‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 11: ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’ Recap

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Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Judge Jury Executioner The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 11: Judge, Jury, Executioner Recap

(This recap features MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner.’ Stop Reading If you have not yet seen the episode.)


After the well-paced zombie killing antics of last week’s ‘18 Miles Out,’ The Walking Dead returns to where it is more comfortable, by focusing on the internal squabbles of the survivors – but this time the argument centers on the worth of a man’s life. While everyone else seems to think executing Randall (Michael Zegen) is in the group’s best interest, Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) does his best to dissuade whomever he can in ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner.’

Randall’s future looks pretty bleak from the onset, as the group’s resident ear collector (Daryl)    puts his apparent apathy to good use by torturing the young man for information regarding the group he was traveling with. Daryl (Norman Reedus) knocks Randall around for a bit, but when he’s not getting the right kind of answers, puts his knife in Randall’s gnarly leg wound from ‘Triggerfinger.’ The cringe inducing technique is enough to get Randall to spill the beans on what kind of group he’s been with, and the details are less than encouraging (The Governor, perhaps?).

Supported by the information that Randall’s companions are both heavily armed and prone to violence toward women, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) finds it difficult to see another solution besides killing him. Naturally, having championed (read: forced) Andrea (Laurie Holden) into choosing life at the end of last season, the sentence of death does not sit well with Dale.

‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’ takes a David Milch (Luck) approach to storytelling, in that it begins in the morning and plays out until the end of a single day. Most of that day is spent with Dale visiting various members of the group, and begging them to take his side with regards to the execution of Randall. He first visits Andrea, and manages enough of an appeal that the former civil rights lawyer agrees to stand watch, lest anyone (read: Shane) get the idea to remove Randall ahead of schedule.

Next, Dale meets with Daryl and Hershel, but to little avail. Hershel seems wracked with self-doubt after the barn incident and is driven mainly by a need to protect his daughters, so Hershel places his faith in Rick. On the other hand, seeing as how Daryl happily bloodied his knuckles with Randall’s face, it’s a wonder Dale even bothered talking with him. The discussion does raise the notion that the group is broken, and once more brings up the fact that everyone seemingly knew Shane (Jon Bernthal) killed Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince), but no one – especially Rick – was bothered by it enough to do anything about it.

While Dale is making his rounds, Carl (Chandler Riggs) decides now is his moment to lose it, and start acting like a complete tool. He began the day by sneaking into the barn to have a brief chat with the captive, and then has some choice words for Carol (Melissa Suzane McBride) about her spiritual beliefs regarding her daughter Sophia.

Following his father’s reprimanding, Carl skulks around Daryl’s fly-ridden hang out and manages to come up with a handgun from Daryl’s belongings. Spurred on by his newly inflated sense of self-esteem, Carl goes exploring and stumbles upon a walker that’s gotten himself stuck in the mud near a small creek. After realizing the walker is immobile, Carl proceeds to antagonize it, getting dangerously close while brandishing the handgun. Inevitably, the walker breaks free enough to lunge at the boy, causing Carl to lose the handgun and make a run for safety.

Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale The Walking Dead Judge Jury Executioner The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 11: Judge, Jury, Executioner Recap

As the sun sets on the day, Dale makes his final appeal to the group as a whole, where even his frequent ally Glenn (Steven Yuen), can’t seem to muster the justification to keep Randall from his death sentence. And with that, it appears Randall will be executed in the barn – but Rick’s hand is swayed by Carl’s arrival and encouragement of his father to pull the trigger. Rick relents, and Randall is once more remanded to custody.

Dale, sickened by what has transpired, walks out into a field in search of solace, but instead stumbles upon one of Hershel’s cows that has been eviscerated and is slowly dying. Poor Dale has only a fraction of a second before he is tackled by the ginger-bearded-walker Carl was provoking earlier. Despite the group’s best efforts to reach him, Dale is ripped open by the walker just mere seconds before Daryl can dispatch it.

The group gathers around the dying man, with Carl making the connection between Dale’s condition and his irresponsibility earlier in the day. Although Rick steps up to handle the unpleasantness, it is Daryl, who after quietly saying goodbye, puts the gun to Dale’s head and pulls the trigger.

Although much of the suspense for the rest of season 2 was lessened by a website faux pas earlier in the week, this episode will certainly have many fans talking about Dale’s gruesome exit from the show.


The Walking Dead returns next Sunday @9pm with ‘Better Angels’ on AMC.

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  1. I thought it was Daryl who got there first and killed the zombie?

    • It was Daryl who got to Dale first and killed the walker.

  2. I am extremely disappointed in the show, it’s not living up to the comics at all. It’s dragging way to much, they are spending too much time on the farm.

    • I disagree. I have read the comic and find the tv show to be much more fulfilling in terms of emotion and suspense. Sure, these events happen and pass rather quickly in the comic but the show sheds a different light on the source material. I really like that they are both so different.

      • Im a huge fan of the graphic novels also and was very disappointed in them killing sophia but then i thought about it.. Its like why no comic movies follow the books to the word.. if they did it would be only cool for alittle bit and very boring after awile.. It keeps even fans of the comics in suspense.. I got over it when i realized this.. I mean for example.. The Dark Knight didnt follow the comics to a T yet its an amazing movie..
        Just be happy that there is a zombie show on TV at all I say..

        • I understand that they have to make changes in order to keep the grafic novel fans watching, but this season is dragging wayyyyy to much on the farm, and without giving away two much there are also two very important characters that have not been introduced that play a huge role in the story.

          Not to mention actual villains that are not zombies, I know Robert Kirkman said that he always had a different version in mind if it ever went to TV. I might just have to try and let go of the grafic novel and try to watch this without having any memory of the graphic novel but thy are just written so well.

          • More than two characters. That said the pace is no different than the books, just distributed differently.

            • From what I have read on the internet, one character is being introduced next season, possibly right off the bat to keep it rolling. The other there has been rumors about her appearance on the season finale but who knows since no word has been released on who was casted for the role.

        • Kids are hard to keep around in a show that shoots for a few months a year, yet takes place over a few weeks when aired. I’m curious what they will do with Carl because kids age rapidly, and will be hard to explain a 10 year old “Carl” on the show with a full beard.

      • I agree with you Eric, I have read the comics as well and I love how the tv show and the comics are totally different but in a good way.

    • Really? I find it’s “living up to the comics” quite nicely. They’ve made changes to keep us on our toes and it’s not dragging any more than the comics have (which I don’t I don’t feel they do but that’s not this discussion).

      Lets look at this this way The Walking dead #93 is currently out (#94 may have hit, but I can’t prove that, comic store’s a bit of a drive) the last time “something happened” was in #84. Those books are monthly so I don’t understand why 9 monthly of “nothing” is perfectly fine but a few weeks is slow paced and boring?

      You can argue that plenty happened in those comics in those issues, and plenty did. The thing is that the events that had happened between those issues are the same types of things that have been happening on the show. So again, I don’t see the complaint.

  3. It was darryl that killed the zombie not Shane.

  4. I don’t watch the show on a regular basis, but I thought it was ridiculous that a kid would be allowed to wander around the woods by himself given the constant threat. The same goes for the old man, Dale, “seeking solace” at night.

    Maybe their farm was considered to be a “safe zone,” but I still found it far-fetched that anyone would wanna go off by themselves in that world. The guy brought the seat sentence upon himself.

    My main thought during last night’s show…”Where are the zombies?” I guess it costs too much to features zombies on a regular basis.

    • It’s not the cost, it’s the direction of the show. Zombies are the 1st threat but as the show progresses, zombies become a backburner threat as it does in the comics. If you want all out zombie action, I suggest you stick to the Zombie movies. As the comics/show moves on there are far greater threats then the zombies, something we will see come Season 3.

  5. * death sentence, not seat sentence

    • There is nothing more annoying than someone that complains about something they’re not educated about. You watch one episode and wonder “where are all the zombies”? You should have seen last weeks. Or any number of episodes from season one. The show won’t survive if it’s just about zombies. Every great show in the history of time that has had longevity is about the characters. If you’re going to complain about a television show at least have watched it first.

  6. Carl is becoming more and more like his trouble making mother, Lori. I did not like her in the comic and I don’t her or him on the show.

    • Dont worry you know Lori is leaving sometime next season.

      • That is the best news I have heard in a long time! I f***** hate Lori! I hope she dies horribly.

        Have you ever watched a show where there is like 1 character that irritates you so much he/she almost ruins the whole show for you? Well that’s Lori for me.

        • Yes a lot of shows are like that and if done right it compels people to continue to return to the show to see that character get their just desserts.

          I see the same people ‘complain’ about this show almost every other week…..

          If its not how it is not the same as the comic its about how they hate a certain character or cant fgure out why someone would do what they did….

          Apparently though they dont hate enough………. :D

          • Right. If you don’t like it, as AMC has said, you may turn the channel and watch something else, LOL

  7. What happened to Dale in the comics is twice as gruesome to what happened to him in the tv show. I think it was well written and well executed.

    • how did dale die in the comics?


        Dale is bitten by a zombie and hides it. He walks off in the night to die alone but is captured by cannibals. He wakes up to them eating him (can’t remember what limb they cut off). He is infected so he laughs and tells them they inflected themselves. They beat him and then use him as bait to try to capture other members of the group.

        • Gotta admit I like that ending for the most part better than what happened to him on the TV show.

          Only problem I see with this scenario is, in the TV world they are pretty isolated and protected atm (and the reason for wanting to kill the guy so he wouldn’t reveal their position). If cannibals were that close it would undermine the insular feeling they have built up all season.

          Too bad because cannibals being just as pervasive a threat as zombie herds would really add to the unknown dangers.

          • This also would have happened in season 4 or 5 if the were following the comics, haha.

        • To continue the spoiler……

          They use his leg as a first meal and explain to him how they use to kill the person (they have been doing this for a bit) and then eat them. However they spoiled to quickly, so now they just take body parts keeping the food alive as long as possible.

          They get caught….by Rick and company. After finding out they even ate some of their own children, you would think Rick was Shane as he gives out the punishment.

          Have a read….

  8. I understood the point of Dale’s demise; there was lots of poetic alliteration and contradiction there, such as Dale being the only one to insist that they not execute Randall, then it’s Dale who has to be put out of his misery. Also he was the one who “saved” Andrea, only to meet this gruesome fate. And he is being sacrificed for a larger plot sequence that will result in Carl becoming a darker, more cynical character and more of a focus in future episodes. Dale had exhausted most of his usefulness as a character (lets face it, he was getting annoying) although his end in the comics was an extremely interesting development that I hope the writers will incorporate into the TV show with another character. They’ve only scrambled the events so far, but haven’t excluded some important plot developments.

    • I think as these 2 remaining episodes go on, things will start to pick up and make way to the introduction of the Governor come Season 3. Dale’s exit was not much of a surprise as he was one of the people that was very unhappy with Frank’s firing. Also, the character was getting a little annoying. With Dale out of the way it will lend way to the whole Rick/Shane rivalry and onto other things. As far as zombies, they were part of the dangers in the 1st portion of the series but not it gives ways to other dangers that the zombies become more of a secondary plot. This is also how it is in the comics. Believe me when I tell you there are far more dangerous uh, people, out there than the zombies, LOL , and we casted that dangerous person already too, LOL.

    • “And he is being sacrificed for a larger plot sequence that will result in Carl becoming a darker, more cynical character and more of a focus in future episodes”

      See the issue I have with this is why wouldnt he feel remorseful? There is nothing like what was going on in the comic to make him more darker, etc. They lost that chance when they could have had him shoot Sophia.

      Thats the problem with the TV show IMO. It doesnt ‘click’ well enough between the characters and stories. Much like you posted below the comics were more realistic so to speak.

      The answer is they dumb it down. Me, you and others going out and spending money on something every month just to see what happens next is lost on basically free TV, shows on the internet and TiVo.

  9. I have to repeat something I told my wife. In the comics, these characters come across much more realistic and believable than they do on the show. On TV they come across as idiots mostly, with reckless tendencies and not a clue about how to survive in a dangerous situation. This isn’t really the case in the books. I don’t know if there’s something about TV in general that does this or perhaps it’s just the writers on the show.

  10. I was shocked to say the least. after being up to date with the comics I am finding it refreshing that I dont know what is going to happen. I’m happy that kirkman isnt just doing a “live action version” of the comics. When writing the storys he may have had ideas that we are witnessing now on the show. I feel this other “group” is gonna be what drives them from the farm.

  11. Lame things in this episode:

    2nd episode centered around deciding to kill Randall or not.

    Letting Carl run around loose during a zombie apocalypse. Is there nothing for Carl to do on a farm? Haven’t lost enough kids yet?

    Dale is overpowered by a 130lb zombie. It’s the zombie apocalypse Dale. You might want to work on getting in shape. Whoops. Too late.

    • He, he…good points. Maybe don’t walk around alone at night, too?

    • I agree with you dude..plus I found myself wanting to jump into my television and wanting to shoot the hostage my damn self and say..”there you go chicken sh*ts..now move on with the freaking show!”

  12. people keep complaining about Carl walking around by himself. But the world has been like this for weeks now, and they seem to have become more comfortable with the farm, seeing as how they haven’t been attacked much before at the farm. They know tor aren’t expecting Carl to wander off, since he knows the situation they’re in. On top of that you have everything else that is going on, Randall, winter coming, so there is a lot to think about.

  13. This episode seemed to be all over the place to me. Also, Carl was completly out of charecter. I know I have missed a few episodes in the beginning of season 2, but other than I havent seen anything that would lead me to believe that Carl would be Completely disrespectful, then wonder into the side of camp where Daryl is being a crazy crybaby in the lonesome, then start digging through his stuff only to steal a weapon! I wont even get started on how stupid the whole Zombie in the mud scene was. It just frustrated me because of how awesome last weeks episode was, this episode just seem forced, just so they could set up the finale.

    • Once again… I must say… if you haven’t watched all the episodes don’t complain about something you don’t understand. Carl has been showing signs of awkward and dark behavior all season.

      • Especially when he told Lori that he would have done the same thing to Sophia when Rick shot her. Carl sounds like he is generally trying to find his place in a messed up world

        • They are setting Carl up to be an amalgamation of Carl, and the Twins from the books. Easier to have only one kid on payroll than to have three.

    • Carl is a KID. Kids tend to have many different swings in their personality. Its normal for a kid to be a respectful well mannered individual and then the next day be a little brat.

      • and a thief?

        • yup

  14. people keep complaining about Carl walking around by himself. But the world has been like this for weeks now, and they seem to have become more comfortable with the farm, seeing as how they haven’t been attacked much before at the farm. They know tor aren’t expecting Carl to wander off, since he knows the situation they’re in. On top of that you have everything else that is going on, Randall, winter coming, so there is a lot to think about and pay attention to. I also like how the death of Dale was symbolic for how the world that they once knew is no longer. The last validation of that world was taken away at that moment.

    • sorry for the double post.

  15. Also, on “Talking Dead” they mentioned that Dale was supposed to find one of the cast members dead instead of a cow, I wonder who that was going to be.

    • Carol maybe.

    • If i were to guess i would think it would of been t-dog possibly…but you never know…and seeing from the sneak peek, t-dog looks like he’ll be playing a key role in it. but we’ll see.

    • To me this episode was ballin’!!! lol lot of suspense on whats going to happen. All the characters are doing well and after this episode it leaves you wondering whos next?? what would be awesome is if merel ended up being the leader of the other group…and if thats the case then bye bye T-dog! even though i like ya, merels ganna wanna kill him.

  16. I’ve got some questions (maybe the answers are obvious and I’m just an idiot):

    1) Did Rick’s decision to kill the kid in the barn was too contrived, and this sudden character transformation he’s undergone-from benevolent leader who cares about others to cold-blooded killer-is kind of strange and abrupt? No one asked him, “Hey Rick, what if Dr. Jenner, Hershel or Morgan treated you the same way as you’re treating the kid in the barn?”

    2) Did anyone else besides my wife and I actually forget that T-Dog is one of the characters on the show?

    3) Does anyone else find it odd that Rick believes things will get better in the winter because the cold will affect the zombies? It’s the Atlanta region. It’s only gotten below freezing about 5 times in the past 25 years. It’s average temperature is 70 degrees. How on earth would that affect the zombies?

    4) Does anyone else think that it doesn’t make sense that a bite – and only a bite – turns people in to zombies? Not the spattering of blood all over the characters, not even cutting yourself with the same knife that was used to kill a zombie?

    5) Lori has become a manipulative b*tch, and Carl has become a brat?

    6) Does anyone else think it’s by now obvious that Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at the end of season 1 that “everyone’s infected?”

    7) Does anyone else think it’s obnoxious that the show’s producers haven’t yet revealed what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at the end of season 1?

    • 1. No. Things change a person. Once those two bozos decided to do what they did Rick realized besides the Zombies there are other worse things out there. While he is not Shane he has come to the conclusion that some things must be done for (I was going to say greater good) survival. Rick is the leader he has taken that role to heart. He WANTS it to be like it was before…. with the law on his side. However there is no more law.

      2. No. You just have to get use to the jumping around with characters. Hopefully Mr. Dog will have some time. There are episodes where other characters are barely seen.

      3. No. I believe they always wanted to go North. Still even a 10 degree drop in temperature can have an effect on a living body. I have always wondered about that though…. you figure the fluids and muscle/sinew would tighten making them slower…. :D

      4. Think of it like the AIDs virus. It has to be an open sore or a mucus type membrane to contract it. Maybe it dies in the air so a knife after a bit would lose the ability to tranfer the disease. We dont rightly know as this story is about zombies that we have no clue about. They live on an earth that had no George A. Romero. :D

      5. People change. I doubt if you would be the same exact person you are if you had to deal with these circumstances. I know I wouldnt.

      6. No. I still think it was one of two things. Shes preggers (which will give us flashbacks) or “It doesnt matter we are the walking dead” or some such eluding to the fact that there is no cure and they may as well be dead.

      7. No. If it is not a major story thing so what? There are things people know around you every day that you have no clue about. Why not on a TV show…. :D

      • As far as what was whispered in Rick’s ear by Jenner, this will be revealed in the Season finale from what I am told.

        • @jaredac, who is your source? Lol I’ve been wanting to know what Jenner said and it’s been eating away at me since Rick was calling out to Duane at the beginning of season 2

          • It’s over the web from different site but from the same person who predicted the last 2 episodes with 100% accuracy. According to this person who I truly trust in what they say, the finale should reveal what is said but for the comic readers it shouldn’t really hold any surprise which is why I think
            Everyone is infected but the virus isn’t triggered until you die or if you are bitten, but that’s just my thoughts, LOL

            • Possible spoiler question…
              Is that mentioned in the books? Everyone is already infected? I never got past Alexandria, I do know the one guy wanting to go to D.C was fake and they never explained anything relating to the creation of the walking dead.

              • POSSSIBLE SPOILER TYPE COMMENT (don’t want to rain on anybodies parade)
                Actually in both the Kirkman books and in the Romero films everyone who dies (regardless of how) reanimates as the living dead. So you become a zombie by dying. So far no one has died by natural causes and reanimated so they do not know this yet. It is my guess that that is what was whispered to Rick at the CDC.

                • hmmmm

                  I never recall (unless the were already dead) dead people rising unless they were bitten.

                  I mean the tag was when there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth.

                  hmmm now that I am thinking I beleive it was on the news cast where they said the dead would rise even if not bitten…

                  gah I will have to go check out the original Dawn. Havent seen them in a bit so it will be a good visit.

                  • Yeah, actually it makes it a whole lot scarier. Somebody in your group dies in thier sleep and reanimates eating everyone else. It is not played up that big in the Romero movies, since most people die by zombie bites, but it is everyone reanimatinf. That is something they changed in the “Dawn of the Dead” remake.

            • then it’s a good thing they got rid of that old codger sale, because if anyone was gonna die in their sleep

  17. As a fan of horror and the comics this had to be one of the dumbest death scenes ever. Stupid scenes like these are why I don’t watch U.S. Horror B-Movies. A zombie tears open a stomach and doesn’t even get one bite in? MMA is a lot more dangerous than I thought if that is plausible. When death scenes in the comic are better executed than the TV show deaths it is pretty pathetic. No twins in the prison, no cannibalism, the torture scene isn’t going to happen on AMC, it has already been stated by Kirkman that Rick’s hand isn’t being cut off. I seriously see this show going the way of “Heroes” if they don’t execute season 3 well. And why are they still on the farm if they know hostiles, who outnumber them, are still in the area?!?!

    • Where are they supposed to go? Who is supposed to go? How will they go?

      So you never watched any of the Romero films and you would consider them “B”? What non U.S. Horror films (zombie related) that would compare to what you want?

      You do know that this is not the comic translation right? You do know before the show was even aired they said it will not follow the book panel for panel. You do know when people told you not to stick you hands in the fire it was hot that fire is hot right???? Or did you stick your hand in assuming that it would be something other then what people told you it would be?

      • When an overwhelming force is in an area you don’t sit in the same area. You either stay on the move and fight or you retreat. Instead the last 3 episodes they have been sitting around arguing about their captive, which is idiotic. And Romero hasn’t been relevant for over 20 years, he has churned out garbage and has been living off of his reputation. “La Horde” was a nicely done as well as a newer Canadian film based out of a radio station (can’t recall the name). I didn’t expect a panel by panel remake, I like what they did with Sophia. This episodes death scene was idiotic.How could a 150lb zombie not only knock over a cow and rip open it’s stomach, but also just tear open a human stomach with only it’s hands. That is just telling the audience they are stupid. If decaying zombies have that kind of strength then previous escapes shouldn’t have happened. I don’t care that they killed Dale, it was the idiotic way in which they did it that ticks me off.

        • Yes but the Farm has not been compromised. No one knows about the farm.

          If you are safe in a hole you dont go sticking your head out. Them attempting to vacate with 10 people, supplies, vehicles etc. may bring more attention then is needed. Especially since they do not know where they would be going.

          Pontypool? I concur but I just didnt get the zombie vibe from it. It was still a great film. La Horde… I netflixed that while on work in Va Beach. It was at best ok IMO.

          Meh im used to having zombies rip flesh. Here is an idea the infection/disease also has a detoriating effect on ‘live’ skin. So since the zombie clearly had open cuts etc when he tore into Dales stomach it was because it had been detoriated by the disease. :D

          We also need to remember these are not our zombies. There are no premade rules for them that I know of. I stopped reading after Alexandria but last I remeber there was no explaination for them and the world this story takes place on has never heard of the word zombie or anything that relates to them.

        • One should nont blaspheme against the great Romero!

      • Kirkman did not want the show to follow the comic exactly. I believe this is one of the most difficult part for people who have complaints about this show or at least from people I’ve talked to but fact is Kirkman wants to present a Walking Dead 2.0 if you will. The plots might still be the same but getting to that plot would be different. Kirkman and AMC even recognized the criticisms the show has received from comic readers and his response was(And I applaud him for that)”If you don’t like the show, what something else or stick to the comics”. He did admit the season did drag but probably was due to the changes within staff. With everyone coming back, no distractions, you can except Kirkman to deliver the best next season.

  18. tool doesn’t even being to describe how i’m feeling about Carl. first off, you don’t touch another mans ride. and knowing that he was the end of Dale along with his sucky attitude all through the ep made me want to slap the kid. i know they’re leading this up for him to become a darker character, but he’s pissing me off.

    i also agree that it’s long past due for them to leave the farm. it’s turned into a soap opera.

    • At first I thought Carl was going to dig into Merle’s stash of breaking bad blue meth. Carl needs turned over someone’s knee- pronto. Carol was right to lay into Lori and Rick for Carl’s behavior. We sure Carl is even rick’s? He’s acting more like shane.

    • I agree I wanted to slap the little brat all episode. He is incredibly cruel and disrespectful to Carol, disobeying everyone, going through Darryl’s saddle bags, steals Darryl’s gun, tries to torment a zombie, losses the gun, doesn’t tell anyone that there is a walker near the camp, and overall is just a disgusting little brat the whole episode.

  19. I just found it odd that Carl wandering off and no one even noticed where he was. I’ve notice that Carl is starting to show a darker side of himself. Ever since Sophia’s death Carl has started to slowly change. I knew the walker stuck in the mud was going to get loose and attack Carl. I think Rick will finally see what’s going on with Carl after hearing his son tell him to shoot randall. And finally I wasn’t expecting for dale to fall that was a shocker. And for Carl to see the walker that he was poking and proding at is the one that attacked dale. Carl not saying anything about the walker he encountered is gonna start to eat away at him. Only 2 episodes left I’m looking forward to see how the finale ends. Then we’ll all have to wait till season 3. :)

    • Carl has changed to a darker version, but really, he has been a brat from the beginning. he stole a gun before not to mention many other times he’s not done what he was told to do.. He simply ignores everything he’s told and just goes ahead and does whatever he wants. (This is because)They are inconsistent and don’t discipline him for any of it, mainly they just whine about it, (Lori) especially. Its escalating, as it would w/parents who always give in to him. They still haven’t stepped up and acted like THE ADULTS, instead he pretty much dictates what he wants and gets it. They really need to “man up” and demand some respect from this “attitude” he gives them. His strutting around wearing his Dad’s huge cowboy hat, as a toddler in his Daddy’s shoes, is just too silly. As I understand it he’s supposed to be 12 years old! No self-respecting 12-yr-old would do that! He is just such a big baby who always gets his way (and they treat him like one.) I’m getting so sick of it. For his own good he needs to be reigned in! Carl definitely has a death wish and I have one for him. He would have already died for real, considering all the scrapes he’s gotten himself into, stealing guns etc. I guess that’s the typical role most kids are given in TV shows, “The Brat.”

  20. Carl’s mom is a terrible parent..lol..They never seem to know where Carl is. I feel like especially with Sophia running and being killed they would at least WANT to know where the annoying boy is..

    I’m glad Dale died, that last scene was annoying and so was his character. All he did was sow discord in the group about Shane. He didn’t even have a good option to keep Randall alive. I mean, who would expect him to be loyal to Herschel and his people when his group has been driving around scavenging and raping teenagers.

    I hope it picks up soon.

  21. As I look at all the comments on the Facebook link, it’s flooded with people complaining about how boring the show is and how it has turned into some sort of Soap Opera… And from what you are saying, Kevin, it kind of sounds like you agree and think it’s a bad thing that there isn’t as much zombies as well. I’m am shocked at the reaction of people to this show. The people behind the show, including creator Robert Kirkman, have said over and over again that this show is less about the zombies and more about how these people deal with said zombies. Even the title means the living, not the undead…

    Anyway – back to the episode. With that said, I love this episode (as I do this series). I am glad that Dale was able to go around and fight for what he thinks is right and I, for one, agree with him in some ways. Yes, this guy could be bad and judging by the preview, he probably is. Yes, he could lead his gang back to the farm. But I do see where Dale was coming from. By killing Randal and not giving him a fighting chance it seems as if they have turned into the very people they think Randal is. By doing it, it DOES get rid of the last ounce of humanity in these people – especially Rick… And what type of example would he be sending Carl if he just kills the guy…

    Speaking of Carl, I know a lot of people have been complaining about how he is stupid and how his mother is stupid and how the hell did he get out there, where was the supervision? Well, it’s the zombie apocalypse, they have a potential threat in their barn chained up and people are trying to figure out what to do about it. People are preoccupied and they have already established that Carl has changed since he had been shot and since Sophia was found dead. Why is it such a surprise that he slipped out without nobody noticing?

    Dale dying was a HUGE shocker for me because Aintitcool News posted a spoiler saying that the final words of the episode were “Goodbye brother”… Obviously implying that Shane would finally die…

    • Yes Sin, the show is about the characters, but the problem is that the character stories just aren’t that compelling. That’s really why the farm episodes are not that enjoyable. Like I said in an earliest post, my wife and I actually forgot that T-Dog is a character on the show. Rick’s contradictory actions are simply bizarre but kind of interesting – he’s a nice guy who wants to be a badass. Then you have InShane and a brat named Carl and his mother, Lady MacBeth. I’m not quite sure what Andrea, Glen, Darryl, Maggie and Hershel have to do with the overall story. Also, with the story line itself, it doesn’t seem like the characters are working towards anything, or trying to achieve a specfiic goal, making it even less compelling. If there is no hope and the human race is totally done for, then why bother having the show in the first place?

      • Because the show/comics is about human survival and the development of humanity after such a horrible event happens.

    • At this point the characters in the show are proving a basic point that is unfortunately true, no matter what is going on people are still going to get caught up in their own BS. The whole Lori/Shane/Rick triangle just kind of magnifies it, since the three adults are all too busy trying to cover their own flaws and stupidity to actually notice what is going on with the increasingly off-balanced Carl. Glenn is getting caught up in his own romance/fear of responsibility, and Andrea is just always trying to prove she isn’t a weak woman who tried to commit suicide by playing up Shane’s ambition and being a part-time wannabe bad-ass.

      Dale was the sole voice of reason and if you notice, was one of the only people to speak about the group as a whole. Daryl as the malcontent at this point also noticed the fractures and hypocrisy within the group when he told Dale he was up on Shane killing Otis because of the story he told. It never really registered that Shane said Otis fought off the Walkers so he could get away, but he came back with Otis’ gun. In Daryl’s analysis of Rick knowing what Shane is capable of (between that and him getting with his wife), but Rick keeps clinging on to their friendship, he points out the inherent weakness of Rick, all while Shane still plots behind his back first chance he gets.

      • I would agree to a point where it does drag to get to the point but as far as Shane and Rick, they were childhood friends. You can see the conflict Rick had with himself when he left Shane behind only to come back for him. He views the guy as a brother but then again, with Shane plotting, there will come a point where Rick’s probably going to stand up to him, tell him, “Hey I know what you’re thinking of doing”. Maybe he’ll try to give him a chance or something but the way the episodes have been going it shows that Shane only has a limited amount of time left on the series.

        • The more that part of the story arc goes on though, the worse Lori looks. Even though after watching the first season again I think it was subtly mentioned about how trifling she could be.

          When Rick came back and they got it on that first time in the tent she told him not to worry about Carl hearing them. Wonder how she knew Carl would sleep through the sends of sex?

  22. My favorite episode of this part of 2nd season so far….For the comic book readers…Dale´s death was shocking.

    • yeah i was shocked i mean y dale!!! Y now!!! He was the voice of the group!!

  23. I will admit I was pretty surprised to see Dale go but I’m equally intrigued and disappointed.
    While I’m interested how his death will effect the group and how it will play out, not to mention the other thing we know is happening soon. Part of me can’t help but think this may be part or a result of the budget changes AMC instituted last year. We know a at least 1 new character is coming on so how do you make room in the budget? Kill someone.
    The only reason I think this is because in the comic series Dale is there for quite a while.
    I’m not complaining. I used to not like the changes between the books & show but I’ve come to like what their doing. Last nights episode just got me thinking.

    • im actually more intersted in how this will affect carl since he has to live with the guilt since he was the one that made the walker lose

      • Not only that but he had the time AND opportunity to take the zombie out. If he had just pulled the trigger while pointing it at nearly point blank range, Dale would still be alive.

        He also lost Darryl’s gun which I’m sure will come back to haunt him next episode as soon as Darryl realizes it’s missing.

        • Yeah but if he did pull the trigger woudnt that attract more walkers?

          • This is something wrong in the series, because in the comic book a group tell Rick´s group when they return to the farm, that shooting guns and any kind of noise attract the walkers, but then when they shoot Sophia and the others at the barn they start shooting like crazy and no walker appear at all. There is some kind of inconsistency in this matter.

            • Walkinfan, no there isn’t. Shane opened the barn withou permission. The group had no choice but to open fire. Not firing a gun is a precautionary measure IN CASE there are walkers close enough to be attracted by guns. It’s not like a dog whistle and walkers automatically show up if there is loud noises.

              • I know they have to open fire, but I am saying that the noise of it didnt attract other walkers from the surroundings(As it is explain in the comic).

                • As it explains in the comic if the noise is not a steady repeated noise over time the zombies will go toward the sound then lose intrest and start to mill again or go back to a ‘daily’ activity.

                  They have the attention span of a rock. If they dont see it or hear it they forget about it.

        • He also has time to tell everyone what Randall said about taking his family to his people. I think that would make a huge difference in the fate of Randall.
          The whole Randall/Greene farm makes little sense. If he knew Maggie, then he knew about the farm, why didn’t his people go there in the first place?

          And really surprised Daryl didn’t speak up again with what randall told him about his group raping women- I know he told Rick and some others- but when it came down to sundown decision time- its odd he didn’t mention it again- but in detail so dale would get it.

        • He also has time to tell everyone what Randall said about taking his family to his people. I think that would make a huge difference in the fate of Randall.
          The whole Randall/Greene farm makes little sense. If he knew Maggie, then he knew about the farm, why didn’t his people go there in the first place? And really surprised Daryl didn’t speak up again with what randall told him about his group raping women- I know he told Rick and some others- but when it came down to sundown decision time- its odd he didn’t mention it again- but in detail so dale would get it.

    • I predict that once they find out that Carl saw the zombie earlier and didn’t shoot it, Shane will say something to Rick like, “Your son’s soft just like you” and then the final showdown will happen. Laso, I think Dale’s death will affect Andrea the most – she’ll feel a lot of guilt for pushing him away from her, and that will drive a wedge between her and Shane.

  24. Wow, so many people are complaining about how slow and bad this show is. Let me ask you this. What TV show are watching, that is on TV now, that is SO much better?

    • Frank leaving, I say get over it. Although he did a great 1st season, most of it was due to the zombie attacks which would have been the same given any producer since that’s the 1st threat in the comics. As the show goes on, again, the zombies become a backburner threat compared to the people they face. Yes, the season did go slow, most of it based on what I can assume was the change of producers/writers but now the Kirkman has full control you can expect this whole farm scene to end come season finale. As far as Dale and the whole budget thing with AMC, that is false. Jeffrey DeMunn asked to be removed from the show since he was a Frank loyalist. Dale will be missed but there will be far better characters to come. I am excited with the Morrissey hire. He is sure to bring a excitement for Season 3.

    • While it’s in between seasons, I think that HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is brilliantly written. It told a self-contained and compelling story in two seasons, had a season finale that was satisfying for the viewer and yet left the viewers eagerly anticipating season 3. It also didn’t pull a bait n’ switch thing like TWD did by not revealing what Dr. Jenner whispered to Ricknat the end of season 1.

  25. I refused to look at the spoiler that was on amc i believe, but yeah the only thing i was hoping was that Shane finally got a bullet in the head but sadly it was someone else. I do hope the blonde hair chick from the group takes up the part of dale, as the voice of reason/sanity that he trully was.

    I hope this is also a turning/learning point for Carl and wonder how Rick’s charcter will develope after and wonder if they will show any development between Gleen and his girlfriend since Hershel did give his blessing, was hoping to see something about that but they never did show anything about it.

    Kinda like the comic’s death and thanks for posting that tid bit whomever did, i would have enjoyed reading that for sure. I do not read the comics, cannot stand black and white comics execpt for the newspaper funnies.

  26. What can I say about this weeks episode…..In general I was both disappointed and shocked. Disappointed that they spent the entire episode deliberating over killing the outsider and the shocked that Dale got axed.

    Rick was able to size up and pull the trigger on the two in the bar so I’m hot seeing what the big moral dilemma is. Of course why they pulled him off the fence in the first place really bewildered me too. I would have given the guy a gun with one bullet in the chamber and left him to his fate.

    I also agree with others and thought that Carl wandering off into the woods was a moronic action. Kids will be kids and all that but you would have thought he, if anyone, would have learned from Sophia’s example to NOT wander off into the woods alone (plus he was just recently shot while out there!) Lori should also have been keeping him busy and close so as to not allow him to even consider being stupid.

    And Dale being caught off guard……what the hell was that, a stealth ex-special ops zombie? I just didn’t buy the situation since the field was fairly exposed and zombies aren’t known for lying down after a good meal of entrails. Dale by all rights should have seen or heard the zombie as he approached.

    If this is the fate (and relative IQ) of those who will survive if a zombie apocalypse really does happen, gimme a gun now because I couldn’t take the idiocy.

    • I agree, although I consider myself quite humane any guy who is running with a gang of murderers and rapists, who presents a threat to my family and friends, and who had actively tried to kill me I would kill in a heartbeat. It is not about “humanity” it is about the evil choices the kid made. Kill him and be done with it.

      • Sometimes people have to do what they have to do to survive. If running with the outlaws was his only way to survive he did what he had to do.

        He didnt ‘look’ like a bad guy just a scared kid when Rick pulled em off the pike. The way he was treated by his friends shows how much he was an intergal part of the gang…..

        Granted I probably would have left him there also…… However now Rick knows what (to a degree) he is up against.

        • Yeah but Randall revealed his true colors when he was talking to Carl. If Carl and Daryl would both just share what he said to the group, this agonizing moral dilemma they all seem to be suffering from would be over in a second.

          • Yes but it wasnt him was it? He was speaking about the people that he hung around with.

            I was tired when I finally watched it but it appeared he was just tagging along with bad guys to survive?

            Guilty by association? Maybe in the real world when you can run and tell someone, get the law etc. but in the circumstances he was doing what he had to do to survive… MAYBE.

            Dont get me wrong I probably would have left him and or shot him already…. :D

          • Exactly, I would have no trouble killing Randall, even his excuses to Darryl, “yeah I am with this gang that rapes and murders and stuff, but I am not really one of them” was weak. Then he says to Carl “I’ll take you and your family back to ‘my’ people” (you know the rapists and murderers.) Sorry its like in “Lonesome Dove” when they hang Jake, “when you run with outlaws, you die like one.”

            • But see thats the dilema. Do you want/need to go back to the Wild West days?

              We as a race should always strive to go forward not backwards in growing.

              A lot of people (Dale) would consider that going backwards.

              A ‘decent’ person use to wielding power (Rick) will always be torn over something like that. He was taught and always put out killing is a last resort.

              But yeah…. I would have left him there on the pike. Wife just told me if I brought him back she would stick me on the pike….


              • I think with a break down of society, like we have here, you are back in the “Wild West” days. I agree that one needs to keep a sense of morality and fairness but not when it is a threat to your own and your people’s survival.

                i agree with what you said about Rick, a decent person would agonize over the decision (which is why Shane is not a decent person) but when all is said and done Randall made his choices. If we are in a zombie apocalypse and I run with murderers and rapists in order to survive, then I am, by default, a murderer and rapist (also I am not convinced that Randall is not actually a murderer and rapist himself.)

    • I so agree with what you’ve There are so many points where they are being idiots. Like spending so much time looking in vain for Sophia for instance. And the many things I would think they’d be doing to get ready for an onslaught of “bad people” in the form of gangs like the group of 30 Randall was a member of. They seem to be in a trance of something, and need to wake up & take action. Lots of actions! Daryl should come up with all sorts of survivalist methods, and they need to start getting smart about saving themselves in this new world. Instead we get a lot of soap opera. Stop moralizing/straining over “is it right” – it comes down to survival of the fittest in this situation, and the fit wouldn’t be picking their noses and whining, fussing about who was “righteous” or flip-flopping back and forth about the moral thing to do. Get real, people, or you will die. (Randall was trying to kill them.) – Now, who else is out there looking for a small group of whiny, ineffectual nitwits to prey upon?! Plus, I’m so tired of the women doing stupid moronic things, please, wake up and open your eyes, start thinking smart.

  27. I am so upset Dale died! He is awesome, wise and funny, and above all, he kept the group together and worked to help it remain humane and civilized!!! Why did they sacrifice this character?!

  28. Carl annoys me to no end. And now this really bad actor’s dull character is guilty of Dale’s death, one of the top characters in the show.
    I loved how truly shocked everyone was when they were around dying Dale, and how they all showed their grief and despair. One of the most humane, realistic and revealing moments in the show.

    • That is what makes the show so great. It’s not all about zombies- its about the raw human emotion and how being in that world makes you do things you never thought you would. Even Shane looked choked up.

    • Who are you to decide that Chandler Riggs is a bad actor? I can’t stand all these blowhards coming onto these forums.. The kid is incredibly talented for his age

  29. My two cents … Personally, I like treating the comics and the tv series as two seperate entities. Because there are things I like about both and get frustrated about both. One of the things I do like, though, is not knowing what’s going to happen to the characters in the tv series as opposed to the comics. Because, yeah, as someone pointed out earlier, if they kept it the same, those who read the comics would easily be bored. And, I think it’s just fun to take the characters and try out a slightly new path for them to see what they do. As for Carl, I have to admit, him wandering around like he was made me question the parenting going on there, but the coldness he’s displaying doesn’t surprise me. First he thought his father was dead, then the world went to hell, he did get his father back, but things are still on Whaley ground, because it’s day to day and who knows who’s not going to make it. Then, Carl gets shot, which is pretty damn traumatic for a kid. He loses the only other kid and friend he had in the group to ground him to being a kid, and he’s picking up on the mentality of the group as it’s changing. He’s going through a phase of adjustment where it’s easier to go cold and steel himself for later. So I get him and I’m curious to see how that plays out in the show vs. what I know happens in the comics. And poor Dale. Some like him, some don’t. I did and I will miss him. He was irritating sometimes, but I think he did have a good heart deep down and was really trying to help. But, as they said on Talking Dead, he was like Piggy from Lord of the Flies. He was a voice of reason for a civilization that no longer applied. His death had to happen as a symbol. Each of these characters aren’t just people, but symbols of each aspect of humanity. And the further into this new world of sorts they go into, you’ll see how humanity changes to adapt and survive, if at all, in the new reality. Can civilization, in any form, remain as Dale hoped for, or will we lose it entirely, simply to survive?