No ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Until Fall 2011

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The Walking Dead full cast image No Walking Dead Season 2 Until Fall 2011

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The public has spoken and AMC’s The Walking Dead has become a hit for the cable network powerhouse. Each week, millions tune in to watch Sheriff Rick Grimes lead a rag-tag group of survivors into battle with the undead. As this week saw the airing of episode three, it’s hard to believe that the first season is now half over.

With only three episodes left, fans are not only excited about what’s to come as the season reaches an end, they’re also wondering what to expect when the already announced Walking Dead season 2 airs. Unfortunately, as sources within AMC are reporting, The Walking Dead Season 2 won’t be airing anytime soon.

Continuing the same promotional platform that saw the The Walking Dead soar in the ratings with its series premiere, AMC intends on delaying the second season premiere of their zombirific series until next year’s Fearfest, AMC’s annual horror movie marathon. To put it simply: you’re going to have to wait until October 2011 for the second season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Typically, with cable networks, they will wait until the summer to air their original series. With most network series on hiatus, and viewers looking for new programming to watch, cable television has been able to thrive with this counter-programming formula. Fortunately, The Walking Dead has become an exception to that rule and has been able to garner respectable ratings, despite having network competition.

With AMC having to premiere four shows in total next year, moving one series to the fall will help open up scheduling space for the other series. Considering AMC likes to separate their series premieres and provide individual promotions for each show, this year-long delay in The Walking Dead plays to the network’s strengths, even if it will annoy the fans.

Officially, AMC has not released any information regarding the second season premiere of The Walking Dead and won’t for a while. That being said, the plan to air season 2 in October 2011 is being circulated internally within the network.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays @10pm, on AMC

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I can’t wait this long until the new season comes out! This is just as bad as waiting for the new True Blood on HBO! This SUCKS! PLEASE SHOW IT EARLIER OR I MIGHT AS WELL CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION TO AMC. THERE’S NO POINT TO PAYING THE EXTRA $20 A MONTH.

    • you pay $20 just for AMC?

  2. All I can say is to AMC is “Your Killing me Smalls, Your Killing Me” But now that I’ve read that this was based on a comic book/novel I’m going to start doing some reading again.

  3. Many networks that push their seasons further from being ran, ultimately hurt themselves. The fan-base gets upset that their show is not airing regularly, as well as, can often push fans away due to questions on availability of future seasons. It’s too bad AMC has done this, hopefully it will not be the demise of the show, as I feel it might.

  4. I dont mind waiting that long. I would rather they took their time on sreen writing and filming to produce something epic rather than a mediocre shadow of its former self, like so many other great programs. ie prison break, lost and so many others.

    • The Walking Dead and Spartacus Season 1 & 2 are by far my two favourites show so far……

      • YES! I agree! I think they both need to have more episodes in the coming seasons 6 episodes is just not cutting it…

  5. you guys need to pick up the graphic novel (if you haven’t already), then get your zombie fix by checking out “Bite Me” on youtube and then google “We’re Alive, a story of Survival” radio show aka the “Zombiepodcast”
    They won’t hold you over until October, but they sure will wet your zombie wistles.

    • thanks nate. im going to get on that right now

  6. seriously!!! theyre not going to have new episodes until Fall! what the heck…if they are planning on having a series then i hope they dont expect every1 to wait a year for every single season. Its really too bad cuz i really liked the show but not as much as to wait a year for. I mean do they really expect people to wait? Theyll move on to other shows and thats what im going to do. I would of waited cuz the series did seem good but no one can even relate/connect to the characters or pick favorites because their were only 6 episodes and they didnt really do anything special with the characters besides a love triangle and a sister who dies that we never even got to know (dissappionting)…. so ya one less person who will b wating the show…

    • I can’t believe it when I read it won’t be on until Fall of 2011. That is not COOL at all.
      What if something comes on before that is better? Don’t expect me to wait for it.

  7. I wonder if Carl will kill Shane like the comic it happened in Atlanta in the comic

    • Spoiler alert!

    • Personally I was mad that there were only 6 episodes I hope they do more like 12 because 6 goes by so quick and the show was quick and maybe doing this will ruin the shows fan base so I think it’s stupid, and sorry for responding to ur comment I’m on my iPod didn’t c how to comment but reply lol

    • no cuz it would have happened by now



  9. I love this show and can’t wait for the second season. I am a zombie freak and think this show hit on all points in a zombie post apocalyptic time it’s got everything a zomie fan need to stay hooked and a great cast looking forward and excited

  10. LOVED Season 1 of the show, but a wait of nearly a year for the next season is too long for any show no matter how good it is! By October, I will most likely have to watch a couple of the Season 1 episodes to refamiliarize myself with the characters, if another show hasn’t captured my attention by then. I don’t know what the person who came up with idea of building anticipation in the viewers for the next season was thinking. I think it will backfire and they will lose alot of viewers.

  11. Yeah you are going to wait. There is nothing you can do about it anyways. When it airs you and I will watch.

  12. Well, if you want the show to last for years, then you need to support it and get people to watch it in equal numbers to what they got from the 1st season. I don’t know about AMC, its advertisers and what numbers they like to maintain for a weekly audience but the important thing here is that the material itself is not something that usually holds audiences for a prolonged period – human apocalypse type of shows. It’s the depression associated with the themes as much as how it’s addressed in the show. The writers have to be realistic and yet balance a sense of hope, humor, brightest, etc with the sense of loss, bleakness, and an end of days cloud over the survivors to give enough people a reason to return.

  13. second episode will be based in the winter AWSOME DUDE THE FIRST TO BE BASED IN THE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I thought the show was extremely well done. Kuedos for the writing and the acting. But, TV, has had bad relationships with sci-fi and horror series. There are a few exceptions, ofcourse, X-Files and Star Trek, the Next Generation. I don’t believe network executives understand the fans nor the genre. I do hope that AMC does not wait a year to get season 2 on the air. Some of it ofcourse is the cost of a TV series, but I am so sick of stupid reality programs! The Walking Dead was a breath of fresh air.

    • i completely agree. it was truly a breath of fresh air (:

  15. I think its a great idea to air it on AMCs Fearfest (: It can become a yearly tradition if all u viewers continue to watch THE WALKING DEAD so they can keep on filming it. I thought it was pretty awesome & definitely worth the wait. Well thats just my opinion.

  16. All you can do is wait. You’ll look up an it’ll be Fall.

  17. Great!! Love it. What would you do if it ever happend. Keep it up.

  18. Superb job. Will wait till 2nd season releases.

    • Ikr!!

  19. Ok I LOVED the show!!! And I think the wait is great 4 the show…the first season ended with like a huge cliffhanger and fans will really wanna see what happens…

  20. Damn this long! It’s still almost a year away. But yeah I’ll be watching!

  21. In my opinion, If the make the show wait till October, it will end up like the episode “Lost”. They made all their viewers wait so long to continue their show and by then everyone lost interest. There are so many zoombie movies out that people will just decide to go watch them instead, because at least they HAVE an ending. Whoever thought waiting till October really needs to find a new business because they are going to LOOSE business. The walking dead started out sooo good too, and now they are just going to ruin it.


  23. this is bs if your going to make a show and say its going to premiere in spring dont hold it back put it on the air this is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I was just reading above and was hoping to find the new season about to start up…Guess not!
    So upset. I really don’t see this series surviving on only a handful of episodes between a years wait. Did I see they only had 4 episodes this season?? So not worth waiting for! What a big disappointment. You all had a great show until you decided to do this. Not happy at all. Guess it is on to the logging series on every other channel! This is going to end up like FOX’s prison break. Really liked it in the begining then they drug it out for YEARS. Completely lost me. I couldn’t remember what was happening and lost interest. Same things going to happen here. Already see it coming…

    • There will be 13 episodes season two. So quit QQ’ing.

    • This show IS worth waiting for!! I don’t care if it was 2 years, I’d wait! You must not be a big enough fan if you talk like this. Please do me a favor and don’t watch, if you were a real fan – it wouldn’t matter!! I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD!!!! Fake fans need not apply or comment!

    • prison break was the best series ever dude and so is this show

    • Zomg zomg zomg.. If you noticed 1 episode of season 1 was like 50-60 mins long.. Soo its almost twice aslong as anyother season shows.. Soo i try to think off it as a short movie season.. But soo far this show is awesome soo like many others her have said befor quit qq.. Turn of the Tv and go do something ells if you dont like the exitment of waiting.. -.-

  25. I can’t wait!!! I am so excited about the second season of The Walking Dead. I will be there watching with all the other fans when it airs! I love this show, hope it goes on and on and on.

    • Grow up, Karen. Not everyone is the complete groupie you are.

      • My apologies to Karen. I meant to address my sarcasm to ELLEN.

  26. I can’t wait for the 2nd season either, do agree that its to long of a wait but nothing we can do about that but sit back and wait for it to come out. Some may stray away from it now, but as soon as it comes back out everyone will be right back on the couch watching it. I do hope that Eli is wrong tho about it being stretched out like the other show. But we will just have to enjoy the ride and see what happens I guess.

  27. It seems like amc loves doing this to its fans, making them fall in love with a series and then keeps them waiting for more then a year for the new episodes. They did this with Breaking Bad and now The Walking Dead.

  28. Love the show but what i cant get is WHERE are all the guns? the population are mindless zombies with no use for them and this is America god damn! you can pick guns and ammo up at kaymart! i could clear Atlanta in 3 weeks given my way! :O)

    • You would so end up dead. :p
      I give you three days, tops. That’s me being generous.
      You can’t be overly confident when the zombies are around, broski. If you think the guns you get at K-mart are good enough quality to get you that far, you have been misinformed. :p
      Also, all of the guns would have been looted already. Speaking of looting, if the zombies don’t get you, looters will.

      Zombie Survival Guide. Do it.

      • hell yea that book is a must have for any survivalist (if you can survive zombies…) also yall should check out WORLD WAR Z hopefully abput to be made into a movie by brad pitt