SR Pick [Video]: Every ‘Walking Dead’ Season 1 Zombie Kill

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walking dead 2 SR Pick [Video]: Every Walking Dead Season 1 Zombie Kill

While AMC’s The Walking Dead is indisputably a hit with viewers, some have complained that the show – about a group of survivors trying to stay alive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse – was a little light on the one thing many were expecting from the series: a plethora of skull-bashing, brain-splattering, head-cutting zombie kills.

How many zombie kills did The Walking Dead season 1 offer?” I hear you asking. Well, lets put it this way: today we have a video where savvy editor Eric Linn cut every zombie kill from he show’s six-hour season into a sixty-second montage.

As you watch the video, I’m sure you’ll notice (as I did), that most of the Zombie kills are stacked in the first two episodes of the show, which makes sense, considering that Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) ill-advised visit to Atlanta was the biggest hotbed of walkers we’ve seen to date. From that point on, the only other real big showdown between the human survivors and the zombies came at the end of episode 4, “Vatos”, when the survivor camp was overrun (overwalked?) by zombies. After that, the season ended with two episodes that were nearly zombie-free – much to the chagrin of some fans.

Check out every zombie kill from The Walking Dead season 1 below:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Walking Dead is not a show ABOUT zombies. It’s a show ABOUT people, which simply uses zombies as a backdrop in order to enhance the severity of the survivors’ plight and spotlight everything that makes us human by juxtaposing that quality – humanity – against creatures which are no longer fit to be called so.

In my humble opinion, the show shouldn’t feel mandated to feature a zombie-killing quota every episode – only when the creatures’ appearance is warranted and organic. If I was watching a show where so-called survivors kept running into their slow-limping tormentors every time the show aired, it wouldn’t be too long before I started wondering just what the hell was wrong with those dummies.

That said, I do hope that The Walking Dead season 2 does present us with more zombie-tastic situations for Rick and Co. to overcome. As our own Paul Young pointed out: if you find yourself in the zombie apocalypse, running away for as long as you can isn’t necessarily the best answer. Sometimes, a strong offense is the best defense.

What did you think of the video, and did the show have enough zombie killing for your liking?

The Walking Dead season 2 will air on AMC in Fall 2011. Look for the season 1 DVD/Blu-ray on March 8, 2011.

Source: YouTube user “LandStrider” via Collider

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  1. i can see why people complain but as you have stated above its not about the zomies and gore its the people caught up in the aftermath that make this a great comic/tv show i cant wait for season 2

  2. Proof you’re right in the fact that I can remember every single kill in there.

    Except that last one isn’t a kill… clearly only decapitation.

    • You just said Decapitation isn’t a kil??

      • “It’s gotta be the brain. Don’t yall know nothin’?” — Darryl

  3. I loved this show and it is about Rick&Co and not the Zombies if Season 2 steps up the Zombie kills it would not be a bad thing but to have them kill just add gore or fright is something that is not needed. Amazing show great cast cant wait for season 2!

  4. I was hoping for a little background music to score these zombie kills. Oh well… other than that, I loved it.

  5. I’m also baffled by complaints about lack of Zombie killing. This isn’t torture porn or a gore fest. Frank D. will not give you mindless zombie killing.

    Furthermore, the comic books were never about zombie killing either. That’s the reason they made it into a tv show, there was depth, character development, etc.

    Having said that, Walking Dead did have some AWESOME zombie kills and gore.

    I was watching this show with some older people and they said they will NOT watch it again because of the extensive gore.

    So I guess you can’t please everyone. I think the show is borderline perfect as of now.

  6. That didn’t really seem like that many kills… Oh well. Great show!

  7. well they spaced them out pretty well and i have never noticed it for only a minute about. and honeslty the camp scene one should count entirly because it was very intense

  8. It’s not even about the number of kills. I counted 42 (probably more than that), but for six episodes, that’s pretty freepin’ good. There’s also tension and intensity. I mean, how do you compare number of zombie kills to coming around a corner to find a street full of flesh-eaters? Like said above, endless gore can become a bit boring after while and has no meaning. I’m rooting for the characters and their heroic effort to survivor! Sometimes I don’t mind a single episode of character-driven story. Zombies and zombie-stomping is icing on the cake. An icky cake, but nonetheless good.

    • @doug

      I could agree anymore with that… Well said my friend, well said…

  9. They missed at least one that I know of. When they go into the department store in ATL to get Merle. His brother killed one in the department store with the crossbow.

    • They had that one , but they are missing the zombies that are killed by the soliders in the hospital in the Last episode.

  10. Do the writers count?

  11. (The Walking Dead) is completely overrated in my op. A golden globe nom??? That’s hilarious. I think more then half the fans are zombies.
    6 episodes make up the entire first season? You guys are ok with supporting that? What is this a BBC production? Jericho season 2 was longer.
    Main character is one of the dumbest cops I’ve seen since Rosco P Coltrain, (Dukes of Hazzard). The writers should have written his role as a security guard. Watching his “quick thinking” in the pilot episode turned me off to his character and the show. The only new/original thing about TWD, is its on cable. Everything else I’ve seen before, and with a 6 season story arc, why not just make a mini-series???


    • “uber-lame” ?

      You don’t like the show, cool. But some of your criticisms are unfounded and completely subjective.

      This show is excellent on its own but when compared to other more popular programs, this show is freaking brilliant and a ray of hope in the ever declining quality of modern era (popular) television.

  12. Ok its better then Glee all give you that.

    Better then Dexter, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Boardwalk Empire? well I guess that’s subjective. :/

  13. Okay,

    You state correctly that the Walking Dead is about characters not zombies. I mean the zombies are a boring rehash of every George George Romero movie ever made. In fact the Walking Dead is bereft of virtually any semblance of originality. And the zombies are particularly uninteresting and not very scary.

    So thus we are left with the humans. Every character is simplistic and formulaic rehash of hundreds of other movies and TV shows. Even the predictable and very disposable red shirts are present as zombie fodder.

    While much of TV is predictable and copycat in nature I had hoped the Walking Dead would be an innovative and bold new approach to the apocalypse (nope the same old boring demise of humanity)but clearly this was not the case.

    Michael Bryant

  14. I personally love this show and I’m glad it’s not all about the Zed kills, if you wanna have characters get killed then we have to feel something for the characters, and that’s what this show does. my only real problem is that I have to wait till friggin Halloween for more!

  15. AMC could have truly reinvented the zombie genre and come up with something really new and fresh. Sadly they did not.

    There are a few main strains of zombie films and the Walk Deadly rigidly hews to the George Romero school. There is no hint, at least intentionally (however I did get a few yucks from the occasionally witless antics of the characters)of actual humor. Thus no effort to emulate say the Evil Dead series or Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland. Nor did they go over the top such as the Return of the Living Dead series. Similarly eliminate the original Haitian zombie tradition, so rarely tackled by filmmakers such as White Zombie. Moreover no attempt to at least try something new like 28 Days or the brilliant Cemetery Man or the utterly unhinged and delightful Australian movie Undead. Lastly not one trace of the Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend series of cinematic such as tthe Last Man and The Omega Man, in which zombies mutate, to varying degrees, into a completely new life form.

    Please note I am intentionally ignoring the inane idiocy of the Resident Evil films as a possible starting point for a truly creative and innovative take on the living dead. Feeding into this is the long tradition of post-apocalyptic films. Please no more pretentious and all too dreary movies like The Road. Instead lets borrow say from the Mad Max films, A Boy and His Dog, Zardoz, the Terminator series,The Book of Eli, etc. Not too literally mind you just a starting point for the creative redefinition of the living dead fim/TV series.

    Lets perhaps move forward around fifty years. Yes lots of zombies, with perhaps different variations including some numbers with some manner of a functioning mind. Bands of humans at various levels of civilization. And a small but technologically advanced global military/scientific entity trying to save humanity. Have the later armed with advanced anti-zombie weapons and as well as Samurai kantas, battle axes and other close in weapons. Perhaps the Predator movies might provide some inspiration.

    Essentially I want a new, original approach to zombies. The Walking Dead is a hackneyed, wholly unoriginal bore that fails as both as a zombie TV show (please see True Blood on how to do television gore right) or as soap opera.

    All in all a real misfire.

  16. So your entire criticism is that its not Mad Max with zombies.



    Meanwhile, me and the rest of the world are going to enjoy this brilliant show.