat!!

  9. I would like to see the cast use some of the hardware left out and about! So many weapons and vehicles which offer much more in way of usefulness. :)

  10. I still get frightened whenever I think of that scene in the first season where they’re hiding out in a suburb and that Zombie-mom looks through the keyhole. Crap that was scary. Amazing first season to be honest. I watched it witha hate-joy to be honest since I’m not a horror dude generally.

  11. on Halloween awww thts awesome and it sucks cuz i wanted to be the Left 4 Dead witch 4 Halloween but i don’t wanna miss my favorite show. oh nos what do i do?

  12. I loved this show can’t wait till it comes back. I’m not a hugh fan of the movies today. But this show blew me away so cool. And i also like who killed Rosie Larson. hope to see more series like these

    • Yeah i luuved it too and the ending was so crasy but thats gooood cause now i cant wait for the next season of Who Killed Rosie Larson if thats the name the :)

  13. Fantastic series. I recorded them on sky plus and have just watched them all this weekend like a box set. I can’t wait for the next series. Will it be 2012 when we get it in England?

  14. Just watched first season with lovefilm, sure we can get season2 in oct by popular demand. This is a very enjoyable series and what i like most,like with any zombie film,is the apocolyptic survival theme.

  15. just want to know when walking dead season 2 will be returning to channel 5 please

    • Me too this series is the best ever zombie related show/film I’ve seen on tv recently

    • i heard it will be releasing on the SKY channel 165 called FX or FX+ on the 21st of October at 10pm.

  16. heres something from the channel 5 website ‘The Walking Dead – Season 2′.

    “Season 2 cannot come soon enough and we’ll have it on Channel 5 for you in 2012 – thanks for watching Season 1 with us!”

    Unfortunately, it’ll be premiering next year, in 2012! :(

    • Season 1 premiered on FXUK on 05.11.10.
      It premiered on C5 on 10.04.11.
      That’s a time difference of 22 weeks.
      Season 2 premieres on FXUK on 21.10.11.
      So, if there’s the same time difference again, and they stick with Saturdays, then we are looking at either 17.03.12 or 25.03.12.

  17. 28 days later was nothing compared tot he sequel 28 weeks later, i believe that 28 weeks later is a much better movie

  18. to the*

  19. Finally got confirmation that season 2 starts on C5 (UK) at 10.00pm on Monday 14th May 2012.
    Happy viewing.