‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Midseason Premiere Review

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Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson The Walking Dead Nebraska The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Premiere Review

Given the difficult circumstances The Walking Dead survivors found themselves in at the end of the midseason finale, the return episode -titled ‘Nebraska’ – really had no choice but to pick up immediately following Rick’s decision to shoot Sophia. That being the case, the majority of the episode works as a direct extension of ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ – which, as expected, works out to be an exercise in guilt, grief and for some, the realization that believing in hope is tantamount to standing idly by.

Although there are plenty of lingering plot points and character threads the episode could have chosen to cover, ‘Nebraska’ steers clear of hurrying along the storyline for the sake of getting things moving, but the episode feels dutiful and filled with a purpose, nonetheless.

Now that the search for Sophia (Madison Lintz) is over, so too is the sense that there is something to wait for. So now, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Shane (Jon Bernthal) and the rest of The Walking Dead’s core survivors can busy themselves with the task at hand. Largely, that means cleaning up the walkers which had been stumbling around Hershel’s barn. But perhaps more importantly, it means beginning a period of mourning for not only Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride), but also Hershel and his daughters, who had been holding out belief their loved ones weren’t actually dead.

‘Nebraska’ balances the need to grieve with the call to action nicely – even though much of the action consists of digging graves and burning bodies. And while those tasks don’t necessarily get one’s heart pumping, they do fall into that bizarrely fascinating topic of unpleasant responsibilities the end of the world brings about. As Andrea (Laurie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Shane busy themselves, there is the feeling of forward progression that was lacking in the first half of the season.

But really, given the undercurrent of distrust and hostility between Rick and Shane, and Dale’s (Jeffrey DeMunn) increasing belief that Shane is a danger to everyone, the characters are likely grateful for the distraction. Moreover, since no time has passed between the events of the midseason finale and now, it’s a decent enough excuse to keep all the characters from standing around wondering: What do we do now?

There are a few characters given the opportunity to ponder what the next move will be, though, namely (and perhaps obviously) Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who have something to lose with the very real prospect of Glenn’s group leaving the farm. Maggie’s straightforwardness concerning the issue of Glenn remaining with her, as well as her admitting she has feelings for him works well against Glenn’s less assertive personality. Although the young couple’s moment is interrupted by Beth (Emily Kinney) falling ill, it does lead to a rather nice moment between Glenn and Rick that gives the group’s defacto leader yet another hat to wear – one suggesting Rick take the role of father figure for more than just Carl.

Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead Nebraska The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Premiere Review

Showing how easily he slips into the role, Rick deals with Glenn’s confession concerning knowledge of Lori’s pregnancy and her attempt to terminate it by simply saying, “You did what you thought was right. It just so happens it wasn’t.”

With that, the episode slowly turns its attention to Rick, who has to deal with the burden of his inability to save Sophia and the a growing concern that his inefficacy as a leader has resulted in the unpleasant situation at hand. Perhaps Rick’s feelings are rooted in his conflict with Shane, or the loss of Sophia, but most likely, Rick’s doubt may come from the fact that whatever course of action he takes (alone or otherwise) is immediately followed up with someone telling him he’s made the wrong decision.

Case in point: after learning that Hershel has left the farm to get plowed at the local bar, Rick’s first instinct is to retrieve him. Unfortunately, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) sees this as another opportunity for Rick to die, and immediately calls his decision making skills into question – citing Carl’s acceptance of Rick’s judgment to shoot Sophia as evidence. Apparently, a young boy being realistic is cause for more concern than recovering the only person with medical experience, but that seems to be Lori’s role, as of late; hopefully it will change now that she’s found herself in a potentially deadly situation.

It seems like yet another unnecessary spousal spat, but it actually works to give more weight to Rick’s split-second decision at the end of the episode; mainly providing evidence that, more often than not, Rick’s instincts are right on the money.

Speaking of which, after Hershel finally turns his back on a nasty case of cirrhosis, he, Rick and Glenn are introduced to a couple of strangers. These men, Dave (Michael Raymond-James, Terriers, True Blood) and his associate Tony, bring with them the requisite sense of foreboding and menace often associated with strangers in such post-apocalyptic settings. Naturally, as Dave’s seemingly casual talk shifts to requests that he and his publicly urinating friend join the trio at wherever it is they call home, the menace suddenly comes from both sides of the discussion, and begins to feel rather pressing.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Nebraska The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Premiere Review

Although they make no attempt at overt aggression, Rick sniffs them out immediately; he knows there is something off about these two. The scene plays out as one of the most tense to ever be shown by The Walking Dead, as the threat comes from a source other than the titular zombies, and because the writing in everyone’s dialogue – especially that of Rick and Dave – comes with an implication of pending violence. Once it does erupt, the violence is quick and brutal, and shows that Rick (and the show as a whole) is ready to spring into action.

This encounter becomes a portent of conflict to come, and may finally put The Walking Dead where it needs to be: in a world that is rife with danger, which doesn’t necessarily come from the threat of the undead.

Largely because of the ending, ‘Nebraska’ comes off as a positive sign for the remaining episodes of season 2. More importantly, the episode is certainly suggesting that the waiting game is over, and the time for action is now.


The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights @9pm on AMC.

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  1. Episode definitely started out slow and I have to say Laurie is one of the worst written characters on this show, plus it just reinstates the stereotype that women are horrible drivers, who accelerates when they hit something and turns off the road at that high of a speed?
    Anyways, the end of this episode had a great feel to it, reminded me a bit of the first scene of “Inglorious Bastards” Looks like the action is finally gonna roll around.

  2. OH MY HELL. This episode was ok but I had really hoped they would be hitting the road FINALLY. In the end though it looks like the exact opposite will be happening. First stupid insane pregnant lady decided to irrationally look for her husband even though we know the town is fairly safe AND he is not alone. All she is doing is endangering herself which is proven true by hitting a walker and then turning the car over (am I the only one who actually HITS my brakes after I hit something???). So she will be, at the very least, hurt (a reason to stay), have to look for HER now (another reason to stay).

    Then we have two complete strangers conveniently appear that give Hershel and Rick something to bond over, putting up a united front against these two hoods. Rick then blows them away, showing Hershel he is a shrewd judge of character (and maybe an even more valuable asset). The last straw was having the strangers toss out the fact that the place the group was headed to is a dead end, giving them no place to go now! Man I was pulling my hair out watching this. PLEASE STOP INVENTING REASONS TO NOT LEAVE!

    So all I’m seeing is stay, stay, stay when we want them to leave, leave, leave. Appears as if we may very well be spending the ENTIRE season “on the farm”. ARG

    Not that I’m going stop watching or anything but 50 semi-boring mins followed by 10 mins of awesome (the bar scene) is very frustrating and really gnawing on me.

    • Totally agree. Lori is an idiot. We need to go get Hershel even though Rick already went after him. Wtf? Written just so she can crash and now we have to search for her. I hope she dies. And why is Rick questioning his decision to search for Sophia? Lost girl, that’s what you do. Even though I hated that the entire season was spent doing it. And why is this entire county nearly zombie free? The show isn’t about zombies, it’s about whining people.

      And people complaining about people complaining about the show not following the comic: yes we know there was a decision not to follow it. We’re saying it’s a bad decision because the comic moves and is actually about zombies and the conflict they create. This show is about flaccid human character conflict. The dialog is crap, the characters are annoying and the story moves at a snails pace with a near complete absence of zombie influence.

      • Your totally right!


    I loved this episode. Especially when Rick killed those two guys in the bar… It showed how real the situation is and how even Rick has a dark side to him. His eyes at the end of that episode and Hershel walking up beside him. I can only imagine that Hershel has turned to the dark side, so to speak, and is done with the whole preserving life/walkers are people too thing.

    The episode in itself was somewhat slow, but what are you expecting after one helluva episode before this!

    One more thing! Why the HELL didn’t Dale tell Lori that he saw Shane aiming his gun at Rick?!?!?!?! Maybe he could have totally changed the outcome of what happened in the rest of the episode (ex. Lori crashing the car)… Speaking of Lori, what the hell was she thinking?!

    I can’t wait until the next episode. This show has me on the edge of my seat after each episode!


    • I really enjoyed this, the ending was great. I do think they will hit the road soon, i think the farm will be overun with walkers and theyll all have to go based on the previews. Hope it gets better and better.

    • Kirkman has publicly stated that this will not follow the comic exactly so if your hoping for that, you should just quit watching the show. They will leave farm by the end of the season.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m actually surprised anyone really loves the TV show. I haven’t seen a show move this slow since the 80′s, when TV truly sucked.

      • THANK YOU Mark. People aren’t seeing this, I don’t get it. Honestly I could read aloud the whole comic that covers the whole season so far to you in 2 hours. yet they need over 8 hours of drawn out drama and T.V time to get off the farm. common.

  4. I agree with many here. We need to leave the farm. It’s starting to feel stale. Couple of questions and comments though.

    What happened to the helicopters that were in the first episode? They flew over and that was it? Taunt us with something like that and leave it?

    The wall building between the Rick and Shane camps is starting to get bigger. I know for the sake of the show, splitting them and trying to follow both camps would be stupid, but we need to do something with it.

    Lori’s an idiot. Plain and simple. The woman doesn’t have an ounce of brain in her head. It seems as though every decision she’s made is horrible, including the car wreck last night.

    I know this is stupid, but is anyone else bothered by how Rick handles his gun? Has anyone ever seen a cop hold a pistol so high in the air and aim downwards to shoot? It seems overly gangster to me to be held that way.

    And him shooting those two guys (yea Terriers!!) was brutal and really caught me off guard. That was an amazing scene.

    • The helicopter has a real sweet tie in later in the in terms of the comic. No idea how they will ruin it for the show though.

    • I agree, I am of the thinking that if your a huge fan of the comics thats great, but why would you want the exact same story line on the TV, its like reading all the spoilers before you go and see a movie

      • I’m not interested in a word by word copy of the comic myself, but I’d really like to see some decent pacing and plot development.

      • you follow the comic at least somewhat beause that is where it came from. Same with everything else. What if Lord of the Rings just killed off the elf at the end of the first movie. People would hate it because it changed so much and it would suck. What if Silence of the Lambs went way off script, or one flew over the cuckoo nest? American psycho? The God father? Shawshank redemption, Girl with the dragon tattoo? Children of Men? Shindler’s list? Fight Club, Apocalypse now? The Help? Trainspotting? All were not completely based on but followed the literal material quite closely.

        Seems to me the only difference in deviating from the print is GREATNESS as most of those movies that follow the printed works tend to be much more successful in general.

        OMG WHAT A COINCIDENCE. But hey I would rather jeopardize the potential of the show so it can appeal to more people and keep ya guessing with lame plot twists and half assed resolutions, not to mention character degredation. Just the difference between something being legitimatley awesome and just “Ok” or “good” which is all The Walking Dead has become.

    • put it this way, they are losing fans of the comic book because they are butchering The Walking Dead. Those are suppose to be your constant viewers…your base. The more they go off track with stupid delaying drama the more people will get sick of it. Shame too could be a lot better. At this rate the show won’t exist long enough to tell the best parts of the story. That is why it matters to keep a close connection to the base material. Just a matter of potential. At this rate I would say we would be lucky to see the prison fall from the govenor. Lot of potential that isn’t being filled. The fact that Kirkman is greatly involved with the show also warrants comparison with the comic. Every batman show doesn’t get criticized because Bob Kane is long gone, it is someone else’s take and interpretation. Kirkman being the creator takes a lot more risk by changing things up than the average comic to film adaptation. Whatever though if jepeordizing their fan base at its heart is what they want to do in favour of upping the drama that’s their business I guess. Disappointment though at the end of the day in my books.

      • “put it this way, they are losing fans of the comic book because they are butchering The Walking Dead.”

        You are dead wrong…. :D

        You have The Walking Dead – The comic.
        You have The Walking Dead – TV show.

        One is one and one is the other. They both do what they intend to do. What is wrong with reading the comic and enjoying that ‘world’ and also watching the TV show and enjoying that ‘world’?

        I will never get to see some of the best comic story lines ever as they were originally told. Does that mean I should stop watching the movies?

        • sub in STORIES for LINES….. oops

  5. [Yawn] Did anything interesting happen in the mid-season premiere, or are they all still on the farm doing nothing but compaining about each other behind each others’ backs?

  6. Wow can we put in GIANT letters that even the guy who WROTE the comics said it’s not going to follow the comics!! What would be the point in them doing that?! Then everyone would know where the show is going!

    Don’t forget too, the guy who WROTE the comic books is part of this series so I HIGHLY doubt he’ll let something pass that he doesn’t support.

    I, for one, like the pace. If you want zombies all the time go watch one of the million movies that are out there. This show is different from everything else because it has the time to draw out storylines, introduce characters, give those characters meaning. I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that we all knew from the get go what this show would be. If I’m not mistaken, I think I remember reading that it would revolve more about the survival of the characters rather than the zombies.

    If you don’t like it, just stick to the comics and the 100 zombie movies/year that get released on Direct-to-DVD. Otherwise, open up your minds guys.

    • Well said!

      • I agree. Why are all the comic fan bois so eager to rush the story along?

        Then they will complain about it being too rush or didn’t spend enough time here or there..

        The truth that every director and producer in Hollywood has realised is… you can never please comic book fans, period.

        I have purposely not read these comics just because I want to enjoy the show. Nobody complains about other shows staying on a plot point for a whole season, so stop whining.

        Walking Dead is a great television that builds at its own pace and delivers nice tight endings based off this pace and tension. It is called the Walking Dead, not the Running Dead.

        If this show had never been a comic book, then all the fan bois would be screaming how wonderful it is and would be dancing in the street in Rick Grime costumes.

        We should be glad that a show like this exists.

        Also, for you fanbois, remember its is the boy that kills Shane and we, as a viewer, have to see that tension coming and make it believable. I have a feeling that this will happen at the end of the season and lead into Season 3.

        As much as I love Shane, I feel you will get your wish.

        • Well, if you don’t read the comics, then you will never understand what it is you are missing. All I can say is that the story from the comics is an order of magnitude better. This show is good, but only that “good”. It’s far from the best show on TV. It’s writing is plodding and cliched, and this isn’t coming just from me, a fan of the comic. I have several friends who agree and love watching other dramas that have far more plot development in a one hour piece. Just watch a single episode of House. More development in one show than six WD shows. There is no reason for this show plot plodding. If you analyze it you will see that the majority of the plot is people standing around doing almost nothing, or just arguing back and forth about something they already know the answer to. You should stop cursing the comic fan boys and listen to them because they are telling you the truth, this show is like a dead turtle.

          • Did you say “cliche”?????????????????? What have you been watching?

        • whatever man remember there wouldn’t be a show without the comic. Not the other way around. also most Hollywood renditions don’t have the creator on staff being as involved as Kirkman is. The show is completely different than the comic. I think he should have just called it something else if he was just going to abandone the comic.

    • you follow the comic at least somewhat beause that is where it came from. And without it the latter would not exist Same with everything else. What if Lord of the Rings just killed off the elf at the end of the first movie? People would hate it because it changed so much and it would suck. What if Silence of the Lambs went way off script? or one flew over the cuckoo nest? American psycho? The Godfather? Shawshank redemption? Girl with the dragon tattoo? Children of Men? Shindler’s list? Fight Club, Apocalypse now? The Help? Trainspotting? All were not completely based on but followed the literal material quite closely. Sure it could be SHOCK VALUE when they don’t but that is flash in the pan stuff that doesn’t say much about the quality of the material. CHEAP THRILLS get old fast.

      Seems to me the only difference in deviating from the print is GREATNESS as most of those movies that follow the printed works tend to be much more successful in general.


      But hey I would rather jeopardize the potential of the show so it can appeal to more people and keep ya guessing with lame plot twists and half assed resolutions, not to mention character degredation. Just the difference between something being legitimatley awesome and just “Ok” or “good” which is all The Walking Dead has become.

      It’s like it totally just ripped off the comic like a bad Batman adaptation. GOOD WORK KIRKMAN. Should not have lost Frank Durabont. Show has been downhill all season.

  7. I havent started season 2 yet, but am curious if they retouched on what the CDC Doctor whispered in Rick’s ear as everyone left the building before it blew in the season 1 finale?

    • negative. comes out after they get to the prison, once they are finally done on the farm……if that ever happens.

      • Or maybe they never do… which would be pretty humorous watching people rant over it.

        • yeah they can change it all they want the CDC episode was totally added in. There is one thing it could be in the source material but who knows how they would work it in. That would be when Rick and the gang find out that everyone is infected. Doesn’t matter if you die from a bite, or a gunshot, or a heart attack, you will still come back. This has a major affect on the mentality of the group knowing that no matter what they will not only die one day but also become a walker.

  8. This episode was a 180 type of episode for the season, definitely turning the show in the right direction. This second half looks like it is going to get very interesting and i think that this season will ultimately wind up with the group leaving the farm and starting the third season on the road again.
    I like the fact that Hershel is broken right now and is a man divided and torn in what he believes in. I feel that this character (if kept on alive) will get a lot grittier and darker. As for the other old man, the one that has problems with Shane, I think that killing him off would be a good move for the show, especially if Shane is involved.

  9. The ending made up for the whole episode man rick was totally bad ass and lori is just plain stupid seriously gezeez

  10. The premier episode was great and the events at the very end left me wanting more I don’t wanna spoil anything for someone who hasn’t seen the premier episode so I won’t go into details but imo its a good episode glad the walking dead is finally back.

  11. Aside from Lori’s boneheaded antics, I liked this episode.

  12. I thought it was fantastic. A slow-burner that builds to a riveting, ultimately violent confrontation with strangers. It did tend to suggest that the ultimate threat will not come from the ‘walkers’. To quote Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and his is us.” I did have a problem with Laurie’s accident, I thought “Why does she need to go after them?” She’s never felt the need before, it seemed contrived and unnecessary, but I’m hopeful it will be justified in future episodes. Still, all in all, another classic in the best show on TV right now, maybe one of the greatest ever.

  13. The episode was definelty a slow start but picked up quick when they went into th town. I was definelty suprised by loris accident. And I like Shanes character. I understan he dies in the comics but I like his character on the show thoug I don’t see him lasting much longer. I’m happy Rick is finally taking care of things. About damn time.

    Next week clips look really good. I can’t wait. It always leaves me wanting more.

  14. Most of us couldn’t give a **** about what happens in the comics, and don’t want to know because they could end up being spoilers if the show chooses to feature them in the future. If you’ve got a problem, don’t watch, but mostly don’t post. People who are used to a story in a certain medium should not experience it in another medium; they are never satisfied, but different media are like different language, something is always lost in translation. The fact is details don’t matter in an adaptation from one medium to the other. What matters is are they true to the SPIRIT of the source, not the LETTER of it.

    • How about you stop posting? The fact is that you seem to have no appreciation for good TV, no matter where the source material comes from.

      • Wow, that’s telling me! Well done!

        • Hey guys no need to be harsh about it. Remember play nice.

    • It isn’t “true to the spirit of the source” not at all. I am done watching but will continue to post all I want, despite your objection.

  15. I’m definitely in the camp that believes the show is still far too slow. It’s not just that there’s too little zombie action, which there is, but it’s also how long and plodding each scene becomes, with constant bickering and repetitive conversation. Think of the overview of what happened in this episode. They argued about killing the barn-full of zombies, they buried/burned the dead, Hershel ran off to get drunk and Rick and Glen followed only to meet up with two jerks from Jersey whom Rick then killed. That’s it. The bar scene after the Jersey boys showed up was awesome and full of the sort of stuff that makes the comic so great, although this scene wasn’t in the comics. The rest of the show was essentially filler, boring and dull.

    The scene where Lori runs after Rick and hits a zombie and crashes was classic cliche TV from the 1950′s, very poorly done. Now I’m sure a long and boring search for Lori will begin. I just can’t understand why the writers keep making up boring scenarios when there are actual good ones within the pages of the comics.

    Let’s not even discuss the fact that there was a nearly impossibly small window of opportunity for Otis to have found and stowed away the zombie Sophia. We’re talking maybe a window of maybe 8 hours, assuming she was bitten almost immediately after getting lost. Does Otis fetch zombies around the clock?

    • Right on Mark. I think similarily. A lot of bullsh*t cheesy filler drama with senseless plot development. This whole show had two good episodes (1&2) since then it has been downhill. Severely disappointed (especially as a huge fan of the comic) and will not be tuning in for the rest of this season for certain. Having fun teeny boppers with all the shallow slow moving drama going down.

    • I would have to challenge you on the too little zombie action and the bickering and repetitive conversations…..

      Sorry the book was not all zombie action and non bickering etc.

      Of course I haven’t kept current my last ish was when Michonne hung up her blade.

      However the book didn’t really have that much zombie interaction. It was all about the people. The zombies were just the backdrop and happened to be there.

      There is a lot of stuff in issues they were just filler leading up to the last page or so. Its how they got people to buy the next issue.

      Uh….. Sophia was gone for at least 1 day I believe before they found the farm/Otis. Quite simple for Otis to find her wandering, barn her then go Hunting….. She could have been bitten when she left Ricks care.

      Well its obvious you and a few others do not like how/where the show is going.

      However there are quite a few that do.

      • @ Aknot I hear what you are saying about the zombie action but it isn’t exactly quality zombie action either. Single file massacre as a “mid season finale” ……meh. Man wait till she takes that sword back down, best finales in the whole series.

    • Poor Paul

  16. Haven’t read the comics, but Shane, Lori and Andrea should be left on the side of the road for various reasons. Shane is just the classic Iago character and his desire to be Rick and still have his family as his own will blow (sooner hopefully then later). Lori is just dishonest to herself more then anyone else and is going to end up getting someone else killed covering her BS. Andrea is the same way. Her need to prove how tough she is despite already trying to punch her own ticket makes her irrational and dangerous, kind of like how she shot Daryl trying to prove what a bad ass she is.

    As I said not having read the source material yet (and with this type of show I am kind of holding off for obvious reasons), I don’t know how far along this is supposed to be story-wise, but they might be making some creative choices to ensure they have enough material to run the show and not just have them wandering aimlessly with no place to go, both literally and figuratively. The nature of this kind of story is that they will either have to keep moving to try and find somewhere safe to hold up, or when they do settle down they will be forced to leave do to zombies showing up, or like what was teased in this episode, other hostile living people.

    • dude thank you for proving my point. Your calling out of the characters is completely accurate. It also shows just how much the deviation from the source material has tainted teh character development. Just some noted differences off the top of my head. Andrea never has that breakdown (she is hardcore throughout the comic), Shane is used as the plot development tool that his character should be used for and is used in a timely fashion (in comic). There is plenty of material. Enough for at least 4 solid seasons of 12 episodes (one hour each) and it would be nonstop action and crazieness with one turn after the next. I would suggest checking out the comic as it will set a lot of things right. Especially Lori…you would love what happend to Lori.

      • Hmmm, maybe I will pick the comic up sooner than later. I just won’t try to apply anything from it to the show, I know I get enough practice with everything else they adapt these days.

  17. Wow, a Hollywood adaptation differs from the source material? I certainly hope this doesn’t happen again….

        • Now get this….

          I would LOVE to see an exact transition of the book with the actors they have (I think they did that well also).

          Sadly though I know it will never happen so I take what I can get.

          Again though I could say the same thing about…

          Fantastic Four
          The Avengers

          I at least think we are at the level with movies and TV that we can have our cake and eat it too. :D

            • I was just comparing it to mainstream character arcs/beliefs. In theory there is only one Spiderman (to the general masses) and he never had organic web shooters.

              In mainstream there is only one type of Zombie. Romero Zombie. What makes this Zombie show different is it is not reliant on the Zombie. The Zombies could easily be replaced with Aliens, Ghosts, etc.

              So when it is boiled down the show is just a soap opera (as is the comic) about people.

              The story lines overall do not matter as long as the drama is present.

              I mean if the show portrayed the people of Alexandria (just as well as they are doing the show now with the drama etc.) would it be any less popular?

              I mean my wife wouldn’t know the difference nor would the bigger chunk of the viewing audience.

              So its just a different ‘world’ with similar characters. It is still The Walking Dead though. Just like it is not our world.

              Anyho… I hope you continue to watch it. It is still good TV IMO, one of the best out there, zombie or not.

              • I would have to question your broad definition of a “Soap Opera” in particular how in bridges the gap from television to literary works.

                It is funny you keep mentioning your wife, because I have the exact opposite thing going on with my girl. She liked it for the first bit but definitely is not too keen on the second season and can take it or leave it. She seen the wire, sopranos and other good shows and just wasn’t impressed by where it went. I tried to make excuses for it and basically couldn’t even convince myself any further. She never read the comic either. Interesting comparison is all.

                It would definitely continue to be popular for sure. Just like most other literary work to movie or television. Just wouldn’t do justice to the original source material in the opinion of a few people who don’t really matter in relation to the shows success or popularity.

                • I use soap opera very liberally. :D

                  If it is not a definitive Comedy, Horror, Superhero or SciFi it is a soap opera….. ;)

                  More or less replace drama with Soap Opera. Take away everything and if you look at it TWD is a soap opera with the power struggles, forbidden love and love triangles.

                  I mention my wife because she is always asking me well what about this and what about that…. Im like I don’t know… I can tell you what happens in the books but I got no clue here. :D

                  • Ya I can understand the show being a soap opera (one reason I am done with it)But you think the comic book would be better described as a “soap opera” rather than a Horror……?????? Your on your own there buddy.

                    • To me the biggest ‘horror’ factor in the books is the people.

                      How the event (no not the crappy TV show) changed people and society in general.

                      Again if you take away the zombies and make them something else (even if there were no bad things – Think The Stand) the people will change.

                      So yes I believe it is more soap opera than horror.

  18. I am willing to make a bet there are way more people watching and loving the show that never read the comics than there are people that did. I don’t know why people think the comic book fan base is so important. I would even go so far as to say only 10% of the viewership ever read the comics. This is a show that my wife loves as well and that’s cool in my book.

    • Yeah but I saw the show, got interested, bought all the comics, realized how much the show is lacking, and quit watching the show. Since the show started The Walking Dead comic has been a consistent top seller. So hopefully more people don’t come to the same conclusion as me. Otherwise you would have an interesting market plan there. Whatever though, doesn’t really matter. Just as observation.

      • Did you really quit watching the show? Really?

      • Or they may understand why the TV show is different and just accept two presentations of a story enjoying them both for what they are…..

        That’s a concept.

        • @ Aknot Oh I understand the differences in presentations and concepts all too well. I am just taking a stand for one I believe in and endorse over the others. Nothing wrong with that. I take stands on a lot of things I don’t endorse that other people do happily. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong or your wrong, just opinion and a stance. If they make a movie or another show down in the future I will give it the same shot I gave this one.

          @ Couchtater- After seeing the mid season premier…yep done, maybe come back at a much later date, but highly unlikely. I found myself thinking the only way it could get me back on board is if they killed off Shane for the mid season premier. Instead I saw the same crap as all season. I don’t usually write comments on this stuff, I just am today because I won’t ever be again. I also feel stupid as sh*t for talking it up to people after the first few episodes of the 1st season.

  19. I do have a question for those that watched last night….

    Did Tony have the Shotgun in hand? It always looked like he was going for a handgun in the small of his back.

    I guess he could have had it/grabbed it when Rick shot Dave it just seemed like sloppy editing.

    • what about the Glen? The whole scene was rediculous. Rick is sitting there in between two guys with guns, clearly showing aggression. Glenn sitting there with one of the biggest guns he’s held yet and……does nothing…..????…Rick ends up pulling a cowboy move while Glen watches……??? I didn’t get why it went to a showdown but whatever. Toony did have a shotgun that he did pull to try and shoot Rick. However in the shot before Tony did seem to be reaching for a gun behind his back.

      • Well shooting a Zombie and shooting a person is two different things. There are people that just cant do it.

        If you have never fired a weapon at a human it is quite a difficult thing to do.

        You have to realize that while sped up that was probably over before Glenn even figured out what was going on.

        I think Rick had already decided he may have to shoot one or both earlier on. Glenn was clueless to the fact it was going to go that far. Herschel probably knew but didn’t care at that point.

        • Complete Hypothetical here: If I was Rick I would’ve popped Glen afterwards. I would’ve been like “thanks for all your help. That the same kind of fast action we can expect when everyone is depending on us. The Zombie apocalypse is not a spectator sport, those who sit on the side lines will end up dead or at least a danger to the whole group.

          This is a consistent problem in the comic, especially where Glen and his pussiness almost loses the Alexandria Safe Zone for the group. I think he leaves the group soon after. Basically they leave Glen to hold it down and he gets b**** slapped by one of the random characters. Then the Rick and the Gang come back to an insurrection, and all the hardcores (Michone, Rick, Abraham, Andrea) have to take care of things.

          • Yeah but Glenn has his uses. Rick brought a knife (Glenn) to a gun fight.

            Everyone has a place and a service.

            Rick also owes Glenn. So one might say they are even now as it was Glenn that helped Rick out of the tank.

            Remind me if there’s a Zombie apocalypse not to mess up around you…. :D

            • lol Don’t worry Aknot I’m the loner type.

  20. One big difference between comics and television: budget.
    I imagine it’s a lot cheaper to shoot on a farm than… other places.

    • Yeah, they did make a big deal about the budget and not wanting to do as many outdoor shoots with big numbers of Walkers. So that might be a factor too.