No ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Until Fall 2011

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The Walking Dead full cast image No Walking Dead Season 2 Until Fall 2011

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The public has spoken and AMC’s The Walking Dead has become a hit for the cable network powerhouse. Each week, millions tune in to watch Sheriff Rick Grimes lead a rag-tag group of survivors into battle with the undead. As this week saw the airing of episode three, it’s hard to believe that the first season is now half over.

With only three episodes left, fans are not only excited about what’s to come as the season reaches an end, they’re also wondering what to expect when the already announced Walking Dead season 2 airs. Unfortunately, as sources within AMC are reporting, The Walking Dead Season 2 won’t be airing anytime soon.

Continuing the same promotional platform that saw the The Walking Dead soar in the ratings with its series premiere, AMC intends on delaying the second season premiere of their zombirific series until next year’s Fearfest, AMC’s annual horror movie marathon. To put it simply: you’re going to have to wait until October 2011 for the second season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Typically, with cable networks, they will wait until the summer to air their original series. With most network series on hiatus, and viewers looking for new programming to watch, cable television has been able to thrive with this counter-programming formula. Fortunately, The Walking Dead has become an exception to that rule and has been able to garner respectable ratings, despite having network competition.

With AMC having to premiere four shows in total next year, moving one series to the fall will help open up scheduling space for the other series. Considering AMC likes to separate their series premieres and provide individual promotions for each show, this year-long delay in The Walking Dead plays to the network’s strengths, even if it will annoy the fans.

Officially, AMC has not released any information regarding the second season premiere of The Walking Dead and won’t for a while. That being said, the plan to air season 2 in October 2011 is being circulated internally within the network.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays @10pm, on AMC

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Rumor has it Michonne (sp?) will arrive in season 2.

    • That would be awesome.

      • thats gonna kick ass hope the governor is in it to at least near the end so it can lead into season 3

    • Oooh! I would love to see Michonne and I’m really looking forward to seeing if they do the prison ordeal. :)

  2. as long as they keep the story good and the effects good, and the drama and character development then i will still watch it bring on the monster/sci fi thriller films and tv show with great story effects, and character development. horror is making a come back i think.

    • Horror always seems to come back during tough economic times. People like to see something scary that most likely wont ever happen to them instaed of the real scary things going on around them.

  3. I’m really curious how they’re going to deal with the actor who plays Carl aging. I keep thinking about Weeds and the long gaps between seasons and how the kid who plays Shane looks so much older in every premiere even though it’s supposed to be just hours or days after the previous year’s finale.

    • Well honestly he is not a child. The actor playing Carl is a 27 year old and they use the technique from Lord of the Rings so he will never get bigger.

      Joking… yeah they had that issue with Walt on LOST.

  4. Love the series so far, but since when is 6 episodes a season and NOT a miniseries?!

    • I thought I was going crazy when I saw only 3 episodes left and we are 3 episodes in. Really??? That is all we get for a year?

      • yh i know i actually liked these series until i heard that there was only 6 episodes

  5. Really i have to say this had filled my Lost void and i love the show this long gap only kills my buzz for the show but i will watch and continue to watch AMC has a it on there hands with this and I am a fan.

    • Amen to that i was a total LOST junkie and after they it was over i was LOST in tvland looking for something to fill it! also doesnt hurt that im crazy about zombies too.

  6. cosign with it filling in the Lost void…loving the show so far. 6 episodes feels too short!

  7. Considering the production values are that of a movie, I’m not surprised there is going to be a wait, it must have cost a fortune to make, I wonder the budget is per episode or per season. We always hear about film budgets but rarely tv, I’d be interested to know how much something like 24 cost compared to say Smallville or Supernatural.

    • An average hour-long drama costs around $5 million per episode to produce. Of course, that can change drastically depending on the show and includes the salary of the actors.

      I’d estimate Smallville & Supernatural are around $2 million per episode.

      What’s interesting is the amount the networks will pay the studios for each episode. During their peaks, NBC was paying $13 million per episode of E.R. and $7 million per episode of Friends.

      Of course, for the top television shows, the networks charge $500k plus per 30-sec ad time.

      • Thanks Anthony.

        Also, do you know if US networks ever take into account the over seas viewing figures of a show before cancelling it?

        • I doubt they do its so annoying when you start watching a program then look up when the next episode/season starts to find its cancelled it make me wonder why the UK channels bothered paying for them in the first place

        • No, not at all. Especially if it’s a show that’s not produced by the network’s studio.

          Heroes was close because even though it was bombing on NBC, it was produced by NBC Universal and did well overseas. Although, in the end, it wouldn’t have been fiscally smart.

          They don’t even take into account the amount of views that a show may get through various online services like Hulu.

          What’s interesting is that many times overseas networks will pick up a new series and begin airing it after it’s already been canceled in America.

          • Well, yeah. I just think its very short sighted and hardly fair to the rest of the world. Many shows, 24 is a prime example, only stayed popular due to over seas interest.
            It is something that should be taken into consideration.

            • It can’t be. In the end, they’re the ones paying for the series and overseas networks don’t pay anywhere close to cover the costs of production. So, if the original network can’t make money off of it, they can’t keep it on the air.

              The only way it would work is if one of the networks paid what US networks pay for the series, which would be tough considering the large budgets of most American shows.

              Friday Night Lights was able to continue because DirecTV (a satellite television provider here in the US) picked up a good chuck of the production costs on the series.

              • Hardly fair though is it?

                It comes down to this, “We make these shows for America only and be damned the rest of the world”.

                Its not so much of an issue anymore, judging by the production values of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Luther, British TV has more than caught up to the standard of its US counterpart.

                • I would Ho as far as saying a lot of recent UK produced programs beat the u.s stuff hands down dsb what did you think of luther I really liked it that was a 6 episode series that ended well to soon imo

                  • Luther is back for 2 specials next summer.

                    I thought it was a cracking show, really good, but I think it was just the right length.

                    • i didnt no that am a happier man now i do though thanks =)

                • You’re acting as if you have the ‘right’ to see these shows. It’s nothing to do with the rest of the world being ‘damned’. If the show was profitable, it’d stay. Do you think they should run the show at a loss so that more people can see it? Maybe the staff can just turn into zombies and work for free.

            • Too bad 24 is a horrible show.

  8. I will not be sad about this as long as they keep it as good as it is. I will be really mad if the next season isn’t longer than this on though. This season is not enough. It is potato chip good. You can’t eat just one.

  9. Love the show, but 6 episodes? Really?
    That’s not a season.
    That’s not even a decent half season.

    At least I can cancel AMC at the end of the month and know I am not missing anything.

  10. Yeah I’m with everyone else and 6 freakin’ episodes does NOT a season make. A “season” used to be officially between 23-26 episodes until some sneaky TV Exec. recently got the bright idea to cut a season into 2 sets of 13 and have a Fall and Winter season. Now they are trying to get away with 6? Just wait, in a few more years every episode will be its own season!…/rolls eyes.

    Not only that but to have to wait a YEAR for a measly 6 more? I’ve heard of milking something to the limit but this is going too damn far. By the time next year rolls around I don’t know if I will be interested anymore, especially if it means waiting ANOTHER year for the next installment. You have to keep interest up to keep a project going and this is not the way to do it imho.

    • The 20+ episode order is for network television shows. Cable networks have always been 12-13 episode because they work with a different broadcasting schedule.

      The Walking Dead isn’t a cheap show to produce, so I assume that kicking it off with 6 was the best way to judge whether the series would work and if there were enough viewers to support it.

      In the UK, 6 episode seasons are not uncommon… and that includes an extremely long breaks before the next one.

      • That’s very true, the longest season we have in the UK is 13 episodes and that’s only Doctor Who and Merlin, most shows over here just have 3 or six episodes. And that wait in between seasons can be up to 12 months.
        But, quality over quantity, thats what I always say. if you can tell the story you need to tell in six episodes why drag it out to 20?

        • 6 episodes can be so annoying though I can name countless series that seem to end just as you are really enjoying them ie peep show misfits gavin and stacey phoenix nights black books I.t crowd mighty boosh I could go on and on but I would rather have quality than quantity if you’ve never heard of some of those shows you should check them out their amazing am sure dsb will testify to at least a few of them

          • What’s funny is the the American version of Life on Mars had more episodes in the first season than the UK version had in its entire run… and they still butchered the story and ultimately the finale.

            • How the hell did they manage that lol

              I have heard they are making a u.s version of inbetweeners is that true I hope not I don’t think that humour would cross over at all well the execs really would be briefcase wa**ers lol

            • I actually didnt hate all of the US Life On Mars, some of the stories were decent but Kietel was so miscast as Gene Hunt, and the finale, well, it ranked amongst the worst ever didn’t it?

              There was nothing wrong with the original Life On Mars, or Ashes To Ashes, so why not just show those in America? Is it because US TV netowrks and people can’t watch British shows or something?

          • Peep Show is a prime example though, they simply couldnt keep up the high standard of writing if it were more than 6/8 episodes, and think, Faulty Towers, one of the funniest commedies of all time only had 12 episodes in its entire run.

            There is defo something to be said for quality over quantity.

    • yea man u are right 6 eps can never make a season 20+ makes a season

    • Actually, mongoose, there are countless reports circulating that AMC has ordered a FULL season of 13 episodes for this upcoming second season, making it a full season the next time around. I think that the reason why there were only 6 episodes aired this time around was because AMC execs were unsure as to how well the show would do on the station, as this seems to be relatively new territory for AMC (to my knowledge, anyway–I don’t believe they’ve ever really aired any zombie tv show prior to this), and I think it’s a part of the concept of teasing the audience; the less you give someone, the more they’ll want it.

      I also read that an unprecedented amount of people tuned in not only for the premiere, but for ALL the episodes, most of the viewers being in the key demographic of 18 to 40-somethings.

  11. When tv does this, especially per say British shows – the prolonged wait on the short season – I do like a lot of comicbook readers in dropping the single issues and waiting for the trade (these shows run the risk of some viewers waiting until a full season comes out on DVD and not watching from week to week). This could take the steam out of the engine, . . I know I’m less stoked. And I am so far enjoying the series.

  12. An outrage. Too say the very least.

  13. If I can wait till next fall to watch the show guess I don’t need it that bad. They lost me as a viewer.

  14. This is a risky strategy. Will people remember The Walking Dead? People nowdays have an extremely low attention span and 5 episodes for one whole season is comical.

  15. I cant believe that we are having to wait till next year to see season 2. I have so many unanswered questions! How can you just end the season with an explosion and nothing else? Where is the ending that keep you on the edge of your seat? Where is the suspence that makes you want to see season 2? Sorry just ranting! Good show until the end of this season! Hope i can remember this season in a year!

  16. ARRRRGGGGGHH. Im so mad! 6 episodes? This is such bull! Am i crazy enough to wait another year for this? Yes, unfortunately I am. But I am the most impatient and distracted person ever. I wont remember half of this by next year. And all of it will bother me. I seriously will wake up every morning wondering what the Dr. wispered in his ear and when will Rick find out about his skanky wife. Next season better be worth the wait. Zombies better be falling out of the sky or something.

  17. I have never seen one decent British Show, sorry I just haven’t. I think it’s just a different culture.

  18. I think this is a huge mistake. People attention span is so low these days. I honestly think this is a ploy to sell the DVD series so people who just loved it will spend more money for there pathetic 6 episode season (the length not the show). Sure its a great story. Kept a good storyline. But within a year they figure those who did love it will have to buy that DVD to put it fresh in there minds for this next season. But guess what AMC, lets see the rateings this time around. I bet its not even half compared to this one. For the simple fact people will know they will probably pull another stunt like this and it wont be worth getting into. BIG MISTAKE AMC. I hope those other series your pushing it back for are amazeing cause you will lose many fans of this series. Forget shooting the zombies in the head I honestly think AMC is shooting themelves in the foot here.

  19. i love the show and i think it’s amazing, but making fans wait an entire year is pretty ridiculous. i know for a fact i won’t be very interested when it comes back around again because that’s how i’ve lost interest in MANY shows.. there was some writer strike a while back and a lot of shows had delays? well, i haven’t watched them since lol. i just lost interest.

    i’m sure that’ll happen to the walking dead now too and i’m really upset because it’s incredible. :( i do understand only six episodes the first season though, i guess that was smart in case it failed. i can’t think of any other successful zombie show, so this is a first. it’s too bad.

  20. It is clear that a lot of you don’t understand how TV works, with the exception of Anthony.

    There were only 6 episodes in the first season because as he already pointed out, the cost per episode is pretty high for this series. The series is actually shot with 16 mm film. That’s what gives it a very cinematic quality. I believe the special effects do rival most big budget horror films, that horse feeding scene in Atlanta was unreal. In fact, the majority of the scenes that took place in Atlanta were amazing. Do you realize how much it cost them just to rent those tanks and military vehicles sitting around alone?

    You have to understand the cost for this series was coming directly out of AMC’s pocket. It’s an original show, produced by them. They wanted to limit the risk they took and the money spent by limiting it to 6 shows. If reception was good, which it was, then they would continue producing it.

    They’ll make their money back because they can charge higher advertising dollars for the commercials, so long as the show remains a hit. I don’t want to have to wait either. However, I guess I don’t have much choice.

    For those of you who really don’t want to wait, then go buy the comics. Some of you may not know, but this series is based straight from a monthly black and white graphic novel series. It looks like they’re diverging from the graphic novels quite a bit, but they are also staying true to them in many ways also.

    As a side note, you guys in the UK, get ready to cringe. MTV in the U.S. is about to take on Skins. From what I saw of the previews, it looks like the casting has gone completely FUBAR. The lovely, whimsical, Cassie has been replaced by an ugly, black girl. (Please note, I’m not being racist, but an ugly girl is an ugly girl no matter what color she is. I thought Jal in the original Skins, who is black, is extremely pretty.)

    I just feel sorry for the Americans, unlike me, who will watch what will most likely be garbage and not even know the original British version exists, which is wonderful, or as Cassie would say “oh, wow, lovely.”

    • then you simply should have left off the color reference all together. It would have saved you the effor of trying to explain yourself.

      • Oh, please ‘nate’.

        I hear black folk talking all the time, and they reference “white boy”, “white girl”, “old white woman”.

        There is no difference, and spare me the ‘racist’ blah blah blah.

        FYI – If politically correct people would stop encouraging media that caters to specific races, then maybe we really would become colorblind

        • No one said you were racist. I simply stated that you could have saved yourself a lame explanation and typing by deleting the color reference all together.

    • i loved the show. great stuff. one of the best shows ive ever seen. i cant begin to express my dissapoint at the ” idea ” of making the first season only six epesodes long ” or short rather ” and then waiting a whole year with a thirteen epesode ” better but a far cry from what we’re all used to 20-24 ep a season ” how about a movie to carrie us over? i mean come on Really? all that hype for less than half a real season Really? guess i just expected too much. great show just way way way too short of a first season. Give us more!!!! video game, movie, alot less time wasting.

  21. I have never been interested in a cable television series until I seen the Walking Dead. Now the serious ended in 6 episodes! They just might have lost a fan… You can get people to eat at your restaurant onetime but can you get them to come back???

  22. Next year? Serioustly? DD: wryyyyyyyy?

    Ah well, I’ll be even more excited when the times comes I guess haha :’D

  23. When you make an audience wait for almost a year for another season the interest in the show will dissapate. USA found that out with Burn Notice and Royal Pains and decided to make the new seasons available sooner. AMC should think really hard about making TWD season two available sooner.

  24. That is the way with AMC they drag their selves doing things, By the time the season starts again, They will be at loss with far less viewers cause people will forget, They are doing this is use or hire a whole new crew… Stupid decision!!!!

  25. I loved the show I will definitly watch season 2. A year is a long time to wait but with such a great response it will work. It worked for star wars. George Lucas made fans wait a year for The Empire Strikes Back, and another year for Return Of The Jedi.

    • Actually, people waited 3 years between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, and another 3 years between Empire and Return of the Jedi. Sorry, just my inner geek screaming for accuracy, LOL!!!

  26. As a fan, I’m sad to hear I will have to wait another whole year to see the second season of this amazing show. But I understand what AMC is doing. They’ve just hit a goldmine with this show (but it’s costing them). They’ve ordered 13 shows the next season, I’m sure to keep the caliber of cinematic effects, they will need more time and money. Takes a while to get advertisers on board to recoup that cost. So as a marketing professional and businesswoman, I understand this tactic. Do I think they will lose viewers because of the long haitus? Absolutely not…if anything, it will garner more viewers because of all the hype of the first (short) season. And the comic books are now flying off the shelves. AMC was smart to do this series, anything comic book or graphic novel related is starting to generate more attention. It’s no longer a niche market- it’s the blockbuster market. Hello- look at Christopher Nolan with the Dark Knight or Marvel with all their new movies coming out. Anything comic book related is now gold (so long as you don’t screw up the story or hire bad actors). The fans will keep coming in for The Walking Dead. The second season will have a longer life than the first one (no pun intended). If they keep up with the story and the wonderful material the comic books contribute, this may be the biggest series AMC has ever invested in. Smart business moves and a wonderful show to watch for zombie loving fans everywhere.

    P.S- That they will continue to premiere this series in conjunction with Fearfest is brilliant. Fearfest is one of their top marathon running events on this channel. It will only garner more hunger for The Walking Dead. Everyone loves watching zombies around Halloween. Well done AMC on all counts!

  27. Wow that really stinks that I will have to wait a entire year to watch a show that I really have enjoyed so much. I have told everyone I know too watch this show. And have got a lot of people watching it as well. As much as it sucks that I will have to wait so long and I really hope that maybe it will be a surprise and it will be on sooner. I will still watch next year just a bummer that we all have to wait so long. I just hope I don’t forget about it from now until then. I don’t even watch amc only reason I did was because of this show.

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