‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Review

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Andrew Lincoln Sarah Wayne Callies IronE Singleton Chandler Riggs The Waking Dead Beside the Dying Fire The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Review

What Happens Next: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Details Revealed

(This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode ‘Beside the Dying Fire’ and season 2 as a whole. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the entire season.)


What a difference a death makes. As occasionally entertaining as it was to have Shane (Jon Bernthal) around, watching him devolve into an ever-bigger threat toward Rick (Andrew Lincoln), his character was a lot like the walker Carl (Chandler Riggs) found at the edge of a creek: stuck. That metaphor of being stuck in the mud, and desperately trying to move on, pretty much sums up a great deal of The Walking Dead season 2.

Arguably, season 2 will be looked at as the swan song for Shane, whose downward spiral began with the killing of Otis, and perpetuated throughout the season with increasingly obsessive feelings toward Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carl, as well as a need to best Rick at every turn.

But at a certain point the season will be scrutinized for how well it lived up to the expectations set forth by the first season, the continued success of creator Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, and the knowledge that Frank Darabont, the primary creative force behind the series, would be gone half-way through. More than the issue of expectation and Darabont’s shocking dismissal, however, The Walking Dead has its own internal concerns wherein the writers seemed to be struggling to find the essence and personalities of the characters experiencing the ongoing zombie apocalypse.

It was with the last half of season 2 – arguably the last four episodes – where the writers succeeded in unshackling themselves from the intermittent monotony brought about by the serial nature of the show. Case in point: the issue of Randall, wherein the show allowed time to pass that wasn’t necessarily accounted for. This was a major success for what has been described fairly often as a slow, drawn out season. By telling some compelling, full stories in the confines of a single episode, while also hinting at the future of the season and series, these “season 2.5” episodes have breathed new life into this undead series.


By and large, the events of the season’s finale, ‘Beside the Dying Fire,’ play into the idea of having a complete story arc contained within the runtime of a single episode. That’s not to say the episode didn’t leave plenty to speculate on, it certainly did, but those were glimpses of things to question and hold on to during the wait for season 3.

‘Beside the Dying Fire’ works primarily because it keeps the most unattractive part of the program, and its characters, on hold until after it has done the work needed to keep the audience enthralled and excited. To put it bluntly, a massive horde of walkers effectively keeps the survivors so busy they can’t spend an hour displaying how horrible or inconsistent (here’s looking at you Lori) their personalities can be. While the essence of any good story is conflict, a group of people actively working to irritate one another is not enough of a conflict to sustain a series that isn’t called Seinfeld. After taking the long way around, The Walking Dead seems to have realigned its priorities accordingly.

Norman Reedus Melissa Suzanne McBride The Walking Dead Beside the Dying Fire The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Review

This is evidenced by the fact that Carl didn’t see his father kill Shane, and by Rick not feeling entirely compelled to come clean to his son. By not immediately addressing Shane’s death, and instead getting straight into the walker killing, it acts as a turning point for the series, one where there is a time and place for bickering and discussion, and one where there is not. By having the walkers storm Hershel’s farm, the series is forced to progress and, hopefully, begin to better understand the motivations and reactions of its characters.

The calamity of the situation is as compelling as anything The Walking Dead has so far put on screen, and with the back-to-back deaths of Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and Shane, it’s nice to see the show hadn’t lost its stomach for further thinning of the proverbial herd. Jimmy (James Allen McCune) and Patricia (Jane McNeill) arguably had to depart, as their  roles in the series were never really established, and the passing of any recurring character quickly translates into the possibility of T-Dog (IronE Singleton) having something more to do than stand idly by in the background.

With their numbers depleted, ammunition scarce and the safety and security of Hershel’s farm completely jeopardized, the group separates and flees. Rick, Hershel (Scott Green) and Carl are the first to arrive back where this storyline began: the crowded highway on which the group lost Sophia. There is a moment where Rick seriously considers making a run for it with just Carl by his side, and had we not been shown the survival of the others, the scene may have worked out to be more substantial than it really was, But in the end we settle for Glenn (Steven Yuen) taking charge of his relationship with Maggie (Lauren Cohan), which welcomes a stronger presence from Glenn in future.

Once reunited, the group almost immediately decides to blow off Andrea (Laurie Holden) – perhaps proving the valuable lesson they all learned from Sophia’s zombification on the midseason finale.

Steven Yuen as Glenn The Walking Dead Beside the Dying Fire The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Review

For someone so willing to punch her own ticket at the end of last season, Andrea fights tooth-and-nail to survive, and although she is overwhelmed with exhaustion and nearly consumed by a single walker, she is saved during the heavily speculated appearance of Michonne. Though we don’t see her face, or hear her speak, Michonne’s cameo will likely serve to be the highlight of the episode.

Meanwhile, Rick’s revelation that the zombie infection is universal – you die, you become a zombie, regardless of being bit or scratched by the undead – quickly returns the group to normal and his leadership is once more called into question. Granted, with this group, Rick could have revealed that he was in possession of the Colonel’s Secret Recipe and they likely would have reacted the same way.

Just to kick him while he’s down, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) responds negatively to Rick’s account of Shane’s death – despite a statement to the contrary that Lori made in ‘Triggerfinger.’ It’s hard to tell if Lori’s wildly inconsistent behavior is a result of miscommunication amongst the writers, or if the urging for her husband to kill Shane was secretly intended to end with Rick’s death instead. For now, we’ll have to assume the latter.

The season finale ends as it began, with a solid tease. The helicopter seen in the beginning of the episode was as intriguing (if not more so) than the glimpse of the prison standing a short distance from where the group had stopped for the night. And with that tease comes a clearer indication of what can be expected from season 3 (and beyond), which certainly works to end season 2 on a positive note.

In many ways, The Walking Dead season 2 worked as two separate seasons, the latter half being remarkably faster paced than the first. As Glen Mazzara is now firmly entrenched as the series’ showrunner, it seems reasonable to assume that the last four episodes will serve as a template for Mazzara’s run – however long that may be.

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The Walking Dead returns in the fall of 2012 for season 3.

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  1. the wait is now on…

  2. Freaking TV shows, getting good right as they are going away for 9 months. Dammit.

    • Yeah. It’s going to be a long wait, too.

  3. AAAAARG! If this show was any more irritating I would quit watching, of course I can’t because it’s also so good. I mean really, have none of these people seen Zombieland, how unprepared can one group of people get? They continue to drive the most useless unreliable vehicles when surrounded by new ones sitting on any car lot. When attacked by large numbers of zombies, the speed around in the dark shooting wildly, using up their limited ammunition instead of simply running the zombies down. They have no plan to evacuate so they run in random directions and get caught by slow moving zombies, all while leaving a farm house they seem to think was somehow safe! Are there actual writers on this show or do they just use whatever cliche they find laying around!

      • Looking for logic in this genre will make your head explode, and let’s be honest who knows how people would react in that situation. People don’t show much more common sense when unexpected disasters or things happen in real life, e.g-people saying they looked out of their window when they heard a gunshot, that’s just dumb.

        And if they had of just barricaded themselves in the house it would have ruined the whole plot device and they would have stayed on the farm, thus giving people something to complain about next season. Aside from Randall’s mystery crew showing up they kind of had to write them away from the farm somehow.

        For me the dumbest death of the episode was the kid in the RV, why didn’t he just drive when Rick and Carl made it onto the roof? Oh and Carl and Lori are really a pair of jack-offs, he really did fall out of her and onto his head apparently. Rick should have let Shane have both of them and sent them off to die…

        • Yes, finding a way to stay on the farm would have been the LAST thing I would have wanted, I just keep hoping for a bit of logic when they decide to do something. Hell, even if they had just agreed that staying there was not a good idea at the beginning of the episode when they were all talking inside and would all meet at a set location would have been an improvement.

      • To mongoose

        The reason why they didn’t just barricade themselves were two reasons established in the episode and series.

        1) Zombies DO have a habit of breaking into places. Morrigans wife from the pilot tried to open the door that Rick, Morrigan, and Duane were staying in. In the comics it was made a case that staying indoors when a herd came was a horrid idea. Because if one zombie got in, more would follow.

        2) They simply didn’t have time. Rick, Carl, (and people thought) Shane were still alive. Best they could do was try and lead the zombies out of the farm but failed to do so as well.

        • When you’re put into a stessful environment you really don’t know how you’re going to react. They may have had plans on how to react and all but when the fire is started people tend to panic, throwing logic out the window. That’s human nature.

          • My only real gripe was why didnt they siphon gas when they were at the Sophia rendevous!? That would have been my first thought. Re-Supply and move om.

            Herschel shooting 22 shotgun rounds w/o reloading was also an eyebrow raiser lol

          • @JaredDac
            they should have thrown Carl out the window too. And Lori with him!

            • Yeah, I agree. If she wasn’t pregnant, Rick probably would have.

        • Sorry Jay, but zombies do NOT just break into places unless there is a reason (like primarily food). What you are referring to was residual familiarity with the house. If you noticed though, at no time did she break in, proving my point.

          And I can’t speak for the comics but Morgan had no problems surviving, using that house as a base and barricading themselves inside. In fact zombies were all over and never did they rush the house.

          At the very least though, they should have all just packed up and left. Wasting their bullets and endangering everyone (and losing 3) was just wasteful and stupid. They could then have just found a place to stay and wait for the zombies to pass and then return. Not good for the show but it would have been logical.

          • What a hypothetical zombie would do is probably up for debate, but looking at this show from the omniscient point of view is easy because everyone thinks they know what’s going on. It would be safe to say that there is no definite rule to anything that really has no point of reference in reality, so even if people think they know everything about zombies or re-animated people, whatever, it is all just guess-work.

            As for the whole barricading yourself in a house scenario, from a genre standpoint that has been shown to be a bad idea from the very first movie about the subject, Night of the Living Dead. Almost every version and incarnation of those movies and those that copy it have shown that for whatever reason, the dead will seek out the living and will form a pack. And just like in the original movie having open ground seems more favorable because for the most part those things can be outran. The exception came with 28 Days Later, which was an infection situation so they were not dead per-say, and later as part of the Dawn of the Dead remake.

              • Yeah well it’s easy to be coldly rational when it’s all make-believe. If I was in that situation for real I would take a burn everything approach, just to be safe. I try not to nit-pick the show too much because due to it’s subject there is going to be loads of things that are off. Most of these type of stories are contained in a one-shot deal so there is not as much time for the gaps to start showing.

                Again since I have not read the comics I don’t know what they have planned or what is behind everything that goes on. For their own telling they did start the season with that herd coming down the road for some unknown reason, so they set up the scenario that there were mobs of Walkers in the general area. As the season went on they also showed more Walkers gathering near the farm, particularly in the town where they went on two occasions.

                They did mention that the cattle and livestock could have been drawing the Walkers to the area (cows give off a good amount of noise and even more stink), and one would guess that having groups like Randall’s wandering around making all kinds of noise would kick up some activity.

                The barricade issue will always be a conundrum though, no matter the situation. Didn’t work in Aliens and it was a huge part of the argument in the original Night of the Living Dead, lock yourself in the basement or stay upstairs. Whatever the case they will be making an attempt to hold up in a prison next I guess, which if you have to try and garrison yourself somewhere then that’s the place.

      • @ Mongoose.
        “a) Zombies are not in the habit of breaking into things without warrant”

        I just wish the police woudn’t break into my house without a warrant either!

  4. “By and large” not “by in large”

    • correct.

  5. I´d like if they make the necessary number of episodes.

  6. Since I did not want to give myself a stroke, I have not read the comics yet, but it seems like this season ended near where some fans wanted it. Shane is dead, they got off the farm (to say the least), they are near the much talked about prison, and this crazy woman with the swords showed up. I will admit there were a lot of parts of this season that I could do without, but I guess the combination of financial and creative issues affected the pacing of the show.

    They seem to be stuck between having material from the books that they can use, but not wanting to give everything away out of fear of running out of source material completely, which would leave them having to create their own stuff on the back-end. On the other side of that if ratings and the networks fickle finger every creeps toward the cancel button, they are going to be scrambling to tie up too many loose ends.

    • You don’t have to worry about them running out of source material. If they stuck to the comics this show could go on for at least 12 seasons.

      • The material on this show could run for many seasons. There is a lot from the comic books and a lot that Kirkman wants to include(New material)as well. As far as AMC canceling the show, it will have to be a total bomb on ratings for them to even consider canceling the show. This show is their money maker so I wouldn’t be surprised since the show did well this season, even with the lapse of switching producers, if they got another season extension in a couple of months. The ratings have been excellent for them and more people are now starting to watch the show which is great. True be told, with the things coming up in Season 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings make Season 1 look like a thing of the past. As a couple of people told me last night, “Season 1 was great because it was something different, but I wouldn’t consider it the best material. Season 2 up to the midway point was a freezing point due to a change in personnel, and Season 2 midway to the end was the best material as far as things to come.” I feel this is the viewpoint from a lot of people and therefore is going to keep this show running for many years to come.

        • I think it is safe to say that Mad Men is AMC’s prime money maker. WD is another money maker. I love the promos for MM, trying to lure in WD fans. Try it, you’ll like it.

          • AMC already came out and said TWD is their prized show and brings in the most ratings compared to MM. This is coming from AMC themselves. They are now trying to bring in TWD crowd to MM. This was from an article just recently when comparing the 2,
            “But Mad Men, a cultural phenomenon and critical darling, is a relative flop compared to Walking Dead, pulling in 2.3 million viewers per episode versus the 5-to-6 million Walking Dead regularly drew. Even Breaking Bad eclipses Mad Men’s ratings, with an average 4.3 million viewers per episode. Unlike Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC owns The Walking Dead outright. When it tried to screw over BrBa, studio Sony responded by shopping the show to FX; as if by magic, AMC came up with the dough for a full-season order”.

            • On your point above this one about the source material, I don’t doubt they have a great deal of ideas from the comics that can be used. 12 years worth sounds like a whole hell of a lot, but comics are a different medium and television doesn’t have the luxury of being able to run at that pace. For this season the reason for slowing the action and movement down to a crawl probably had as much to do with financial issues as anything else. Even though the show is successful AMC is not a huge company and money is always the bottom line.

              As for the show being their prized show the fact that Breaking Bad was their top show and even that ran into problems with the station shows how quickly things can turn. The fact that AMC owns the Walking Dead means they can do what they want without much resistance, but you can still have issues like Darabont leaving over management choices. The fact they already cut the budget and altered the amount of zombie activity to save money shows that they are still thinking about the dollar value first. The main saving point for the Walking Dead over shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad though is the fact it can be merchandised easier and there is room for cross-over money.

    • Who else would lead the group? He may not be considered the best leader by some, but none of them could do any better.

    • Never heard of a Zippo? Stays lit until you flick the lid closed. The zombies follow sound and shamble in that direction. They followed the helicopter in the direction of the farm, then followed the sound of the gunshot to the farm.

      The comics that you haven’t read explain this in greater detail.

    • Yeah, I laughed with your question about the lighter. I’m guessing you are under 30 years of age. Zippos are not as popular now as they were when I was a kid and almost everyone smoked. They don’t run on butane under pressure, as today’s Bic’s do. They are basically just small metal containers with a sponge inside that you pour lighter fluid into (the fluid may be different compounds, but it is not under pressure). The striking mechanism is a flint and there is a wick that pulls the fluid up and out of the reservoir where it can burn. And the best part is that you don’t have to keep your finger on a trigger to keep it burning. It burns until you close the lid. You can still buy Zippos with lots of colorful artwork on them. They are quite attractive and last for decades.

      Now, the only real problem with all this is why did anyone in the group own a Zippo when no one appears to be a smoker? Hmmmm….

      • Good response Mark, and very educational. And your question about why anyone owned a Zippo is much better than my (ill-informed) question about why it stayed lit. However, that’s a mistake I won’t be needing to make again.
        I am over 30, by a bit, but I don’t smoke and I have two lighters in my room, both bics, I think they are called, used to light candles or incense. And I have to keep flicking the flint. So even outside of this website, now I can know a great gift to get a friend of mine who’s a cigar and pipe smoker!

  7. The helicopter wasn’t a tease- it was a flashback. In season 1 when Rick first makes his way into Atlanta, he sees that helicopter fly overhead. The montage of the walkers following it serves to show how long it took them to make their way to the farm since then.

    • And remember they weren’t looking for the farm, they were herding and migrating aimlessly after they lost track of the helicopter. It was just coincidence that the farm was in their path. They were just passing through when the shot went out that killed Shane and alerted them to the farms presence.

      • and another thing, why did it keep fluctuating between night and day so much? anyone notice that?

        • “why did it keep fluctuating between night and day so much?”

          You mean the intro with the zombie herd? How about because they were showing us in a minutes time the Walkers travel over the course of a number of days/weeks. That is what would be called a montage.

          • but look also when everyone got out of the farm. It was daylight! I mean, really! it was so dark while the barn burned and then suddenly daylight when they got to the road! and it stayed lit but I think it got a little dark again when Andrea was running through the woods but then finally it was light again. I think I’m right on this one.

            • Attack on the farm was night. When we cut to Maggie and glen barreling down the rode, the lighting was early morning. The light was soft, un-focused greyish blue. When Rick and Herschel get to the pile up, it was clearly daytime.

              Yea, time moved a bit fast there, but light wise it was linear, not going back and forth. With the problems of filming on locations, they did a good job with the continuity.

              Remember, in a film (or TV show, the story is never completely linear, a unified sequence can make jumps backwards in time as well as forward in time. I took it when they went from the night covered farm to Maggie and Glenn driving in the early-morning light, that they had been on the rode for 2 or three hours by then.

      • notice how Carl is the reason for zombies to appear a lot of the time? People usually die because of him.

      • I was really hoping for more of an explanation of the herding than, “they were migrating, following the direction of the helicopter”. Are you kidding me?! These things barely have an attention span above that of a rock, so to think they would actively follow something they heard/saw MONTHS ago is beyond silly. Realistically, they would have looked up, maybe followed it for a while but as soon as it was out of sight and could not be heard, they would have gone back to their mindless meandering.

        • That’s why it’s called a HERD. Think of cows, they’re pretty dumb. If one starts moving and bumps another cow it starts moving in the same direction. All it takes is one zombie to get the ball rolling. Initially they were following the sound but they lost interest but because they kept moving each other they kept moving. 1st episode of season 2, the small herd that passed them on the road. They were just walking and anything could have set them in motion.

          That’s why the comics say staying stationary is a bad idea because herds eventually form and they’re super bad news.

        • In the books they talk about this a lot and they even have a name for the different types (roamers and lurkers).

  8. I wonder what brain storming must be like with the “Walking dead” writers-

    Okay, if the zombies are headed towards the farm because they hear the sound of the gun-all that has to happen is two people jump in a car and drive away from the farm. While one person drives, the other will be shooting a gun into the air out the window. The zombies will follow the noise and move away from the farm. When the car reaches a safe distance it can loop around and come back. Simple.

    Nah, let’s have the characters scream and run around like idiots. And hope the audience doesn’t think the show is a comedy.

    • My viewpoint is they got into the cars because they are faster and can easily get away from the walkers. I thought the writers did an excellent job but every show will have its critics just like how I thought Game of Thrones was a lazy, planned out series that has budget triple the amount of TWD but yet the acting is horrible but yet I still think it’s the best series out there for its genre. Dr Who is another example. Well thoughtout show but seems fictional is to what would actually happen. Still a great show.

  9. Is it just me or did Rick start sounding just like Shane? I mean Andrew Lincoln sounded like a dead ringer for John Berenthal there for a moment at the end.

    • I was thinking the same thing…

  10. Cant wait to find out who the sword wielding chick that saved Andrea with zombie pets is?!?

    • Hah…should have kept reading. Its Michonne. I dont read the comics but def an interesting lookin character!

  11. I’ve never read the comics, so when Michonne showed up with the hood and two chained armless walkers in tow, I immediately assumed she was The Walking Dead’s version of a Jedi.

    • except a jedi is George Lucas’ version of a Samurai

  12. Great season final, Daryl once again is the badass of the show. I can’t wait to see whats in store for season 3

  13. Holy crap what a season finale. This show has yet to dissppoint even with a slower start to the season then I hoped. This is a fantastic show.

    So I don’t read the comics but I love the show. So when the prison popped up at the very end I know it’s important to the series but I can only begin to specualate what will and can happen to te group. Also the governor is going to be a great character and I hope Merle is with him and that Daryl kills both.

    Lori has to go. She wanted to Rick to kill shane and when he does she gets mad. So idk I would just leave her. She’s terrible and a bad mother as never knows where Carl is.

    Rick I’m happy is taking charge though I think he went a bit over board at the end about democracy. He has prided the group on being a group and staying strong but I think they should all have a say that’s what I would want.

    The battle on te farm was epic. That’s all.

    Hooded girl pulling zombies. Badass. Though I’m not a huge fan of Andrea I wouldn’t have minded to see her go but don’t kind her being here.

    Happy to see Glenn take charge with Maggie. He has always been a favorite.

    Helicopter has had me confused since the pilot. Doesn’t make sense maybe it belongs to te prison and the governor. Idk???

    Also loved the flashback at the beginning and showing the herd reach the farm shows how long it took the herd to get ther.

    All in all great episode. Season looks promising. Just the waiting period now so that sucks

  14. Highlight of the episode? No. More like LAMEST INTRODUCTION EVER!! Totally worked for the comic, but killed the show. I laughed at how stupid it was. How is she able to avoid the herd with 2 dead zombies chained behind her? Even without mouths, the chains make noise. How would she get away with all that dead weight? How can you see what’s coming when you have a hood on that blocks most of your vision? Who happens to have an actual functional sharp samauri sword in Atalnta? Was the stupid hero music que necessary?

    Lame, just plain and simple jump the shark lame.

    That killed the entire episode, and more than likely the series for me. I spent the whole time waiting for them to leave the farm and when they finally do look what happens? I didn’t think i’d miss it, let alone miss it befor the episode ended. Though it was sad seeing the barn burn and Hershel stand his ground almost to the bitter end.

    There’s your badass character highlight. When a tv show tries really hard to push a character as the “cool” one it usually means they’ve run out of ideas. Well, this character is the actual Poochy from the simpsons, cool because they tell you she is. Also, Shane would have probably come in real handy in that situation, but I guess that’s ok because now we have “better” badass to focus on in terms of both marketing and storyline. Robert Kirkman is waaaaaaaay too attached/attracted to the character/concept to let her die, so who do you think is gonna get the most camera time?

    Too comicy, too PC, too overehyped. I’m watching till someone blows Lori away, then I’m out.

    Thank god Mad Men is back!

    • Emil

      I don’t think share your views on the intro of her but I do definelty agree that Lori has to be blown away. And Rick should do it or Daryl cuz he actually would.

    • Emil, you hit the nail on the head!! It is VERY lame in a real world scenario, this comic book character among normal people. It seems…out of place. like it’s gonna be some fantasy story now or something. Yeah, like I said, it’s not good enough to make me miss it. I don’t own any of the seasons nor will I. I think both of them should be blown away.

    • You ever heard of everything dosnt have to be 100% real? Jeez, its TV. Its a world where there dead people waling around, and you’re saying the most obsurd thing is the hooded woman? Its a TV show, thats flawed like all shows are, whether small or large (I say small). Jeez

    • @emil

      How is introducing an established character in the comics running out of ideas? Have you thought about the fact that all the questions you raise about this “cool” character are to be answered in the upcoming season and trust me there is an answer as to why she carries two chained walkers. So basically what you are saying is a two second cameo of character you apparently don’t know anything about killed the whole show for you… wow talk about a real jump the shark lame of an excuse! Just with the prison and the Governor alone in the next season there are a whole lot of ideas and a new dynamic upcoming to this show. Can’t wait for season 3!

      • For more logic and answers as to why just see SGTED1997 post below… sums it up pretty nice and clear!

      • I agree

    • The zombies she has chained up prevent other zombies from attacking her. Thats why she has them.

    • Emil, your criticisms are mostly premature. This was merely the introduction of Michonne. All she did was show up at a good time and I hardly see how you can disapprove of a dramatic appearance. Michonne will become a significant character not by her clothing, but by her actions and personality, which can’t be judged until you have a change to see it.

      Yes, her clothing, use of a sword and chained zombies are unusual, but isn’t this an unusual story? I mean, the dead are walking around biting people.

      Her sword was merely decoration in her upscale, Atlanta law office. And yes, she was an attorney who practiced fencing while in college.

      • Like someone else said, she just ‘gets it’. Rick and crew are running and fighting just to stay alive, Michonne has been SURVIVING out in the open for months and traveling on foot. Cool yes but (you’ll see) they’re bound to have personal and emotional issues which make her a deep character.

    • A sword or any blade weapon is way easier to get in many place in the country and sad point of fact due to the popularity of all those ninja anime shows they have been selling swords at Comic-Con and other conventions, but I hear they may have finally stopped that nonsense because someone got stabbed.

      And since this is all fantasy anyone, the real world logic isn’t going to always line up because it does not fit into real world logic. But if you even go by the shows set-up Daryl (who is more ahead of the curve then he gets credit for) has been using a silent kill method for most of the show. It doesn’t attract attention and most of the time he can retrieve some of the bolts from the crossbow and use them again. The knives also have multiple uses and resharpening them isn’t that hard in comparison to the upkeep on a gun. One really has to ask themselves that when the bullets run out and the guns start malfunctioning, who is going to re-outfit them? Unless they find a gunsmith with the proper set-up aside from scavenging for ammo and guns that well will run dry at some point.

  15. Two things I have not touched on in other thread responses……

    1) Rick needs to keep his big damn honest mouth shut. No no one needed to know he killed Shane, NO ONE. I think everyone was pretty happy believing Shane had been bitten (even Carl).

    This was done to make Rick sound like more of a bad ass. I think there were much better ways to accomplish that than having him channel the ghost of Shane.

    2) Everyone’s reaction to the infection revelation (see point #1) I think Rick made the right call because it would have done no one any good knowing, especially if Rick wasn’t even sure. So why they were all so seemingly betrayed and mortally wounded by this information I just don’t get. Do writers just think differently than the rest of the “common” people?

  16. I wish a Zombie would chew Carols head off already

  17. To all the naysayers of the show and of the characters. The following is nothing personal and is not intended for you to take it as such. It saddens me to think there are so many short sighted people that can not wrap their heads around plot and storyline development. Yes it is true that in our modern time we are perhaps too accustomed to instant gratification. Problem is that one can become a screamy meamy, and fail to see the bigger picture due to their tunnel vision. Granted I can only speculate like the rest of you. From my point of view it stands to reason that if you think about all the clues in both seasons, that one could deduce that the mysterious cloaked samurai yielding hero (actually heroine) to Andrea, chained to armless toothless walkers is able to move more freely amongst the walkers without fear because their stench is helping to mask her living scent. Undoubtly if she has figured this part out, and if she was really smart she would have soaked her cloak with the remanents of previously slained walkers that most assuredly she would have encountered prior to her arrival to even further mask her own scent. It’s basic camouflage and hunting 101. Adapt and blend into your environment. If you fail to do so eventually you will perish! As for her choice of weapons, I would also presume that the sword may not be her only weapon however,nit is an excellent choice for SILENT close quarters combat (that never runs out of ammo), and would be one of my top weapons of choice. I say sit back, wait patiently, and enjoy the show for however long we will be blessed with its presence while keeping in mind that it is a series and will hopefully take years to tell its whole tale.

    • well said!

    • Thank you so much for this comment. People need to honestly understand the validity in what is being presented to the table here as zombie apocolypse survival. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. Blades do not require a reload. Nobody seemed to be bothered by the dispatching of the undead by Rick and Shane with pocket knives. Why not upgrade to something larger, more durable, and packs a much deadlier punch. It wouldn’t matter if it was a machete or even a blunt hammer. Bullets cannot and do not last in the scenario of a zombie apocolypse. So you must adapt. Awesome post seriously

    • Thank you, some of the above people would be zombie chow. She’s using a better tactic that Rick used in season 1 and I have geek friends who collect swords… Anyone can order a REAL sword online.

      • Right. Using a sword is more silent, don’t need a bag to carry the ammo, and most important of all, it doesn’t run out of ammo. Her appearance may seem a little cheesy but it’s a person who gets it and adapted to the situation. Also for all the people who are saying why not go to a gun shop and get the stuff there, don’t you think the owners would have loaded all that and took it with them, not to mention the people up top

      • Swords are okay, but I would go for a good six foot spear with a sword as backup. Spears are quiet, don’t require ammo. A quick thrust is faster and simpler then a swing or a chop, and less tiring to boot.

        All you need for a spear length of closet rod and a good knife blade.

        Now, running around a massive herd like the finale, the spear might not be the best weapon. Then I would want a pistol, to blow my brains out when i decide it is useless to try to escape.

    • Another reason that the figure of Michonne was cloaked was a simple fact that everyone is overlooking:

      They had not cast the actress yet, but wanted the character to make an appearance. Hence, we get an intro to Michonne in season 2 but the actress doesn’t start til season 3.

  18. Love this show, just started this season and watched season 1 during the break. Awesome characters, great writing (apart from some characters extreme polarities from one episode to the next, but as for people being stupid – that’s so true to life unfortunately! And really, how many of us brought up on tv and electricity could survive a week in such a post apocalyptic world, or even want to? Did find Herschells family’s death über-disturbing – totally expected them all to bite it (erm…so to speak) but my heart was pounding and truly was stressed out and horrified at the whole farm raid and especially Patricia’s death even though she wasn’t major. Guess the chickens got their revenge for her breaking their legs and throwing them to the barn walkers! Anyway, the series rocks and this episode was a heart pounder. Personally I loved Michonnes entrance scene – I don’t read the comics but have read enough posts to gather who she is and didn’t find her intro scene to be over the top in anyway, and was glad Andrea made it, for a character I didn’t like at first, she has really grown on me – the actress – all the actors and actresses are top notch on this show and make you care even when they have little to do. Can’t wait for season 3 – going to be a long summer waiting – but will fill that with s1 & 2 repeat viewings!!! :-)

  19. Let the era of the “Ricktatorship” begin!!! This episode was so awesome! First you have Hershel, arguably the 2nd in command tell everyone to listen to Rick from now on and then Rick just goes all American B.A. at the end of the episode. Michonne’s entrance was awesome and the highlight of the episode for me though. I REALLLY liked how they threw in the helicopter (*caugh* you will see that again *caugh). And the pan out shot reveal of the prison gave me goosebumps! The only thing I didn’t like was Lori’s idiotic reaction to Shane’s death even though she was all Lady MacBeth like 3-4 episodes ago. I REALLY hope they keep her comic death. And Rick almost leaving without the group:


    Is great foreshadowing for a decision he might have to make later. I also think that if they were to cut off Rick’s hand (I’m looking at you Merle), it will be the only thing that will ground him after his ascension to the all powerful leader position. Make it happen show runners!!!

    • I believe the writers said in an interview that he wouldn’t be losing his hand, so it’ll be interesting to see what direction they take and what characters they introduce next season.

  20. I really hate Lori now, she needs to go. I couldn’t believe how she reacted when Rick came out with his story. I mean he poured his heart out to his “wife” about his best friend trying to set him up and kill him! She then backs away from Rick as if he is some monster. I think that really pushed Rick over the edge and his balls just grew humongously lol. From that point on he seemed to not wanna take no crap because he has put so much on the line for his family and the group as a whole, yet they still are ungrateful. Rick & Daryl are the only ones I like in this show now. Glen is cooh too. I wish they would give TDog some more screen time. I mean geez, your keeping him alive, y not let the viewers get to know him? We all know most black guys die first in situations like these, so it’s like they are saying “hey letting him survive is enough and since we did he will get no screen time. We will just show his face in group meetings and randomly here & there”. Me, I don’t care either way but if they are not going to do nothing with the character then just kill him off already because as of right now I’m sure nobody will even care since they have nothing to care about with him, smh. When I saw him driving the truck with Lori, I was confused, it was just like it was a random character lol.
    But overall I love this show and can’t wait for next season. Whoever said Rick shouldn’t be a leader has lost their mind. No one else in that group could take that role. And I think now that the group has really pissed him off, I think it’ll make Rick an even stronger leader.

    • If this show follows the comics, Hopefully Lori dies soon. She is a whore, and really causes huge plot holes or flaws. T-Dog I believe is suppposed to be theodore in the comics, and we will fide this out next season. I really hope they move him into a primary role, he is a great character.

    • I agree with every word you typed, lol. I really hate Lori. I always knew she was playing Rick and Shane against each other but I was somewhat shocked as to her reaction when Rick told her what really went down.
      I really think she wanted Shane to kill Rick. Some wife she is.

  21. What an awesome finale… Action packed, with some good apparent character development, and the appearance of a new character to boot. Not to mention the foreshadowing to next season’s base camp — I mean who does’t think hanging out in a prison won’t be fun? Anyways, I’m already counting down to season 3.

    For the record, I am by no means a Walking Dead connoisseur, but I have watched every episode thus far and thought that this episode (and one leading up to it) provided a well needed twist in the story line. Quite honestly I have no idea who this Michonne character may be, but am sure I will welcome her with open arms in the next season. I just hope that Hershel and Maggie continue to remain a part of the story, as watching their characters develop has been interesting. I could understand Hershel not lasting too too long, but I’m hoping Maggie will be around for a while.

    Lastly, a few things that have been bothering me since the beginning of season 1. What the hell happened to that black guy and his son? Are they ever coming back? And how about Merle? At first I thought the hooded zombie-slayer might be one of them but upon further inspection it’s definitely a girl… So I don’t know, a little bothersome that they haven’t re-entered the story yet. Seems kind of silly to just let them fade out of memory anyways. Let’s hope to catch up with those chaps in season 3.

  22. I didnt get Lori acting like that either? I mean the man just told you that his best friend took him out in the woods to kill him and that he gave him every chance to back off before taking Shane down. On top of that she is the one who told Rick how crazy Shane was getting and that he needed to “do something”. But then again she is the one who also knocked Shane off the deep end with her little “talk ” she had with him about not knowing who’s baby it is and thanking him for caring for her. I thought maybe it was part her feeling guilty and part that Carl shot zombie Shane, who knows. I thought this episode was pretty good the ending panning out over the prison was great. As far as people complaining about the series, well some people are never satisfied. Knowone can say we didnt get A TON of zombies this episode. Cant wait for season 3.

    • Watch Lori as Rick is explaining everything to her. Most of the time she is unsure, aghast, uncomfortable. But when does she look away and start to show anger? Right after Rick says that “her little baby boy,” Carl shot Zombie Shane.

      It was the perfect “How dare you let my son, MY SON! shoot Shane! Why didn’t you do it instead of making my poor little baby boy do it.”

      Yeah, Lori has got to go, letting her son run around free because she can not keep an eye on him, but demands others to be responsible for him.

  23. Ended well, shame it dragged a bit during this season. Apart from Shane’s and Dale’s deaths, the only major story progression is one borrowed from the first season, namely Jenner telling Rick they’re all infected. This show has to pick up the pace it had in the first season, constantly moving, not only in geographical direction, but in story progression.

    Michonne looked cool, but malplaced. Seemed too fictitious at first sight, but the character could be right if handled well.

  24. T-Dog lives to see another day (keep fighting them odds, bruh) and Rick’s wife needs to change her name to Iago, because this demented heffer is demented on a Shakespearean level.


  25. SO, Lori tells Rick to kill Shane, and now she’s angry and apalled that he actually did it? As people on this site have pointed out, she never seems to know where her brat, Carl, is at any given time. What a bi-atch. I don’t blame Rick for getting upset and acting the way he did. Also, why were people made at Rick for not telling them what Dr. Jenner had told him? What difference would it have made? Maybe more of them would have chosen to stay and die at the CDC, but for the survivors, they still have to survive, don’t they?

    The helicopter did get me curious. I guess there’s still some semblance of civilization out there. It’s hard to believe, however, that the helicopter is the only thing that got the zombies to go to the barn.

    Michonne’s intro was very cool. I wish they could have devoted a minute or two to her.

    By the way, acslaterson, if you’re reading, I watched the Talking Dead and Laurie Holden’s face is just as brutal with makeup as it is without it.

  26. @Victornyc. Haha, that’s hilarious you remembered me saying that! And I agree, she is definitely no bueño.

  27. I read an article with the creator of the show and he explained that Lori reacted the way she did was because she feels responsible for Shane’s death. It makes sense, because she feels that she set Rick and Shane on that road to hatred.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  28. Hi, I’m new here. Love the show.

    I had an entirely different reaction to Lori’s reaction to Rick’s revelation that he killed Shane. It looked to me as if the long looks traded by Lori and Rick, especially Rick’s face as she walked away told another story: that Lori’s reaction told Rick that Lori indeed did love Shane, and had really hoped (after setting the whole deadly confrontation in motion) that Shane would off Rick.

    I didn’t see disgust. I saw disappointment and rage.

    • Interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. The first thing I thought of was her pregnancy. I think she probably would gone through with the abortion, or even stayed to die at the CDC had she known.