Robert Kirkman Reveals ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Details

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The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman Robert Kirkman Reveals The Walking Dead Season 2 Details

With the first season of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray next week, the famed creator of The Walking Dead comic (and series writer) Robert Kirkman revealed some details about the series’ highly-anticipated second season.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman notes the current status of The Walking Dead season 2 production, where we’ll see Rick and Co. head next in their attempt at survival (Hershel’s farm) and how they will continue to develop the look of the series’ already iconic zombies.

On top of that, Kirkman also hints at the upcoming drama of Rick vs. Shane and reveals what is exactly is going on in the series’ talked-about writers room and who, exactly, will be penning the scripts for the sophomore season.

Still in the early stages of pre-production, Kirkman and Darabont have been focusing on developing this season’s storyline, making sure that it stands up next to the critically-acclaimed first season:

We’re mapping out everything. We got a lot of cool ideas. Everyone here is mindful of how well-received the first season was. We’re breaking our backs, story wise, to make sure the next season is twice is good, or three times as good, with a lot of twists and turns and pushing the envelope of what you can do on TV.

With Atlanta all-but inhabitable, The Walking Dead season 2 will find our favorite rag-tag group of survivors making their way to the country-side:

…I know [showrunner Frank Darabont] has said we’re going to see Hershel’s farm. We’re looking to take some picturesque rural landscapes and playing with that and coming up with some cool zombie visuals. We’ll see some of the locations of the first season, but we’re going to mainly focus on breaking new ground.

While Hershel’s farm is one of the main focuses in the comic book’s second volume, the length of The Walking Dead’s second season – 13 episodes, compared to 6 episodes in the first season – means that we’ll likely see more than just the farm as a setting in season 2. Wiltshire Estates and the prison could both be implemented in the second season. With each new setting comes new characters and even more chances for the undead to attack. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see exactly where they end up.

rick shane the walking dead season 2 Robert Kirkman Reveals The Walking Dead Season 2 Details

In The Walking Dead season 1 finale, fans were left (relatively) in the dark with respect to what Jenner whispered to Rick before blowing up Atlanta’s CDC facility. While fans of the comic likely know what was said, those who strictly watch the television series may be surprised to find out that this secret will pit Rick versus Shane:

[Regarding Rick vs. Shane] That’s definitely the core dynamic that’s going on, but there’s a lot of other interesting stuff in the mix. We’re going to seeing a lot of Andrea and a lot more of Laurie.

As was previously reported, Frank Darabont“fired” the entire writing staff of the series towards the end of the first season. While Darabont’s definition of “fired” remains unknown and the newly-found writing staff has yet to be named, Kirkman reveals that he and Darabont will likely be writing the majority of the episodes:

[Frank Darabont’s] focusing on writing. He’s in writers room every day. I’m writing some episodes and he’s writing some episodes. We’re trying to figure out what we’re doing with the directing right now. The logistics and also being big part of the writers room will limit his time [to direct episodes].

Proving that everyone is taking the second season of The Walking Dead as serious as the first, Kirkman highlights the attempts that are currently being made to further the series’ already amazing visual effects – specifically the zombies:

We’ve been talking to [zombie effects master] Greg Nicotero a lot about some cool zombie stuff he has planned. As much as this show pushed the envelope of gore on TV, the joy of seeing the best zombies ever done on a TV show every week, all I can say you haven’t seen anything yet.

While some fans may still be upset that they’ll have to wait until October for the next installment of The Walking Dead, they can take solace in knowing that the lengthy delay between seasons is being taken advantage of to further evolve an already amazing series. If October is still too long of a wait, you could always head out to San Diego Comic-Con where Kirkman acknowledges that The Walking Dead will have a big presence at this year’s convention. What kind of presence? 12ft zombies. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that defiantly qualifies as “big.”

The only thing that could make this season better would be a governor; more specifically, “the Governor.”


The Walking Dead season 2 is set to air October 2011 on AMC

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Sounds fantastic, I’m excited!

  2. Hey, where is my notification of winning the walk on role as a Zombie that I submitted after every airing of the show. Getting impatient about now.

  3. A big surprise might be a trailer for The Walking Dead episodic adventure game by the beloved Telltale Games that made Sam and Max and Back to the future games

  4. Man it about killed me that we we only got a mere 6 episodes! ARG.

    The Walking Dead is in the unique position of being the first anything to show zombie evolution over an extended period of time. So my only question is……Will the zombies look more decayed as time passes in the series?

    I mean how long can a zombie last before it just falls apart due to decay?

    • On the other hand, if the show had been awful, we would be saying “finally!”.

  5. I cannot wait until season 2!!! I’m going to see them at the Paley fest tomorrow!! I hope they answer more questions!

  6. There was that one half zombie that kept going like the Energizer bunny. Maybe the heads have to be intact but if you blow that off, that’s it? So that would mean they could go on quite awhile.

  7. I hope to see The Governor in season 2. That character has the potential to be the greatest villian in TV history. Also I am happy to hear Darabont will be writing with Kirkman more this season. My only complaint with season 1 was that you could tell when he wasn’t a part of the writing process.

  8. Very exciting.

  9. I’m so ready to continue watching this show in season 2..I just knew this show would be a hit..

  10. =.( tickets for comic con was sold out i was totaly going to go. yes they need to add tyrese and i would love to see the Govener in the season, i bet they will end season 2 with the govener!!

  11. I think they should open the season 2 earlier, concidering im SUPER impatient. Me and my dad love this show & were just wishing they’d open the premiere earlier instead of the same EXACT time as last year. But I guess we’ll live. Hopefully the chineese dude will live :)

    • He’s not Chinese, he’s Korean-American, and his fate is quite detailed in the comic series. I won’t spoil it, but you should check it out.

  12. I don’t understand how people can rave about TWD tv series, it was terrible, there was 2 okay episodes and one decent show opening scene. The story was boring, it strayed from the original story, there was no zombies in the finale, the ending was weak, Shane’s still alive, Aundrea looks too old and was already carrying a gun, the self destructing lab was stupid, the explosion looked cheap, Carl doesn’t have a gun. There was a reason why they fired the writers of the first season. For a season that started with so much potential it ended poorly. Am i the only one who feels this way!??? I for one will NOT be tuning into the second season.

    • Oh it wasn tthe same as the original story and im so unoriginal that i cant cope with it. Get over it and watch it for what it is…. a TV show. Carl is a little kid why would he have a gun, you cant show that on T.V. AWESOME SHOW. Of course i have never read the original so apperently im missing something.

      • Yes, you are missing something. You should pick up the originals, it’s quite believable why Carl has a gun, and it makes for a great moment in the series.

    • @chipmanjesus
      from the start when TWD was picked up, Robert Kirkman, said that this would be different from the comic series. He didn’t want to create this series and have it be a shot for shot re-make of his comic series. They’re already 82 issues in, don’t you think that fans who have been reading his work would be impatient and ruining the future storylines for people who are just joining the TWD party? so, please do not bash this series because it’s not a shot for shot re-make of the series. If you are a fan of the series you should support it to thank Mr. Kirkman and everyone else involved in bringing TWD to life.

      • totally agree. I like all the differences and appreciate both. But you have to sk yourself, can they afford to cut the events of issue 46 and 48? (Tyrese?) Will they have the balls to do that tot he cast?

        What about the big thing that happens to Rick which would be a Season before?

    • I totally feel that way. The human story lines were simply boring, and the season finale pretty much put me to sleep. Quite frankly, I was hoping they’d all die. The only thing I liked about it was how they treated Dr. Jenner’s character and how nihilistic and melancholy he was. In fact, I thought he was way more interesting then the other characters. I also liked the fact that the Bob Dylan song at the end, “Tomorrow is a Long Time,” was pretty much dedicated to him. Other then that, it was boring. I sincerely hope he didn’t tell Rick that Lori’s pregnant at the end. That plot twist would be boring, unoriginal and cliched (Dawn of the Dead, the Terminator, the BIBLE???). I didn’t watch the show to take le mans classes. Would be interesting if they meet the Senator and get to the safehaven like they did in the comics.

  13. Absolutely loved this series! This is Zombie storytelling at its finest. Had a 6 hour marathon to watch the season all at once and it was just as intense as watching the episodes a week apart. I cant wait for season 2!!!

  14. I love this show, BIG FAN, me and the hubby saw the first season and are hooked, Can’t wait till the new season starts. If you guys need zombies me and the husband are free!!

  15. The Governor should be played by Arnold S.

  16. Great show, cant wait for the next season, i live in Georgia and i love the comic strip

  17. Im really curious to know what jenner said to rick… Ive had some theories that after running the blood that he took from each person in the group up on entering the CDC he found that Lori is pregnant by Shane.. it could happen. would make a good twist on the show also but i also doubt it to the point that he didnt do anything when jenner whispered to him.. but then they were trying to escape a self terminating building.. But anyways Best zombie related film.. honestly better then dawn of the dead (2005)

    • 2004*

  18. Season 2 should kick serious ass but I have one question… what in the name of Jebus happened to the fella who lopped his own hand off???? He stole thier truck and was “out for some serious vengence” according to his brother… then…. not another mention of the dude… what gives… also why the hell did they appoint an English fella to be an American sherrif? It doesnt work… he’s as convincing as a Groucho Marx joke shop nose… He’s actually very good in the tv series’ he’s done over here in the UK, “Teachers” was excellent but here however he seem’s a little to bland and ahem “English” (Im English and we rock at being English but we make crap yanks just like Dick Van D in Mary Poppins could act English for toffee!)

    • Dude, he’ll be back, you really think they’ll just let that lie? He’ll be coming back when we least expect it. BTW he is NOT an original comic character, and he foreshadows something major, I think, it’s a personal theory of mine. But I think I know what his revenge will be, e-mail me if you want to know.

  19. Just wanted to say this is finally the best t.v. show Ive ever seen. I am a fan of horror movies and especially apocalyptic living dead films. Keep this one running and dont let the cheezy pop culture lighten it up.

  20. I think the show and the comic are both great and have there own merrit. Obviously, many things, that were in the comic, pushed the envelope, on whats considered accepted, in ‘normal’ society. Many things, were to ‘over the top’ for TV. Obviously, and I mean come on, like they would show 8 year old Carl walking around with a hand gun, or the Serial Killing Twin. This type of thing, could negativly influence children, and as the world is filled with bad parents, who dont invest time, controling what their children watch, the TV channel, has to do so, at least to some degree. In Detroit, where im from, around a decade ago, a child,around 11 years old, wanted to be like his father, who he saw brandishing a gun. He was a cocaine dealer. The son stole the fathers gun and bag of coke, and took it to school. Waved it around, and pretended to be his father and shot another child by accident. Now the father and mother are imprisoned, while he was sent to the psych farm. These things do happen, in the real world.

    Yes,,, what about Merril Dixon? I love the actors playing the Dixon brothers and after having to chop off his own hand, Merril deserves to be seen again!! And I seriously hope they bring Michonne into Season 2. There would be great dynamics, with such a bad ass black female, with the racist Dixon brothers, who are bad asses in their own right.

  21. Nothing personal…but it makes it look false, untrue and unprofessional when reading an article and there are typo’s and/or missing words…one should spell check and revise what has been written.

  22. Correction to the writer of this article. The CDC facility never existed in the comics, neither do several of the characters in the series. Anyone here think they’ll have the balls to do to Rick what we (who read the comic) know hwat happens to him in issue 20-27 and 40-48? Think they’ll manage that on TV? If they did, I’ll be blown away and amazed. I can’t way to see how they handle the governor.

    • Hi,
      Please excuse my ignorance but what happened to Rick in the episodes you mentioned?

  23. Being a huge fan, I think they should include The Atlanta Zoo, The Georgia Aquarium, The Atlanta Braves Stadium. That would be pretty awesome.

  24. This is quality i love this program, my brother turned me to it n i liked it and ive also turned my friend into loving this aswel he cant get enought of it, he’s gutted when he miss’s it on a sunday n then watches it through week… Great keep up with the good story line, bring more guts n crap in….

  25. I’m assuming what the doctor whispered to Rick in the end episode was something along the lines of:

    “look after your wife, shes expecting your child..! (Could have been worked out by the blood samples he took – plus the love dance between Shane & Lori)

    • Nope, I reckon it was something like ‘everyone already has the virus, no matter what you a zombie fool’ :p

  26. I think AMC is taking a big chance with a few of its shows by taking so long in between seasons that have cliffhanger endings. They did it with TWD, and they just did it with The Killing (although the Killing is a blatant rip off of Twin Peaks so we all know that it was Rosie Larsen’s father who killed her because he was a member of the gentleman’s only club at the casino – just like Twin Peaks. The writers of that show should consider that Twin Peaks isn’t that old and people really do remember it.).

    Anyway, I was intrigued by TWD’s first season, but now that so much time has passed, I simply don’t care about the show anymore. I hope that in the season two premiere, which I’m not even interested in watching, a nuclear bomb gets dropped right on the exact spot where all of the characters are standing so the show would simply end. AMC is not HBO and TWD isn’t The Sopranos. Even “Lost” got low ratings because of the time in between seasons. TWD season 2 premiere will come out and the retards at AMC will be like, “duh, I wonder why people don’t care about the show anymore?” It’s only been a year since the last new episode.”

    Get with it, AMC.

  27. the series needs more bad guys, and i don’t mean zombies. the criminal element (biker gangs, street gangs, street trash in general) looking upon this group as sheep ready for slaughter and how ricks group would defend themselves would be intresting. you know what to expect from zombies, but these guys? or how about a group of survivalist who were waiting for this day and are prepaired for it?

  28. I am an ardent fan of zombie films, but this series is very much on par with dawn of the dead. looking forward to the rest of series 2