‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 12: ‘Better Angels’

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Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Better Angels The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels

(This recap contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode ‘Better Angels. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the episode yet.) 

Early on in ‘Better Angels,’ it looked like the untimely death of Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) had instilled in The Walking Dead survivors a sense of kinship that had been overshadowed by the constant internal squabbling, which plagued them more relentlessly than a group of walkers. With Lori apologizing to Shane and Hershel inviting his guests to share the house with the family, it seemed like there was an organized effort to not let the group’s proverbial moral center be buried with Dale.

Rick’s eulogy for Dale is inter-cut with scenes of Shane (Jon Bernthal), Andrea (Laurie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) all working out their various feelings and frustrations on a group of walkers that had managed to find their way onto the relatively zombie-less grounds of Hershel’s farm.

Afterward, with the group together, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) shares his plan for he and Daryl to ditch Randall (Michael Zegen) about an hour away from the farm. Shane and Rick have another terse conversation regarding the decision to let Randall live, but after the talk the two had at the end of ‘18 Miles Out,’ Rick feels confident that Shane is more or less onboard with whatever decision he makes.

Later, Carl (Chandler Riggs) visits Shane to unburden himself of both Daryl’s handgun and his feelings of responsibility for Dale’s death. Partially reassured, Carl leaves the handgun with Shane, expressing a desire to never touch a gun again in his life.

Making a bizarre 180-degree turn from her Lady Macbeth-like urging of Rick to kill his partner, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), inadvertently antagonizes Shane with a short speech that was likely meant to sound like a thank you, but instead more closely resembles a goodbye. She leaves Shane heartbroken and on the verge of a psychotic break.

Before Rick and Daryl head out with Randall, Shane stops by to discuss what Carl had been up to and to deliver the stolen handgun, urging Rick to speak with his son about his actions. The whole thing once more devolves into Rick and Shane arguing over who gets to tell the other what to do, and proves that the relationship between the two men is without a doubt fractured beyond repair.

Rick does heed Shane’s advice, though, and has a surprisingly frank conversation with his son that begins with an apology for Carl’s childhood being ostensibly lost, but ends with the demand that the boy stow his childish behavior, because the world is just waiting to claim the lives of everyone he knows and loves. Rick concludes the talk by giving the boy Daryl’s stolen handgun once more, and urges Carl to keep his wits about him and to use the gun to protect himself and the others should the need arise.

Meanwhile, Shane pays Randall a visit and while he works through some pretty severe mental issues, comes to see the bloody evidence that the young man was trying to slip his cuffs. This apparently spurs Shane’s imagination, so he takes the prisoner into the woods and frees him under the pretense of wanting to join the group Randall is traveling with. We learn the group is much closer than previously thought and is as prone to violence and atrocity as the survivors had already feared.

But Shane has no intention of traveling any further than behind a tree to snap Randall’s neck. You have to admire Shane’s willingness to sell the lie that Randall accosted him by smashing his face into a tree trunk to break his own nose. Bloodied and dazed, Shane returns to the farm to find everyone already aware of Randall’s disappearing act, and he works quickly to mobilize a small team of Rick, Daryl, Glenn (Steven Yuen) and himself to track down the escapee in the day’s fading light.

The search continues well after dark, which leads to Daryl and Glenn stumbling upon a zombified Randall. After a brief scuffle, Glenn bludgeons Randall, and the two notice that although his neck is broken there are no clear signs of zombie infection – leading the two to question how that could possibly be.

Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead Better Angels The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels

Elsewhere, despite the inevitability and unfortunate spoiling of it, the confrontation between Rick and Shane still proves to be pretty tense – mainly because Glen Mazzara and Co. managed to have the situation play out slightly different than many had expected.

After holstering his weapon, Rick turns to face his would-be murderer and attempts to appeal to Shane’s sense of right and wrong, and assures him that whatever he had planned, nothing undoable has yet transpired. Despite the assertions that he is more fit to be husband and father to Lori and Carl, Shane seems willing to listen as Rick calmly closes the gap between them and gestures to hand over his sidearm. As Shane reaches for the gun, Rick plunges a knife into Shane’s chest, lamenting how Shane forced him to take this action.

Sitting next to his partner’s corpse, Rick is confronted by Carl, who brandishes the handgun his father had given him earlier – and for a split second the audience is left to think that Rick truly has the worst family in the history of television. All that is put aside, however, as Carl fires a single shot over his father’s shoulder, putting a zombified Shane down once more; at long last ending Shane’s emotionally taxing and harrowing journey with the Grimes clan.

‘Better Angels’ ends with the promise of more trouble ahead, as a large cluster of walkers make their way over a hill toward Hershel’s farm.


The season finale of The Walking Dead, ‘Beside the Dying Fire,’ airs next Sunday @9pm on AMC.

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  1. Did I miss the episode where Carl took the way of the Ninja? That or the ladies need to read some Babysitting for Dummies books… This kid just keeps appearing places out of nowhere at times when he is sopposed to be locked up in the house… other then that, awesome episode!

    • Yeah, he and the ninja zombie that just popped out of nowhere in the field, surprising Dale were in the same class. ><

      • Agreed, that had to be the worst zombie attack ever…if it were Dawn of the living Dead, Zombies that’s one thing but this is Sloth of the Living dead, so no way no how does this loud uncoordinated zombie come out of no where in an empty field…it couldn’t even get to it’s feet against kleptomaniac Carl. Don’t get me started with no muscle having zombie ripping open someone like that. Guess they wanted to make statement killing.

    • Yeah, Carl is popping up all over the place. Was surprising to see him appear in the field out of nowhere but he has become more adventurous. WTH is Lori doing at the time? Also Rick ends up giving Carl a gun but has anyone bothered to teach Carl how to use it??? lol

      Carl has been exposed to Shane who either had a new strain of zombie bug or was infact slowly turning zombie (which explains why Shane maoned more than usual and became a mouth breather). Carl zombie next season?

  2. After last week’s stupid death scene I really like how they handled Shane’s death scene. It shows that Rick has changed and he will do anything to protect his family, unlike what Shane thought of him. And then Carl shooting Shane after he turned still showed how Carl is no longer a child mentally. Great execution after last weeks screw up. This is what I was talking about that if you are going to change stuff from the comics you improve upon it. Really can’t wait for the herd next week. I hope they end the season by finding the prison. ;-). And people worried about not having an antagonist there are a few at the prison for a couple of episodes and obviously the Governor the rest of next season. So geeked!

  3. HAsn’t it been confirmed that both Michonne and the Governor will show up in season 3? Also, I heard that they will get the prison, but much like the CDC, their stay at the prison will be short. Rick will tell the others that Dr. Jenner whispered to him that everyone has the virus and will turn in to a zombie. The rest of the group will say, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?” and he’ll say “I just didn’t want to believe it”.

    Hershel will stay on the farm after everyone bolts. The final scene of the finale will be Hershel watching everyone leave. He turns to look at the sunset and sees the zombies coming.

    • I think I heard from several sources that Michonne is set to make an appearance on the finale Sunday but it’s not confirmed yet by AMC. Season finale…..hmmmmm. Let’s just say it’s too good to spoil and that I think it will be the best episode since the 1st episode from season 1.

      • What was up with AMC’s announcement that “Due to its graphic nature, we can only show you one clip of next week’s episode…”

        I had to bear 10 minutes of Comic Book Men for that??!! That show is worse then watching “The English Patient.” It makes 10 minutes seem like 10 hours.

        • @victornyc
          thanks for the spoilers!!! not all of us read the comic books! what’s wrong with you? thanks for ruining next week’s episode for me! with people like you, we don’t need to watch or read, do we?

          • LOL

          • What spoilers did I give? I don’t have any spoilers to reveal. JaredDAC always knows what’s going to happen in the next episode!

            • LOL, not a spoiler. It’s news that has been out for months now as far as Michonne is concerned. This has been talked about for months. As far as the finale and being good, it’s an opinion. You decide for yourself

          • These seem more like speculations than spoilers.

      • Ok…>But if you see a post by OHMYGODITSJOHNTRAVOLTA….STOP reading immediately….

  4. This show has really picked up after the mid season mark. This past episode was perfectly delivered and will be one of those episodes that will have an after affect that haunts the cast for seasons to come. Although I knew Shane was going to die, I was totally shocked at the way the writers chose to go about it. It looks like all the pieces came together in this last episode, and as I suspected, the last episode will be about the groups escape from the zombie infested farm.

    I think that in the episode they will probably kill off the few non relevant people on Hershel’s farm but ultimately i dont think that they will kill off any other major characters..maybe Sophia’s mother b/ she really is kind of a pointless character and that would kind of put a rest to her whole Sophia story arc…personally I think that they have killed off enough people these past two episodes and would save her obvious eventual death till the next season….have her get killed in the prison, or by the governor, make her death mean something, otherwise to me she really would have been a totally useless character.

    • I think the deaths would probably be with secondary characters

      • I agree. As I’ve stated in previous posts, my wife and I actually forgot that T-Dog was a character on the show until about two episodes ago. When they showed Carol, my wife asked, “I thought she had gotten killed, no?”

  5. A friend of mine mentioned a potentially interesting aspect of TWD (that the show’s writers probably won’t explore because it’s interesting and creative, two things that they certainly are not): If everyone has the virus, what, if any, implications does that have for the baby Lori is carrying? Will the baby be born a zombie, or will it represent the cure (babies typically are immune to outside viruses or infections because they are protected by the amniotic sac and chorionic fluid it contains)?

    Another theme that it looks like they will explore is: will Carl become more like Rick or Shane as he grows up? Will he bear resentments against Rick for killing Shane?

    • That is interesting. But I think if Rick had the infection and the mother had the infection, they would pass it along to the baby. I believe that’s how the AIDS virus works.

    • As long as the baby is alive, no Zombie.

      But if it dies, Lori will likely have a miscarriage before it re-animates, but there is always a chance Lori will die from giving birth under the conditions the characters live in.

      • Actually she did die. Oops spoiler alert!

    • You are mostly right; very few things cross the barrier between mother and child. In fact, blood does not mingle between mother and child until birth. So, it is possible that the baby will be born “clean” but exposure to something that may or may not be, depending on how you are taking the hints, airborn, will likely mean the baby won’t be clean for long.

  6. So in this episode, I thought I heard Shane referred to the place where He and Rick tried to leave Randall for dead as the Prison … So is this the setting for season 3?

    • Uh….to the Prison? Yes, but I don’t think that was the Prison they were in or at least it didn’t look like one, LOL

  7. OMG, shane die, NOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Guess I missed something but I considered Shane a main character so to see him killed surprised me. I didn’t know anyone could die and turn unless they were infected by a bite or something anyway. Now he’s gone and others may follow next week. That night time scene was suspenseful, what with the walkers exiting the forest. I just wondered where the other two guys were. Looking forward to the finale.

    • I think that’s the HUGE twist…..not only is Shane dead, but it seems the Zombie disease is now spread in a different way…..that is awesome….

      • Someone on another site pointed out that Rick had stabbed a zombie guard in the head through a fence in an episode one or two before #12 … same knife he stabs Shane with. This doesn’t explain why Randall reanimated, but he DID have open wounds on his wrists from the cuffs, but that’s a long shot.

        • Does not explain why they (Shane and prisoner) did not show signs of becoming zombie like others that get infected but become zombie within a minute of death. It appears that either the farm has something in the water/air that puts something in the body which hibernates until death or the Doctor’s been up to something. Doctor was not a big fan of Shane or prisoner. It appears the farm will be over run and a new zombie mystery to be unveiled.

        • Darryl put a knife on Randells wounds in the interrogation scene…it’s possible that knife was infected.

          • Not infected but had the virus on it.

    • They’ve been hinting at this turn for a while now, most notably with the last episode with the two police zombies that Shane noted had no bites or scratches, but also with Rick’s shooting of the interlopers in the bar. He shot the first one in the head right off, but the second one the first shots were chest shots, well enough to kill on their own, but Rick took the extra step with the extra tap to the head at close range anyway. And it’s why he was still hovering over Shane’s body, waiting for it to re-animate, until Carl interrupted him. Rick has known this secret since Jenner whispered it to him at the end of season 1.

  9. Shane’s death was long overdue. If they had Carl run out into the field after Rick killed Shane, Why didn’t they just have Carl shoot Shane like he did in the book? I don’t get it. It’s about time they leave Hershel’s farm they dragged out the entire season there.

    • in order to appeal to a wider audience. Having a child shoot a character in cold blood is a bit too much to ask of a general audience. So the writers may have taken the ground that its okay for Carl to shoot zombies but not humans. So its Rick that kills Shane and Carl protect Rick from a Zombie. Much more palatable to a vanilla crowd than having Carl have to deal with shooting a person. You can only ask an audience to accept so much before it becomes too much and puts them off.

      • Really? I don’t think that a child shooting someone, particularly a person who is trying to kill their father, is all that shocking, especially in a show like “The Walking Dead.” But maybe I am just thick-skinned from too many zombie type movies and such.

        • precisely, for some of us it would be no thing, but you have to remember television is looking at a much larger cross section of viewership. While a movie aspires to be appealing to larger audiences, television is far far more ambitious in that goal. Simply because when a movie is made the money is spent and they are looking at a return on investment. Television works off the principal that they have to continually draw in the audience and grow it if they wish to keep and add to their pool of investors (read as advertisers). Without them the show is cancelled. So you have to make sure that the imagery and message that is conveyed, falls in line with the kind of viewership the “investors” want to maintain. Having kids blowing away adults willy nilly would present a bit of a pill for some of the more casual observers of this show to swallow. But if you slightly alter it to kids blowing away evil zombies hell bent on consuming their family and friends and thats just okay. Personally I am a bit surprised they have Carl with a gun in his hand at all. But hey, I think its appropriate and they have already spent a significant amount of screen time justifying it to the audience.

  10. In my opinion, Shane’s death was better than anything I could’ve imagined. I loved the landscape and despairingly hopeless mood surrounding those two men. My favorite moment in the whole episode was when Shane and Rick were walking through the dark woods together and Rick hesitates, which makes Shane stop also and look back creepily. That look they gave each other and the mood it evoked was both sad and scary. It was like they both knew mutually at that moment that they could never be close friends again, and neither of them were the men they once were. I cannot believe how emotionally satisfying Shane’s death was, between the music, Ricks crying and accusations, and just how it happened. Can’t sum it up properly. Dales death was sad and intense, but I didn’t think Shane’s death would top that. The perfect set up for the seasons climax. I’ll miss the farm. It was the Namek Saga of this series so far lol

  11. Everyone is infected, because is was always so when the out break happened or there was a mutation. OK, I can deal with that. Makes the Zombie Andrea and Darly found, hung on a tree a bit more interesting, was he bit and commited suicide or did he just commit suicide?

    What I have problems with is Randall’s zombie. If his neck was snapped so cleanly that Daryl could tell in the dark (and Daryl ain’t no doctor, mind you), how was Randall able to walk around?

    They should have found his body on the ground with the jaws flapping and eyes searching. Maybe trip over the body or something.

    • The zombie hanging in the tree left a poem: “Got bit, fever hit, world went to s***, might as well quit”

      • Thanks, forgot that until you mentioned it. What I remember is how cool/creepy seeing the zombie swinging there like a mad puppet, then Daryl saying something like “Stupid Bast-.”

  12. I wonder how Daryl feels about everyone else freely giving away his gun?

  13. So any ideas on how Randall and Shane became zombies minus a bite or scratch? I’m guess something in the water possibly…

    • I think it is just that the recently dead become zombies. It is not even that they are infected, it’s just that when a person dies they reanimate. That is the way Romero had it in his movies and I believe the way it is in the Kirkman comics.

  14. Did anyone notice how they made the zombies relevant as a threat to the farm through one line of throw away dialogue? Hershall says “The swamps drying up” and suddenly zombies are all over the place. What farm is surrounded by a swamp anyway? Why do they hear this one gunshot when in the earlier episodes folks were shooting off guns all over the place.

    Hey I am glad the zombies are showing up but I have always found the “safety” aspect of the farm to be weak at best.

    • From my understanding and earlier episodes like the highway, they move in clusters..it’s possible a cluster was moving through at the time.

      • Which kind of goes to a point I was making in earlier posts, how could the farm be so “safe” when at any time a herd of zombies might come along?

  15. Shane was infected when he repeatedly wiped his self-inflicted hand wound against the inside doorframe of the school bus between zombies’ touching it with their exposed flesh faces a couple eposodes back. Rick is almost certainly infected from the atomized blood sprays when he shot and fought off the zombies that lay on top of him in the adjacent scene. All it takes is one atomized micro droplet in his eyes or his self inflicted cut, and maybe even via mouth. They should be using long spears to kill these things instead of close up with knives. They also shouldn’t be burning fires producing smoke (day or night) that can be seen by walkers or the nearby human gang.

    • “All it takes is one atomized micro droplet in his eyes or his self inflicted cut, and maybe even via mouth.”

      No offense Mike, but says who?

  16. Remember Merle is still out there somewhere! and extremely pissed off. Hell id be as well with one hand :(

    • My posting should read ‘oN his self inflicted cut’.
      Obviously getting zombie blood onto your cut/bloodstream is going to infect you. It would only take a very small amount.

      • Not necessarily. The HIV virus is so fragile that it is usually killed by exposure to air or salvia. Perhaps the zombie virus is that way. I think it is just like in the Romero movies a bite can kill you, but there is something reanimating all of the recently dead regardless of how they died.

        • read the comics and books if you want to know how and why.

  17. OK I love the series, but am I the only one that the ending of this episode was lame?!
    I read some other comments pointing out some things that I totally agree with, such as: What is going on with Carl?! Is this kid a Ninja or what?!

    I loved Rick and Shane´s last scene but to me it was totally ruined by Carl appearing out of nowhere…
    Through what it looked like, the group went deep into the woods and Shane was driving Rick to a distant place to kill him there. And this kid appears right there, so what, he just crossed the woods alone without a flashlight, no walker got into his way or anything.
    And, in one second this kid learned how to shoot a moving target with another person standing in his way?! That was just awful… A couple of days before the kid couldn´t even shoot the walker trapped in the mud at close range, and the next day he is Billy the Kid… And then because of one single gunshot all the walkers that were around got crazy, when at the beginning of this season we had the barn shooting frenzy and nothing happened…

    So I have mixed feelings about how things turned out, but I hope the Finale is amazing cause, as I said, I love this series!!!

    • Actually I was thinking much the same thing and agree with most of your points. Shane and Rick are walking through the woods for all that time and Carl just happens along? Sure looked like he was aiming at, not past, Rick. What happened to the farm being safe (although I never bought that line of reasoning.) Yeah they been shooting guns and had the zombie-barn shootfest and no walkers came around and now…here they are.

      That being said, I love the show and was just willing to let most of it go. These last few episodes have been really good overall and exciting things are finally happening.

      • Well, regarding the farm safety I never fully bought that either, but I didn´t have a big problem about it, until now comparing the shooting in the barn with this one single gunshot…
        Anyways, I´m tired of this kid sneaking around and appearing anywhere like that… Before we had Lori preaching Andrea about women and men roles in this post-apocalypse world, but she can´t even control one kid!?

        Waiting for the Finale!!! I hope it´s great!!!

        • Good point, I guess Lori’s lecture to Andrea on “women’s” roles did not include child care.

      • My thoughts are they walked far away from the farm, and a cluster just happened to be in the area roaming like they do. As for Carl, i agree, if he were my kid no way no how would he leave my sight, Lori needs super nanny.

    • Regarding Carl appearing out of nowhere. I was under the impression (from previous scenes in the episode when Carl was looking into the field and the edge of the forest with his binoculars from the upper room) that Rick and Shane actually came out from the forest back to the field surrounding the farm (there is a fence visible in a distance). So my conclusion was that Carl spotted them while looking through binoculars and went out when he recognized his dad and Shane. But before he got there, Rick already killed Shane. This is how I saw it. But yes, I do agree, with all the safety measures, he always manages to find himself outside alone without Lori (and Rick) even noticing.

    • IF you watch the last episode again, they briefly show Carl looking out an upstairs window with some binoculars and then they move on the the scene in the woods with Daryl and Glen. Carl was specifically looking out into the same field that Rick and Shane had their final scene.

      I don’t know if anyone one else thought of this but, they are really going to miss Shane when all of the walkers show up at the farm. Shane was nevertheless useful to the group in regards to keeping them safe. This is why the show is so good. Every decision they make can have its ups and downs. I think everybody is infected but the virus remains dormant until they die. I need to start reading the comics because the wait for season 3 is unbearable! lol

      Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

      • ‘I think everybody is infected but the virus remains dormant until they die’

        - If that is the case, then the two men that rick kills in the pub where Hershel is found drinking…. why dont they turn into zombies?

        • I believe what he means is, that everyone on that farm is infected. They have been drinking the same water and eating the same food.

        • @ Zeesh: The guys in the bar were shot in the head/brain by Rick hence why they didn’t reanimate as zombies.

        • also re-animation takes any wheres from a few minutes to 8 hours as per the CDC episode. So if either of the two guys had not been shot in the head, does not mean they would be up and walking again until after Rick and company had left the bar.

        • the reason they dident turn into zombies is because if you remember rick shot the skinny guy in the face and the fata$$ a few times in his gut and like 3 in his forehead so that would enable them to not turn into zombies

          • What I am wondering is if Rick knew about every dead person reanimating? Is that what was whispered to him at the CDC? If so, why did he keep it a secret and not tell anyone else about it?

            • There could be a few motivating factors as why Rick didn’t tell the group. One is personal disbelief and blind hope that it wasn’t true. Another is with Rick trying to keep the group safe and together, he could be afraid that if the rest of the group knew, they might fall apart.

              Hopefully someone in the group will question Rick about it if he mentions that is what Dr. Jenner told him at the CDC.

      • “Shane was nevertheless useful to the group in regards to keeping them safe.”

        I disagree, Shane was useful to the group in he would kill a lot of zombies/walkers quickly and efficiently, but he would have easily sacrificed the group if he thought it was best. Rick is good at taking out walkers also, therefore protecting the group and Shane was willing to kill Rick for personal reasons.

        • I agree, hey Rick is good at killing zombies, Daryl is good at killing zombies, Glen and Andera are getting good at killing zombies (even Lori is getting the hang of killing zombies) and none of them (unlike Shane) is an irresponsible, sociopathic murderer. I’ll take the trade of getting rid of the unstable psycho but losing his “zombie killing” talents.

          Shane’s whole deal wasn’t about “keeping the group safe” it was about wanting another man’s wife. The whole safety thing was just his rationalization as to why it was okay to murder his best friend.

          Shane was a lowlife who turned psychotic and deserved to die. The only thing better would have been for him to be turned into a zombie buffet like Captain Rhodes in the original Day of the Dead (1985). Watching Shane die screaming for his evil deeds would have been appropriate (wow does wanting to see mean that I am turning into an evil psycho? I hope I don’t suddenly get the urge to have sex with my best friend’s wife and then try to murder him.)

    • Well if you remember earlier in the episode Carl was looking out one of the windows of the house using binoculars. Shane and Rick were walking out of the woods. When Carl appears the house is behind him so I don’t know he was so much as following Rick and Shane as having seen them in the field from the house. In the preview, after Carl shoots zombie Shane and he’s walking back toward the house with Rick, Lori comes out screaming for him. They turn to see the walkers coming out of the woods. That was a lucky shot though.

  18. How did shane turn into a zombie?????

    • nevermind dumb question

    • he turned into a zombie because of a virus that they all hold wether it was from the water or airborn or mabey as stated in a earlyer comment shane got it from in a earlyer episode when he had open wounds on his hands when he was keeping the zombies out of the bus with all the zombies salyva and blood seeping through the seems of the door getting into his wounds enabling him to get a virus or when randall turned instantly when his neck was snapped because when derral was slitting randalls wrists when he was interogating him derral used the same knife rick used the shank the po po guard through the fence in a earlyer episode anyways i guess the virus lay’s dorment in the body until dead and that is my theory on how shane and randall instantly turned ino zombies thanks lol

      • Interesting theory but actually I am pretty sure Rick used a folding knife on the guard and Daryl used his belt knife on Randall.

        I think it is simpler than that, when you die you reanimate as a zombie, like in the Romero films. You don’t have to be bitten or infected or anything else, being dead is all it takes.

        The idea of if “everybody already infected” or not is really just a question of semantics. When you die, unless your brian is destroyed, you come back.

        Actually I am pretty sure Rick used a folding knife on the guard and Daryl used his belt knife on Randall.

  19. What a great episode I’m glad that Shane is finally dead and Rick finally stepped up to the plate to get it done. Along with Carl, who totally redeemed himself this week. I do have a question as I didn’t read the walking dead books, is Michonne an antagonist or a protagonist? I hope it’s the latter because I’d love to see a badass sword wielding chick join Rick and the gang

  20. Point 1: Carl was shown looking out a window before he appeared in the field with Rick. That’s how (I thought) he was able to get out of the house. (Via unsecure window).

    Point 2: The farm was “safe” because the walkers were getting trapped in the mud surrounding the farm, and therefore could not get to the farm. (Otis used to gather them and put them in the barn. Hershel gets Rick to help him gather 2 stuck walkers in 207, and Carl just encountered one in 211).

    Point 3: Now that the swamp is drying up (as Hershel stated) the walkers are able to get to the farm.

  21. Your points are well taken, however how did Shane and Rick end up in the open field so close to the farm and Carl when they were walking through the woods? I am okay with it, it just seems pretty damn convenient for them to come out there and have Carl walk up.

    What farm is “surrounded by a swamp”? I grew up in farm country and have spent a fair amount of time in swamps and I have never seen that.

    The occasional random walker would get caught in the mud. We got more than the occasional random walker coming up now. It is a herd, what I have been saying all along they should be worried about (I was told by a number of other posters that the “remoteness” of the farm made it safe.)

    I mentioned earlier that they used one line of throw away dialouge to make the farm unsafe when, as you point out, Hershel says “the swamp is drying up.” Once again, pretty convenient plot device to make the walkers a threat when for weeks everyone has been walking around as if there is no threat.

    I love the show but sometimes they tax my patience with the “convenient” events.

    • In Georgia, everything is surrounded by swamp. lol

      While the safety of farm might have been “convenient” it’s not implausible. The survivors found a safe haven for a while, but now it is no longer safe. They’re finding that there are fewer “safe” places to be. Even the places that hadn’t yet been over-run.

      The series so far only takes place over a few months. (From when Rick is shot ’til now). It’s not hard to think that there are places without complete zombie dominance. But as time goes on, and zombies spread, that number dwindles.

    • As far as Rick and Shane in the field goes; I think that was just them returning to the farm, and Shane realizing that Rick knew he was lying and this was his last chance to kill him before he told the group about Shane. Shane probably put it off as long as he could because he was still struggling with the thought of murdering his best friend. (Seeing as he didn’t just shoot him when Rick turned around and started talking)

  22. I just hate they stole the great charcter arc from carl that was in the graphic novel, having him kill shane not zombie shane. Also has no one on this reading the reviews read the graphic novels? A lot of the very off the wall suggestions of what they think will happen would be answered by picking up the source material which blows the show out the water. I honestly would love for them to get closer to the novels and stop making it more drawn out and dramtic, the material stands out on its own no need for your creative spin.

  23. I am familiar with, but not a regular reader of the Walking Dead comics. I think a lot of people commenting here have not read the comics. It is my understanding that the television series is not supposed to be an actually rendering of the comic series, but rather a stand alone variation of the same basic material. I can understand your frustration though, usually if I am a fan of a book I am terribly disappointed in the screen adaption of the material.

  24. Random thoughts as I watched:
    –Review sequence was heartbreaking to be reminded of Dale’s angst in the last episode about the group’s decision to kill Randall.
    –T-Dog on the truck in the opening sequence, and shown during Dale’s eulogy? Maybe he’ll have a role on the show now?
    –Chilling eulogy. “From now on, we’re going to do it his way. That is how we honor Dale.” This voice over occurs at the same time we see the group butchering a group of walkers, which it appears they set out specifically to find. (Nope.)
    –The cinematography of the opening scene with Shane’s group driving the truck was beautiful. Haunting, effective music.
    –Rick extolls Dale’s honesty. Rare and brave. He saw people as they really are. Rick wants to honor Dale by unbreaking the group. Don’t feel sorry for themselves, take control of their lives, safety, and future, and prove Dale wrong.
    –I’m slightly confused by the hustle and bustle to circle the wagons at the farm. Strategically setting up the cars, putting T-Dog and Daryl on double-duty checking the perimeter, etc. Is this solely because one walker came near the edge of the property and killed Dale? Or is this because Rick’s group is simply shifting its previous security practices from its camp over to the house now that Hershel is letting them move in?
    –Love how Rick casually throws in his decision about Randall. Shane’ll set up shifts for patrols, and oh-by-the-way Daryl and Rick will take Randall offsite and cut him loose.
    –Rick summed up Shane perfectly: “he’s not a bad guy, he’s just his own worst enemy.”
    –Interesting that Rick and Hershel are wielding their authority so blatantly, and that Rick turns to Andrea for help keeping Shane muzzled when Rick’s off the farm. Wonder how that’ll turn out.
    –First voice of reason about Carl comes from Shane? “What are you doing out wandering around by yourself?” About time an adult asked that question. FFS.
    –WTF? Shane tries to force the gun on Carl? Carl at least recognized he shouldn’t have one, and tried to get rid of it. But Shane tells him that not having a gun isn’t an option? Is this an NRA commercial? He’s, like, 10.
    –OK, Glenn’s wussiness related to Maggie is getting old.
    –Love T-Dog’s winning remark about Hershel’s bed while Lori objects to Hershel giving it up for her: “If you two can’t decide, I’ll take it.” With a smirk.
    –Suckerpunch. “I don’t even know whose baby this is.”
    –I don’t understand Lori’s motivation for this honest conversation with Shane. It’s ostensibly because of her grief over Dale’s death and why she thinks the effects of it are different than Sophia’s death. But it seems like a false link. After she lit into Shane a couple of weeks ago, denied any feelings for him, told him the two of them were a mistake, told Rick he was dangerous, and steadfastly stood by Rick in the Randall matter, Dale’s death doesn’t seem like a real reason to revisit her emotional connection with Shane and admit a bunch of stuff that she’s been denying all along. Is she so dense that she wouldn’t see this tender, honest, touching conversation as something that could easily re-spark Shane’s delusions?
    –Famous last words? “We may lose the light, but…we’ll be halfway home by then.”
    –Rick’s response to Shane’s suggestion that Shane take care of Randall with Daryl so rick can stay behind and deal with Carl – priceless. “Naaaaaaah, I need ya here.” Meaning, “naaaaaah, because you’ll shoot the f***** before the engine finishes turning over.”
    –I like that Shane suggests Rick deal with Carl’s guilt over freeing the walker that killed Dale rather than leaving it to Lori. But I don’t think he needed to insist Rick take care of it that second, or that Rick’s decision to take care of Randall would be in place of talking to Carl. Take care of Randall, and talk to Carl upon his return. Boom. Done.
    –Harsh. “Freeing that prisoner is more important to you than Carl.” Shane chooses the low blow, and he knows it’s not true. He knows how to push button.
    –Glenn and Andrea trying to replace Dale’s auto expertise. Awwww.
    –I swore that a walker was going to bust out of the camper radiator grill.
    –Awww, Glenn is heartbroken over Dale. “I let him down.” That’s an awful feeling.
    –Why do I have a feeling that getting the camper up and running was this happy little group’s last win?
    –I like the camera angle they took with Rick and Carl’s heart-to-heart in the barn. It felt like we were eavesdropping on something intimate.
    –I’m questioning Rick’s judgment in giving Carl a gun. I understand it’s a different world, with a new reality and drastic measures. I can see the arguments on both sides for giving a 10-11-yo kid a semi-automatic weapon. But I haven’t seen Carl do anything that’d justify choosing him to be that specific kid.
    –Gory, gooey, juicy sound effects for Randall’s bloody wrists slowly coming free of the handcuffs.
    –Did Shane not hurt Randall after seeing his bloody wrists because he wants Randall to free himself during the drive and hurt Rick or Daryl?
    –Nope, Shane stole Randall. WTF.
    –Whoa, Shane is making Randall take him to his camp?
    –Whoa, Shane did something juicy and presumably fatal to Randall?
    –Whoa, Shane’s going batshit crazy and beat himself up on a tree?
    –Ok, maybe that last part wasn’t crazy, but made it look like Randall beat him. And he lied to Randall about saving him in order to find out more about his camp.
    –Daryl doesn’t believe Shane. I love Daryl.
    –I still don’t know what Shane did with Randall. Did he kill him, so this search is really meaningless? Or did he let him go so that the group finds him wandering around? But without Shane’s gun, which he allegedly has. Or did he leave him passed out, for the group to find him and finally agree to kill him?
    –Love Glenn. Rick: “He’s hobbled and exhausted.” Glenn: “And armed.”
    –I thought Shane’s crazy-ass behavior was related to the cops from a few episodes ago who’d apparently succumbed from walker scratches, rather than from bites alone. I thought maybe humans turned into walkers from scratches more slowly than from biting, and that madness accompanied it.
    –The lighting for the search in the woods is intense.
    –This is a really creepy search if they’re truly searching for someone who’s not armed or dead.
    –Dammit, the Glenn/Daryl search scene in the woods is terrifying.
    –Randall is a walker. Shane somehow made Randall a walker.
    –Do you become a carrier when you’re scratched?
    –Randall died from the broken neck, yet still turned into a walker. Hmmmm.
    –Rick’s giving Shane the third degree. And Shane’s not doing too well.
    –I honestly didn’t see this coming. Shane tricking Rick into a field alone so he could kill Rick. I didn’t think Shane had much pre-meditated planning ability right now. He seemed to’ve turned into instinct-on-a-stick.
    –Rick ostentatiously puts away his gun as he’s questioning Shane on his intent to kill Rick. Shane’s going to force Rick into an awful decision. Kill or be killed. But Shane’s lost it.
    –What did I miss about Shane’s gun? I thought he buried it. And now he has it again.
    –Rather than asking “why?” of Shane, why isn’t Rick, oh, I don’t know, taking out his gun? Shane’s got him in his crosshairs, and Rick’s ignoring his gun and talking? At this point?
    –Oh, I get it. Shane’s committing suicide. Saying he’s a better father, husband, and man than Rick. Basically begging Rick to shoot him.
    –Or not.
    –Damn, this scene between Rick and Shane is tense.
    –Crikey, Rick did it. I’d say he was provoked.
    –I don’t think Rick will be able to live with himself, as he predicted Shane wouldn’t. He’s destroyed. That was a great scene.
    –Oh, crap, Shane has some walker infection.
    –Holy sloppy writing. How is it that Carl happens upon Rick and Shane? With everyone hunkering down in the house, how did he get out…again? Why was no one watching him…again? And how would he find Rick and Shane’s field?
    –Wow, so there’s something that happens when someone is scratched. Like they’re a carrier and turn into a walker when they die? What scratched Randall? At the bus depot? His impaled leg? The handcuffs?
    –What were we supposed to think roused all the walkers in the area near Rick, Shane, and Carl? Was it the gunshot? Seemed to happy too quickly.
    –I’m confused about the opening sequence. When was the scene with Shane, Andrea, T-Dog, and Daryl in the truck supposed to occur? Right after Dale’s death, but before his eulogy? I assumed it was what happened at the end of the episode, and we were getting a preview. But Shane was in those opening scenes, so it truly happened early on. I just re-watched the opening sequence, and now those brutal beatings of the walkers look cathartic and vengeful in light of Dale’s death. I thought they were brutal because of whatever would happen in the rest of the episode.
    –It’s possible that Shane’s death at Rick’s hand will un-break the group, while initially making it a little more broken, perhaps.

    • 1. Shane took T-Dog’s gun.
      2. This wasn’t in the show but maybe Carl told his mom he was going to take a bath and snuck out? Idk that’s just one situation that could of occurred. It isn’t sloppy writing, I just don’t think everything has to be spelled out for the audience. Cool post btw.

  25. Great fluid review as it happened.

    “–Randall died from the broken neck, yet still turned into a walker. Hmmmm.”

    I totally agree. That was a WTF? moment for me. They say good science fiction writing you can break one, maybe two rules of physics, but if you break more it becomes too much like bad pulp.

    In the Walking Dead we have accepted that the dead will walk again and want to eat the flesh of the living. We don’t know exactly how or why, but there is something that re-animtes the dead. We know the lower functions of the brain return, but the higher functions don’t, at least not on a conscious, controlled level. But a being that has it’s neck snapped cleanly can still use its limbs? Sloppy writing.

    I felt the Walker bash took place before the eulogy. As some prepared Dale and dug the grave, the others went to figure where the Walker came from and “fix the hole” hence the checking the fence.

    • I am not so sure about the whole “broken neck” thing? We have also seen walkers that were nothing more than a chewed up torso and heads and arms that were crawling around. I am not a medical doctor but I do not believe a broken neck causing death necessarily equates to quadriplegia. Any medical people out there?

      • if his neck was snapped with enough force to kill him that would mean he would’ve had to sever his spine resulting in quadriplegia. So he should’ve just been able to barely move his head around

      • It’s best not to try and rationalize the biology of a zombie infection. It will never make sense. A broken neck will sever the spinal cord, which means, even if the brain is intact, you won’t get neural innervation to the muscles and thus, the person/zombie would be paralyzed.

        Of course, there are those that argue that zombie reanimation completely changes the physiology and mechanisms of the body, but then you would have to question why decapitation would stop them at all.. So, I say, forget trying to make sense of it all. It’s science fiction. Enjoy the ride.

        • “The neck area of the spine is referred to as the cervical area. Cervical vertebrae (neck bones) are the top 7 bones in the spinal column. These top 7 bones form the top part of our “backbone” and they also serve to protect the spinal cord from injury. If the vertebrae are broken or severely dislocated, but the spinal cord is unharmed, then no neurological problems result. If the spinal cord is bruised or partially damaged due to swelling or laceration, then quadriplegia or other neurological problems may occur.”


          It would seem that if it is enough to kill you, then you would also be paralized. I have to agree with you, however,that it is science-fiction horror and really questioning it too hard is not the best idea (as you say enjoy the ride.)

          Heck if you really want to get nit-picky it is not all that easy to break someone’e neck. In the movies a person just reaches out and snaps someone’s neck as if they are breaking a twig or pretzel when in realtiy the neck is much harder to break. Maybe Shane strangled him and broke the vertebrae without severing the spinal cord (although he would have had to do it very quickly.) But hey, I am just here for the ride!

          • As a doctor (ER Medicine), I have to agree. The zombies depicted here and in Romero’s Dead movies are not medically possible. I’ve said this before – in order to function, the brain needs oxygen, and in order to get oxygen, there has to be a working circulatory system. Also, the brain stem does not control basic instincts, as has been said in the show, rather, it’s where the central nervous system is located.

            That being said, however, I would say ignore the medical stuff and just go with the flow. You can’t have a show called “The Walking Dead,” without, well, dead people walking around.

            • Thanks Doc! See guys we know have the medical seal of approval just to enjoy the show. I feel very relieved, pass the popcorn, please.

  26. To all the wonderful medics and doctors that love to comment on how zombies are scientifically impossible and somehow watch these movies and then have the audacity to complain about its realism. I have this to say… Its a movie people. A piece of fiction. In fiction there is no such thing as impossible. Plus the writer has no duty to explain their fiction to you. You either accept it or you dont. If you dont, then move on and find something else more palatable.

    Now with that being said. Oxygen has to be moving in the blood stream to maintain movement, mobility, and metabolism right? How is this done? Heart pumps blood and that blood has a component called the red blood cell that carries oxygen to the various locales in the body that then gets used as a fuel of sorts to keep things running am I right? Now… play along please… what if… and this is a huge what if… that process gets replaced by a semi-sentient microscopic living organism? Instead of just red blood cells in the body, there is a symbiotic parasite that can do the same job as them once they are compromised. But since its not native to the host, its clearly not as efficient or as necessarily wide spread as red blood cells which allows the host to regain very rudimentary motor control with no higher brain functions than basic instincts.

    This proposed theory does not explain everything but hey its a start. While there is no known parallel to real life with something like this, the idea of microscopic symbiotic life is not all that unnatural or unheard of. In fact its quite common. Point is though that with enough imagination and out side the box thinking, anything in the movies and television is possible. More over… the big question you need to ask yourself is… are you entertained? If so then what does it matter why and how. Just accept it and pass the damn popcorn.

    • Okay Pete, I’ll buy that, now quit hogging the popcorn and pass it back over here!

  27. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, which I’m sure some of you had, but how did Rick and Shane walk deep into the swamp/woods, end up on a hill where they had a heart to heart, then a stabbing and then next thing you see if them being close to the farm where Carl shoots Shane in the head.

    Can someone explain this?

    • Yeah that was strange, it was as if they walked in a big circle and came out right near the farm, which isn’t exactly the best place to commit a murder.

      On another note, I hope the zombie herd coming to the farm just finished eating Randall’s group.

    • That confused me to, as the first watching was with lights on, therefore couldn’t see much on the screen at that time. I thought they had been deep in the woods and Carl just finds them and i went WTF?

      Watched the episode again in the dark and then could easily see the house in the background, so decided Rick and Shane must have been headed back to the farm house.

  28. so happy Shane is dead !

    • Yep, killing Shane was so nice, that they decided to do it twice! (thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitresses)

  29. I think most people are missing the point of the infection. I think Jenner told Rick were all carrying the virus and on death or being bitten enables the re-animation. That’s why Rick has been purposely shooting the recently dead in the head. I think the name “Walking Dead” is applicable to the living, your alive but as you have the virus your condemned to being a zombie on death. This would be the reason why the virus had such an impact on the human population. Loving the story I might get the comics to complement the program.