‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

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The Walking Dead Season 2 rick The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

At seven episodes, so far season 2 of The Walking Dead is already an episode longer than the entire first season of AMC’s hit zombie series. After a somewhat mixed reaction to the finale of last season, fans should be happy to note that season 2 still has six more episodes before making way for season 3. So, whatever is delivered with ‘Pretty Much Dead Already,’ the story is far from over.

As far as season 2 is concerned, that is certainly a good thing. At seven episodes in (including the 90-minute season premiere) The Walking Dead writers have taken advantage of the breathing room a 13-episode season has granted them. In fact, they have practically put on a clinic in terms of decompressed storytelling.

Thus far, the catalyst driving our band of survivors has been the disappearance of Sophia (Madison Lintz), who went missing in the woods of Georgia following a disturbingly large ‘walker’ migration. From that point on, the search for the missing girl has led to the introduction of Hershel’s farm (and what lurks in its barn), Carl’s near-fatal shooting and some fresh blood for the series to develop. With the addition of Hershel (Scott Wilson), his daughter Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Patricia (Jane McNeil) and Jimmy (James Allen McCune), one would think season 2 would be a wall-to-wall zombie buffet – but no, in true zombie-story fashion, the most dangerous part of the end of the world is those who have to survive in such a place.

Right now, the spotlight is on Shane (Jon Bernthal), who after the most thrilling episode of the season to this point in ‘Save The Last One’, moved from being a jilted lover with questionable motives, to callous murderer who will sacrifice a stranger (Otis, played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) to ensure his own survival, and the survival of the family he may or may not still wish to become patriarch of.

Through Shane’s conflicts, The Walking Dead has been able to explore (directly, and sometimes indirectly) the inner workings of nearly all of its key members. On one hand, given his apparent acts of heroism, and outwardly calm demeanor when dispatching the titular walking dead, Shane seems a logical replacement for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who is more often than not, wracked with self-doubt and an overwhelming concern for his flock – hence the reason a near hopeless search for the missing Sophia continues.

On the other hand, however, the villainy that lurks beneath Shane’s tough-guy exterior not only has left the marriage of Rick and Lori (Sara Wayne Callies) on the ropes, but has also provided the basis from which all other characters may find themselves judged. Sure, certain characters like T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) have been hovering in the periphery for much of the seven episodes, but Glenn (Steven Yuen), Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and, most importantly, Daryl (Norman Reedus), have all stepped to the forefront in one way or another.

Jon Bernthal as Shane in The Walking Dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

As polar opposites slowly gravitating toward the other’s spectrum, the arcs of Daryl and Shane have been a great source of interest for season 2. While Shane loses a battle over his guilt for what happened to Otis, and the overwhelming indignation he feels toward Rick for, ironically, returning from the (supposed) dead, Daryl fights his own demons – which, in Daryl’s own way, come from a drug-induced hallucination of Merle (Michael Rooker), telling him to turn against the pack.

While Dale (who has become the unofficial council for the group) is met with Shane’s menace upon discussing his negative trajectory, Daryl, conversely, is shown by Carol that his transformation has not gone unnoticed when she tells him, “…you’re just as good as any of them.”

This quiet moment has not only helped Daryl become much more than a one-dimensional reminder that Merle is still lurking out there somewhere, but also puts into perspective the tragic depths to which Shane has sunk.

It is due to character arcs like this that The Walking Dead‘s second season has so far delivered a more compelling, thought-provoking program than the entirety of season 1.

Throughout ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’, it is clear that whatever fuse Shane had left is quickly running out. Episode writer Scott Gimple and director Michelle MacLaren present Shane’s inevitable outburst as a point of tension from beginning to end. The more Shane presents himself as ready to assume control of the group, the more he appears to lose control over his own emotions. Each scene, from the barn-watching conference he has with Rick – which grants Shane knowledge of Lori’s pregnancy – to the unwise “I’m better than Rick” sales pitch he delivers to Lori, makes the audience wonder if this will be ‘the moment’ fans have been waiting for.

Instead, following another tense confrontation with Dale, Gimple and MacLaren show us just how fragile this group really is. Without the presence of Rick, Shane easily coerces the group into staging a minor coup – which, despite illustrating to Hershel the difference between sick and undead, once again takes us back to that familiar zombie trope of mob-rule being swift and vicious – regardless if it is perpetrated by the living, or living-impaired.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

And with the midseason finale, the show delivers not the massive cliffhanger Kirkman had promised was on the horizon, but rather a gut-wrenching denouement to the group’s most pressing concern. That, however, opens the rest of season 2 up to go pretty much anywhere. With the adventures on Hershel’s farm lasting far longer than most had thought they might, the conclusion will undoubtedly have repercussions felt into season 3.

Despite it feeling (at times) like a slow boat to China, the first half of season 2 of The Walking Dead has given us a clearer picture of who these characters are, and what, ultimately is driving them. Rick, Shane, Dale and the others have moved beyond being mere survivors, and instead feel more like characters we expect to see pull through – so that when they inevitably don’t, the loss is made all the more resonant. To this point, The Walking Dead second season has put a premium on character development – possibly to the extent it has overlooked its own plot progression. However, this first half of the season is likely the preamble for a larger conclusion we are all waiting for.

From this point forward, with the regime change surrounding Frank Darabont’s exit firmly behind the series, the next question for The Walking Dead will be how can fans’ expectations for the program to match the comic book it’s based on beat-by-beat be undone by a different style of storytelling? As the new Glenn Mazzara-era takes hold with the remainder of season 2, it will be interesting to see if the pace of The Walking Dead quickens to heed the supposed desires of its audience.

The Walking Dead season 2 continues February 12, 2012 on AMC.

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  1. Ok first I want to mention the characters and what i think of them: 9I know people will disagrea but its just what i think:

    Rick- Was a very good character in season 1. He had a good attitude and because he didnt know what was going on at first it made sense that he was a little confused. However in season 2 he is a little too goody goody, he seems to still act like a cop not like he is protecting his friends and family from death. I just think he needs more of a raw edge.

    Lori- What a complete pain in the backside,she is my most hated character, her attitude is so willy nilly, in the situation she is in in a land filled with zombies she gets herself pregnant? As if you would? I’m sorry. She always walks around with her hair all over and compared to most of the group she still has her husband and her child but she acts like she has lost more than everyone.

    Andria- My second most disliked charaters! she has a rebelious teenager act going on and never listens to anything anyone tells her. I know she lost Amy but why is she such a pain, a pain with very little personality.

    Dale- He is a good guy and I felt for him a lot of the time in season 1 but during season 2 he has become a little bit of a drip, boring and doing things that are a little silly like taking the weapons away instead of going and telling Rick about whats going on with shane. He is a little bit odd and I find it hard to like or dislike him.

    Carol- Needs to really be allowed to shine, I am hoping with the death of Sophia she will loose it and get really phsical at killing zombies. Getting her and Daryl together seems to be on the books.

    Daryl- He is the best character, acting like most of us would in the situation. He never tries to be a victim or a hero he is just a hard working guy with a kill whats dead attitude. Thunmbs up for his character

    Shane- He was a good character and i thought the way Lori treated him when Rick turned up for bad. She could of explained things to Rick earlier and at least it would of helped with the tention in camp. But he has gone from being a little annoyed to completly nuts in a few episodes it wasnt gradual enough for me.

    Glenn- Has gone from being a side kisck to Rick to a nobody in this season, he feels like a bit of an extra and is being made into a one of the girls. I think he needs to be used better.

    Carl- Has grown up quick and seems to be a little bit less annoying in this season but still he is a kid and it makes things more difficult.

    Season 2 is no where close to being as good as seaon 1. The story is sloppy and boring and nothing seems to happen from one week to the next. The mid season finale was not a cliff hanger and has really not given anyone any reason to desperatly want it back on screen. I want it to improve because season 1 was inspired, acting and filming made it seem like we were watching real people in a real situation but season 2 is more like a tv series. (I know what i mean)
    I just want it to be a little more fast passed and more zombies with some emotion and family problems but more reality and servival. is that too much to ask ? Its my opinion and I am sticking to it :)

    • I find it hard to agree with anyone who does not know how to spell. With that said I will have to say it is the general consensus among myself and the United States that season 2 rocks!!! if you’re looking for a deep story then get a life and quit trying to find one ( vicariously) through television. Seriously look at what you wrote you should be ashamed for all those errors

      • You’re LAME!!!

      • I agree with what he has said–this season is slow moving and has put a lot of effort into forwarding character development rather than plot. That being said in regards to the amount of time put into developing characters I feel most of them are still very shallowly explored (though not all). Furthermore, and quite tangential to the topic at hand; however, pertinent to your comment, in regards to anyone’s spelling on a forum such as this I believe it to be inconsequential. The content of one’s opinion is in no way tied to the quality of the means by which they convey it: spelling and grammar don’t really matter. Who cares if someone has spelling errors, and I really wouldn’t criticize someones spelling with three exclamation points (and a disregard for the use of punctuation). No one is perfects, everyone makes mistakes, get over it.

  2. Hi

  3. Slow and disappointing are two words that come to mind for this season. Why would you sleep in tents in a world full of zoms?
    Why go back to a drugstore twice and put things in a shopping basket?
    Why didn’t you scout the whole area including the barn before settling in?
    Why isn’t the missing kids mother out looking for her brat instead of peeling spuds?
    Who are these unknown people that pop out of nowhere living on this farm? You can’t carry your guns so wander around with no weapons you can use at least from 3 feet away whatsoever (not even a pointy stick ooh I have a knife)?
    Not many rounds so when you get a chance just keep squeezing that trigger.
    If the drugstore has drugs wouldn’t the supermarket or peoples houses have canned goods?
    Why aren’t you looking for stuff to help you survive?
    Why are most of the characters so completely clueless after how long and treating this farm like a holiday camp?

    Sorry guys, but there is no sense of suspense or urgency this season. Last season’s biggest problem was Atlanta looked a stones throw away one shot then way off in the distance. It has become a comedy not a drama.

    Those of you that think this is suspense, well you do know how to hold a fool in suspense don’t you…………..

    • I agree 100% with ‘WDis a comedy’. This group has to now be the dumbest set of people to walk the earth.

      They looked like that had hundreds of rounds of ammo during their daily target practice yet Sean and Otis had to preserve their 10 bullets during the drugstore raid.

      How come electricity and tap water is working? Who’s running the power grid?

      Why do they need to preserve gas when there are millions of cars all around?

      Why in God’s green earth didn’t Hershel tell them he found a small girl and she’s in the barn? Hershel and everyone there knew they were looking for her. Did Hershel forget that he rounded up a zombie girl the day before?

      They are all complaining about how dire the situation is, but they have endless food, water, shelter, protection, weapons, and mobility. Why don’t they barricade themselves in one of those houses they found.

      I know it is science fiction but it is hard to take the characters or the show seriously when there are so many flaws in the logic. It reminds me of the movie Starship Troopers. You keep wondering why the soldiers faught hand-to-hand and didn’t just bomb the planets or use armoured tanks.

      • Well, they don’t have to preserve gas because all the cars around. however, gas goes bad after about a year, so they are going to be in trouble after that.

        about the ammo. i think its really important that they all learn to shoot, otherwise all that ammo is useless, but i agree that they need to take some more with them on those types of missions!

      • Before you attack the logic of the show first, you really ought to make sure your logic is sound as well.

        Alright, let’s start with “WDis a comedy”

        “Why would you sleep in tents in a world full of zoms?”

        The farm was secure, and there was no immediate threat of being attacked by zombies while they were at the farm. Nothing wrong with sleeping in a tent.

        “Why go back to a drugstore twice and put things in a shopping basket?”

        Uh, it was pretty damn obvious why they went to the drugstore twice. I really don’t understand this complaint.

        “Why didn’t you scout the whole area including the barn before settling in?”

        It was Hershel’s property, and he would have likely flipped out had they done so. Furthermore, I imagine one of the last things they were thinking is “This dude is totally hiding a a bunch of zombies in that barn over there.” Logically speaking, it makes perfect sense for the characters not to check out the barn. As far as they knew, there wasn’t any real reason to look inside there, and they didn’t want to push Hershel’s hospitality.

        “Why isn’t the missing kids mother out looking for her brat instead of peeling spuds?”

        Logically speaking, that would have been a pretty bad idea. She’s the most defenseless out of the group. Her going out alone would be crazy, and she’d probably just be a burden if she partnered up with someone.

        “Who are these unknown people that pop out of nowhere living on this farm?”

        They all appear the moment Rick gets to the farm. They don’t get much screen time after that though.

        “You can’t carry your guns so wander around with no weapons you can use at least from 3 feet away whatsoever (not even a pointy stick ooh I have a knife)?”

        Once again, as far as they knew, the farm was safe. Furthermore, there guns were easily accessible if they needed them.

        “If the drugstore has drugs wouldn’t the supermarket or peoples houses have canned goods?”

        Possibly. It’s not really important anyway. Drugs aren’t something you can make at a farm. The farm was self-sufficient, and they clearly weren’t in any need of food. At least, that need wasn’t shown.

        “Why aren’t you looking for stuff to help you survive?”

        They didn’t need help to survive while they were at the farm. They were living pretty damn comfortably.

        “Why are most of the characters so completely clueless after how long and treating this farm like a holiday camp?”

        These guys were living in constant fear, being chased by these walkers and such. Then they come across a seemingly safe place. What do you think they are going to do?

        And on to “Jeremy”

        “They looked like that had hundreds of rounds of ammo during their daily target practice yet Sean and Otis had to preserve their 10 bullets during the drugstore raid.”

        First off, your exaggerating about the “hundreds of rounds” nonsense. Secondly, Shane and Otis worked with what they had on them. Lastly, that target practice was worth the bullets they used. At least they won’t be totally screwed if they are caught up with walkers with Shane/Rick not around.

        “How come electricity and tap water is working? Who’s running the power grid?”

        Pay attention. Hershel was shown gassing up a generator.

        “Why do they need to preserve gas when there are millions of cars all around?”

        First off, there aren’t cars everywhere. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of zombies surrounding you, now would you? Second off, siphoning gas isn’t exactly a super duper fast process. It’s better to preserve gas, then having to go through the trouble of finding a car and siphoning gas. Especially since you know, there are zombies lurking about.

        “Why in God’s green earth didn’t Hershel tell them he found a small girl and she’s in the barn? Hershel and everyone there knew they were looking for her. Did Hershel forget that he rounded up a zombie girl the day before?”

        Were you watching the same series I was? Because in the Walking Dead series I was watching, I remember Hershel being pretty damn secretive about his little zombie collection. So yeah, I’m not really sure what you’ve been watching.

        “They are all complaining about how dire the situation is, but they have endless food, water, shelter, protection, weapons, and mobility. Why don’t they barricade themselves in one of those houses they found.”

        …This makes no sense…

        I think the reason people are disappointed is they expected some super zombie orgy-fest or something. Instead they did something totally crazy and decided to actually develop and humanize the character.

        Oh and just to nitpick. They did actually bomb the crap out of the place in at least one scene. Why they didn’t nuke the planet to complete oblivion? That would be pretty damn boring…>_>…

        • Amen to this.

          • I 100% agree. It’s supposed to be a realistic television show about PEOPLE living after a breakout. Not the walkers.

        • I think it might be possible thought that Sophie might not have been rounded up. She may have tried taking shelter in the barn or something.

          • I never thought of Sophie having taken refuge in the barn, and Hershel not even knowing she went in there. I like that theory

      • Just to add a little something here… Otis’s job was to round up the zombies he found wandering and put them in the barn. Sophia was most likely found by Otis, but he was killed by Shane before he had a chance to reveal that. Remember that Sophia missing wasn’t even mentioned until after Otis was killed since their entire focus was on saving Carl at that time.

  4. I watched season 2 and was thinking what the hell is up with The walking dead, went to google to find out and now I see, different Regisseur :(

  5. All of you… I understand the passion for this series… I love it too, got hooked on to the show.. But guys, calm down.. it is just a show.. keep in mind that the director wanted the story to be this way.. no need to criticize the characters.. they are just playing their roles. If anything, set your comments aside to the director him/herself… Not hatin.. just sayin

    • agreed. i understand people not liking the second season so far – it was much slower than the first. the acting is great though. don’t hate the actors because you hate the character! if anything, love the actor for making you hate the character.

    • you sir are a fool. Do none of you realise how much red tape people have to cut through just to make a show these days. perhaps you should think about things like how they had their budget cut and then told to make twice as many episodes. It was a great show that i will be buying on bluray. If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  6. I love the show and can’t wait for the show to come back on

  7. Shane and Otis went to the school with only what they had with them, so no extra bullits. I think the farm has windmills that we don’t see, only way I can figure out they have electricity and water. I can’t understand why the group would leave if it is safe. Because they are being considerate? Hell, I think if it was a safe spot and I had the guns, I’d take it. The only thing I don’t get is, if that school is only 5 miles away, how come there isn’t more walkers around? A heard, or something.

  8. Their is four wells that is stated by Hershel, and we see Hershel gassing up a generator more than once, they don’t use that much power rematch the episodes and be observant.

  9. I absolutely love TWD, season one was very good and how the story progresses in season two it’s nice to see them get relaxed and take the situation more serious and plan on way forward. I cannot wait for the next episodes to show. By FAR the best series I’ve watched….. And yes I’m talking about a lot of other shows that does not quite pack the nail biting experience that TWD has to offer. Awe!ness. Thanks.

  10. Okay, seriously you guys.. Do you understand how hard it is to write,act and direct these films? I bet if you were a directer or a film writer, things would be tuft. But, they love their job. You should respect them. Also, MANY MANY people love this series, and it’s a very popular telivision show. I personally think it is a great show. For those who think it’s a slow process, and nothing exciting is really happening in the past few shows, GROW UP. BE PATIENT. They have another half of the second series, AND a whole new serious to do. Cut them some slack. Plus, NO ONE knows what’s going to happen next. Maybe they’re making this series kind of slow, and unexciting to make you think nothing exciting will happen, the all of a sudden WHIP OUT something DRASTIC. Plus, the whole Sophia being dead was a pretty evoking situation to me. Plus, they have many different character traits behind each one, If you really study the show, and examin the settings, it is pretty interesting. So you see, they do a lot to try to entertain people and all the people who don’t like this show, and think it’s a waste of time, don’t waste YOUR OWN time watching it, because honestly, they could care less. Just giving the people advice..

  11. I hate doing he reality thing about a show with the dead walking around. especially since in all reality being in medicine myself a human body will deocmpose to the point of connective tissue degredationa in about 3-6 months. what that means is in 6 months any “walking zombie” will cease to be together in six months resulting in about 7billian piles of disconnected tissue laying on the ground and unless your stepped directly on its mouth is poses no threst to you. so my solution should the zombie apocolypse comes is to baracade the house store 6 months of supplies wait out the 6 monts and go outside and enjoy a world with no more stupid people or traffic and no morelines at the grocery store and onto world domination. So we agree reality discussions seem strange in this situation. However in reference to the above oints , has anyone actually carried any ammo its not light each bullet weights about 3oz 5bulletas is a pound 100 bullets is 20 pounds thats not light so you can only realistically carry about 50 rounds comfortably walk around with a 10 pound weight in your pocket and any other zombie gear and youll see so bringing rounds with you isnt easy. Also in th emidwest people are different if i put a sign on a pharmacy that siad take what you need and leave the rest for others everything but the light fixtures would be left innthe midwest you can leave your doors open and a gold bar on your porch and it will be there in the morning along with an apple pie. Herscell did nt know otis was responsible for putting them into the barn. I agree that carols response wasnt realistic but also who wants a screaming mother around when your trying to be rational we dont bring parents out on the search for lost kids when they dont come home from school they are a liability. Thats the best i can do with the reality stuff

  12. Ricks development is non existant how has he grown. the only leader ship momnet was when he shot ssophia that was it otherwise he was a kinda problem and had to have his wife come in and show she had the balls to deal with her sonbeing shot, he kinda botched the sophia search allowed daryl to go off on his own and almost get killed, let daryl steal a horse and had no control over anyone doing anything how has he developed. He also wanted to stay on the farm for whose interest -his own, he wanted his pregnant wife to be close to a doctor so he was willing to do anything to accomplish that. self serving not for the group. as far as the barn and the farm being secure, i dont think so 12 people securing a multiacre farm and the best defense they have is -“did ya make sure the gate was shut”????

    • Hard to beleive you’re practicing medicine when you cant hardly spell.

      • Maybe because he majored in medicine and not English?

        • In response to the all the english teachers out there who monitor my spelling i consider emails, chat sessions even text messages unimportant ways to communicate personally. If it were a business correspondence or letter written i would take better care to watch spelling but since its a bunch of zombie loving and hating folks i dont consider proper grammer that important, generally people that focus on spelling here cant really disagree on the points made but need to disagree with something so they pick the spelling, im glad u have so much time on your hands. Maybe focus onthe idea not the grammer.

          • Well said! :)

  13. The character of Rick is unbelievably one dimensional, he’s just a good honest man full stop. Also his acting is appalling, every speech he delivers is so corny and wooden, I actually cringe. Not just his fault though, the dialogue is often embarrassing, it’s like something I would have written at 14 years old.

    • I think it’s absolutely hilarious when people make statements such as “lawlz, I could have written this when i was 11 lolol!@!11!!!”. If you really could have written a better script (at the age of 14 no less), then one would assume that directors producers are lining up to have you work for them.

      Oh course, maybe I’m wrong here. In which case I must assume you are a very accomplished writer who has done work for several shows that movies that have won numerous awards. Of course, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case here.

      Oh and just to make things clear, I’m not saying the the shows writing is the best there is right now. However, degrading the writing by saying that it is on par with a 14 year old’s work is completely silly.

      • Hi Dom,

        I enjoy watching the show so I’m not meaning to slate it but I honestly do think that some of the dialogue is absolutely cringyworthy to the extent that I feel embarrassed to be watching it. I’m sure you know the kind of sentimentalised corn I’m talking about. Anyway I suppose the writers are trying to appeal to a certain type of viewer (the masses). I suppose I’ve been spoiled with dramas like the Sopranos etc where the writing is off the planet.

        I realise its a zombie show at the end of the day and I’m not expecting Shakespeare but something a little more adult. The personalisation of the characters is so basic its almost like they are trying to target a purely teenage audience.

        • Honestly, whether you think the writing is corny or not wasn’t really my problem. At the end of the day, that stuff is mostly subjective anyway. No way of really accurately measuring the “corny meter” of the show.

          At any rate, I really just couldn’t help to nitpick at your gross exaggerations at how horrible the writing apparently was to you. It’s somewhat of a pet peeve of mind when I see/hear stuff like this…

          “Oh damn, they totally screwed up Watchmen. That was so freaking embarrassing, I totally could have made the movie so much better if I was directing it.”

          “wtf? Who wrote the script for this? effing horrible. I could have done a better job in middle school.”

          “Miyamoto ruined Zelda. all those years for this crap?! its like this game was made by a bunch of high school kids”

          I mean really…I can’t help but think I’m being trolled whenever I see ridiculous statements like these. Naturally, I absolutely have to call someone out whenever this happens. I can’t help it…>_>…

          • I agree that most of those comments are BS but I personally think that some of the dialogue in walking dead is the worst I have heard in a long long time (maybe even ever! Remember Rick praying to Jesus?! Im actually cringing just thinking about it!) and I know that I could do better. But maybe its meant to be corny and one dimensional and silly, maybe thats what the audience want so thats what the writer are giving them. I mean journalists of a high standard write for tabloids and theyre full of tripe but thats because they are trying to appeal to their specific audience.

  14. I did enjoy the midseason finale here though, very nihilistic and unexpected,superior to that awful ending of season 1.

    • I guess what we are saying is that the show has begun to show some weaknesses. We went from a show that had a great solid story, premise and characters and action to a show that is starting to waiver in many areas behind the scenes and now its showing up on camera and its alittle deflating and disappointing although im sure we could all right soemhting better we are not writers and couldnt do it consistanly week after week with the pressures of a studio on your back. I may be wrong but i feel that the free flowing writing in the books that was pure and unadulterated by focus groups, product placement and money have not shown up on the screen which has been diluted by all that is evil when you have to sell out to a studio creative control is lost and story lines and characters are directed not by the creative folks but by the studio money managers- its become obvious and we are disappointed.

  15. Great posts and I think if the writers for the series don’t take heed to what is being said, they will have trouble finding work after season 2 ends. The reality is, season 2 is boring, over dramatic, too concerned with “sex sells”, and lacks day to day realism of surving in a stressful life/death situation. The telling sign for me is real simple, during season 1 my 15 year old son and I couldn’t wait for the next episode and longed for season 2 to begin. As for season 2, my son stopped watching after episode 4 and I have yet to watch episode 7…I think the shows is in real trouble and has taken a path that may be hard to reverse; leading to a quicker than anticipated demise of the show…too bad.

  16. I’m a man who can admit he is wrong. I still think season one’s finale was complete garbage. I wanted nothing to do with season two, but like with most things I gave it a shot. Season two was AWESOME. I was hooked, Watched 5 eps yesterday and finished it a little while ago. I am an avid reader of the book series and will always say the books are a lot better than the TV show but Season two translated great. I got a lot of what they missed in the first season, character development. I look forward to the remainder of season two. Bravo.

  17. Series two is great so far – really good character development which will add so much more depth to future episodes. The one thing I find amusing about TWD, and most Zombie movies, with the notable exception of Shaun of the Dead, is it’s a little strange that a bunch of people that are in a world full of zombies never mention “zombies”, or refer to any zombie movies etc. It’s like they live in a parallel universe, where zombies came into existence, but at the same time were never imagined beforehand.

    • Actually, yes! I was watching and interview with one of the writers for the comic/show, and that’s precisely it. They wanted to make it so there was no previous knowledge about ” zombies “. Which in my opinion is smart. If anything remotely close to an outbreak ever occurred Im willing to bet it wouldn’t be like anything we have seen before.

  18. yet season 2 was slow it let you see the characters for what they really were and might i just add i personally felt the ending was a cliff hanger because now no one knows what hershall will do to the group. honestly the only thing i did not like so much about the show was season ones nursing home ran by cholos

    • This is kind of an interesting part of the story. The Vatos have holed-up in the abandoned nursing home to take care of the members elderly patients that were abandoned during the out-break (Wildfire). The leader states that they have sealed off the entire building with only one way in and out. In some previews (found on various show sites) it appears that the building has been over-run with walkers. I don’t see how walkers could get in if every-thing was sealed up. An unanswered story line that may or may not even make any difference as the series goes on.

      • maybe they didnt get in but an outbreak happened inside or like in most zombie movies some scared character runs over to a door to get out cause they freak and let in the entire zombified population of atlanta come in for a buffet?

  19. This is still a very popular show, and just cause a few people dislike season 2 it’s their opinions. and it doesn’t change the fact that thousands of people still love the show. Personally i think season 2 was way better than season 1, and you can’t say that it’s targeted for only teens, because even though i watch it and i’m 15, my mother watches it and even my 12 year old brother watches it. People want action when they watch this show, but season 2 went more into character development which was a smart move.

  20. My number one wish for the rest of Season 2 is that RICK STOPS WEARING THAT DAMN SHERIFF UNIFORM. It kills me every time I see him in it. Except that it does seem to show how foolish he really is! I mean, who cares if Herschel won’t let you stay on the farm? Who’s going to stop you? There are no more laws!

    Writers, could you please give us some more common sense leadership from either Daryl or Shane?

    Also, writers, why couldn’t you kill off Carl? He is the worst actor ever!

    On a final note, it would be nice if Lori would get her hair out of her face. Any woman with long hair who was living in a tent, doing chores, and not bathing for days on end would either cut her hair off or tie it up! Come on!

    • I am sure no one wants to read SPOILERS here, so I will not divulge any. I have jumped ahead in the story and
      read some of what is going on in the comic book. They did not kill off Carl because he is part of a story arc that
      will shock everyone in the future. I agree with the Lori – long hair stuff – ever been to Georgia in the summer?
      Humidity is the word – tie it back and get it out of your face girl. Rick and his uniform doesn’t bother me too
      much – I think it is used as an identifying image for viewers that are not sure who is who in the series.

      I will let this much slip – according to the comic blogs – they keep Herschel around long enough to deliver Lori’s
      baby (a girl, named Judith) – but then I don’t think he is around much after that. I would love to tell more but any-
      one can find more on various blog sites.

  21. I’m not going to get into detail, as much of what I’m thinking has been covered, but I thought season 2 has been fantastic so far.

  22. My only question with this season: Why didn’t the farm people just clear cut the Pharmacy / General Store? I would have emptied the shelves and put it in storage, and left a note for survivors to come to the farm (no danger there; zombies can’t read).

  23. Season 2, Episode 8: Nebraska
    Original Air Date—12 February 2012

    Can’t wait!

  24. Gee, I wonder what yawners TWD will have in the second half of the season? Will they waste even more time on a farm arguing with each other? How many times do you think the story will have to come to a complete standstill because Lori has morning sickness? If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even see a truly exciting development – Maggie and Glen will start to hold hands! Will the Andrea character stop being a miserable b****? Will Shane still have a “better-Otis-than-me” attitude? Will Rick feel any guilt over shooting Sophia, even though that’s what he’s done to every other zombie that he’s come across, and that she had turned in to a zombie and wanted to eat them all?

    Tune on Feb. 12, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

    Seriously, the novelty of the show wore off a long time ago. As far as the story goes, the characters don’t seem to be working towards any goal. There’s nothing compelling or fascinating about the story line – where did the virus come from? Was it created by the government in such a way that there is no cure? Was that what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at the end of season one? Wait a minute, we’re seven loooooong episodes in to season two, and they still haven’t revealed what Dr. Jenner whispered yet!

    There’s no longer a cohesive story anywhere to be found in TWD. Expect ratings for the show to seriously drop off in the second half of Season two. AMC’s lesson here: a show is only as good as its writers, and the writers of TWD aren’t creative enough to come up with a compelling direction into which to take the show. That’s the real reason why the story was soooooo slow in the first half of season two.

    Anyway, it’ll be back to watching 60 Minutes on Sunday nights.

  25. season 2 is absolutely fantastic delighted they have resisted turning it into an out and out bloodbath i love the continuous tension in the way the episodes edge along stop beefing people and roll on feb……

  26. This was by far the very best tv series i have watched in awhile. HEROS was my last favorite- wow what fun that was! for the 2011 fall season i watched 3 TV series…the walking dead (#1) terra nova (#2)…and wipe out(#3)…. thank goodness wipeout doesnt take a break so there is still something great to watch on tv while we wait expectantly for the other 2 to begin again.