‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 12: ‘Better Angels’

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Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Better Angels The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels

(This recap contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode ‘Better Angels. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the episode yet.) 

Early on in ‘Better Angels,’ it looked like the untimely death of Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) had instilled in The Walking Dead survivors a sense of kinship that had been overshadowed by the constant internal squabbling, which plagued them more relentlessly than a group of walkers. With Lori apologizing to Shane and Hershel inviting his guests to share the house with the family, it seemed like there was an organized effort to not let the group’s proverbial moral center be buried with Dale.

Rick’s eulogy for Dale is inter-cut with scenes of Shane (Jon Bernthal), Andrea (Laurie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) all working out their various feelings and frustrations on a group of walkers that had managed to find their way onto the relatively zombie-less grounds of Hershel’s farm.

Afterward, with the group together, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) shares his plan for he and Daryl to ditch Randall (Michael Zegen) about an hour away from the farm. Shane and Rick have another terse conversation regarding the decision to let Randall live, but after the talk the two had at the end of ‘18 Miles Out,’ Rick feels confident that Shane is more or less onboard with whatever decision he makes.

Later, Carl (Chandler Riggs) visits Shane to unburden himself of both Daryl’s handgun and his feelings of responsibility for Dale’s death. Partially reassured, Carl leaves the handgun with Shane, expressing a desire to never touch a gun again in his life.

Making a bizarre 180-degree turn from her Lady Macbeth-like urging of Rick to kill his partner, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), inadvertently antagonizes Shane with a short speech that was likely meant to sound like a thank you, but instead more closely resembles a goodbye. She leaves Shane heartbroken and on the verge of a psychotic break.

Before Rick and Daryl head out with Randall, Shane stops by to discuss what Carl had been up to and to deliver the stolen handgun, urging Rick to speak with his son about his actions. The whole thing once more devolves into Rick and Shane arguing over who gets to tell the other what to do, and proves that the relationship between the two men is without a doubt fractured beyond repair.

Rick does heed Shane’s advice, though, and has a surprisingly frank conversation with his son that begins with an apology for Carl’s childhood being ostensibly lost, but ends with the demand that the boy stow his childish behavior, because the world is just waiting to claim the lives of everyone he knows and loves. Rick concludes the talk by giving the boy Daryl’s stolen handgun once more, and urges Carl to keep his wits about him and to use the gun to protect himself and the others should the need arise.

Meanwhile, Shane pays Randall a visit and while he works through some pretty severe mental issues, comes to see the bloody evidence that the young man was trying to slip his cuffs. This apparently spurs Shane’s imagination, so he takes the prisoner into the woods and frees him under the pretense of wanting to join the group Randall is traveling with. We learn the group is much closer than previously thought and is as prone to violence and atrocity as the survivors had already feared.

But Shane has no intention of traveling any further than behind a tree to snap Randall’s neck. You have to admire Shane’s willingness to sell the lie that Randall accosted him by smashing his face into a tree trunk to break his own nose. Bloodied and dazed, Shane returns to the farm to find everyone already aware of Randall’s disappearing act, and he works quickly to mobilize a small team of Rick, Daryl, Glenn (Steven Yuen) and himself to track down the escapee in the day’s fading light.

The search continues well after dark, which leads to Daryl and Glenn stumbling upon a zombified Randall. After a brief scuffle, Glenn bludgeons Randall, and the two notice that although his neck is broken there are no clear signs of zombie infection – leading the two to question how that could possibly be.

Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead Better Angels The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels

Elsewhere, despite the inevitability and unfortunate spoiling of it, the confrontation between Rick and Shane still proves to be pretty tense – mainly because Glen Mazzara and Co. managed to have the situation play out slightly different than many had expected.

After holstering his weapon, Rick turns to face his would-be murderer and attempts to appeal to Shane’s sense of right and wrong, and assures him that whatever he had planned, nothing undoable has yet transpired. Despite the assertions that he is more fit to be husband and father to Lori and Carl, Shane seems willing to listen as Rick calmly closes the gap between them and gestures to hand over his sidearm. As Shane reaches for the gun, Rick plunges a knife into Shane’s chest, lamenting how Shane forced him to take this action.

Sitting next to his partner’s corpse, Rick is confronted by Carl, who brandishes the handgun his father had given him earlier – and for a split second the audience is left to think that Rick truly has the worst family in the history of television. All that is put aside, however, as Carl fires a single shot over his father’s shoulder, putting a zombified Shane down once more; at long last ending Shane’s emotionally taxing and harrowing journey with the Grimes clan.

‘Better Angels’ ends with the promise of more trouble ahead, as a large cluster of walkers make their way over a hill toward Hershel’s farm.


The season finale of The Walking Dead, ‘Beside the Dying Fire,’ airs next Sunday @9pm on AMC.

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  1. What an episode…

    I didn’t know whether to cheer or cry!

    • I can’t believe Shane is dead. WTS! He was the only one who could survive in that place. Rick always leads them into harms way. You can’t have a heart in a place like that. Shanes the man

      • None of that is true.

      • Shane devolved into a sociopath.

  2. Only wished Shane’s death was more brutal but overall enjoyed the ep, and hope that Maggie will not be killed off.

  3. Carl has some pretty good aim for a kid that has never shot a gun. But it’s too bad Shane had to die. I know it was bound to happen, but he was by far the most compelling character on the show. He was the only one that really pushed any type of story along

    • Episode 6, Carl went with the group for gun training just a reminder.

  4. This was a great episode, primarily of course because of the demise of Shane. I was just telling someone no way they can kill him off, not yet, because you need a character like him to liven things up; and now he’s gone, will be interesting to see how the series fares without him.
    Aside from Shane, the next big “Wow!” from this episode was the whole “becoming a walker without getting bit” revelation. Could this be what the scientist whispered to Rick in the season 1 finale? Looking forward to next week, should be another doozy. In the meantime, thanks for the memories, Shane, you were one badass dude that added so much to this outstanding series.

  5. I want to know what’s turning the dead to walkers, they are going to leave it for next season. Damn I can’t wait for the next episode, last one of the season too.

    • I think that’s the big secret that Dr. Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear at the end of season 1. I think the season finale will, in part, be about the rest of the group being mad at Rick for not telling them that, and Rick saying that he didn’t want to believe it.

      Anyway, I’m excited that they’re finally going to leave the farm. I think it will stay true to the comic, that Hershel will stay behind (they already showed him saying that in the preview so it’s not a spoiler) while everyone leaves. My guess is that the next stop will be the Governor.

      Still, however, the group’s time of the farm is pretty much the same story as their time at the CDC – it was a safehaven, but not for very long. Maybe they can add another interesting twist to this one.

      • I believe the comics state that Jenner told Rick everyone is a carrier and will turn if they die of anything other than brain trauma. I did not read them, so I don’t know for sure, although that is a pretty common opinion.

    • I wouldn’t get your hopes up on the “why” issue. Kirkman believes (I gotta agree with him) that it doesn’t matter what caused it.

  6. Another poster theorized about the infection already having been spread, and now it’s official. That means that this situation is pretty much dismal since as long as people keep dying, Walkers will keep coming. Shane finally died, even though from what I can tell they altered it a bit, but he had finally gone over the edge and had to go one way or another. Also looks like this season on the farm is over, so people who have not been fans of the setting can now get their wish.

    • I agree. Shane becoming a zombie reminds me of the ominous statement Dr. Jenner gave to Rick (after Rick tells him that he’s grateful), “The time will come when you won’t be.”

      Dr. Jenner, when referring to the infection, also seemed to say with a certain finality that “This is our extinction event.”

  7. Great episode. I didn’t really want Shane to die. He had the right idea at times he was just a bit too hard with his executions. Shane;’s death was spoiled for me. Unfortunately I read that in the book version Carl kills Shane, but I am glad that the show surprised us and had Rick kill him. That was good. The shot of Rick and Shane standing in the dark on the middle of the field was great. Gonna be a long wait till October after next episode. I am also one of the people who is tired of people asking “where is Merle or Morgan?”, I’m pretty sure that the producers and writers haven’t forgotten they existed so just let the show happen.

  8. Ohh man this ep was amazing first shane going crazy then rick killing shane then carl shooting a zombified shane in head!! Man cant wait till finale. I just hope that they dont kill off glen daryl and maggie and only bad thing is its gonna be such a long wait till next season!!!!! Aaa!!!

  9. A great episode from begginning to end. Although I saw Shane’s death coming, the way it was played was great and the tension between him and Rick felt real.

    The only other question now seems to be how exactly are they turning into walkers without getting bit, as some people have suggested it might have to do with some type of bacterial infection. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • From what I can tell the zombies in the Walking Dead are like the zombies in Romero’s movies. The best I can tell from what I have seen on the show is that whatever causes them to rise from the dead lives in the nervous system, that’s why shooting them in the head kills them…again. Destroy the brain = damages the nervous system beyond repair. Though really its only an educated guess.

      • that is what i am thinking also about the zombies that have no bites kinda like Romero’s zombies but i am wondering though if the reason for the zombie outbreak has suddenly changed from biting to people to evolving into something that would bring back the dead without no bites which would be intersting to some degree thus having it mutate like that…just random thoughts

        • In the Romero universe those who have “recently died” come back as the “living dead.” It is the way he envisioned the whole zombie thing. Everyone who dies after the zombie outbreak becomes a zombie unless their brain is destroyed. Bites can kill you but they don’t cause reanimation. It makes things a bit tricky when people die of natural causes.

  10. Make that a freaking HUGE cluster of zombies make their way over a hill .

  11. Great episode. More shocking to me than Shane’s demise was that Glen STILL can’t just accept his fate and claim his place in the bed of Maggie..I tell ya after THIS season i could use the year off from seeing this idiot keep mucking up with this gorgeous girl. Can you tell i have no integrity?

  12. that was a very. stupid. episode.

    • I geuss your aloud to your opinion

      • So far I think this was the best episode of the season. It’s really starting to pick up which is great

  13. That episode was in fact one of the best for the fact that Carl the son still saves his fathers (Ricks) life by killing Shane. This happens very early on in the graphic novels and it’s a delight to see that the writers put more on Rick’s shoulders to kill his best friend and save everyone else, as well as grow Carl into a stronger young boy being thrown into becoming an adult by killing the zombie Shane. The lead up to season three is the zombies over the hill – and if you dunno what is suppose to happen in the graphics, you will notice that the writers had to make up for what they did to Dale, and thus, gave the fans some fandom squees. Season 3 better come quick!

  14. anyone knows fromt the book or comic series (dont know exactly which it is actually based on) why are they turning into zombies without being bitten. i’m pretty sure that the answer would appear to be a cliche and will ruin the excitment the series have brought so far. if it is some kind of a bacteria it wold be so trivial but also would make the division on living and zombies more vague and thus makes all this fight pointless beacause the living are zombies a;ready. it makes becoming zombie just a matter of time. in my opinion it is a ery bad idea and makes all this so far exciting story from now on really meaningless. i know that i should be patient and wait for next seeason but if the solution is so stupid than i dont want to watch.

    • Well, the title ” The Walking Dead ” refers to the SURVIVORS, not the zombies

    • Why? Knowing that you’ll end up a zombie makes everything meaningless? Did you think that nobody in the cast would ever die without a bite? The point isn’t to not get bit, the point is to live, to survive.

      This doesn’t change anything, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for an explanation. Not only does it not matter but there’s no reason for the cast to have that information nor anything they could do about it if they did have the information.

      And yes, as Cranium7 points out, the survivors are “The Walking Dead”.

      • I would say probably in the season finale Rick might finally spill as to what Jenner said.
        Possible Spoiler
        Maybe that everyone is infected and death triggers the virus or something

  15. Great episode and even though I knew shane would eventualy die. I was expecting it would happen in the season finale. The loss of Dale made it seem like everyone was putting their differances aside and trying to work together as a group. Shane telling Randall that he wanted to join with his group was like I figured. Wait for the right moment and snap the kids neck. He made it seem like Randall got the drop on him before heading back and making up a story to put his plans into motion. Shane Breaking his nose on the tree showed what lengths he was willing to go in order to lure Rick away in an attempt to finally kill him. Trying to eliminate Rick and take over as leader didn’t go quite so well for shane. Even after Rick uncovered Shane’s plot he still gave his old friend one last chance. In the end Rick had no choice but to take down his old friend as shane refused to return with him to the farm. Then finally while trying to come to terms after killing his friend Rick is surprised by Carl asking what happened to Shane. Then finally Carl killing shane for a second and final time the sound of the gunshot attracking a herd of walkers which we will see in the season finale. I can’t wait till next Sunday then we’ll have to wait till season 3 starts which will have 16 episodes.

    • i doubt it has been named yet but does anyone know when season 3 will be starting? i am assuming not till mid to end of summer but i could be wrong. I loved the episode i think andrew lincoln gave his best performance of all season 1 and 2. But he will never be as good as darryl he is the s*** haha.

      • Probably not until October again like they did the past two seasons. They like to kick off AMC’s Halloween schedule with the shows premiere

        • I think October 28th is usually when it starts but I don’t know as I don’t think it’s been confirmed yet

      • I heard October because they want the show to be in full throttle during halloween

  16. Oh my gosh, what was with all the zombie hate crimes??! Takin’ out all their hate and rage on the poor zombies like that.

    I’m not going to say this episode makes up for all the of the perpetual foot dragging that has went on this season but it was definitely the price of admission today! Between Shane going bonkers, Randall getting killed twice AND Shane getting killed twice with herd o’ zombies incoming, there was nary a dull moment. Felt much more like season 1.

    And the most important thing that has been hinted at in the show the last couple episodes and hypothesized about by some has now been confirmed…… everyone is infected and if you die you turn. Both Shane and Randall were proof of this (along with the two guards at the prison). I firmly believe this is the big secret the guy at the CDC told Rick. The group is going to start sharing and putting their heads together and Rick will be forced to reveal what he knows.

    The only thing I didn’t like about today’s episode was the over use of irony. We saw it last week with Dale petitioning so hard to keep Randall from being executed but, in the end, HE was the one who was put down. This week Lori apologizes, thanks and makes peace with Shane just in time for him to get the axe (by Rick no less). Could we please stop with the set-ups?

    Zombie army assault next week! It’s shaping up to be a “Night of the Living Dead” reenactment.

    • The revelation about the infection will probably have to wait until they escape the zombie hoard, but Daryl already figured it out (he is way smarter and observant than they give him credit for) and Glenn is sort of in on it too. The scenario this story is using also gives a real good indication of how it spread like it did.

      Remember Shane saying they were shooting people at the hospital and then they did all that bombing in Atlanta. Anyone who was killed during the panic must have gotten up and things just snowballed from there. It does bring up the question though whether that guy they left on the side of the road died from the bites and changed or just was really sick. The problem with the whole concept of changing from the bites from what we have seen so far is that most victims get eaten down to nothing so there really isn’t much left to get up and start walking around.

      • I agree Daryl knows, at least on some level. He might not “know” but he’s already put the pieces together in the back of his brain and knows it ain’t adding up. He just needs someone to say it out loud and it will click in the fore brain.

        And yeah, this will probably be the big reveal at the end of the show next week as they are bugging out. Will give everyone 9 months to gnaw on that tidbit of info and how they will deal with it going forward.

        It also makes sense how it turned into a pandemic. The only real question is, how did the world population become infected? Was it something we all had in us like the Herpes virus and something triggered it on a global scale? Regardless, the world is now a different place and going forward zombies will always be a pervasive threat. I like it!

      • Well, making everyone infected does make the shooting everyone at the hospital make more sense.

        The guy they left on the side of the road, had been bit by a Walking dead guy, and with that came an incurable infection that was going to kill him, but not turn him into a Zombie as he already had that “virus” within him, just waiting for him to die.

  17. The opening scene with the walkers reminded me of the fax machine smashing scene from Office Space. I loved it.

    • Felt exactly the same!!!

    • Lmao that is exactly what I thought. I actually turned to my girlfriend during that part and said “Damn it feels good to be a gansta.” lol too funny.

  18. You left out part about Randall turning into zombie without bite or scratch.I’m happy Shane died also.

  19. I believe Rick was waiting for Shane to come back as a zombie.
    He made sure to shoot the guys in the bar in the head AFTER they were dead.
    He didn’t seem concerned about the two officers.
    Definitely what Jenner whispered in his ear.
    Buuuuut….he considered HANGING Randall, sooooo…hmmmm?

  20. Everyone has missed the real revelation of last night. T-Dog got lines of dialogue!!!!

    • I think he’s going to be more involved in Season there with less people in the group now

    • Yeah! For a while there I had forgotten all about T-Dog, he became completely non-existent on the show, thought he had been sent upstairs with Chuck Cunningham, then saw T-dog at dale’s death scene and was relieved.

    • LOL Amen, thankfully he wasn’t invisible like he was in the previous episode. you’d think all the time he spent with Dale he would have gotten a say or a cry out. Unfortunately he was reduced to Observer, Errand boy, and bad comeback statement (i’ll take the bed). Can a brotha get a story please…and a woman.

  21. Another Great well written episode, and though I was a little disappointed at first as to Shanes demise at the hands of Rick rather then Carls, like in the book it was nicely followed by Carl finishing him off, which was another great moment in the Books,when Rick returns to Shanes grave to make sure he is finally put down. That said I think they handled the Shane problem extremely well. My other comment would be this, The Walking Dead refers to the survivors, Everyone is infected, when someone dies it just activates the zombie virus.The show is about the living and the most important thing is relating to the survivors and watching how they deal with the situations handed to them, The zombies is just one part of the problems they face. I mean I can understand some people complaining that there isnt enough zombie action, but its not a zombie show its a survivors show. That said there is a reason that this season has focused on the people still living, cause it shows the audience that there are other just as dangerous things in this new world, and thats the other living people who are left and they are actually more dangerous then the Walkers. This is one of the best if not The Best Shows on Tv and its nice to see a show that actually has proper character development

    • Problems*^

  22. OK everyone is infected and you when you die the “virus” becomes active and you become a walker. And for those who think that Shane was a protagonist just wait for the Govenor! The last episode surely is going to result in some other characters getting killed, who could it be? Maybe Herschel? I cant wait till next week!

    • I can’t wait. The Governor is going to make zombies look like child’s play. It’s going to be great

    • Don’t you mean antagonist?

  23. I thought the episode was good but I felt they handled to whole Shane thing wrong. It felt like a cop-out not having Carl do it like the comics. I just feel that they are taking Carl down a path of being a sniveling kid for the entire series and not letting him become the dark, desensitized kid from the comics.

    And what was with the flashes of walkers eating stuff to signify Shane was turning. I thought that was a really cheesy way of portraying the scene. They could have left that out entirely and I think it would have been more impactful.

    I know the series isn’t like the books and that it isn’t suppose to be, but at the same time there should be some events that don’t drastically change from the source material.

    • “And what was with the flashes of walkers eating stuff to signify Shane was turning.”

      I took those zombie flashes (and this is my opinion) as thoughts Shane might have been having after he turned.

      • Yes, it was what was either going through Shane’s head, or showing what was happening to him. We saw the frantic extreme close up zombie images and then cut to an extreme close up of Shane, then cut to Rick from a farther away shot (shoulders and full head instead of just face of Shane). In fact first time, the camera panned from Shane to Rick behind him. So in the language of film, that would make the Zombie Flashes Shane’s, not Rick’s.

  24. Too bad Shane is gone,was the only normal Character there who had the right idea ! Wonder with him and Dale gone..what kind of conflict is there left in the group ?
    Boring Zombie smash of the week maybe ?
    Hope not ! R.I.P Shane..you will be missed

    • Don’t be so quick to assume that all drama is lost. There are other characters just waiting to make their entrance in this story. Shane’s potential for inducing tension was great, but that had been done over and over. The new characters that will emerge have equal potential and a vast array of motivations that Shane could not have provided. If this were a meal, Shane would have been the cocktail.

    • “The only normal character with the right idea.? How is being a murderous, self-involved sociopath who only cares about himself “normal.”?

      • In the world they are living now..it is ! Try to see his point of view and you will understand !

        • Try to see the point of view of a egocentric, sociopathic murderer who would lie, cheat, and kill his best friend to steal his wife?

          How does a zombie apocalypse make those qualities worthwhile? Shane belonged with Randall’s gang of murderers and rapists, he would have fit right in.

  25. My biggest question is this, with the show clearly demonstrating that it can capture respectable ratings and thus snag advertising dollars, will AMC choose to present a truly full season of Walking Dead for 2012 – 2013? The original 6 episodes could be easily forgiven if you keep in mind that horror isn’t a common TV subject matter and AMC was likely unsure it would succeed. But that question has been answered now. So, a full schedule of 23 episodes should be the goal for next season.

    • I doubt it. AMC, like mos tnetworks, looks at the big picture. Right now, the only shows that AMC has that are making money is TWD and Mad Men – the jury’s still out on The Killing. Therefore, AMC’s crappy/crappier shows like Comic Men and the one about the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad (I forgot the title) are money suckers. So when AMC looks at the overall budget, money made by TWD and Mad Men is used to pay for the other shows.

      • Yes, this is one reason I hate this show is on AMC. I think overall it would be better served by a bigger studio.

        The railroad show is called Hell on Wheels, and I think overall its actually a better show than TWD. Too bad it isn’t making them money. Comic Men just sucks like a vacuum cleaner. What a waste of TV space that show is.

        • Really? I found “Hell on Wheels” to be just barely watchable.

    • Man I am not even sure if they are doing 23 episode seasons of anything anymore. Now days a tv show has 3 new episodes, 2 weeks of reruns, takes a break, shows a few more episodes and claims it’s a “season.” Most of the decent shows (Justified, etc.) seem to only do a dozen or so episodes a “season.” Somehow it does not make sense to me, you have to make the episodes to make the money, but…

  26. Season 3: the Season of T-Dog. Now that Dale and Shane are out of the way and all THAT drama is over, we can get back to T-Dog who is the real star of the show. Don’t be surprised, he’s the quiet but he’s pulling the strings!

    Now, let’s get through this week and then kick back and enjoy the carnage of the Season Finale. What’s the line on Walkers v. Farm? With 13 on the home team, I’m making the over/under 4 dead Farmhands. But them Farmhands are gonna put it on them walkers like Jonathan Vilma is payin’ em!

    BTW, just some food for thought: T-Dog = Tyrese-Dog? You KNOW Michonne’s comin’!

    • His name is Theodor.

  27. Lori has to be the worst mother EVER!!! How many times has Carl been left wandering around alone?? After Dale’s death she knows the farm isn’t safe. I hope the writers address this with someone confronting Lori.

    • Thank you. That little boy wanders around waaaay too much for there being zombies all over the place

    • Definitely, my husband and I were thinking the same thing the past few episodes too … like, in this day and age you don’t let your kids out of your sight at the mall, but when the zombie apocalypse hits, go ahead and wander the farm and night. Riiiiight.

  28. can t-dog please get more lines of dialogue and start acting like a fully fleshed out character instead of just… that black guy in the background? this whole season has had undertones of men take charge, women are in the kitchen, black people do what the white people say and are seen and not heard… getting kind of annoying. good episode over all though, that shot of the zombie with it’s brains hanging out on the ground at the start was the most realistically gruesome thing i’ve seen on a tv show

    • That’s yet another good point of departure from the comics series. That is absolutely NOT the case in the comics. Tyrese is a crucial black character and develops an equal place with Rick. Michonne is a black woman who takes an incredibly important, though weird, position in the group. Andrea is the best shot in the group. There were at least 2 or 3 white male characters that the TV show has just left out that were weak and were basically given menial chores like babysitting and gardening. So, you are right to point out these glaring flaws because they stick out like a sore thumb in comparison to modern society. This is just one more element of the show that makes it look more like an 80′s throwback than a contemporary show.

    • Actually lets hope T-Dawg doesn’t last the next episode. He was a one dimensional “tv character” who has yet to have a purpose other than to keep Tyrese from showing up. Michonne is…very popular and also black so y’know I think it’s just best to just get rid of “t-dawg”(Seriously, why would they name him that).

      That said I think you’re reading a bit much into the whole “black people are seen and not heard” bit. He’s not the only character that’s been put on “glorified extra” status.

      • T-Dog will have a bigger impact with the group going forward now as per Kirkman

      • The argument was made by more civilized people (aidan)than yourself that T-dog is an equal and plays an important role in the story other than carrying people’s belongings in the house, taking orders and begging for a place to sleep. if I’m marching a prisoner somewhere i don’t want bony Darryl doing it, i want T-dog with me. I’m sure T-dog isn’t writing his own lines so how about you ask the writers to step up their 1980′s backwards game and find a way to get into lock step with the 21st century. Of course the only story line T-dog could get was the one with racial overtones…which is typical and requires no thought higher than a 6th grader. At least Glenn was able to get some butt and form a normal everyday story. When people like you stop sticking their head in the sand maybe you’ll see more dynamic stories come out of these drama’s. Oh and as far as i’m concerned the most thrilling, fleshed out, entertaining character thus far has been Morgan. Would be nice to see 3 episodes of his back story. Oh and of course your entitled to your opinion.

    • Don’t forget about the token Asian!

  29. Have we questioned out murrell? It would be crazy if he came back. They never confirmed he died….. Food for thought

    • More like food for buzzards.

      • What do u mean

      • No, Merle is still out there. He’s a survivor just like his little brother. He took their ride and, sans one hand, is still alive.

        I think he would be a great addition to the group, especially now that we have lost Shane. Daryl could help him see that the world has changed and being a racist and bigot has no place anymore.

    • I like to believe Merle is still alive and am beginning to feel he is a member of the other group. That would put Daryl in a serious dilemma. Stay with Rick’s group and go against his brother, or join with his brother and end up supporting what he condemned Randall for.