‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

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The Walking Dead Season 2 rick The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

At seven episodes, so far season 2 of The Walking Dead is already an episode longer than the entire first season of AMC’s hit zombie series. After a somewhat mixed reaction to the finale of last season, fans should be happy to note that season 2 still has six more episodes before making way for season 3. So, whatever is delivered with ‘Pretty Much Dead Already,’ the story is far from over.

As far as season 2 is concerned, that is certainly a good thing. At seven episodes in (including the 90-minute season premiere) The Walking Dead writers have taken advantage of the breathing room a 13-episode season has granted them. In fact, they have practically put on a clinic in terms of decompressed storytelling.

Thus far, the catalyst driving our band of survivors has been the disappearance of Sophia (Madison Lintz), who went missing in the woods of Georgia following a disturbingly large ‘walker’ migration. From that point on, the search for the missing girl has led to the introduction of Hershel’s farm (and what lurks in its barn), Carl’s near-fatal shooting and some fresh blood for the series to develop. With the addition of Hershel (Scott Wilson), his daughter Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Patricia (Jane McNeil) and Jimmy (James Allen McCune), one would think season 2 would be a wall-to-wall zombie buffet – but no, in true zombie-story fashion, the most dangerous part of the end of the world is those who have to survive in such a place.

Right now, the spotlight is on Shane (Jon Bernthal), who after the most thrilling episode of the season to this point in ‘Save The Last One’, moved from being a jilted lover with questionable motives, to callous murderer who will sacrifice a stranger (Otis, played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) to ensure his own survival, and the survival of the family he may or may not still wish to become patriarch of.

Through Shane’s conflicts, The Walking Dead has been able to explore (directly, and sometimes indirectly) the inner workings of nearly all of its key members. On one hand, given his apparent acts of heroism, and outwardly calm demeanor when dispatching the titular walking dead, Shane seems a logical replacement for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who is more often than not, wracked with self-doubt and an overwhelming concern for his flock – hence the reason a near hopeless search for the missing Sophia continues.

On the other hand, however, the villainy that lurks beneath Shane’s tough-guy exterior not only has left the marriage of Rick and Lori (Sara Wayne Callies) on the ropes, but has also provided the basis from which all other characters may find themselves judged. Sure, certain characters like T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) have been hovering in the periphery for much of the seven episodes, but Glenn (Steven Yuen), Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and, most importantly, Daryl (Norman Reedus), have all stepped to the forefront in one way or another.

Jon Bernthal as Shane in The Walking Dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

As polar opposites slowly gravitating toward the other’s spectrum, the arcs of Daryl and Shane have been a great source of interest for season 2. While Shane loses a battle over his guilt for what happened to Otis, and the overwhelming indignation he feels toward Rick for, ironically, returning from the (supposed) dead, Daryl fights his own demons – which, in Daryl’s own way, come from a drug-induced hallucination of Merle (Michael Rooker), telling him to turn against the pack.

While Dale (who has become the unofficial council for the group) is met with Shane’s menace upon discussing his negative trajectory, Daryl, conversely, is shown by Carol that his transformation has not gone unnoticed when she tells him, “…you’re just as good as any of them.”

This quiet moment has not only helped Daryl become much more than a one-dimensional reminder that Merle is still lurking out there somewhere, but also puts into perspective the tragic depths to which Shane has sunk.

It is due to character arcs like this that The Walking Dead‘s second season has so far delivered a more compelling, thought-provoking program than the entirety of season 1.

Throughout ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’, it is clear that whatever fuse Shane had left is quickly running out. Episode writer Scott Gimple and director Michelle MacLaren present Shane’s inevitable outburst as a point of tension from beginning to end. The more Shane presents himself as ready to assume control of the group, the more he appears to lose control over his own emotions. Each scene, from the barn-watching conference he has with Rick – which grants Shane knowledge of Lori’s pregnancy – to the unwise “I’m better than Rick” sales pitch he delivers to Lori, makes the audience wonder if this will be ‘the moment’ fans have been waiting for.

Instead, following another tense confrontation with Dale, Gimple and MacLaren show us just how fragile this group really is. Without the presence of Rick, Shane easily coerces the group into staging a minor coup – which, despite illustrating to Hershel the difference between sick and undead, once again takes us back to that familiar zombie trope of mob-rule being swift and vicious – regardless if it is perpetrated by the living, or living-impaired.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Review

And with the midseason finale, the show delivers not the massive cliffhanger Kirkman had promised was on the horizon, but rather a gut-wrenching denouement to the group’s most pressing concern. That, however, opens the rest of season 2 up to go pretty much anywhere. With the adventures on Hershel’s farm lasting far longer than most had thought they might, the conclusion will undoubtedly have repercussions felt into season 3.

Despite it feeling (at times) like a slow boat to China, the first half of season 2 of The Walking Dead has given us a clearer picture of who these characters are, and what, ultimately is driving them. Rick, Shane, Dale and the others have moved beyond being mere survivors, and instead feel more like characters we expect to see pull through – so that when they inevitably don’t, the loss is made all the more resonant. To this point, The Walking Dead second season has put a premium on character development – possibly to the extent it has overlooked its own plot progression. However, this first half of the season is likely the preamble for a larger conclusion we are all waiting for.

From this point forward, with the regime change surrounding Frank Darabont’s exit firmly behind the series, the next question for The Walking Dead will be how can fans’ expectations for the program to match the comic book it’s based on beat-by-beat be undone by a different style of storytelling? As the new Glenn Mazzara-era takes hold with the remainder of season 2, it will be interesting to see if the pace of The Walking Dead quickens to heed the supposed desires of its audience.

The Walking Dead season 2 continues February 12, 2012 on AMC.

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  1. Ah. So ends the Darabont episodes. Now I do hope that things don’t get crummy from here on out. No offense Glenn Mazzara.

    I enjoyed the midseason finale. That final scene… Gee, was it rough.

    Despite my comic-literate roommates ruining it and ScreenRant continuously hinting at it, I hope Shane stays around as long as possible. The character steals just about every scene he’s in. As far as character development goes, he is the extreme impasse the show needs to keep brewing conflict, and if (when) he is gone, I will be disappointed (though I realize the show must follow the comic book somewhat).

    • I’m fairly certain Darabont’s run ended in the first episode of the season. Originally, the season premiere was supposed to be 2 hours long one hour long “episode” written by Darabont, one written by Kirkman, but Darabont was fired in the middle of filming. So they cut his part down to about 20-30 minutes (the car graveyard scenes) and the rest was Kirkman’s. You’ll notice Darabont used his pseudonym for his writing credit.

      So, I’m fairly certain most of the season has been Kirkman and Mazarra running the show, not Darabont. If anything blame any crumminess on the fact that they had to step in for Darabont on very short notice, and besides, it’s not like Darabont was writing every episode.

    • I don’t know how much they’ll really follow the comics plot wise. As it seems you’ve already been told, if they were following them accurately, Shane would have already been killed by now, while Sophia is one of the few Atlanta Survivors who is still alive, so go figure, how close they’ll follow that plotline is anyone’s guess. Something that I can’t believe no one has mentioned so far, although I guess now that Darabont is gone it is less relevant is Darabont’s penchant for throwing gut wrenching last minute curve balls in the story which were not in the original story. Point in case, The Mist, the original Stephen King book ends with the survivors simply leaving the store and you are left to wonder what happens to them. In the movie Darabont adds 5 minutes where the father and the other adult survivors decide to kill themselves rather than live in that world. After a gut wrenching scene where the father kills his own son plus the other adults and is left alone to wait and be killed by a monster, helps arrives in the last minute to save him, making you feel awful, like wanting to scream why could they not wait 5 more minutes and everyone would be alive.

      In here, with all the talk from Herschel about the walkers being sick, about not killing them, then going to that final scene where they slaughtered Hershel’s family and relatives, and poor Sophia to make things worse, all because they followed hot headed Shane. It would not surprise me if down the road Darabont had planned for them to find a cure, to get that same kick in the gut feeling of what have we done, all the people we care about that we’ve killed, if only we had listend to Hershel, since the walkers were not a treat inside the barn. With all the talk in the last episodes about staying human vs not, doing whatever is needed to stay alive vs staying human, it would prove to be an equal shock to those who see Shane’s point of view as correct, as well as those who even disagreeing with him do nothing to stop it.

      • I actually just said that replying to someone’s comment. After all no one’s found a cure. And with the debate are they dead or alive, I knew the moment I saw the barn lock from the outside there was walkers inside. With an addition to Darabont, him leaving might give way to less action and suspense and more character development. Who knows if the writers are attributing to the horror genre and not just some t.v. show look what they did to 30 Rock and the Office(of those were comedies).

  2. It’s sad that people consider this first half boring and as this article says pretty much eventless… I understand it’s a zombie show, but I’m happy with how it is going. I wasn’t expecting a crazy amount of violence and gore when this show began and I’m glad they are making it more about the drama and survival of the people, rather than about the zombies.

    I was very pleased with this episode. I thought the ending was perfect. They couldn’t have done it better. I love how the only shot Rick took was the most important one and I love how they’re developing Shane into the person you love to hate.

    Love this show! Have since the very first episode!

    • Sin, if you like it, you should be watching a show that deals more with relationships. I am deeply tired of a genre show trying to cater to the needs of those who want to see a talky show about love and deceit. The comic dispensed with this vein in the first six issues. Carl shot Shane in the heart and killed him in the woods. Rick realized the even if you ain’t bit you turn zombie and went back to REALLY kill him twelve issues later. The who-slept-with-who thing was over. I know that you and your friends are buying more shampoo and perfume and Febreeze than my Just Genre folks…but maybe give us a show where people in crisis act like people in crisis and shut up about all that s***. When people are under fire they DON’T decide it’s a good time to have sex in an unsafe place. They don’t decide to debate Nature vs. Nurture. They debate how best to save their asses. Sickening nonsense.

    • Sad? I love this show, it’s in my top three on tv right now, but they need to step up the action the second half. There has been some great character developments thus far, however it is starting to get slow. I’m not saying i didnt appreciate this run of episodes but if in six more episdoes there is not some significant progression in the story i probably will start to get bored with it. I have been a fan since day 1 and watched every episode as they have come out but im getting sick of the farm and lori’s pregnancy (unrealistic no one would try to have a baby in that setting). IMO the best episodes were the premire and the halloween episode where shane kills otis because of the action.

      • No one would try to have a baby? If it was the end of the world you would stop having sex? I think just like all war time, the baby making would go up.

        • my mistake no people would def have more sex that’s not what i’m taking about i should have been clearer….i meant try to birth and raise a baby. Don’t forget these people now are under the impression that they r some of the very last people on earth and ultimatly they are not concerned with repopulating rather just surviving and trying to have a baby puts her life in risk for a baby with a no chance of even a decent life.

    • i couldnt agree more. i love how the story goes. who needs to see does yucky zombies all the time! right?! seeing them once in a while gives excitement and spank to the series.. seeing zombies and gore stuffs regularly will be defintely make the series boring! and u r so right! love how ricky takes the spot light again over shane!!! jealous son of b*tch.. excuse my term.. lol and to does who reacts about lories pregnancy.. hello its like they planned it. and of course it could happen!! they’re havin Sex so its definetly possible…

  3. I cannot disagree more with the reviewers happy take on the second season. There has been little character development. There has been character complications. Every character has acted basically as they have in the first season…The growth, (with the very notable exception of Daryl)has been nil. The characters have been AMPLIFIED. Dale is The Sage. Shane is The Fly In The Ointment. Lori is the Irritating Wife. Andrea is The Whiner….etc. Except for characters that they don’t care about. Theo(T-Dog is a stupid name) is a non entity….Ditto Carol(especially now) Ditto the faceless and dull Hershel Acolytes. It’s been a terrible terrible season. They’re trying to turn a zombie epic into a relationship drama, and failing. I find more pathos in the wordless ” Zombie in a Penguin Suit” short on YouTube.

    The final scene in this ep should show what I mean. This scene told the entire seven episodes worth of story with nary a word. It gave character development of two characters by action (or frozen inaction ) without debate. And it humanized Sophia far far FAR more than FIVE episodes worth of mincing. THAT scene is worthy to stand beside the tank pullout…or the search for Bicycle Girl….or the Guts Walk….or the Encampment Zombie OVerrun.
    If you took out S2 eps three thru six, could you still have told the story thus far? I say ABSOfrickin’LUTELY. (With the very notable exception of the Daryl evolution)

    • I cannot disagree more with you Piecar.

      This season took its time and built its story and that finale final moment was made all the more powerful because of it. The characters have grown and changed – though Dale admittedly is a constant as the moral center of the group.

      Glenn is more independent and cares about life now.
      Rick is more uncertain about how to remain a good man
      Shane is on a slow descent into madness
      Andrea is becoming less of a victim
      Daryl is more compassionate and not afraid to show the good in him

      People watching this show hoping for rapid plot progression, you’ll always be disappointed. Much of this story involves the characters trying to stay in one location and struggling with psychological issues and such. It’s a character-driven story. Not a plot-driven story. And this mid-season finale brought that all around beautifully.

    • piecar,
      you are right. every bit of it. don’t listen to kofi, we’ve seen his spoiler-laden reviews. he’s a company man. i never felt any dread or fear or whatever you want, the 1st season’s 6 episodes were far more suspenseful and dangerous than season 2. in fact, season 2’s previews were far scarier than the episodes themselves. i felt like nicholas cage’s character in the abysmal face-off “let’s go, let’s go, i’m getting bored” only 3 moments in season 2 got my attention so far: T-Dog’s injury (thought he was done for) the final moments of the mid-season finale (there better be a very reasonable explanation for Herschel hording her with his ‘sick’ family) and Shane’s shooting of Otis. It’s very easy to see where Darabont’s contributions to season 1 heavily outweigh what’s going on in season 2. Unless he was heavily involved in the 1st half and that’s why they canned him, say it ain’t so joe. but there was never any real danger the characters where in. they seem to be acclimated quite well to this new world that ain’t too old, all of them very handy with weapons already. how’d they learn? all from Shane? but hey, i guess we can’t have thrills and chills all the time. guess im jussayin’ that hope it picks up a bit. after all, how can herschel’s farm be completely unnoticed by the walkers?

      • p.s. hording might be spelled ‘hoarding’ and i dont care about my lack of punctuation, you get the point, and im glad for Yeoman’s spoiler free review. alluding is fine, thanks, good job.

      • if you watch the talking dead they mention how it was Otis who was doing the rounding up so thats why shes in there with his family. Otis got shot before they really got into saying who they were looking for. Thats Robert Kirkmans explanation at least

  4. ‘they’re developing Shane into the person you love to hate’
    Hel no you seen his full potential’ And yes it was slow but they did it for a reason just look how it ended’ I mean hell I am a no heart grumpy old man and this ep had me slowly droping tears :(

  5. Personally I feel that this show’s first few episodes (the first in particular) were some of the best television out there. But the last season’s finale through the entirety of this season thus far far been a disappointment to me. This season began relatively well but has not been able to draw me in, dying to see what happened week after week. I feel that they the search for Sophia was kind of pointless to me because she was not a character that they really took time to develop and in turn I really was not able to sympathize with groups’ lose of her.

    Also, Rick found out that his wife was sleeping with his best friend and his reaction was calm and composed, really? I am sure that there will be much more on this relationship later on in the season and that Rick will eventually express his anger towards Shane (and possibly his wife) but honestly for all the build up I was really let down.

    As for Hershell and his people, do we really care? Are these characters that audience can relate to? Do you think the people watching this show live on a farm? No.

    My advise, kill off some of the cast, bring in some new more interesting characters, get the group back on the road (maybe land them back in a Mall or something for a while), and get some action and storyline progression going. The potential in the show is there

    • I’ve watched every episode of this show.
      I live on a farm.
      I can relate to Hershel and his family… though we only have hay in our barn. 😉

      • I am with you on all the points but Hershel looking on dead walking people that want to eat you at any given chance as anything more than insane. Sorry but if my mother came at me slobbering and trying to eat me I would put her down and mourn what she was and not have a grotesque characture of her shambling around.

      • Mike,
        hope you close the door. unless, that is, you live in a barn

    • tasouli,

      Obviously, you don’t have any children of your own.


    • Sounds like you want to rent Dawn of the Dead.

      Sophie was not for the group. She is (IMO) a building block for Carls character and his relationship with Rick/Shane.

      Shane, Rick and Loris little triangle is a tense thing however considering the circumstances how do you think Rick should have reacted? There is a lot more going on in the their world to dwell on the past. Lori is handling the situation and Rick is accepting it for what it WAS. Shane though is the balloon waiting to pop.

      I dont live on a farm however if I had a safe haven with my family and friends I would want it to remain safe. So I dont care if its a farm, football stadium, 7-11, high rise apartment building, etc. If it has been working as a safe haven for this long there is no reason to change the way we are doing things just because some new people think they know what is right. 😉

      I have a child… however there is a very fine line in when you have to let go. However the group has nothing else better to do (so to speak) so looking for an answer to her predicament seems logical.

      As Hershel has stated there are ‘crazy’ people in the world that do unquestionable things that have been written off as mental issues even religious angles. Hershel believes there may be a cure. (I dont believe that but hey) Who are you to tell him otherwise? They do not know what caused this so they do not know if it is curable. A man like Hershel (IMO) would even accept the cure killing the person as long as they reverted back to something more human looking so to speak.

  6. it was a dissapointed, mostly beacuse i knew what was going to happen

  7. With the exception of the mid-season finale, this season has been a bore-fest. I am a big fan of the comics, but my wife has read none of them and we both agree that the levels of tension, suspense and conflict in this show is anemic. This show often appears to be moving in slow motion, spending inordinate amounts of time in repetitive and pointless one-on-one conversations. Mass zombie attacks are not what is needed to make the show move at a better pace, but more surprises and much more dramatic tension is desperately needed.

    I will give them a lot of credit for ending the search for Sophia in a very dramatic, suspenseful and creative way. The final segment of this episode was better than the last three whole shows put together. And this event will contribute nicely to Carl’s descent into a much darker, violent, callous character that will be consistent with the comics and will make him a far more important element of the show.

  8. Love this series, need more more zombies. Looks real and special Sophia, poor girl.

  9. Overall I liked the season, but it dragged on a lot. It seemed like half the season was spent on Glenn’s boring relationship with some chick that’s void of any personality

  10. Can’t speak for all the fans of this show, but as concerns those who watch it in my office…to a man, everyone believes it has gotten too boring and slow, and we are losing interest. We do appreciate some drama, but not to the point wherein it puts you to sleep. We actually feel the intent may have been to save some money by having less special effects…

  11. I thought last nights ending was wonderful. I only wish they had not drawn out the locating of Sophia for so damn long. They probably could have wrapped up this story arc in 4 episodes but they obviously wanted the mid season episode to be dramatic so they drug out things on purpose to put this episode at the end.

    I really disagree with this type of storytelling because you tend lose people along the way to the great parts. You need to make the interim episodes either JUST as exciting OR be willing to play them out in a more brisk fashion to keep the pace going and come up with another good mid-season ender. But being married to a certain ending and then working backwards to draw out the plot to make sure that ending falls in a certain place (and not make it equally exciting) is not the way to go imho.

    • edit: (and not make the other episodes equally exciting)

    • @Mongoose

      Yea, I agree . These last 4 episodes could have easily been rounded up in four. The sophia revelation was great but it was more relief than anything. It was drawn out so long that i was more estatic that it was over than sad for sophia.

  12. I think it is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. This is not a zombie show. This is a show with zombies in it.

    The characters, their actions and ability to deal is what the show is about.

    The problems I have is the openness (for lack of a better word) of the group and Farm people. I guess it is needed to expand on relationships but my goodness at any given time people are spread out across the compass points and others have no clue where they are.

    Shane (for all my hopes) better be mentally unstable or ready for a breakdown. His character is deteriorating beyond belief. He had every reason and opportunity to leave, and should have. Yet now he is staying around spouting off (to the wife of the De facto leader) that he should be leader. He has a lot on his mind and I just don’t see him getting any better.

    Rick while he is questioning himself really has no reason to. Except for the little girl (which wasn’t his fault) his leadership ability is not really in question by anyone but him and Shane. His desire to pull together (find Sophie) the group and keep them safe is his only concern. Which at this point he is doing fine. Now he has a bun in the oven to be concerned about but still does not change his core objectives.

    Dale, Dale, Dale…. I have hopes for him ending up like the comic version. Dale is not council (IMO) he is the older guy people look to for advice. He is faltering in that especially when he becomes a worry wart over Andre and confronts Shane. That is not council.

    Andre a victim? I dont understand someones comment over that. She has/was never a victim. She wants to become an asset to the group (unlike Carol..does she do anything?) but thanks to Dale had a roadblock of sorts. In the comics their relationship was much more physical. Here it is more Fatherly. Her being with Shane only cements Shane’s position and belief he can become leader.

    Daryl is your typical survivor/hunter. He does not need the group as much as the group needs him. He is only trying to prove (IMO) he is not as bad as his brother. With Sophie being found (hey he was half right) it is now going to be even more questionable about his use around the group. Also being half right means he was half wrong so I wonder how that will affect his own actions.

    Carol is useless. With the revelation of Sophie I hope she ends up as her comic counterpart she may be the linchpin holding Daryl together but I don’t think Daryl needs her as much as we (or Daryl) thinks.

    Carl is/has been underused. I believe we will see him step up to a more prominent role with the outcome of Sophie. Quite frankly I was waiting for him to shoot Shane last night.

    Knowing what I know about Glenn and Maggie Im happy in their direction. For now.

    The big thing I see (going back to support my openness comment) is we have to piece together what we know and remember from previous episodes. Its like LOST almost with the way it switches between story lines. Maybe they are moving to fast (or not fast enough) to make the decisions and actions of what is happening around them seem relevant.

    I love the show…. but there is no pressure except for the perception of pressure.

    The search for Sophie is just a time sink but it gives people something to do.

    The barn issue is a non issue as a little reinforcement (fence, more lumber, etc not to mention fence off the group) would secure it enough.

    These people are creating their own problems when there are enough out there.

    • He should have shot Shane last night, Shane is more of a threat to the group than all the Zombies in the barn times ten. He is selfish, cruel and is willing to commmit murder when the situation arrives. That is not the person a group needs to have in their midst when they are working together. Shane is for Shane, he needs to be forced out or killed before he kills another person to save himself.

      • Yet in your follow up post you would be just as bad as Shane suggesting that you would take (sorry the characters) what they want/need from the Farm and to heck what the owner thought cause they had guns….. O.o

    • I agree with most of what you said, but I take exception to the take on Carol and, by extension, think more focus needs to be placed on Andrea’s decisions. If you watch closely, they are working out some concerns over domestic servitude.

      You and many of the other viewers regard Carol as useless—but she does most of the cooking and cleaning, if you’ll take note. Are those who do the majority of the domestic work useless? They are often accounted so in our society, but I think we all know how great it is to have someone else cook and clean. Andrea doesn’t want to be a cleaning lady/laundry maid, so she’s desperate to learn how to shoot. She has different priorities, wants the guys who don’t value domestic labor to value her ability to contribute, so her contribution will be one that they can’t take advantage of without affording due credit. She doesn’t want to be stuck in a traditional gender role, and who can blame her.

  13. I have not looked at television this good in a while. I am amazed by the evolution of the characters on this show. Evolution is something that takes time. If you want some fast paced, kill a zombie every second type of experience you should be playing a video game. We are looking at compelling and IMO realistic character development. This is good stuff.

    For those who missed it Hershel’s farm represents the humanity that most of the characters would have lost since the start of their bizarre journey. I think he (Scott Wilson) adds excellent balance to the show and I actually enjoy watching him onscreen. I was getting a bit tired of Dale reprising the wise old sage role.
    Hershel to me is a very pleasant alternative. I do still like Dale though.
    I am very impressed with Daryl’s evolution as well. You know an actor is doing an excellent job when he makes a racist likeable.
    Shane is a selfish survivor but a great outlet and he gets the job done and does not mind getting dirty to do it. He has no moral compass. Very interesting character.
    As someone pointed out, Rick is seriously conflicted right now and is losing his authority in the group. I cant get enough of Glen’s character. I think he is extremely funny and its to his credit that he delivers like that without overtly trying to be funny. I am glad they found a nice chick for him as well. I also disagree that she is boring. I think she is pretty damned sexy actually.
    Andrea’s character evolved nicely. From victim to zombie nailing badass. Good for her. Carol’s character is more complex than people give her credit for. She is a victim of domestic violence and the least capable of taking care of herself. This means the group must take care of her. Think about it, this introduces a totally different dimension to the show since without people like Carol, you would quickly have a room full of Shane’s walking around. I do agree that Tdog’s character lacked any real dimension and something seriously has to be done about this. Either develop his character big time or make him food. Either way do something with him.
    The fact that I am pissed with Lori means she is doing a great job as an actress. Her character has not really developed in my opinion however. I think she is very selfish and that’s about it.
    As for the mid season finale, I think it was excellent television and the final 5 minutes will go down and some of the television you will see in a while as far as this genre goes. That in itself is a testament to what the writer and director managed to do. Hats off to them.

  14. I am still watching it but they kind of lost me when someone tells me that Zombies who eat your family and friends need to be treated as sick people. Add in that this same person wants you to not carry weapons to defend yourself against being eaten and my problems with the situation mount. My response would be, or what you will take my weapons from me or make me leave, how are you going to do that when you dont have any weapons yourself??? Calling the police is not an option any longer.

    Its lapses like that which diminish my enjoyment of the show. STUPID mistakes and insane decisions which get people killed.

    • Really? So just because an event changes the world it needs to change people into savages?

      Not that it is not happening at this very moment in the world today.

      So you would injure/kill/threaten someone over THEIR property/rules/beliefs?

      Yeah there is hope in the human race after all…..

  15. Feb 12, 2012?

    just when they get you hooked wanting more, now we have to wait 2 months?
    what kind of crap is this?

    6 episodes here, 6 episodes there, AMC sucks!!!!

  16. This season has fallen off the rails into soap opera land.

    The “story” is glacial, and completely unbelievable.
    Having the entire season set on a farm with NO EXPLAINED REASON why the dead haven’t overrun it is unforgivable.

    • Really…. Why WOULD the dead overrun it? Zombies do not ‘hunt’. They are opportunistic in their ‘feeding’. Out of sight out of mind so to speak.

      So what else (besides walking dead) is unbelievable?

    • The farm is sufficiently isolated to allow it to survive zombie attacks for the most part. They had acknowledged that zombies have wandered into the farm, but were taken and stored in the barn. But there are situations that would cause zombies to overrun the farm, as readers of the comics would be familiar with. Stay tuned, the show may eventually get there. And the group will absolutely move on from the farm eventually. There is an entire country for them to explore.

  17. the mid season finale was amazing!! the ending was so sad when sophia came out of the barn dam u hershel!! for not mentioning anything /= then rick shooting sophia that was wow cant wait till feb!!

  18. All these couch mercs on here are pretty darn funny. Thinking life is like “Call of Duty” or “Grand Theft Auto”. Sorry to say, that is is not.
    Saying what you would or wouldn’t do or react or wouldn’t react is pure fantasy.
    One comment was about taking Hershal’s stuff because he was unarmed, others saying they’d leave Sofie or wouldn’t have one iota of a problem putting a bullet in their mom, dad or little sister because they turned.

    Back to Merc’n Hershal.. taking a life is still murder and only a certain number of people have ever taken another’s life. Not one cop or military member will ever tell you it’s easy.
    You’ll survive as best as you can and as long as you can. Anything past that is people blowing smoke up their own culos.

    • You know what? I’m recanting my above statement. After seeing how these Wal-Mart “Black Friday” shoppers actied over an Xbox game….. LOL!

  19. The season was slow with alot of character building but it was necessary because we really dont know them and character building cant happen when hordes of zombies attack every minute, perfect time to set the stage for characters. I have one pet peeve that most tv shows say they avoid at all costs but do not, they dont keep the story lines secret they herald the ending. Keeping in mind that everything that is one the screen is there for a reason in the preview of the show right before it began last night they showed flashback scenes. One scene flashed back to the beginnign when rick on his way to atlanta comes accross a young zombified girl whom he shoots. Why was this scene in play? AT that momnet myself andothers watching said sofia is dead and rick has to shoot her why do they do this? they spend alot of time and energy to keeps the pliot secrets and then expose them right before the episode plays- this was a major plot point and it was exposed. dumb very dumb

  20. Also the hidden social commentary send interesting messages, the right to bear arms(not allowed to keep guns) the debate over those who are terminally ill
    (or are already there) should be kept alive or dead is reflected in the whole barn zombie debate.(there sick let em alone untill we find a cure endlessly feefding them one legged chickens or kill them because they are pretty much dead anyway. Pull the plug debate? This debate was attempted in that last mess of a romero zombie film and fell flat it seems to hold up better here. Shane seemes to get a taste of his own medicine when sofia shows up outside the barn and he couldnt do it , it took a real leader to make the tough decision. It gives you food for thought after the credits roll thwts a good story in my book. Although i agree that writes should stay in the realm of realism it is a show about zombies taking over the world so discussions about reality seem kinda pointless at that moment. I once said that ghostbusters was so unrealistic and my friend was quick to point out that it was a movie that had a 500 foot marshmellow man, i got his point suspension of realityis necessary to be entertained i got it now.

    • BDPCA,
      wow, pretty introspective. i never even thought of half of what you talked about. hmmm…

  21. I have not read the comics as the first I heard about the show was from a friend who at the time had only seen the tank scene (from season one) in an advert. I took his vague recommendation and I have been hooked on it ever since. I think the writers are doing a fantastic job as they have given us characters we can love and characters we can love to hate. The zombies are awesome as when they are around its a wonderfully frightening, disgusting and gory sight. I love that it has been at a slower pace so far as it has given us a chance to connect with each person before (I’m guessing) they are eaten, turned and then shot. I care what happens to them and that is my idea of good writing. I am looking forward to where they take us when it starts back up in February.

  22. Also character development is an interesting word. Daryl stock is rising because he is likable, andrea stock is rising because she is hot and apparently very easy if u are on the lower side of fifty, shane stock is rising because everyon elike a bad boy, ricks stock is dropping because he is a nervous doubtful scared man who has made several bad decisions and pines on about them, Dr tengretti still has the same affect but she is a hotties as well. Glenn is a non entity even though hes gettting some tdog had one good line all season “good thing we didnt do anything stupid like shoot em or something” The producers have rooms of people that rate each person and decide thier fate why do we like shane because we would all become him if we had to and he has the moxy to back it up. Sofia character devolvement was a sign that anything is game inthis show eventhe zombification of a child and her destruction in forn tof her mother.

  23. The last 5 minutes made the “slowness” of the previous episodes worth it!!! Amazing episode!

  24. Hey realist
    if you think of half and i think of half then we have a-hole

    • BDPCA,
      oh man, you’re waaaaay ahead of me.

  25. Man I loved this show. The ending of the second season was spectacular, it totally threw me! Great, great writing. Fantastic acting too, love the guy who plays Shane, he’s doing a fantastic job. I just hope they don’t water him down like they did with Sawyer from Lost.

  26. I enjoyed the first few episodes and then it slowed down which i didnt mind because they were trying to build suspence. ever since glen found the walkers in the barn i knew sophia would be in there. think about it, if shane hadn’t killed ottis then they would have known she was in there because hershal said that ottis was the one who originally started catching the walkers. sophia must have been bitten between being thrown off course, bunkering down in the closet and dropping her doll before she made it to hershal’s farm. i enjoy the show but i hope there is more action in febuary.

  27. I hope they find the prison by episode 2 of the second half of the season, they wasted way to much time at Hershel’s farm. And them leaving out the gated community and Tyrese was a bit of a disappointment (unless they decide to throw that in to the beginning of season 2.5). Either way, I hope this season ends with them all united at the prison (and possibly with the introduction of a certain badass walking up to the gates with 2 walkers). Oh! Almost completely forgot! Them leaving the twins out is going to suck! I know it isn’t Showtime or HBO but what a freaking shock value scene that would have been for season 3!

    • thanks for the spoilers!

      • Sorry, I get carried away. Judging by the trailer they will be staying on the farm for a bit. )=

      • Thing of it is it might not be a spoiler. Also I dont think Mich will be as bad as people want her to be or as long.

        I stopped trying to compare it to the books and now look at it like a “What If or Elseworlds”. Like a parallel universe of the comics.

        It just enough like the books to keep me happy.

  28. gotta say I love this show I think the characters are coming along nicely I mean Daryl turning into somebody I can root for and Shane going from minor annoyance to major D bag that I wanna see get shot in the face, I was really hoping that Dale would tell the group about Shane murdering Otis but who knows maybe it’ll come out eventually. I’ve gotta say my heart sank a little bit when Sofia walked out of the barn but I did kinda expect it 😉 I can’t wait till February plus the new Spartacus starts in January so I’ll have something to keep me occupied 2012 is gonna be a good year :)

  29. I can’t wait for the appearance of Mr. Sambeze