‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

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The Walking Dead Season 2 rick The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

At seven episodes, so far season 2 of The Walking Dead is already an episode longer than the entire first season of AMC’s hit zombie series. After a somewhat mixed reaction to the finale of last season, fans should be happy to note that season 2 still has six more episodes before making way for season 3. So, whatever is delivered with ‘Pretty Much Dead Already,’ the story is far from over.

As far as season 2 is concerned, that is certainly a good thing. At seven episodes in (including the 90-minute season premiere) The Walking Dead writers have taken advantage of the breathing room a 13-episode season has granted them. In fact, they have practically put on a clinic in terms of decompressed storytelling.

Thus far, the catalyst driving our band of survivors has been the disappearance of Sophia (Madison Lintz), who went missing in the woods of Georgia following a disturbingly large ‘walker’ migration. From that point on, the search for the missing girl has led to the introduction of Hershel’s farm (and what lurks in its barn), Carl’s near-fatal shooting and some fresh blood for the series to develop. With the addition of Hershel (Scott Wilson), his daughter Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Patricia (Jane McNeil) and Jimmy (James Allen McCune), one would think season 2 would be a wall-to-wall zombie buffet – but no, in true zombie-story fashion, the most dangerous part of the end of the world is those who have to survive in such a place.

Right now, the spotlight is on Shane (Jon Bernthal), who after the most thrilling episode of the season to this point in ‘Save The Last One’, moved from being a jilted lover with questionable motives, to callous murderer who will sacrifice a stranger (Otis, played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) to ensure his own survival, and the survival of the family he may or may not still wish to become patriarch of.

Through Shane’s conflicts, The Walking Dead has been able to explore (directly, and sometimes indirectly) the inner workings of nearly all of its key members. On one hand, given his apparent acts of heroism, and outwardly calm demeanor when dispatching the titular walking dead, Shane seems a logical replacement for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who is more often than not, wracked with self-doubt and an overwhelming concern for his flock – hence the reason a near hopeless search for the missing Sophia continues.

On the other hand, however, the villainy that lurks beneath Shane’s tough-guy exterior not only has left the marriage of Rick and Lori (Sara Wayne Callies) on the ropes, but has also provided the basis from which all other characters may find themselves judged. Sure, certain characters like T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) have been hovering in the periphery for much of the seven episodes, but Glenn (Steven Yuen), Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and, most importantly, Daryl (Norman Reedus), have all stepped to the forefront in one way or another.

Jon Bernthal as Shane in The Walking Dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

As polar opposites slowly gravitating toward the other’s spectrum, the arcs of Daryl and Shane have been a great source of interest for season 2. While Shane loses a battle over his guilt for what happened to Otis, and the overwhelming indignation he feels toward Rick for, ironically, returning from the (supposed) dead, Daryl fights his own demons – which, in Daryl’s own way, come from a drug-induced hallucination of Merle (Michael Rooker), telling him to turn against the pack.

While Dale (who has become the unofficial council for the group) is met with Shane’s menace upon discussing his negative trajectory, Daryl, conversely, is shown by Carol that his transformation has not gone unnoticed when she tells him, “…you’re just as good as any of them.”

This quiet moment has not only helped Daryl become much more than a one-dimensional reminder that Merle is still lurking out there somewhere, but also puts into perspective the tragic depths to which Shane has sunk.

It is due to character arcs like this that The Walking Dead‘s second season has so far delivered a more compelling, thought-provoking program than the entirety of season 1.

Throughout ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’, it is clear that whatever fuse Shane had left is quickly running out. Episode writer Scott Gimple and director Michelle MacLaren present Shane’s inevitable outburst as a point of tension from beginning to end. The more Shane presents himself as ready to assume control of the group, the more he appears to lose control over his own emotions. Each scene, from the barn-watching conference he has with Rick – which grants Shane knowledge of Lori’s pregnancy – to the unwise “I’m better than Rick” sales pitch he delivers to Lori, makes the audience wonder if this will be ‘the moment’ fans have been waiting for.

Instead, following another tense confrontation with Dale, Gimple and MacLaren show us just how fragile this group really is. Without the presence of Rick, Shane easily coerces the group into staging a minor coup – which, despite illustrating to Hershel the difference between sick and undead, once again takes us back to that familiar zombie trope of mob-rule being swift and vicious – regardless if it is perpetrated by the living, or living-impaired.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

And with the midseason finale, the show delivers not the massive cliffhanger Kirkman had promised was on the horizon, but rather a gut-wrenching denouement to the group’s most pressing concern. That, however, opens the rest of season 2 up to go pretty much anywhere. With the adventures on Hershel’s farm lasting far longer than most had thought they might, the conclusion will undoubtedly have repercussions felt into season 3.

Despite it feeling (at times) like a slow boat to China, the first half of season 2 of The Walking Dead has given us a clearer picture of who these characters are, and what, ultimately is driving them. Rick, Shane, Dale and the others have moved beyond being mere survivors, and instead feel more like characters we expect to see pull through – so that when they inevitably don’t, the loss is made all the more resonant. To this point, The Walking Dead second season has put a premium on character development – possibly to the extent it has overlooked its own plot progression. However, this first half of the season is likely the preamble for a larger conclusion we are all waiting for.

From this point forward, with the regime change surrounding Frank Darabont’s exit firmly behind the series, the next question for The Walking Dead will be how can fans’ expectations for the program to match the comic book it’s based on beat-by-beat be undone by a different style of storytelling? As the new Glenn Mazzara-era takes hold with the remainder of season 2, it will be interesting to see if the pace of The Walking Dead quickens to heed the supposed desires of its audience.


The Walking Dead season 2 continues February 12, 2012 on AMC.

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  1. I felt these season lacked lot of the logical reasoning and great character development the first season had. They spent way too much time on the farm. And nothing was eally accomplished for that time. I love a good character study, like Breaking Bad but this show has become really weak.

    Rick is not a good leader. Shane has had horrible charwcter development. I mean the guy was a great leader till Rick came along and able to make the “hard decisions.” He was right that the little girl was dead afterall.I dont believe his decent to “evil”. Even the rape season one felt forced. They are forcing him to be bad character rather than a naturally progression.

    As for the wife. She is a horrible person. From insultimg the Hershel when he was prepared to just beimg a neurotic b****. Dale is an idiot and him taking the rifles to the woods only solidified that. As for Andrea, I dont know she an idiot or a sob story.

    Daryl is by far the bedt written and most interesting character on this show.Nobody comes close to how good he is written.

    • Shane’s character developement has yet to be shown. He’s gone through alot that we haven’t seen (see: the flashback scenes)

      And I don’t see how staying on the farm, a safe haven, is anything BUT logical…

    • I don’t agree at all.

      The show is *great*!

    • You are one stupid individual, first of all lets start with Shane he started in season 1 as a man who was taking care of a woman he probally loved long before this Zombie Apocolypse happened a great leader at that point in time, and then out of no where Rick shows up and kind of crushes what ever world he had started to adapt to. Rick is not a “bad” leader he is the only logical one out of the entire group, if you think about it if something dangerous was going on what is the first thing you want to do? Stay calm, think logically before acting, and on the same token he has a family to care for as well as a group of people who look to him for answers. And Lori I can only imagine how it would feel to wake up one day find out your husband had been shot, then the world gets taken over by Zombies, your husband shows up at camp alive, you have been messing with his “brother”. What ever hope for the future is shredded (hence season 1 finale) your ony child is shot and comes close to dying, you have a awakening wondering wether this a the right life for your child and oh yeah by the way your pregnant. Dale is a old timer and through it all I still dont think he has come to the realization as to what is realliy happening in the world, somewhat like Hershel. Lori was probally either a waitress or some low down gal making ends meet for her and her sister and when this THING happenend she woke up one day and realized if I have to shoot my own sister who has come back from the dead then this is real, and to get it in gear. And oh Daryl he is just the un-spoken protector he doesnt know how to lead the group but he knows how to protect them.
      RIGHT or Wrong

      • yes i agree about darly…is is just awsome. the cops wife is a pathetic wuss!!!! rick is too unsure of himself when hes making the right decision…and not too headstrong an sure when he is in the wrong…. shane well the votes arent in on him…didnt like that he shot ol’boy to save himself but hell i mighta done it too nobody can say for sure til u r n that situation…al i do know is it was so so so so sexy when he grabbed that chick by the back of the neck in that car an….well.dang

  2. Many people are unhappy with the writers/directors/producers of The Walking Dead Season 2
    They practically KILLED THE SHOW, WHY?
    It is now utterly boring and predictable. Read here:


    • How bout you post why you think it is… cause it is anything but predictable.

      • Actually it has become slightly formula IMO.

        • How so? (granted I dont watch much TV so there may be other shows out there that are in the same formalistic set up)

          I didn’t see Dale doing what he did (possibly putting the whole camp in danger if something did happen), maybe going to Rick or someone else but not taking the groups only means of protection away from them. As the father/grand father figure that’s just to far out there.

          I didnt see Shane going all spastic with Lori. I mean love does strange things however he is borderline psychotic and a wild card in the grand scheme of things. Being leader has not come up (lately in the group) so I was trying to figure out why he came to her with that out of left field.

          Predictable and formalistic are (IMO) two different things. I can predict Shane (based on his actions) will do something. The formula of the show is girl gets lost girl is found happiness ensues.

          What formula is the show following? What can you predict will happen based on what we know (from the show not the book or any outside information?)

          • i agree…i certainly didnt predict that the barn was full of walkers…i didnt predict that shane was gonna shoot that old guy to save himself…i actually kinda liked him better after that…just goes to show my taste in men sucks…anyway and i DEFINATLY didnt tkink shane was gonna go wild west in that final episode…and the lil girl walking out WOOOOOOOW i think that there are a thousand alternative shows to watch so for those of u that think this one is too predictable or cheesy WATCH something else

  3. Complainers, shut up already. Watch or don’t watch,.just shut up , your opinions do not matter

    • People are going to complain. The internet has given everyone a voice to do so. In fact, you are complaining about the complainers. Not everyone is going to like everything you do and vice versa. And if I have learned anthing from this site it’s eveyone’s opinion matters to someone…no matter how stupid it may be.

  4. I absolutely loved the mid-season finale; boy what a climax! It took a while(for the 2nd season to shine) but it all contributed to having my socks blown by the latest episode.

    • well i thought the 2nd season was sooooo good. I have to agree that it did start off a little slow but I knew it would pick up. The midseason finale was wow! I did not expect the barn to be full of walkers as it was but it was good. The only character that I really don’t care for so much is Andrea. But the little girl (sophia) being lost WOW. I was just taking. I watched the ending over and over and over again. I was just blown away.

      • Really!? You don’t like Andrea? She’s the toughest lady on the show. She’s a little harsh, but she’s had the biggest transformation out of any of the characters.

    • I love this show and i love the mid season finale. HOWEVER i will agree with some of the complainers, yes this season besides the first and mid season episode were pretty slow and boring, i will give them that. season 1 got a 10 outta 10 season 2 at this point has a 6.5 at best for me its a good thing 6 more episodes remain, i also read the comics so if i think what is going to happan, happans in the last 6 episodes then this season will be better then the first.

      • I agree – if the comics are any indicators this show is about to get nuts. I think they are going to the prison next. Soon the walkers won’t be the scariest things on the show…

  5. I think season 2 has been excellent and I loved the mid season final. I dont see the flaws some others do with pacing as Ive enjoyed every episode. This is high quality TV and revivals the best of Zombie movies.

    • Ditto. So far this season has been very entertaining and unpredictable. I can’t wait until the 2nd half starts!

  6. no one wants there shows to become formulaic, yet i just dont see the predictablility the only thing that told me sphisa was dead was right before the show started when they showed the young girl from season one that rick shot but outside of that i dont see the pattern. Just watch and enjoy

  7. also i think jenner told grimes that they allwere infected

  8. Someone said it before and it was an excellent point;

    This is NOT a show ABOUT zombies, this is a show WITH zombies.

    As far as character developement goes, there have only been 13 episodes TOTAL for the entire series so far. Patience. If you couldn’t tell by the last few seconds, all the characters (especially Rick) are going to be effected by Sophia’s death.

    • Hey someone actually reads my posts! ;)

      The funny thing is I think Carol and Daryl will butt heads over this. She will be all boo hoo and he will be like you had already given her up.

      It will prove Shane’s case more with regards to Rick wasting time and resources (although what else could they be doing?)

      This will solidify things with Shane and Andrea irking Dale even more.

      This can push Maggie further from her father (depending on his reactions).

      Lori and/or Rick become over protective of Carl.

      Sadly speaking T-Dog has no bit in this…. maybe him and Darryl will butt heads after Carol.

      This can parallel with the comics by…..

      **************POSSIBLE SPOILERS****************************

      Having Carol commit suicide.
      The group moving on to the Army Base (sub for Prison?)
      Dale going off and becoming a meal…or partial meal.
      Glenn staying back with Maggie while group forges on.
      Leading Carl to ‘man up’ before his time.

      *****************Spoiler over **************************

  9. I love how insulting all the people that defend the show get toward anyone that dosnt like it. They talk as if this is the smartest show on tv and anyone that dosnt like it is just a mindless moron. People wouldnt want more action if the drama was actually good and not laughably bad. Dedicating 6 episodes to finding a character had little to no screen time thus far? Were we suppose to care?

    Carl gets shot 1 episode and has a major surgery that almost costs him his life then 2 episodes later hes up and running around shooting a gun as if nothing ever happened. I thought gun shots attracted zombies, I guess that rule didnt apply for that episode. Andrew Lincoln’s horrible accent, he talks as if hes using all his concentration to sound southern. All the incessant over the top crying all the characters do, too many useless characters, laughable dialogue (“He was talking about the deer!”). All the suspense and great storytelling that made the first season so great is gone.

    • The 6 episodes was learning about how OTHER characters are dealing with the lost child building them so we know where they may be coming from.

      It wasn’t about the child or even Carol that much. It was a catalyst for the others.

      Carl gets shot one episode and 2 episodes later is up and running around. Well how much time was between those episodes? Im sure you don’t want to see every time they wake, bathe, eat, do menial chores, etc. Granted much time wasnt spent explaining this and possibly not enough time was given. The surgery was major. That does not mean the recovery is.

      Gun shots and zombies. Do you know how difficult it is to pinpoint a gun shot(s) in wide open spaces surround by woods? Also the zombies get bored (per the book) they have the attention span of a rock. Once the stimulation is gone for a few moments they just wander. Occasionally you will get herds but (like on the highway) they just seem to group together (human connection) because, not due to them hunting or having a tea social.

      Rick is under a lot of pressure. I can accept his voice being due to that stress. Was it not in the first season or did you just notice this 2nd season?

      Who are the useless characters? What would be a useful character?

      What suspense was in the first season? There was no suspense in Sophie missing and them hunting her? Darryl having his crazy dreams? (was waiting for him to pick up a phone… :) ) The Dale Andrea interaction? Herschel and Rick?

  10. lol ok I find the show going find ppl saying its going by slow you want them to leave and get attacked by zombies and half of them dieing I dont think so.

  11. I ve posted a few times big fan of post apocalyptic stuff but i can see where the frustration is why oh why do writers ruin shows by constantanly pairing up the femals and males into reltaionships. You can see this happening like an episode of melrose place every single women pairs up with the single guys and now we have sexual tension. Is it to lure in female viewers to have something to focus on instead of the guy stuff like the first 1.5 hours of titanic? it is sappy and silly and detracts from the show. shanes characters devolvement is the most interesting on the show i agree that characters need to be developed and that plot driven stories arent that deep and character driven stories arent that interesting so the balance has to be achieved the first six were all plot driven the next six character driven necessary evil kinda boring but necessary. The sofia story line was alot deeper than people are given them credit for. these six episodes where about hoping she wsas alive and the debate over killing the undead because they are family members and not sick but dead. it was easy for shane to do this when he had no stake in the zombified people he was eliminating , yet when he had a personal stake in it aka(having to shoot sofia) he saw hersecels point and couldnt bringhimself to do it as well as the fact that rick has a leadershhip momnet by killing the zombified sofia sshowing he (finally) had what it took to lead a group and shane did not. anyone can break a barn door and cap the zombie hillbillies only a true leader can make a tough decision. the sofia story line that seemed pointless was the catalyst that culminates in all the debates so far and the answer was briefly-yes they are dead, no they arent human,yes sofia was found but she was deadish, and it sucks to have to blow the brains out of someone you love, even if rationally we know they are dead but emotionally we cant let go.

    • The pairing up actually makes a lot of sense. I understand that you want more zombie action and less love / emotional scenes (and trust me, as an avid post-apocolyptic fan with a serious lean towards zombies I do too!) but you have to put yourselves in their shoes. If 99% of the world’s population was decimated and you were in a group of the living wouldn’t you want / need / crave some sort of partnership? Even if it were strictly physical as seems to be the case of Andrea and Shane? I would be that most people would require more however. You need to live for a reason other than to just keep on living another day. Glenn said it best when Dale asked him “What were you thinking?” regarding sleeping with Maggie when he answered “I was thinking I might be dead tomorrow”. THAT is why people will attach to other people in situations like this.

      • I understand and agree with that. People need people in their lives, it is about relating to one another and, “Thinking I might be dead tomorrow” is logical. If Shane doesn’t leave he just might end up with Andrea and she just might be good for him. He shouldn’t be the “bad” guy in this situation,if you haven’t seen people with guns turn on each other in t.v. or movies its gonna happen. Its either fight to live or live to die. Have you ever seen the end of the movie?, The Mist. Or even Lost.

    • I understand that, even with character driven drama/shows, they try to open up debates on life and death. Having watch a number of horror and zombie movies(like most of us have) they haven’t cured it either. Shane wasn’t ready to shoot someone that was part of the group. They all had a part in finding Sophia, I was so hoping that Daryl was going to find her alive.
      And Yes, Shane has become dark and psychotic, he just might have a mental break down. Of Course, Shane was a leader before Rick’s return, but after he shot Otis in the leg it was all down hill from there. Rick has been trying to do what’s best for the group, and debating with Shane and/or Hershel is compromising the camp and life on the farm.

      • Actually Shane was leader (think caveman mentality) until Rick came back. He had the lead girl and everyone’s ear.

        Rick returns gets the girl back and people (including Shane to a degree) allow him to be the leader.

        Did Rick say he wanted to be the one to put her down if she had turned as he believed it was his responsibility? (when she first went missing?) That would negate the thought of Shane doing it. I dont think Shane would have issue one with dropping a group member if it meant his, Carls or Loris survival.

      • I like the idea of needing companionship i get it but it becomes this revolving door put all the names of the guys on one wheel and all the names of the girls on another and spin that will be the next love dynamic its so random. At least make it interesting. I guess my original point is that it happens so willy nilly lets look so far- lori-shane then lori rick then dale andrea then andrea shane add maggie and the oriental boy with a dash of hillbilly meets abused wife. and then maybe carl and the dead sophia. I like the shows but i expect smart scripts from smart people.

        • “The oriental boy” ??? Did you honestly forget the character’s name (you included many others)? or is that just how you see him? Just some ethnic dude that’s not caucasian like you or me? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but please!

          • no dave relax thats how herscel describes him

  12. I would like to comment that for me The Walking dead has been an very good show to my eyes. I’m glad I rented the first season in red box and figure out what this was about. I did not wait a whole year for season two but now i’m waiting. The climax to the mid season 2 did left me crying, why? Cause I knew she was dead but the way that they did it was just brilliant, now anything can happened. The show is not about zombies, is about surviving the zombies. If it was about the zombies, we would have half an hour them shooting zombies which eventually become boring (as much as I love shooting zombies) and 12 minutes of character developing. You think the show sucks, I respect your opinion now you can stop watching and have people like me who enjoys the show watch in peace :D

  13. This is to funny reading everyone’s opinions you have the haters and the lovers.going back and forth.I love the show yes sometimes its a little slow but hey its not a action series its about people who just happen to be in a life and death situation.Just mellow out its a T.V. show I feel now a days people just feel compelled to give their opinions remember the good old days when this wasn’t so I do and miss them.But then again I’m old LOL.

  14. Everyone is talking about character development, but really, what di we learn about the characters in season 2 so far that we didn’t know at the end of season 1? Shane still resents Rick for coming back and is still living in this delusion that he’ll get Lori back (plus he has this ‘better-Otis-than-me mentality); Rick is still naive in the amount of hope he still has for the human race; Lori saying to herself “oops, I should have brought the birth control pills with me when I escaped from the house”; Dale’s a wuss and jealous that Andrea had sex with Shane; Glen enoys some much deserved puppy love sex with Maggie; and T-Dawg and Carol? Well, I don’t think either of them had more than 3 lines of dialogue so far so who cares about them?

    Sophia turning, well, we all knew that something bad happened to her because she was missing for nearly a week, so that really wasn’t a surprise.

    So, really, the character development wasn’t all that interesting, nor did it further the plot, which has slowed to a crawl thus far this season. AMC and the makers of TWD better be careful: the only reason why many fans came back for season 2 was because they wanted to know what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at teh CDC – something the show hasn’t delivered through the first half of season two. IF they do that enough times, they’re going to lose the trust of the viewers and gain a “Lost” reputation of not delivering promised answers.

    All in all, the producers of TWD have not given us very compelling reasons to tune in again in March. As viewers, we only have so much patience.

    • 1. Shane has more issues then just resentment. Shooting Otis puts him in the line of he will do anything for Carl and Lori. Not mentioning himself. He was a pud in the comics in the show he has become something else. I look forward to see how the evolve (or devolve) his character and how the others react when they find out (and they will) about Otis.

      2. Rick is not naive. He still thinks there is no reason to act like savages and forget everything that being ‘human’ is about. Landing at Herschels farm PROVED that. So if anything (besides the barn) he has more proof it CAN work. Its just getting the right place and people in the right mindset. Now maybe we can see him truly lead.

      3. Lori (IMO) is just as weak in the show as she was in the comics. However in the comics she had a lasting impression on Rick. She is a loving mother to Carl (over protective) yet does not want to bring another into this world. Makes me think of Lonely Boy by Blackhawk if and when she delivers. IMO it will drive Carl closer to Shane… ;)

      4. Dale has now gone over that line. He took the groups only means of survival and was going to hide it away in the woods to protect the group. In the comics he had a different relationship with Dale. Here it appears to be a fatherly type one. Of course he wants ‘better’ for Andrea especially after what he knows about Shane.

      5. Glenn is a motor mouth. Just like in the comics he cant keep still. He has to move to remind himself he is alive. To think it was all about him getting some shows how you apparently are not paying attention.

      6. Carol just accepting that her daughter is lost to her has closure. What do you think that has done to Daryl in his thoughts that he is useful? After wasting all that time looking for her when she was right under his nose.

      What you haven’t mentioned is how it appears we now have separate camps (not including Herschel) within the main camp. You have people that think they are worthless being told they are just as good. You have a power struggle for leadership when one leader doesn’t even want to be leader.

      You cant look at it as episode to episode. Think of it like lefty. Things that someone does or happens in one episode may not come back to bite them until a season later.

  15. Season 2 is running at a slower pace to season one,which i think is a good thing.the main characters have found a haven where they can try to settle into a bit of normality after living on a knife edge in season one..they are trying to get some normality back into their lives in a far than normal world.
    The flashbacks are a great idea,and shane is just trying to survive the best way he can..maybe by the next part of the season we will get more of an insight into what caused the outbreak..

    • They never have explained it in the comics. I hope they do not explain it in the show.

      If I am with a small group of people just getting by I could give a rats butt of how it all started. Unless of course I have some world saving device or a person that knows how to cure it.

  16. Season 2 of the Walking Dead fell massivley short of my expectations and potential. They are taking a great fast paced story for which they have a wealth of material and characters scripts written, story boards done and basically screwed it all up. Granted the show is it’s own thing. However the deviations from the comic thus far have guaranteed many many more deviations to come. The first two episodes of the series were fantastic but since then…..gradual decline. They are inserting pointless drama every chance they get to draw out being on the farm. The whole second season had maybe followed like ten pages of the entire comic decently. The show can be the show, however if they keep deviating it will lose more and more of my bias. And if I start judging this show (2nd season in particular)it really isn’t that impressive at all.

    • Stop comparing it to the book. It has been said over and over it will not follow the comics page by page panel by panel.

      To assume it will follow the show will only frustrate you more. Best piece of advice I can give is stop watching it. It will never be the comics.

  17. ok

  18. I liked the first shows. then it got boring we need more shooting less story. If i wanted to watch a soap I would stay home and watch Peyton Place

    • You are watching the wrong show. Rent a Zombie flick.

  19. you cant do a soap in prime time. look at lost and twin peaks.

    • Sorry as much as I disliked the end of LOST it proved how you can do a soap in prime time. Much like the GH diamond caper it brought a lot of things that everyone likes.

      They just didn’t sew it up to well.

  20. Great show!! And that is what it is a tv show, use your imagnation. Its very entertaining. Each to there own. Dont like it dont watch it. I cant wait for feb 12, 2012.

  21. I 100% agree with the comments of “rossco”. The liberties being taken with the original story are becoming detrimental. The writers are killing characters for the development of characters who arent even around at this point of the story (aka otis, sophie, and shane). I understand that its an adaptation. Most people havent and will never read the comics, thus never knowing the difference. But as someone who has i must say while i eagerly await each new episode, I am getting frustrated. There is enough human drama in the comics to keep folks who desire more than hack and slash zombie madness, beyond satisfied. It is not a book for kids. I dont understand why its necessary to drag out a story that has developed and matured beyond 100 issues and counting. One could read what has transpired on the TV series in 1st 10 23pg (avg) issues. Give me a break! its not often it takes longer to watchthe movie over reading the book. I was very excited when i learned of the comic coming to TV. but i feel like im having a carrot dangled in front of my face while i could have a trail of them to lead me along. Perhaps if i never read any one the comics (ive read up to #50) i would have a different opinion. However im fully aware of the material the “writers” have to work with and IMO they are dropping the ball, big time. Why mess with a good thing to the extent they have? Again i do enjoy the show, and small changes keep things fresh. Just move it along already! quit dragging your feet, please! i worry at this rate people may lose interest before the story starts getting good. And its all good, but if you think what has happened thus far is somthing, wait to see what kind of crazy 5h1t is in the future (i hope).

    • also lets not forget that television and the comics are much different. amc has rooms of focus groups that review each episode and ask people whad do u think of this or her or him and if the consenses says they dont like em there dead by next mid season so things diverge quickly

  22. Absolutey agree with Rossco! Last season was a Zombie apocalypse show. This season reads more like “The Lifetime Movie of the Week, brought to you by Summer’s Eve.” The books have a WEALTH of plots and experiences to draw on and instead they went with Afternoon delights in the drugstore and conversations about synchronized periods. If I hear the words “how can we bring a baby into this world?” again I may lose my lunch. It feels like some marketing exec stuck his nose into the show and decided to broaden the target audience. Bad news for him- I’ve now realized I’ve been watching out of habit and won’t anymore. And the women who watch lifetime aren’t going to tune into a zombie show, no matter how many lost children and “whose the daddy” moments you throw in there. I really hopw they’r doing emergency rewrites for the 2nd half of the season. Let’s get back to headshots and gory makeup please!

  23. I hope the way The Walking Dead is going, that Glenn Mazzara can add more suspense and thrills to what zombie movies really do. And to add to all the comments I’ve written tonight, Shane is a good guy he just need to work on a little diplomacy.

  24. I would not watch a show with zombies in it, but I would watch a show about zombies. The double meaning is in the title of The Walking Dead and the scheme of the show. But, in my opinion it means both. And it has to stay a good balance of both to keep the viewers from both sides happy and entertained. Lately they have been to much drama, they need to regain the balance back or viewers like me will stop watching. Shoot Shane all ready and move on. If not this will play out like a made for TV Stephen King movie, a waste of a good idea………….

  25. While there have been some interesting moments this season, overall it has been a bore. The more the characters are revealed the weaker and more uninteresting they become. The decision to keep them on the farm has undermined the road/nomadic element of the show. Please get off the damn farm, quit wining and kill some f’ing zombies! Watching a zombie show without zombies is like watching porn without f*%ing.

  26. ‘The Walking Dead” is an awesome show. anyone who says it’ bad has no taste in thriller/drama tv shows. so go suck a railroad.

    • It seems to me the point of the show has been lost. Just to remind those people who don’t know the difference; the word drama means more than who’s sleeping with who and who is who’s Daddy. The word is overused in the context of sex and relationships and gossip. The show right now has very little drama in the original sense; ie fear, suspense, surprise, despair, plot, and growth. If you LIKE Jerry Springer with zombies the show is for you. For those of us who watched for a character study against the backdrop of a post apocalyptic (which is what the books were) the show is (yet another) page to screen disappointment. BTW Jeremy, so nice that you avoided hate speech and gave a reasoned response. The good news is there’s more of the show for you- I won’t watch anymore unless I hear vastly different reviews next season.

      • “The show right now has very little drama in the original sense; ie fear, suspense, surprise, despair, plot, and growth.”

        Really….? So there has been no; fear, suspense, surprise, despair, plot, and growth in the last 6 episodes.

        You have two people that are sleeping with each other (Glenn and Maggie) yet people are harping on this. Did you ever think they may be GASP falling in love in a situation that should make it impossible to fall in love? Did you ever think that maybe Maggie (in her hints) does not agree with her fathers views and wants a way out?

        Look people, I really hate to say this but stop watching. You are not getting it.

        It is not a Zombie shoot em up show. Go rent a George movie if that’s what you came in thinking it was going to be.

        Or better yet take some time and borrow/buy the TRADE PAPERBACKS and read the series. While not 100% accurate you may get sense as to what might be going on overall.

        As for the person that mentioned the comics. Not every issue had Zombies as the antagonists. Some issue/story arcs BARELY touched on zombies even being there.

        I enjoy the slow pace, if I wanted fast action and zombie heads a splodin I would watch something else as they are out there a dime a dozen. And I enjoy them for what they are. The Walking Dead is not stop trying to make it one.

        • Without wanting to make anyone angry (more angry, since some of you have already descended to insults) I’ll just say it simply; When I watched the first season I actually feared I might have nightmares, the show was that intense, that compelling. I have watched this season and I can’t even imagine being that scared or that mesmerized It may be a good show now, but it’s not the same show. That, unfortunately, is why I tuned in, and why I won’t be watching anymore. I like the books, and I had such hopes for the show after the first season. Sigh. I need to just let it go.

          • What insults? Please elaborate?

            Well if you read the comics then you know the story is not about being scared. The only nightmares it really should induce are the ones that come from your fellow man when put in a precarious situation.

            Every (major) situation in the comics were brought about by something someone did or they way people reacted in certain situations.

            You are not making anyone angry. You are (or appear) wanting along with others to have the show be something it is not and was never meant to be. It was never meant to be a page by page reproduction of the comics. It was never supposed to be a Zombie show.

            To complain that it is something that it intended to be makes me wonder if people (like you) ever read the books or knew what the show was shooting for in the first place.

            You say you read the books so then you know it was never about the Zombies and being scared about them. It was about the people and how they deal with a situation such as this. It is not about a cure, finding a utopia, killing zombies. It is about the breakdown of the human spirit, how people deal and change in situations, and the total loss of any order we as humans know of. And some little zug zug on the side.

            • Actually the comment about the insults was not directed at you. It’s to the ones that don’t make it to this page but somehow come to my in-box. I guess the filter only works for the page. I’m not trying to make the show what it isn’t. I’m done with the show. I found this season a disappointment- you didn’t. I did read the com-I mean graphic novels, and I found them haunting and yes, scary sometimes. Not just because of reanimated corpses, but because of how people deal with survival. I don’t see that here. I see trite and tired story lines that are done everywhere else. You enjoy the show- I don’t. You will keep watching it- I won’t. End of story and end of my involvement in this thread.

              • To each their own. If you don’t like it, it’s ok :). But I think I speak for most fans when I say give the next episode a shot, because things are surely about to start going nuts!

              • hahaha They are comics (trade paperbacks) and not graphic novels. You were right the first time. ;)

                Fair enough though.

  27. I love the ending of the mid season finale. I just hope there will be more episodes and not just 13 for Season 2. It’s the best TV show to date.

  28. I don’t think anyone should worry about where the show goes next, it will be good. About the show speeding up – I don’t think a lot of fans had a problem with the pace of season 2, because it finally slowed down enough to get to know the characters. Now, everything is going t has more meaning moving forward. I think everyone knows that the $&#% is about to hit the fan.

  29. Got turned on to this show from coworkers so I came online and watched the 1st season. Pretty BAD ASS! I’m a HUGE zombie fan.

    2nd season: Meh. I understand about character development, but come on! They stayed on Old McDonald’s farm and searched for some kid all season.

    I don’t buy Shane’s descent into evil, it seems forced, but personally if I saw a member of the group running into the woods to hide our weapons during a zombie apocalypse, that idiot would have been shot and left to the zombies.

    Hopefully they leave the farm in season 3 cause its killing it for me. This season is turning into a “Gold Rush” where there is 5-10 minutes of action, 30-45mins (depending on length of episode) of personal reflection and moronic emotional spats between characters.

    To review a previous comment this is not a TV show that has Zombies in it. That sounds like I could take Family Ties and put Zombies in it (although that would be interesting) and call it a Zombie thriller.

    The writers need to grab a case of beer and lock themselves in a room playing “Left 4 Dead” for a couple days. Then the story telling can begin!