‘The Walking Dead’ Renewed For Season 2

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walking dead 2 The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 2

Hordes of mindless zombies will continue to dominate Sunday evenings in the future as AMC’s TV adaptation of the hit comic book series, The Walking Dead, has been renewed for a 13-episode second season.

This move comes as little surprise after the Walking Dead pilot earned high ratings this past Halloween night and was a critical hit with viewers across the board (check out Screen Rant‘s own Walking Dead pilot review).

Some 4.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the second episode of The Walking Dead, including 3.3 million members of the 18-49 demographic. The show’s premiere episode drew in 5.3 million viewers (a record for an AMC TV program) and close to 3.6 million from the 18-49 group, which demonstrates that Walking Dead is playing well with young to middle-aged adults in particular. These numbers don’t even include the millions that are using DVR to record the show and watching it later or those that purchased the first two Walking Dead episodes via iTunes.

AMC President Charlie Collier is certainly pleased with the Walking Dead results, as he pointed out in an official press release that “no other cable series has ever attracted as many Adults 18-49 as ‘The Walking Dead’, [which] reaffirms viewers’ hunger for premium television on basic cable.”

The Walking Dead full cast image The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 2

Both Robert Kirkman’s original Walking Dead graphic novels and Frank Darabont’s TV adaptation follow a group of survivors, led by former Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), as they struggle to live in the wake of a devastating zompocalypse. The franchise mixes gruesome violence against the undead with personal drama as the characters make life-changing decisions and sometimes present a greater threat to one another than that of the flesh-eating zombies now roaming the Earth.

AMC already had two popular critical hits (Breaking Bad and Mad Men) prior to the premiere of The Walking Dead – needless to say, the channel where story matters is certainly doing more than all right by itself.

Catch The Walking Dead Sundays @ 10/9c on AMC.

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  2. What about Rubicon?

  3. Only 2 episodes in and already a second season is confirmed awesome and that’s exactly what the show is truely awesome 

  4. I love the series. My biggest question so far is whether or not that guy, who is handcuffed to pipe, is going to escape… Sunday needs to arrive sooner!

    • The bag getting knocked over that had the hacksaw in it….. nuff said.

      • Thats what i was thinking… just wanted to be sure. This show rocks.

        • Proper cuffs can not be sawed by hacksaw blades (uless he has a certain blade or multiple blades as the teeth would wear down… hey we are going for realism!)unless he intends to cut through the pipe…… or his arm….. :D leaving him one handed.

          POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!!!!!

          This opens the angle to have his brother exact revenge and saw off one of Ricks hands instead of The Governor.

          • As a die hard fan of the comic I actually would have a problem with that. I want the entire SPOILER prison arc and arc with the governor done very faithfully. Its ahuge turning point for the series because it showed how kirkman was not afraid to take chances and do things fans would be upset with.

            • I hear you however I dont think it will be done faithfully at all. They may hint at some happenings however I dont see them going as deep as the books went.

  5. MICHONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Has been supposedly greenlit for the second series. I believe I read that is when they want to introduce her.

  6. That is so great! I’m loving this show. I’ve been wanting an ongoing zombie television series for years, and now my wish has come true!

    And, yes, bring on Michonne!!

  7. I read that they would switch to 13 episode seasons if it got renewed. There is a lot of story that needs told before Michonne gets introduced, maybe beginning of season 3? Anyway awesome news!!! I have been trying to get everyone I know to watch the series. I have seen each episode twice and just bought the iTunes season pass a couple of days ago to watch it again at the gym. The series is amazing!!!

    • Thing is they are not following the books… or they are following them loosely. We will not see everything from the books and we will see stuff that is not or was not covered in the books.

      Case in point I dont recall reading in the books until Michonne showed up about covering yourself in Zombie parts to disguise yourself from them.

      (although the more I think about it the more I may be wrong…. will have to check my books if I remember when I get home)

      • In the comic, in the first or second book – near the beginning glen n Rick go into the city n cover themselves in zombie parts – when they get the guns ;)

  8. Great news.
    Saw the 2nd ep yesterday and was gobsmacked. Truly amazing TV.
    Loved it when Rick said “You need more guts” when they were smearing themselves in zombie entrails.
    The overhead shots of the zombie filled streets are great to watch and the ending with the guy tearing down the highway in the sports car (a mirror of Rick going up the highway on his horse from ep 1)…that highway with the clean road on the right and car strewn on the left with the city in the background is proving to be truly iconic.
    I still can’t get over that Andy Lincoln is gonna be a big star now in the States. Amazing.

  9. I am not a big Zombie fan, but this series rocks so far. I have been amazed at the depth of emotion they have shown in such a short amount of time.

  10. GREAT news! the first two episodes have been amazing

  11. I feel like a Trotskyite at the Nuremberg rally.

  12. This is great!
    I will be upset after the 6 episodes when seaon 1 is over then will have to wait for avery long time till its return of season 2
    god who will and will not survive at the end of the season?!nuff of the long wait!

  13. All I can say is awesome! I was truly impressed with what they are letting the show get away with; full view gun shots with blood and guts spraying, swear words and racial slurs, etc. Really makes it feel more real.

    My only question is……..if these zombies are virus created, do they metabolize the flesh they eat? Can these zombies actually starve to “death” or do they just keep rotting? And will the older zombies get progressively worse looking the farther into the timeline we go?

  14. Do yourself a favor and DON’T read the comics if you want to enjoy this show. As a long time reader of all the comic books I find this show to be a pretty boring let down so far. The pacing and atmosphere of the comics are WAY better than this show.

  15. i am a big fan of the walking dead. every episode feels like i am watching a movie. actors of the show make the series more interesting because they are all awesome (especially stephen yeun ). i love that although the story is about zombies they give a little humor every now and then. it sucks that it would take quite awhile to air season 2. i just can’t wait!

  16. I am so bummed that it will be an entire year until season II. Perhaps it is a ploy to get us to read the books.. no patience to wait!

  17. I LOVE this show, can’t wait for season two!!!

  18. Please hurry with the second season.Thanks for the first season.

  19. i dont know why they are waiting so long to start the next season of the “walking dead” me and my husband were under the asumption that it would start back in a month or two what the hell….i will not wait until october i will not watch the show than if they dont start it earlier than the hell with it……….

  20. wish it comes out sooner

  21. this is stupid. im goona stop watching this show. we have to have wayyyyyyyy to long for season two. im goona forget what happend. great show prolly my favorite show but too long of wait.

  22. First Season Rules but waiting for season 2 is going to be painfull

  23. Season one was great, hopefully things change and season two comes earlie but if not I’ll be patient and wait for the scond season, thanks for the entertainment …

    Your fan Thomas

  24. seson 1 was awsome i hope seson 2 will be evan better.

  25. Can’t wait for season 2

  26. this is what tv needs more exciting and intresting shows like the walking dead

  27. The Walking Dead did great in the first Season, waiting for the second one. Hope it is more entertaining.
    thanks to AMC group

  28. OMG! The walking dead freaking made me scared of zombies nd now I sleep with a crowbar…

  29. i love this show so much, i think before they air the second part that they should show the first to recap what has happened. when it does come out i hope i can watch it, if time warner doesn’t take the channel off.