‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 9: ‘Triggerfinger’ Recap

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Steven Yuen and Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Triggerfinger The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 9: Triggerfinger Recap

For the first time quite a while, The Walking Dead survivors are reminded that others like them exist, and they also have guns that work just as well on the living as they do zombies.

Surprisingly, “Triggerfinger” moves to swiftly bring Dave and Tony’s comrades (at least some of them) into the inevitable conflict – instead of pursuing a gradual sense of unease and questions about who else is out there from Rick, Shane, Lori and so on.

Stuck in the bar, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) Glenn (Steven Yuen) and Hershel (Scott Wilson) come under fire by a group of (mostly) unseen assailants, who are none too pleased to learn their friends are dead. Though Rick tries to reason with them – speaking of the hell-in-a-hand-basket situation everyone currently finds themselves in – cool heads are not to prevail this night.

The ensuing firefight is brief; it’s pretty much over as soon as a group of walkers make a buffet out of the poor sap that walked into Hershel’s line of sight. Since the calamity draws the attention of a horde of walkers, Rick, Hershel and Glenn have little time to pull one of their assailants off the fence he’s impaled on, after his group leaves him to die. Naturally, Rick is the one who decides to take matters into his own hands – opening the door to a larger compassion vs. self-preservation discussion to be revisited later in the show (and likely the season).

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite ball of negativity and poor decision-making, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), is roused from unconsciousness by a walker that is trimming his face off trying to bite at her through a broken windshield. At this point in the series, the walkers have become more of a pervasive problem than a scream-inducing mystery for the characters, and Lori dispatches two of them rather quickly, earning a few points for style in the case of the windshield zombie.

The remainder of “Triggerfinger” focuses much of its attention on the threat of Shane (Jon Bernthal), and his persistence in chasing after the affection of Lori – despite Andrea’s interest in him and Lori’s tenuous reconciliation with Rick.

Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene The Walkind Dead Triggerfinger The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 9: Triggerfinger Recap

While Andrea (Laurie Holden) is clearly on team Shane – speaking of the good he’s done for the group – Dale is becoming more outspoken in his belief that Shane is a danger to everyone – once more bringing up the death of Otis. Whether Lori is just looking to justify her (personal) need to broom Shane, or she is truly fearful that he’s become dangerous remains to be seen, but for whichever reason, Dale finds Lori to be a very captive audience.

Tension between Rick and Shane flares up once more after the farm learns of the injured stranger in their midst. Shane (reasonably) argues that knowledge of the farm will eventually lead to outsiders looking to make it theirs, while Rick maintains a need for compassion, despite the inherent danger of making the farm’s existence known.

Alone with Lori, Rick is pressed by his wife to address the Shane situation before it gets out of hand. Chillingly, Lori uses Rick’s justification for killing Dave and Tony as reason enough to do away with is partner, and we are left to watch as Rick apparently mulls the idea over.


The Walking Dead returns with ’18 Miles Out’ next Sunday @9pm on AMC

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  1. I know this is going to become an issue with people who have read the comics, but even though I have not from the standpoint of the shows scripting I am really starting to hate Lori. Her conflicted and hypocritical actions are becoming as big a danger as Shane’s bag of issues and something has to give.

    I know in the comics Shane is gone by this point and the show probably has kept him around to create tension within the group, but his edges are starting to show to anyone with sense and it’s clear him and Rick are going to come to blows. What I can’t get is why Andrea has fallen into Shane’s web of insanity and for what reason. She is so up his ass even though he could give a crap about her in the overall scheme of things.

    • the group doesnt know that shane killed otis. I mean he always goes out to save people and lori whines about him but at the same time HE saved her life and karl’s life MULTIPLE times. its just like andrea said he usually has the right idea but he always comes off as heartless. i think shane gets a bad rap but it looks like this next episode he is gonna cross some lines so we will see what happens

      • but i dont think shane will be killed until the season finale

      • I know the writer needs to introduce some kind of friction with the group and using Shane’s attitude as excuses, but I hate they simply cast him in that light, just like characters from million other shows. They need to show why he acted the way he did, not simply cast Rick’s “compassion” and “humanity” as the sole saving grace of what remains of humanity. He sacrificed plenty for the group.

  2. Was a pretty good ep liked the first bit then last half was eh.

  3. Its getting better. More walkers is good. That’s what most fans are clamoring for. And admittedly with the last few ep’s they were getting a bit anemic in that department. But this episode showed you can have a decent helping of both mindless blasting of walking corpses and some real drama.

    Shane will not be getting killed off anytime soon. He is too essential to the story when a writer needs a good antagonist. To get rid of him now without a replacement antagonist would severely limit the drama in the dynamic. It would elevate Daryl to antagonist instead of leaving him at tortured hero. Or worse it might even elevate Rick into that spot and supposedly he is the main hero through out the story. Having him be the one you love to hate would only alienate the already cooled fan base. Loris as the antagonist might do well, but she lacks the essential component of a complete lack of compassionate understanding. She is pregnant so the viewers will forgive her idiocy and spitefulness eventually. Where as Shane has nothing. He is the heel. He is the wrench in all the works. He is perfect for the story they are telling at this point.

    So while it does not follow the original source, it does serve a purpose for this version of a similar story. Until more characters join, Shane needs to stay.

    • A good friend of mine has a very similar argument about Shane, I can’t agree with him either. We’ve seen in the books how you the tension in the group can exist and conflict can arise without “the bad guy” on the team. More importantly however is that Shane mutes Rick’s character. As it is Rick and Shane play white and black knight respectively and while we are seeing that shift, ever slowly they need Rick to be the good guy in the face of Shane’s questionable actions. Rick will not grow as a character as long as Shane is alive.

      The recap fails to mention is that conversation between Shane and Lori and that’s a Shame because for my money it’s such an important moment. Shane has been cracking up since Rick arrived but last night, on that couch we watched Shane break. Those of us who have read the books know exactly where this is going and it’s a long time coming (I just hope it happens the same way, as it’s essential to another character).

      • I cant disagree. But you are taking a few things for granted with comic writers and television writers. The two while doing similar jobs, are not even in the same universe let alone galaxy as one another. A comic writer does not need to adhere to the same viewership demands that a television show works toward. So the story in one can be of a completely different nature than the other. This is the primary reason why a comic may never receive the Peter Jackson treatment that was given to Tolkien’s work. A word for word interpretation of a comic to screen does not translate well and probably never will.

        As to the eventual story line movements with Shane I cant agree more. I too hope that it ends the way it did in the book, but I feel Berenthal’s portrayal of Shane may have earned him a different and possibly more satisfying closure.

  4. Other than the silliness of Lori’s little insane driving drama, the show was definitely a step up from what we have been seeing for the past 4-5 episodes. I think the only reason they had Lori take that trip was so they could reinforce Shane’s lying to her (just one more to establish a pattern?). They could have found a much more intelligent way to do that though, instead of irrationally getting into a car to go find Rick.

    • Also seems as if all those good bonding moments last episode will be for naught as the zombie horde has now had the dinner bell rung and managed to collect, en masse in the town. Just a matter of time now before they saunter over to the farm and ruin the “good life” for everyone.

      I predict we may lose 1-2 of our group but most of the farm group (including Hershel) will die, leaving a couple to join our group on their trek to, well, nowhere special now.

  5. @Sneaky Pete, Shane is gone this season. A couple of weeks ago there was a story on Screen Rant about him staring in a new pilot. I hate what they have done to Andrea in the series, she is such a great character in the comics. Should have cast a younger actress too, some of the faces she makes are brutal.

    • I saw that, too. Shane and probably Hershel, too. I think we will see the return of Merle Dixon as the antagonist and also the rise of the Governor in season 3. I will miss Shane cuz if I was in a zombie apocalypse, he would be in my corner, fo sho.

      • Haha, are you sure about that choice? If you were with him, out of bullets and being chased by zombies, you know he’s gonna hamstring you to get away right?

        I’d personally rather have Rick or Daryl at my side because at least I can count on both to have my back even if we were cornered.

        • Mongoose,

          I’m with you. People fall for the kick assery of Shane and forget he’s morally challanged. If it comes to you or him.. it’ll be him and you… you’re a snack.

          Rick would probably give his life to keep you safe.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha. I’m still laughing at that. I think the Andrea actress was on the X-files for a while, and she was kind of weird looking then, too. You’re comments also made me remember a short trailer for season 2, which showed Shane running down a street by himself and being chased by a horde of zombies who were right on his ass. At the end of the trailer he flips out and starts firing at them with, giving the impression that he was about to live out his final moments. I wonder if that were a scene that is actually going to happen oR if that was just for dramatic effect?

      • I really hope they keep the scene from the comics, I think it would be really powerful on screen and show the innocence that has been lost.

    • People can star in two different TV shows at once you know. But I agree with you though. He is probably gone by seasons end, but not until his archetype is replaced by someone else. His volatility is needed to keep the pace of the show inline with the kind of drama it is striving to be.

      @ Nega… I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Gov, there will probably be something similar to him, but not him exactly.

      My prediction, should anyone care to hear, is that this “others” group will be joined soon by the survivors of the farm, where upon they venture together toward a supposed signal received on a radio at some sort of supposedly secure facility. Prison? Maybe. But my bet is on a military base, something were it was meant to keep people out.

      It makes sense that they will welcome the crew into their fold after their obvious alpha was killed by Rick. They will need someone competent to lead them on to where ever they seem to be heading.

      • I hope they find the prison in the finale, the prisoners can be antagonists for a few episodes of season 3. I feel really cheated that the twins aren’t in the series, their deaths would have freaked people out and some of the changes the series has made makes me wish that the show was on HBO or Showtime.

        • I think Merle will be their version of the Governor.

          • Kirkman’s said a couple times that’s not going to happen.

          • This I like. Definitely a possibility and a very tasty one at that.

            • The Governor is being casted for Season 3. At first their choice was John Hawkes but it looks like he turned it down. Tom Savini has put it out there that he wants to play the role of The Governor but either way it’s been confirmed that both the Governor and Michonne are in Season 3 which is great

              • Good to hear and nice to know.

                As for Merle, wouldn’t it be interesting if after departing the city he found another group of survivors and became their defacto leader through aggression? Setting them up to be juxtapose to Rick and Co. perhaps? Maybe even running into them at the “prison” and having to work together against a common foe (not the zombies)?

  6. I think that yeah, mongoose, the walkers on gonna go onto the farm and get them. I mean, you saw that preview of someone getting cornered. For some reason, even though she’s a big character, I think it’s gonna be Lori. And the new guy (that they saved when his friends left him)
    Or maybe it’s gonna be Maggie, and Glenn is gonna be heartbroken. You get me?
    Daryl needs to stay. I think he’s going to save Carol from the zombies or something. Just a thought.

  7. Wow, that was the first good episode of TWD in quite a while. There were a lot of issues brought to light. To me, the first one is the condemnation of Shane and his actions. Yes, Shane’s motives are abominable, as he is still living in the delusion that he and Lori are getting back together. But his actions, as crazy as they may seem, are the right ones to make. As Andrea points out, it’s all in his presentation. Killing the zombies in the barn was the right thing to do. He was also correct in that the group spent all that time risking their lives searching for Sophia. Lying to Lori so that he could get her back to safety was the right thing to do. Also, Fans have condemned his character for leaving Otis to die. But isn’t that what Hershel and Rick did at the bar? Rick and his group have been welcomed at every safe haven that they’ve come to, yet Rick turns down a group that’ simply looking for some shelter as well? They left that black guy at the bar to be eaten by zombies?

    And Lori is the biggest douche bag as well. She orders people around as if she were Queen Elizabeth, and she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that she had something to do with the fling that she and Shane got into?

    Seriously, when Rick and Shane have their showdown, I’m not sure who I’ll be rooting for.

  8. What’s with Lori turning into Lady Macbeth at the end of that episode? She’s not all that innocent herself. During a flashback earlier on, she even tells a friend (before the zombie thing) that she’s not really sure if she loves Rick. It also seems like all she does is order around every man that she’s with, and it seems like there have been a few of them now. Do ou honestly believe that she hasn’t been trying to take advantage of the fact that Rick likes he? Who knows if Carl is even Rick’s son? She’s a Jezebelle, if you ask me.

  9. Shane is frazzeled, but he’s right. Rick has gotten too stupid for words. Why didn’t he save the other guy before he got shredded by walkers, why one and not the other? Lori is just plain evil. Demanding men do what she says at all times. Flipping her decisions all the time. She wants shane killed because she has it easy and doesn’t want to lose that. I hope andrea kills her. And rick taking a shot at shane? Dale whinning, and daryl moping. Love or hate it, its interesting.

  10. Lori really is the shows prize carp. In the comic book she was a drag but despite her faux pas with Shane was a rational and generally sensible character. In this incarnation she has gone from being a drag to being a self centered conniving almost nasty piece of work. I still can’t get over some of the utterly dumb stuff in this show like blocking a door with your body but the guys have shot guns. We saw Glen shoot through a door, yet oddly that thought never crossed the minds of their dim witted assailants earlier on. I mean yeah this show was the best one in awhile in terms of action. But still a dismal failure much like the show. I find it very hard to see what people like about it. The Drama is poor, while the Horror is almost non existant thanks to budget constraints at AMC.

  11. Well I say shane is dying very soon. Most likely the end of season 2. Lori pointed out that shane is willing to “get rid” of anyone in his way and rick is in his way of carl, lori, and the baby. The ending will amount to shane trying to kill rick and rick…SPOILER…… (or carl as it is in the comic series)will kill shane.

  12. I know there are alot of people who think the should leave the farm (I don’t agree, but that’s not my point). In the promo for upcoming episodes it shows many walkers walking through a wooden fence. My guess is that the farm will be over-run by the end of the season.

    • Zombies, as presented by TWD and other classics such as Romero’s Dead movies, cannot medically exist. It is impossible that the only way to kill a complex life form is to shoot it in the head. Complex life forms, even if they are operating on mere instinct, still must have working circulatory and nervous systems to function. Their brains would still need oxygen. They would still need to ingest some sort of nutrition in order to not rot. Plus, if their only instinct is to feed (by the way, the natural instincts of even simple life forms go beyond simply feeding) wouldn’t they eat each other as well?

      So your question, while valid, I guess must be answered with the standard “suspension of disbelief” line.

      • @Bob,

        I bet you go to orphanages and tell little kids that there is no Santa too.

        Way to be a buzz kill.

        • Sorry Pete, I’m a doctor and got a little too clinical in that post. I guess I was really saying that the show can’t be called “The Walking Dead” if it, in fact, didn’t have “The Walking Dead.” So I just go with it.

          • You said it yourself. Suspend your disbelief and just roll with it.

            I think the OP was looking to get an answer from a movie physics point of view. Not an actual dissected clinical analysis using real world science.

            But lets take a look at that for a moment shall we?

            Lets say for a moment, that despite all we know about human physiology and comparative anatomy, that it were possible for tissue to continue to receive nervous impulses post brain and cardiac death. Would that then qualify for the title walking dead? As to the mechanism for such impulses would be anyone’s guess, but just for the sake of argument, lets just say that they are indeed there and measurable, yet the brain shows no activity what so ever. The impulses then fire nerve centers to contract and relax muscle groups to perform very rudimentary movements of the bodies extremities at a minimum. Of course without the inputs necessary from various sense organs being organized and calibrated by the brain the movements would then be very clumsy and haphazard at best. Would that then perhaps qualify as the shuffling breed of undead that we see in movie lore?

            Just play along with the thought exercise and enjoy the show. You would be surprised with the way you can rationalize things when you allow yourself the freedom of no rules.

            • @ Sneaky Pete: You say “suspend your disbelief and just roll with it.” Then why would you go on to ponder further, the biology of it? Even if there was some way for nerves to send impulses to muscle tissue posthumously, in order for these fibers to respond to stimuli to create movement, they would need energy that they can only get from living, metabolizing cells in order to contract and relax. That’s just the way muscle fibers work. Without energy, there is no muscle movement. period. Ever hear of rigor mortis? Dead bodies get stiff for a reason – even in the movies.

              Having said that, the only way to really enjoy this genre is to ignore the biological mechanics all together. Instead, focus on the drama! the suspense! the gore!

              • I did qualify my musing with the word “despite all we know”. That kinda makes the whole argument on bio electrical stimulus in the traditional fashion, moot. Yes I too know the basics of how the human anatomy achieves muscular control and movement. I also understand the principles behind rigor mortis, but taking that all away and that somehow, someway, the human body recieves some sort of stimuli from some sort of abnormal method, and that this method also prevents the stiffening of tissues due to lack of metabolic response, would it then fall under the title living dead?

          • “The Walking Dead” are the survivors and not the zombies, boom.

            • Couldn’t of saiad it better myself

              • *said*

      • I for one Dr Bob, am happy for the clinical realities! Being a wus at heart (can I say that word here?) I can have more fun with the complete unreality if I know jut how impossible it really all is. Cheers!

    • 28 Days Later didn’t treat the idea of infection as being undead so in that case they did starve out eventually. Problem was the virus in that case could lay dormant and mutant leaving a chance for it to pop up again. The “classic” zombie concept made popular by Romero has always been isolated to one particular time period and aside from Land of the Dead the long term ramifications of a world overrun by undead has never been explored. One would assume that after time natural decay, elements, and vermin would cause significant wear and tear on a dead body.

      In the Walking Dead we have already seen some Walkers in pretty bad shape (like the half-woman from the first episode and the webisodes and the guy in the well), so it stands to reason at a point some of these things would be too torn up to really move around well. As for the starvation angle they have never really said if these things need to eat or are just driven to do so. Hopefully they will explain more of the biology or motivation behind the Walkers, including that herding thing they were doing at the beginning of the season. My take on that was that they were all going towards a large food source, kind of like the original Night of Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead films.

      • I love the books explanation on the herding angle. I really hope that this comes into play soon. It would be nice to see a seasoned walker expert to show up and set this party right on a few things.

    • Rate of decomposition is questionable. Weather can speed up or slow the process. The constant spread of zombies would make the timeline expand. If you havent read World War Z or Zombie survival guide both by Max Brooks, I suggest you pick them up. Great stories and they touch on these subjects.

      Regarding eating the flesh. Zombies just eat until the body becomes infected. If a person dies and there is enough flesh left they reanimate, But if a bunch of zombies attack they can remove enough flesh to keep the body from reanimating. Lots of great books out there I also recommend David Wellingtons Dead Island series.

    • Tundra,

      it boils down to the following:

      1. Do you have enough food and water to withstand a siege?
      2. Is your location secure enough to keep them out? (remember, more will come and keep coming)
      3. Do you have enough ammo?
      4. Are there enough people to set a watch?
      5. Temp/weather conditions. No AC/Heat… freeze or boil?

      All of this takes place while you’re waiting months for them to “rot”

      Lastly, it kinda boils down to what sub genre of the “Infected” you’re in. “28 days” kind? “Romero” kind? or the “We’re Alive” kind?

  13. @ Tundrabeast: The question is, what place can most people hide at?
    Their own homes and streets are not safe anymore. Lots of supermarkets seem like dangerous places as well to try and find food to survive long enough.
    So unless you have the answer as to where a large group of people can hide for many months with enough food, they simply can’t just hole up and wait for the zombies to have completely rotten away.

    A zombie normally eats and kills the human they attack. Still often enough a human is able to escape when being attacked and bitten and the human will turn into a zombie in a matter of minutes. So this way the world keeps getting new zombies over and over again until there is no one left.

    Not sure if my answers help or make sense :)

    • Maybe there’s a CDC facility in Canada that’s set up with enough power, food, water and supplies to last for years without having to refuel. Zombies couldn’t get to it because it would be below freezing all the time there.

      Anyway, my wife and I went to Target this past weekend and I told her, “If the zombie apocalypse were to happen right now, I’d definitely want to be trapped in Target.”

  14. man i hate Lorie. and rick should die. his haircut bugs the hell out of me. looking at it has become my new pet peeve. Shane should stay alive he knows how to survive. he should keep the baby its his. im sure of that. and the dude with the big nostrils ohhhhh he needs to die already

  15. this episode left me wondering who Sophia’s biological father was.
    Did the brother get wasted and bang/rape his brother’s wife?

    As for the whole “shane” thing…

    he is EXACTLY the kind of “man” that makes me ashamed of my gender(male)

    guys like that don’t want a girlfriend/wife/partner.

    They want control, property, something to stick their dick in.

    He disgusts me and I hope he dies a lonely, painful death!

    AS an aside, the last few minutes of the last episode were the tensest bit of Tv/film I’ve seen since Dennis Hopper said,

    “I think I’ll have that Chesterfield now”,

    in True Romance.


    How freakin’ tense was that?

  16. My butt smells.

    • Tundra,

      I have the perfect thing for you since you’re a trucker.. since we’re not allowed links and such here, i’ll just tell you to use your Iphone or BB and look at the podcast app for Zombie podcasts. The number one that pops up will be the one to listen to.. or google under the same thing. The top search item is the one you want to check out while you’re on the road.

  17. I have discussed this with friends. And they want to believe it. But believe I m wrong. When the guy is on the roof before he jumps he yells out for someone. I thought he yelled Michonne. Please tell me I am right. Did anyone hear this? Or am I just hearing what I want to hear?

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Last time I read they showed reports where Michonne would make an appearance on the Season Finale but since they haven’t disclosed who the actor is I wouldn’t count on it being this season but for season 3. The good news is that she is being added in. Who will play her will make all the difference in the world though

  18. Is anyone else concerned about the health of Lori’s unborn child after the wreck???

  19. Will Lori’s child be born a zombie?
    The group needs Shane as none of the others have enough personality or drive to voice alternatives to Rick’s goody two shoes nature.
    I think Rick will end up killing or exiling Shane. Andrea will develop and take on Shanes role in the group.
    Or, none of the above.

  20. Someone is shooting, trying to kill you. Next thing you know – that guy is badly hurt and the “walkers” are trying to kill you. What should you do? Save the guy that tried to kill you, of course. You might finish up dead but, who cares? Just your son, wife and unborn baby. That was the most pitiful piece of script writing I ever saw.