‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 10: ’18 Miles Out’ Recap

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Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead 18 Miles Out The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 10: 18 Miles Out Recap

What happens next: Major ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Death Revealed By AMC

After Lori’s talk to Rick at the end of ‘Triggerfinger,’ it was clear to everyone watching The Walking Dead that Shane’s continued involvement (and existence) weighed heavily on Rick’s mind. Given his penchant for offering everyone a second chance and exhausting every possibility prior to taking drastic action, perhaps it was inevitable that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) would want to discuss the “Shane problem” with the actual Shane – and that’s just what he does in ’18 Miles Out.’

Rick is completely frank with Shane (Jon Bernthal), addressing his partner’s feelings for Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Lori’s unborn child. Rick is even understanding as he bridges the subject of Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince), but the candor, and potential importance of the confrontation is undermined by the painfully obvious fact that the two men are talking in the middle of an actual crossroads (metaphor alert!).

After the rather one-sided chat, Shane sulks in the passenger seat and watches a lone walker skulk through some waist-high grass while Rick broaches the subject of how the coming winter may affect the walkers and essentially comes to the conclusion that snow and freezing temperatures will be a mixed blessing for the survivors.

The pair soon finds an agreeable spot to ditch Randall (Michael Zegen), their captive from the other gang of survivors, and in preparation to do so, make two discoveries: That walkers will approach fresh blood like it’s the dinner bell, and two recently killed walkers don’t have any marks to indicate how they became zombies. However, these revelations pale in comparison to the knowledge that Randall knows Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and the location of Hershel’s farm – meaning that, for Rick and Shane, leaving Randall to roam free is no longer an option.

Naturally, Shane’s first move is to put a bullet in Randall, but Rick’s not having it. The disagreement finally brings the long-standing issues between the two men to a head and a mighty brouhaha breaks out, which, after an errant wrench toss by Shane, invites a dozen walkers to attack.

Rick, Shane and Randall all fight for their lives in what is a fairly tense scene that leaves Rick with another life in his hands. Randall suggests he and Rick make a run for it while the walkers bombard the school bus Shane is currently occupying, and after mulling it over, it appears that Rick decides to leave Shane to die. Of course that’s not how sheriff Grimes does things and he quickly reemerges to rescue his partner.  The move gives Rick a leg up on Shane in both the morality and capability department, so when he asks that Shane come back into the fold, and follow his lead, Shane is left with no choice but to step in line.

Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead AMC The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 10: 18 Miles Out Recap

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Beth (Emily Kinney) has risen from her catatonic state and decided she wants to end her own life. This troublesome subject has been touched upon before in The Walking Dead with mixed results, and this time, three women who each have a unique take on handling the situation visit the suicidal individual. Maggie, Beth’s sister, fears leaving her alone at all. Lori is equally concerned, but she assumes the situation is merely one born of trauma and will soon pass. Andrea (Laurie Holden), having gone through a similar rough patch herself, advises Beth that “the pain doesn’t go away, you just make room for it,” and then leaves the girl to decide on her own whether she wants to live or die.

Beth makes the suicide attempt, but doesn’t get very far (a sign she wishes to live). As a result of her actions, and a weird spat with Lori regarding gender roles in the post-apocalyptic world, Andrea is pushed further to the fringes of the group – the same place Shane seems to be headed.

In between the fisticuffs and arguments, ’18 Miles Out’ managed some interesting tidbits about the walkers and perhaps a few subtle hints as to the nature of the infection itself.


The Walking Dead has three episodes left in season two, which air Sundays @9pm on AMC.

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  1. I very much want Andrea to get her face eaten (especially after reading the volume 15 TPB right before the episode). Ruined such a good character. After this episode I really think that who does it in the comics is going to be the one, Rick can’t seem to bring himself to do the deed.

    • I don’t think the zombies would want to eat her face.

  2. I thought for sure Rick was leaving Shane. I got all excited and texted everyone like “OH MY GOD IF YOU MISSED THE WALKING DEAD JUST KILL YOURSELF/YOU’RE A LOSER, ETC.” then after the commercial break…yeah.
    I think they’re going to bring this kid back and they’re going to work in another love triangle between Maggie, Glenn, and the new guy. Since Glenn can’t seem to appreciate that last hot girl on earth.

    Also am i the only one who got like seriously excited at the talk of winter? All the zombie movies/ End of the world fantasies and I never ONCE thought about the weather effecting them. It’s also awesome that we’re going into season three and they’re JUST getting into Melee weaponry. Much more emotional, it takes real courage to stab a former person in the face rather than just shoot and look away.

    Some great stuff in this episode.

    • I hink they are prepping for a certain character who is mellee happy! ;-)

      • Is that a reference to the comics?? Haven’t read ‘em however if there IS a melee happy character I’m ready. Even if Norman Reedus was that character i think that’d be sweet

        • Yes, the character is some people’s favorite character for the series. She will play a big part next year.

          • From countless reports over the last couple of weeks, she is scheduled to make an appearance on the season finale which is great. The actress on who is playing she is being kept a secret though. It could be due to contractual reasons with another network series but if it turns out to be true from numerous sources I think she will be a great fit. Although her known identity might not be shown this season as she might be covered up, ala, hoodie type of attire. Also the “villain” has been confirmed for next season. They are searching for an actor as the person originally wanted has turned down the role. Season 3 is setting up to be the season that everyone is waiting for thus far

    • lol, I was right there with you. I wanted Rick to leave Shane so bad. But he showed true leadership when he saved Shane.

  3. Last nights episode was awesome I watched it twice and I gotta say there were plenty of walkers in this episode if you missed it check it out not to mention some other great moments as well don’t wanna spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet, only 3 episodes left for season 2 but season 3 will span 16 episodes I love this show every episode leaves me wanting more :)

  4. Am I the only one appalled at the acts of sheer silliness the writers are having these people do?? I mean who the hell cuts themselves and then stabs zombies with the same hand?! That is pretty much just asking to be infected. Then Shane does the same thing on the bus door jam, the zombies start to lick it an then he rubs the door jam AGAIN with the open wound?!! I also don’t know why this new “tactic” was dreamed up but I didn’t realize zombies really needed any more incentive. They seem pretty interested just by them being alive.

    It’s beyond amazing that these two idiots managed to bash each others heads in, causing OPEN head wounds and then doing things like up close and personal zombie knife stabbings and multiple shootings at point blank with not a bit of zombie cast off getting on them. These two by all rights should have joined the ranks of the undead this episode.

    Sorry for the rant but the infeasibility was making me crazy!

    The most interesting thing about this episode for me (aside from the idiot brothers not infecting themselves) was their little talk about to the two zombie policemen who didn’t appear to have been bitten. They rationalized it away as scratches but I think it’s a hint as to how the world population may have been infected so quickly and a new danger the group is unaware of.

    • Totally agree.

      It seems that the survivors are getting dumber on a weekly basis.

    • Not only that but Rick is covered in Zombie blood from the pile up and it looked like Andria probably mixed some fluids too…..I think there’s be a whol lot of infections going on.

      As for meeting with other living humans….I wonder why there has to be this big confrontation unless these are some group of outlaws from before everything went to hell. It would seem to me that strength in numbers would be a good thing. Granted that means more supplies, but there’s nothing but abandoned homes and stores all over the country to get supplies from so I don’t think trying to establish live camps for people to band together would necessarily be a bad thing. I’ve never read the comics so I’m guessing that’s not something they did there so it wont be here…Too bad…Likie Fallen Skies….A few more characters does offer more story lines to keep the focus away from just a couple characters.

      • So you are obviously a man…. because letting those cowboys back to camp would have probably ended up with all the women getting raped or something close to it – or didnt you listen to what they were saying? THAT is why Rick totally shot them in cold blood, he was protecting the women as well as his camp. I think RICK IS THE MAN – especially for shooting those guys.

    • Rick lied to Shane. It goes back to the doc at the CDC and what he whispered to Rick. If it is what I think it is, then Rick knows why those cops were walkers and didnt have dent one in them. Only 3 eps. left and we were told that the secret will be told this season. Cant wait for the reveal.

      • Considering Rick and Glenn were covered in zombie guts in the beginning of season 1, I was guess that this version of zombie virus may not be transmitted via bites and scratches. The CDC doctor may have told Rick this, and maybe the infection is like the one in I Am Legend, which some people just have an immunity to.

        • Yeah Slayer, I was kind of surprised how quickly and clandestinely they had Shane throw that line in there “I don’t see any bite marks.”

          Rick didn’t seem to surprised, but it kind of seems that that’s what Dr. Jenner told whispered to him at the end of season 1, that everyone has the virus, and that a bite simply expedites the zombificaiton process. Finding that out was a big deal in the graphic novel, so I was surprised about how they treated that in the last episode.

          • Reading your comment has left me incredibly annoyed at the massive spoiler but also really happy with how great that reveal is. I’m guessing i should start up with the comics considering how great they sound.

      • Hummmm, that’s a very interesting idea you have there.

        • My guess is that the virus is already airbourne and that when a person dies — even due to a natural reasons such as old age or starvation — they turn into a Walker.

  5. You know I loved last night’s episode, But I couldnt stop from thinking how many times Rick and Shane would have realisticly got infected when they kept inflicting open wounds to themselves…then stabing the walkers.

    • Especially after their observations when inspecting the 2 cops or Rick shooting point blank and leaving his mouth open.

      • Yea I thought it was quite ridiculous, But besides this I thought it was awesome… my wife was laughing at me because I was at the edge of the bed rooting and yelling for Rick when they fighting, and then I was yelling at Andrea at the end of the episode… I wish she would go, she irritates me.

        • Agreed.

  6. OK, I love last nights episode and also agree about the infection issue with Rick and Shane. Also, Please correct me if I am wrong about this but when Shane saw “The Lone Rambling Zombie” in the field he was in passenger seat going into town. Then when going out of town, he once again was in passenger seat and saw zombie going same direction as before, out same window??? Just an interesting spoiler I thought!

    • Yea Im not sure if there was suppose to a significance to that or not, or maybe some foreshadowing that the farm is about to be in trouble… I dont know.

      • I also wondered if there was special significance in the lone zombie in the field I was missing. You would think they would stop and kill it out of principle but….

        • I dont know, because both times they showed it, Shane was ignoring Rick and starring at it almost out of contemplation… and speaking of Shane, I thought it was wierd because when Rick was talking to him and Shane gave his side once again, I almost felt for Shane… but then as soon as the Randall dilema came up, I just wanted to get eaten. I thought for sure he wouldve been gone this episode, but it feels like it could go the comic book route now.

  7. I’m a huge fan of the Walkin Dead series but have become growingly disappointed at the weak story lines in season 2. This series was meant to be simple without the typical social struggles and cliches that present themselves in most shows. It is all about killing zombies,staying alive and finding out how it started and if there is safe zone. All of these personal tangents and infighting makes the “drama” almost too much to take. I say lets get back to what made this show a hit in the first place . . . Zombies, guns, action!

    • Yes, true but the comic is largely based on human development, not just blowing zombies up. Yes, the show does need to get back into fighting the zombie world but also keeping the human development in the series. I rather enjoy the series the way it is. It presence a different spin of the comic version, some good, some bad but that is with any show. If you are just looking for action, then this isn’t the show for you. I would suggest checking out the movie Acts of Valor for that kind of action or other zombie flicks. The zombies will still be there but Kirkman is very big on human development. This season although slow was expected. Expect season 3 to be more action packed but also keep in the human development drama as well.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for the “human condition” side of things. I just think the pendulum has swung too far in one direction. This season a disproportionate amount of time has been spent weaving a web of disfunctional relationships rather than focusing on the zombie menace. If I wanted a Freudian documentary I would go to the library. I get the clever symoblism and the subtlties but I think many of us want to get back to the roots of this series success and that is pure survival. I hope you are right about season three. Lets hope they dial-back the psycho-babble drama.

        • I get what you’re saying, but I’m forced to point out that the “roots of this series” would be the the drama rather than the action. If that’s not what you want that’s totally cool. Just I think that if you think this series should be an action pack romp then you’re setting yourself up for continual disappointment.

        • I agree, and I also disagree when people say that the first half of season 2 focused on character development, since we really didn’t know anything about the characters at the end of the first half of season two that we didn’t already know at the end of season 1. Shane is the resenteful, scorned lover; Rick is a jerk in his thinking; Andrea wines and makes ugly faces; Other than having a few conversations with Andrea, Dale’s character might as well not even be on the show. Ditto for Carol and T-Dawg (seriously, at certain times this season I forgot that those two characters were even in the show). Darryl was a redneck in season 1, and in season two, guess what? He’s still a redneck. Glen can run fast. Etc. etc. etc.

  8. Last night episode was amazing. The tension and suspense and symbolism. Now I do believe that Rick only cut himself once to kill the first zombie guard he doesn’t cut himself afterward with the same knife. I might have to watch that again I don’t really remember. But as for Shane, we never see him cut his hand to kill the second guard so it is possible that the zombie went for Ricks blood and Shane killed the zombie with ricks knife too. I loved the ending. I mean that zombie walking by himself and Shane looking at it, you can certainly see that Shane knows that he is that lonely walker. He is alone out there trying to survive, or that he needs to be alone. The song that they used for the ending was great too. Immediately on my play list.

    • I concur

    • Hummm, I didn’t think about who’s knife was used to kill those guards. As I mentioned in my post above though, Shane DID cut his palm to smear the bus door jam with blood. ;)

      Obviously neither are infected but it was pretty close to an act of God (or highly contrived writing) that it didn’t happen because, by all rights, they should be dead now.

      • So little has been revealed in the science of how they infect in this show. We assume it is following a formulaic predisposition toward certain traditional elements. But that is not only an assumption on our part, but that of the characters too. I whole heartedly believe that the CDC scientist whispered something to Rick that led him to believe that he would not be infected by doing what he did. Shane of course is an idiot and will do anything like a trained monkey once shown. But also lets not discount time to infection. If you recall not everyone turns into a zombie at the same rate. Shane may indeed be infected and once back on the farm, well… if he turns…. makes a whole lot of thins a whole lot easier doesn’t it?

    • yup good ep and i think that the lone walker has another significance

  9. nice to see AMC’s shortsighted budget cuts coming to fruition with the “credit only” appearance of 6? of the cast by my count, probably more. good episode but not great, IMHO.

  10. Another thing that was great about the episode was the look on Shane’s face when Rick left, Rick seeing the two guard/cop zombies on the floor and it possibly reminding Rick of him and Shane, and Shane’s reaction when Rick returned for him. Rick also showed Shane that a sacrifice doesn’t always have to be made to survive. As for the spit of the zombies on the door, well we don’t know how much “bacteria” from the zombies is needed to completely infect the humans. I mean that’s just a thought.

    • I was pretty moved by that moment when Rick sees the dead guards. Even though Shane’s a dangerous nut, I was hoping Rick wouldn’t give up on him just yet. I saw the symbolism more clearly watching it the second time – the two corpses lied side by side as if they’d fought to the end together. Not to mention the old motto “never leave your partner behind.”

    • Finally someone that thinks what I think… Lori has to go away!!! I totally agree with your description about her!!!

  11. Also, i think the two dead policemen have something to do with what Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear. They didn’t shock him as much as they did Shane.

    • my thoughts exactly.

  12. whats the songs name at the ending at last nights episode, it was dope, it went along with the ending, great song great episode, very intense, help me please whats the song name anyone?

    • Yeah great song. Its “Wye Oak”- by Civilian.

      • Thanks, i appreciate it.

        • No problem. Oh and its “Civilian” by Wye Oak lol.

  13. The issue with infection regarding Rick and Shane… and even before in early series with all the zombie blood on their bodies to cover their scent, etc… Well I think they should get infected long ago. So the real question is, are you sure they are not infected already? At least that is my conclusion. But I guess they have to die first to turn into a zombie themselves.
    Andrea… I kinda like her. I think she had a point. She is becoming tougher and tougher and not by being very popular but by making mistakes. I think that is a very good development of her character.

  14. I think you have to be bitten or apparently scratched to get infected. They’ve gotten blood and guts on them many times and are fine so I don’t think it’s just bodily fluids or bacteria. It’s transmitting a virus.
    I also hate Shane and Andrea and wish they’d both get eaten alive. If they hate the group and Ricks leadership then why don’t they leave??

  15. Bring on my katana girl!!! I hear she will be played by Tara from True Blood.

    • The actress herself came out and said that wasn’t true, though based on how well actors tell the truth about these things it might be true or not.

  16. Question: Just how close does this follow the comics?

    I’m considering getting a book that holds the first 48 chapters or comics of the series. Is it pure spoiler…Or is there a lot of differences between the show and the comics? Thanks…

    • The comic is much better IMO… but as far as your question, the show follows the main story arch, but makes a few changes and adds a few things here and there on how it gets from point A to point B.

    • totally different. there will be some similarities. but there are certain characters and story lines that are completely different. the first 48 compilation is awesome. it may ruin some things that could happen in season 3 but I think they do a good job of making the show and comic enjoyable for people who read/watch both.

  17. Anybody knows what the song at the end was???

  18. found it :)



    Wye Oak

  19. In case anyone is interested in this theory, I believe that the zombie heading away from (in the field) the farm and then heading back towards it shows that the people at the farm can be heard from a great distance. There was one scene where they were shown to be making a lot of noise in the house, when the girls were fighting over suicide! This was shown to be heard from a distance …and the countryside is quite quiet in zombieland! I want them to go to a city again. I want them to experience frozen zombies in Winter and I want them to try to get to an Island preferably small or to find a more secure building, i mean if i was living in a zombie world, i would be constantly in my attic! …1 last thing. why does no-one ever call them zombies. Do they live in a universe where zombies aren’t an idea already!

  20. Wow, all this hate for Andrea… What happened to last weeks hate for Lori? That’s the one I would rather see bite a big one.

  21. a lot of people are commenting on how shane stabbed the walker then cut his hand on the bus, but im pretty sure it wasnt the same knife, shane stabbed the gaurd walker with a pocket knife, and cut his hand and stabbed the bus walkers with a more traditional blade with handle type knife. its logical to think that in world like this you would carry more than one knife on you, just in case. also its been shown getting walker blood on spattered on you doesnt infect you, or everyone would be walkers by now. its probably through fluid to fluid transfer like blood in the mouth or eye or saliva etc. i def think the gaurds not being bit has something to do with the big secret rick knows that jenner told him. i thought the same thing when rick shot the overweight guy in the bar in the head even after he killed him.

    • Damn, ANOTHER good comment……So if the “big” CDC is that they are all infected and only if they actually die will they turn, you are saying that’s why Rick double tapped the disgusting big guy. I would say that’s a decent working hypothesis and a good catch.

    • @Magnolia fan:
      Did you say Jay & Silent Bob are pair of fcking clownshoes?

    • Yeah, I think that as fans of the genre we are all naturally inclined to add what we know from other versions of the zombie apocalypse to this show. The trigger for the affect being death makes sense, which means anyone who dies can come back. That makes the rate of walkers multiplying a problem that actually won’t go away…

  22. Ok…the fact that the walkers had no markings on them (showing how they died) is directly related to what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at the end of season one…and there is another very import, and almost polar opposite aspect to ‘it’ (at least in the comics, anyway).

    • Another possible answer is that the virus can be contracted two ways by air and contact. Perhaps most of the population was overcome by the airborne version which would explain the initial rapid infection while the small percentage of survivors had a natural immunity to the airborne strain and could only be “zombized” through contact. Dr. Robert Neville in “I am Legend” struggled with this same exact scenario. Thoughts?

      • Another aspect of the zombification that I’ve spoken to with my fellow doctors (there are a few of us who are fans of the show). Dr. Jenner said that no one knew if the infection of viral, bacterial or parasitic. What if it’s none of the above? What if it were like cancer, which is none of the above. Cancer is simply cells that are malfunctioning. Every cell in our body has a life span – it multiplies a few times, and then dies. Cancer cells, however, don’t. They just keep multiplying and forming cells that don’t serve any function. Medical researchers call it a function of cell mutation. Others, who believe in the metaphysical world, believe that cancer cells are God’s expiration date on all of us.

        Perhaps this is what the zombie virus is? Not a virus at all – that may explain why it’s not transmitted by toughing zombie blood (if it were, all of the characters would have become zombies by now).

        • Bizarre but interesting theory. Dr. Jenner demonstrated that “Test subject 19″ clearly showed the tragic progression of the illness for lack of a better diagnosis. If it were cancer I don’t see how the cell mutation could kill the person then spontaneouly reanimate some of the basic brain functions of the host body. With the speed it infects the host cells it behaves more like a virus than cancer. Even the most aggeressive cancers do not mutate this quickly. The big question is how does the body become reanimated after death. You would need some source of electrical power to help reignite the synapse in the brain. Even Dr. Frankenstein was stumped over that one.

  23. Episode 11: “Judge, Jury, Executioner”

    Episode starts with Daryl beating the s*** out of Randall in a shed. Randall reveals that their group has about 30 people, including women and children, and that he doesn’t know where they’re staying since they’re always on the move. He also says that they’re heavily armed and tells a story about how they once found a guy with two young daughters while out scavenging and proceeded to rape the girls, letting their father live so he could watch. Daryl beats him even harder. Cue theme music.

    Daryl leaves the shed and reveals to the others what he found out. Based on that knowledge, Rick decides that they must kill Randall. Only Dale argues against it and asks Rick for one day to talk to everybody and convince them to let Randall live. He gets no support from Daryl, Hershel, Shane or even Glenn. Then there’s this big discussion about whether to go through with it. Dale vehemently objects, telling everyone that this is murder and means forever giving up hope for a civilized society. In the end, only Andrea sides with Dale. Majority rules, so Randall is to be executed.

    There’s also a moment between Hershel and Glenn at one point where the old man gives Glenn his father’s watch along with his blessing to Glenn’s relationship with his daughter.

    Meanwhile, Carl sneaks into the shed to look at Randall who begs Carl to help him escape. Shane finds Carl there and drags him out, telling him to stop trying to get himself killed. Carl then immediately goes and calls Carol an idiot for believing that Sophia is in heaven. Rick asks him to apologize and start thinking before opening his mouth. Carl then steals Daryl’s gun, finds a walker stuck in a swamp and tries to shoot it. Before he can do that, the walker breaks free and attempts to grab Carl, who freaks out and runs away.

    At nightfall, Rick takes Randall to the barn and prepares to shoot him, but Carl comes in to watch. Rick can’t kill Randall in front of his son, so he decides to hold Randall in custody for now. Near the woods, Dale finds a mutilated cow and is attacked by the same walker from before, who freed itself from the swamp to follow Carl. Dale doesn’t get bit, but the walker tears open his guts before it’s killed by Daryl. Dale’s wounds are too grave and Daryl performs a mercy killing by shooting him in the head. End episode.

    Next episode: Shane snaps. He gets stabbed by Rick then comes back to life, only to be shot by Carl.

    Suffice it to say that they leave the farm behind for good halfway through the season finale. There will be some more casualties, rest assured.

    • Do you work for the show? I can only assume you do, since you reveal exactly what’s gonna happen next episod. I’m just curious.

    • If this is an accurate representation of things to come then I am back on the Walking Dead bandwagon. I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

      • I have heard from a creditable source that the next 2 episodes are going to be pretty epic episodes leading to the 3rd episode that in that person’s opinion is probably the best episode done since season 1. Dale is apparently gone, along with Shane. Shane shouldn’t be a surprised considering he lasted longer than the comics. Dale is new but not a surprise considering his disapproval over the firing of Frank.

  24. I honestly do not mind Andrea OR Shane; I find Lori and Dale annoying and unrealistic. Andrea is not conforming to the “woman” role that Lori expects her to fit into. Lori expects the men to take care of everything; Andrea is out there, willing to risk her life. Lori also blames everything on Shane-it takes two to have an affair. Lori and Rick’s marriage was in trouble before the zombies took over and she is in denial about being involved with Shane. Shane is realistic about it. His character was killed in the books so the writers are doing a good job of crafting his character. Despite the rough way he comes off, I think many people, in this situation they were in, would act like him. I don’t think many people would stay cool headed, calm, hopeful, and play house during the end of the world. Dale is meddling and irritating. He somehow knows everything, has all this insight without proof. He was certain Shane killed Otis and Lori jumped on that train quickly. That move saved Carl and Rick admits he would have done the same…why was it such a big deal to Dale? Shane took that murder hard-harder than Rick killing the men in the bar.
    It will be interesting to see what the Doctor’s secret to Rick was-I have a feeling everyone is infected and some will eventually turn (despite not being bit) while others may be immune. Hoping for a zombie baby from Lori!

  25. My butt smells.

  26. I can say that next episode you might see things start to unfold. For people that are mad that it doesn’t follow the comic book directly I suggest you will need to move on as this show tends to create it’s on identity, something Kirkman is trying to do(“This show will be another version of the comic series. Things will not be the same as the comic book but others will be. I want to keep even people who read the comic book in suspense as to they don’t even know what might come next”).

    • Thank you, JaredDAC. If this were a retelling of the comic, I don’t know if I would still be watching. I know what happens through most of the comic, so I don’t need to see it in action. Continue taking the big moments from the comics (the farm, the Governor, etc) and making them unique to the story being told in the TV series, and I think the vast majority of the fans will be happy. As much as people complain, season 2 has not gone down the same road as, say, season 2 of Heroes. It is still fun and exciting.


    Carl is most definately the one to shoot Shayne. If you all remember back earlier in the season Rick was teaching Carl to shoot. BINGO

    And I LOVE that they hinted at so much of the story line in the episode. If you do not know this is a BIG SPOILER!!! The disease isn’t caused by the bites. The bites simply cause death. They are all infected with the disease and they don’t know it yet! :D I truly advise all of you to read the comics.

    And I LOVE that they mentioned winter. I hope they don’t snubb Michonne and Tyrese because I am DYING to see those characters. They just casted the governor so I AM SO PUMPED FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!

    • LOL, I would have to say this would not be a shocker as it would somewhat follow the comic. I’d say one that might shock people would be if they killed off someone that does live on through most of the comic series but then again, Kirkman isn’t one to play it safe. He likes changing things up in the series and no it’s not the writers as Kirkman has a huge amount of say as to how each and every episode goes. People seem to forget he has the final say. If he doesn’t like it, it doesn’t get approved. As much as people miss Frank, this in the end is Kirkman’s vision, to supply something different than the comic. I think people will see this even more come the last 3 episodes. Some the same, some different but either way I still am going to be a Kirkman loyalist no matter what

    • So are you telling me that everyone is infected with the virus? So the survivors are “carriers” and the bite activates the zombification?

      • That is correct sir

        • If this is the case then how did the first zombie come into being? Without a zombie bite to start the dominos falling what triggered the source of the infection? Kind of the chicken and the egg conundrum.