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walking dead 2 The Walking Dead Review & Discussion

AMC’s The Walking Dead is probably THE most anticipated new show of 2010 (besides HBO’s Boardwalk Empire). Based on the popular comic book series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead comes with the talent of show creator Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), a cast of strong – if not yet widely recognizable – actors, some great makeup effects and a unique synthesis of horror and drama.

The show is also boldly attempting to add itself to the roster of AMC programs which have gained significant critical and popular acclaim in recent years – Mad Men, Breaking Bad – which is an ambition that I don’t think many zombie apocalypse TV shows (or movies) share.

So does The Walking Dead live up to the hype surrounding it – and is it another fine achievement for AMC TV? To both questions: Yes. How does this show about the world being overrun by zombies manage to be what so many other similar offering from the horror sub-genre cannot? By keeping a fine-tuned human drama at the center of all the monster madness.


Episode Recap

In this pilot episode directed by Darabont and entitled “Days Gone Bye”, officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is a mild-mannered man from a small town in Georgia who gets gunned down in the line of duty. When Rick awakens in the hospital weeks later, he finds himself alone and corpses scattered everywhere – some of them dead, others not as dead as they should be. After stumbling home, Rick finds his house vacant and his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs) seemingly fled from all the horror and carnage outside.

Rick soon runs into Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and his son Duane (Adrian Kali Turner), two survivors who fill Rick in on the events and circumstances of the zombie apocalypse. Morgan informs Rick that Atlanta was the rallying point for survivors, and that if Rick wants to find his wife and son, that would be the place to look. Rick decides to head for Atlanta, unaware that the city has been overrun with “walkers.” When Rick arrives in the city, only the dead are waiting to greet him.


Review (Contains SPOILERS!)

the walking dead 2 The Walking Dead Review & Discussion

“Days Gone Bye” was a great episode that made it crystal clear what The Walking Dead is all about: a balanced mixture of zombie horror and human drama. A lot of people who aren’t fans of the comic series are likely approaching this show with a wary sense of curiosity, wondering if it’s going to be a silly splatterfest of gore and jump scares, like so many other zombie apocalypse stories. However, few people today (outside of horror fans) remember that when George Romero made Dawn of the Dead in 1978, critics were impressed by that film’s ability to weave an insightful consumer culture subtext into its literal story about a group of survivors who hold up in a shopping mall to escape a legion of zombies. The zombies were not just a novelty, they were a metaphor; in that way, Dawn of the Dead was entertaining on levels that everyone – from the scholar to the layman – could enjoy.

Robert Kirkman took a different approach with his comic book series, and thankfully Darabont and the other Walking Dead showrunners have honed in on that core essence of Kirkman’s work and brought it, intact, to this TV series: namely that the title, “The Walking Dead” refers to the living as much as it does the zombies. This show examines that which is changed and exposed in those hearts still beating, as human beings are faced with hell on Earth.

This first episode hammered that theme home with a wonderful subplot about Morgan Jones. If you needed to find the human heart in all this zombie insanity, you needed look no further than Morgan and his internal struggle to let go of his wife (who was turned into a zombie) and do what is best for his son. As Morgan held that rifle aimed at his wife’s zombie face, you could feel the agony coursing through him, making his hand falter. More than feel it, you understood it: why even the hollow visage of a lost lover still has the power to move someone. We’ve seen such moments before in zombie lore, no doubt, but the strength of actor Lennie James gave it the emotional impact it needed to resonate.

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Review & Discussion

Andrew Lincoln also did a wonderful job of introducing us to Rick Grimes and making him a character we can root for. From the very opening of the episode – Rick and Shane (Jon Bernthal) discussing their different approaches to dealing with women – you instantly got the sense that Rick is a good guy. Sure, in the midst of this hell Rick will likely have to cross some dark moral thresholds and do some terrible things to survive – but at his core, it’s clear from the start that Rick is a thoughtful and compassionate version of the macho man archetype.

The scene where Rick returned to the park to send his condolences to that half-a-torso zombie woman was easily my favorite scene of the episode, followed closely by the opening encounter when Rick must set his humanity aside to shoot a little zombie girl in the face. Every zombie encounter Rick had foreshadowed the complexity of his character – I expect we’ll see a great arch for Rick over the course of this first season, and am now confident that Lincoln can shoulder any dramatic weight placed on his shoulders. The brief look we got at Rick’s wife Lori, partner Shane and the other survivors, immediately established some serious drama that will unfold all too soon.

the walking dead zombie The Walking Dead Review & Discussion

Finally, the closing minutes of the episode served to remind us that even in the midst of all this juicy drama, there’s also plenty of thrilling zombie-horror action to get our blood pumping. Seeing Rick enter Atlanta and nearly get torn to shreds was gripping – when he was under that tank, surrounded on all sides by walkers, I nearly jumped out of my seat in panic, even though I knew good and well that he would survive. That final aerial shot of the zombies baring down on Rick in the tank was gorgeous, and really spoke volumes about just how far up crap creek this character (and any others he’ll meet) really are. Human drama + zombie thrills… I couldn’t ask for more.


All in all, I thought this initial episode of The Walking Dead was great, and have full confidence that the show will do for zombie-horror what The Sopranos did for mob drama and The Wire did for cops & robbers shows: elevate it to a level of prestige few thought possible for genre TV. I’ll be tuning in for the rest of the season – how about you?

UPDATE: To get you excited for the rest of The Walking Dead Season 1, check out this preview video below!

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays (starting this Halloween) @ 10/9c

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  1. I was waiting for this show for months not having read the comics. I was impressed by the camerawork but I had a bunch of drunk kids around me so I didn’t hear a lot of the dialogue. i did see the action scenes and everybody was screaming oooo and ahhhh when they would shoot the zombies. That was pretty cool, im glad they went all out with the blood and gore thats how it has to be done.. The bottom line is this show is like a movie in terms of quality and I can understand why there is only 6 episodes probably bc they are mad expensive to make! Oh and when the guy had his wife in his sights on the rifle… all my friends were like SHOOOT HERRR… yeaa

  2. Thanks for your comments Kofi Outlaw
    But still since they may not stick 100% to the original story they should change some aspects so it will not be as a repeats
    e.g 28days later and resident evil and now the walking dead all same seine awake in a hospital, hospital trashed and zombies every where

  3. I am NOT a horror fan, but being a HUGE fan of AMC (Breaking Bad is the best thing on TV, and I got hooked by Rubicon), I decided to give this a chance.

    I really got into the episode and can’t wait for the next.

    BTW – I flipped it on a couple of minutes late, so I totally missed the little girl scene (until the following replay). I agree that they shouldn’t have shown the girls face or kill shot up front.

  4. the first time i know of that ‘waking up in a hospital’ was used at the start of a story is ‘day of the triffids’ and as such the comparison with 28 days later seems moot.

    and it’s ‘arc’, not ‘arch’.

    the bit with the little girl did seem tacked on, but if you’re making a tv show that’s probably going to get chopped to shreds with commercials then i guess you have to start like that.

    as a fan of the comic, was really impressed. i hope the love triangle thing doesn’t get carried on for too long. it was great in the comic as a way of setting the tone of the story and filling out the characters – but it was quite rightly dealt with quickly because that sort of thing’s boring for the comic’s audience. i think it would be for TV as well, especially if they want to use the next event in that sub-plot from the comic.

  5. As an avid watcher of zombie movies I must say I have so far been very unimpressed. Yes the acting is competent. Yes the direction is equally adequate by routine TV standards (this program is definitely not in the same league as Mad Men or Breaking Bad).

    But that is about it. First the writing is formulaic and frankly a tad boring; the scene in the hospital was a rehash (and a less interesting one) of 28 Days. As for smearing zombie blood and draping one’s selves with their entrails was already thought of in Zombieland and Bill Murray. The conflict between the racist redneck and the black gentleman was a hopeless cliche. As for the zombies they are simply not especially horrifying and they are visually less than impressive as regards the physical damage one would have expected from individuals who in most instances were savaged and mauled by the walking dead.

    Also what are the cognitive capabilities of these brain dead entities? I refer to the zombie who used a chunk of concrete to smash the department store front door. If one zombie can do this why not more? What makes such creatures so terrifying is the dearth of emotion and higher intelligence fused with an insatiable appetite, George Romero’s contribution to cinematic zombie lore. Consequently use of the rock strikes me as plot contrivance. As for their ability to move the walking dead seem to be an artless and poorly thought o mid-point between Night of the Living Dead and 28 Dayss (closer to the former than the later). Of course this program does not have to rigidly adhere to George Romero’s concepts of zombies but virtually all cinematic presentations do hold to the idea that such entities as soulless and mindless. Such a definition traces back to Haitian voodoo and the origins of the concept of zombies (for example see White Zombie).

    One issue I have is that today darn near everyone in our culture knows what a zombie and how to kill them. Thus society would seem to be able to more effectively handle such outbreaks.

    Getting back to The Walking Dead. Overall a competent but fairly unimaginative presentation marred by the producers’ desire to stay within TV rating guidelines. This is unfortunate. True Blood in it’s scenes of raw savagery far exceed what has so far been shown on the Walking Dead (for example Russell Edgington ripping out the newscaster’s spine).

    I have not given up on the Walking Dead but it cries out for far better writing and more horrific zombies.

    • Well, it’s been said already, but the whole rock thing is a non issue. I don’t know how these “rules” got into the zombie ouvre as the very first Romero zombie, and several others in the same movie, exhibit EXACTLY the behvaviour that these zombies did. The first one
      1.)not only picked up a rock and used it, but saw that he needed a rock and went to get one to use.
      2.)chased a car that was getting away, shambling at a fair trotting pace.
      The same movie had other Dead using rocks to knock out headlights, and a VERY RECENTLY undead girl pick up and use a garden trowel as a stabbing weapon. The rules were set over 40 years ago. This show adheres to them. Using a rock doesn’t mean you have a massive IQ. Monkeys use rocks. Squirrels, Seagulls. I think I could outwit a seagull.

      The zombie makeup is some of the best in the genre. Bicycle girl, for instance, was terrific. The ND zombies are good looking and alot of their faces were on screen. They easily trump, for instance, Romero’s first two zombie movies. Zombieland had some good zombies, it’s true, it’s featured ones. The rest were pretty bland, I thought. I’m not sure what one would hope for here, exactly? What would you consider a really good zombie makeup? Not one movie in my memory, and I’ve seen ALOT of zombie movies, has all the zombies walking around with entrails dragging and exposed withered hearts.

      Also, I dunno about them backing off to stay within tv limits. The very very excellent DOD remake didn’t have this much graphicness in it. They lingererd over a group hacking up a body. Didn’t shy away from seeing an axe go into a torso, or cleave an arm. True, they haven’t shown a kill yet….But DOD didn’t show a kill for the entire movie.

      I agree with you about some cliche characters….I could do without a character named “T Dog”, or a stereotypical redneck. These are movie conventions that need to be disposed of. The black character does seems to be a decent fella, though…and I’m not completely sure that it wasn’t just Merle’s nickname for him.

      And, too, it’s a series, on ep 2. Shows have room to expand on ideas. I really like that they started the zombie theme off covering the “stuck in a mall” idea. It makes perfect sense. The movie would have ended there, with them driving away….we have seventeen more eps to see what would have happened in the movie AFTER they did this.

      And finally, I don’t agree that the hospital scene was more boring than the 28DL version. You just know the scenario this time. The landscape was richer, with more visual information. bodies on the floor, and behind locked doors. Signs of a major battle, and plenty of corpses. If anything, the scene borrowed more heavily from Stu Redman’s escape from the CDC in “The Stand” than from 28DL. And it was true to the source material. I mean VERY true to the source material.

      If you didn’t like that one, the sneak peek scene from the next one ain’t gonna thrill you. Now that was some cliched acting, I thought.

    • Not to be a stickler, but to reply to the comment made about Walking Dead stealing the idea to smear blood on oneself (to avoid zombie detection) from Zombieland… no that’s just not true. The TV show took the idea (I would assume) from the Walking Dead COMIC BOOK… Specifically issue # 4, when Rick has the same idea. Issue # 4 came out – Jan. 1, 2004…. Zombieland came out….2009. So maybe the idea stealing went the other way?

  6. Quite so Mark. And Zombieland was a send up, it’s job was to tweak established conventions of the genre. So it stands to reason they took from TWD as opposed to the other way around.

    A note here…It’s almost egregiously ridiculous that Merle cuts his own hand off rather than a rusted piece of threaded rod. Could it turn out to be a mislead, and the hand is from someone else?

    Mark, how’s the ESL biz?

  7. Cut the rod or the cuffs…. not the hand…lol. I knew it from the beginning. Merle is gonna be the human/non-dead antaganist. I really like the show. There are a few stupid things but hey, that’s life. I liked how shane beat the F out of Ed. Shane is pretty shady in my eyes now that we find out he told rick’s woman that he was dead.

  8. As to cutting off the hand. It was clearly mentioned in episode 2 that the they had a “dull hack saw.” Even if it was not dull, cutting metal of any type is not that easy and is time consuming.

    According to a murder trial that was reported on TV, the murderer who had tries from knives to power saws to cut up a body, stated a hacksaw was the best tool for it quickly tore through the flesh and easily sawed through the bone.

    During the opening of Merle made me think of those maddened animals caught in traps that chew their feet off to escape. With the zombies snarling at the door, and no real idea how it was locked/blocked, I could see him very quickly going to his hand after attempting to cut the metal and not going anywhere fast. What I want to know is how did he get off the roof? I was under the impression that the stairs were the only way up there.

    • Wailwulf, I guess you don’t spend much time cutting threaded rod. A “dull” hacksaw would go through rusty rod far faster than a “dull” hacksaw would go through twisty skin, sinew, bone,sinew, bone,sinew, and twisty skin. Further more, the rod is braced and fixed in position, that hand would be moving around alot. It’s bull. I don’t recall them mentioning the hacksaw’s dullness, by the way. I seem to remember that they said it would take a long time to cut through heavy iron rebar. Not cheesy little ready rod.

      Oh, I’m sure that this is what they were after, Merle cuts off his hand. But it’s cheesy implausibility. I’m sure they were in the production meeting talking about this very implausibility. And I’m sure someone said “Don’t worry, the converted will make up some way for it to be plausible for us. Look what they did with Lost!” and everyone nodded, and then they moved on. I really hope they come up with some plausible reason, because right now it smacks of poor tv…and I expect a lot from AMC and these guys.

  9. …CAN U SAY “JUMP THE SHARK”…man is this show losing it’s staying power …watched bit’s 2nite only to turn the channel…I WANT some DAMN ZOMBIE’S…I WANT FLESH EATING ZOM-B’s…I WANT ACTION…NOT A BLOODY SOAP …AMC are you there ??…Are you listening…

    snooooz fest …

  10. I agree with JAS, I want more action. It seems they are developing the characters to much IMO. The last episode showed like 4 zombies get killed in the last minutes and that was it. Really?
    If the next season is like the last episode I probably wont be so interested. It also seemed to me that camping out in the wilderness a ways from town was just stupid. Find a fortified building or something. Would that not be a natural instinct?

  11. I love this show but being in the UK the only way i can view it is by downloading the episodes each week.
    One thing gripes me, and it’s not abou tthe shows quelity, which for me is outstanding, but more that people are compairing it to 28 days later.

    28 days later is NOT a zombie movie, it’s a movie about a virus. The sooner people see that then it’s easier to not poke holes in it or compair it with the walking dead.

  12. I’m pretty sure people are just comparing that one specific scene in the hospital. Both I feel evoked the same kind of feeling of hopelessness and desperation. Oh and even tho 28 days later is about a VIRUS and them fighting INFECTED, it still does feel a helluva lot like a zombie movie to me. They are just incredibly fast bloodthirsty zombies. But the bottom line is they still wanna kill you… even if they don’t wanna eat your brains. Also i feel the story is a bit more complex than your average zombie thriller. Cheers

  13. I am a big fan of Zombie Movies,and I would have to say that the series The walking Dead is better than any I have seen.I,m 54 years old and I have seen alot of Zombie movies.It’s realistic and the grahics are great.
    You should have made this a movie you would have made alot more money.I can’t wait for season two.

  14. I think it’s the best show of this generation.

  15. What I find so refreshing about this series is the intelligent human drama. It has been a truism that Sci Fi was special effects and human drama broke down to cop shows, doctor shows, and nocturnal soap operas. Now we have human drama, with zombies. Check out my review of the first season: http://bit.ly/fVaeNT

  16. I risk being the only person who is slightly disappointed. I was hoping for something a little different. True, it has some ‘human interest’, but it’s pretty basic stuff – the sort of thing you could find in any soap. The characters are walking cliches – tough but honorable cop, slightly two-faced sidekick, beautiful loving wife, cute kid, big tough black man, raving racist, uncouth wife beater, etc.
    I had hoped there would have been an element of suspenseful creepiness about it – something horror films seem to have forgotten about these days – but no, we see the zombies in full blazing sunshine staggering predictably around like drunks with pizza all over their faces – how can things moving that slowly and noisily be a threat? I had hoped the zombie make up would be (dare I suggest it?) original, perhaps relying on subtlety rather than globs of gore.
    I think the whole zombie genre really needs a rest, until some genius comes along with a completely different format.

    • I am a bit disappointed also. The zombies are not enough of a menace (not to say we need a kill fest every episode, but the threat should be there constantly. Example: when they escaped the lab, as they drove off, there were no zombies shuffling around in the distance, just the few zombies they had to fight through. With what I had happened at the lab before it became overrun, there should have more zombies in the distance, not immediate threats, but there looming on the horizon.

      However, this show, with it’s current flaws is better then any “reality TV series” out there, but there is alot of room for improvement.

    • I just finished watching season one on DVD only because I enjoy the genre. It’s one of the cheesiest shows out there! If I were 12 years old, I would probably worship this program, but I expected more from AMC after the treats Mad Men and Breaking Bad have been. The acting is generally poor, and the writing is just plain awful. How many characters have to utter the phrase “It’s on me” or “It’s on you”?! The dialog is almost painful to listen to. Andrew Lincoln is the best actor they have, but the others are B actors, at best. The lady who plays his wife is fun to look at but needs to return to community theater. I can’t see this show surviving very long unless AMC pumps more talent into the preproduction and actor pool to bring it above mediocrity. Turning zombies into a series is a fun idea, but this one’s going to meet a proverbial brain splattering demise.

      • It’s possible this brain splattering demise could be avoided, because the script writers have cleverly left one trick up their sleeves i.e. the paranoid guy who they left chained up on the roof.
        He, and his brother, are the only interesting characters in the series – because we all like someone to hate, and he’s got to have some guts to saw off his own arm. When he reappears in the next series things are going to get quite interesting!

        I didn’t like the attempt (seen on some recent zombie films) to make us feel ‘sorry’ for the zombies. It doesn’t work, and I hope they don’t continue with it.

  17. OMG it sucks so bad this season….. I loved this show last year….. Andrew Lincoln is a great actor. The kid, I know this is mean but he is pretty bad (Carl kicks ass in books). I have seen so many great kids that can layer… ugggh. This show needs help.

    • You mean the new series is WORSE than the last one? The second series has not been shown here in the UK. I’d hoped it would be better!
      I can’t think of anything more horrific than a walking corpse — so why don’t I find zombie films frightening? I think the less talented directors opt for making horror films – that’s why. And they should really re-think their ideas on make-up.

  18. As with many series these days, it seems the producers are concentrating far too much on the human drama angle & it doesn’t get better in season two.I find myself hitting the fast-forward button all too often to get through the tearful melodramatic women scenes, you know the formulaic Woman searching for lost child/husband…as if that hasn’t been done to death already…by the time I remove my finger from the FF button I am left with about ten minutes of footage that is actually worth watching.

    I find myself rooting for the zombies to kill off most of the cast as they annoy me so much, the whole series has become cliché central.

  19. I agree with Gee-jay the Burnett and the blonde woman can both be very annoying and i am rooting for the zombies on these two. The Burnett Until my son is safe he is still the idiot who shot my son. I don’t think anyone would have the nerve to say something like that and there is in no way after the second episode enough action and to much crying. I never thought i would say this but the country boy possum Jr is my current favorite character.

  20. I think is is a shame that they feel compelled to stick to the graphic novel story line. This had the potential to be the definitive zombie show. BUt t is not, it is barely watchable. They are not acting like survivors in my opinion. They are doing stupid things, things you would not do. They left Atlanta with the same broken down RV they got there in. Tell me Atlanta didn’t have anything better than that. Seriously, wouldn’t you have gotten a semi, or at least a nice metal encased Airstream? Evidently they didn’t think of ammo, guns, food, water, or anything before they drove off.

    They search the woods for someone missing and walk in single file. If that little girl was hurt 50 feet away they missed her.

    When you go into the zombie munch-me areas, wouldn’t you at least put on some protective gear? I mean at least a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet? And if you are smart enough to use flares to distract zombies to get into a trailer, wouldn’t you want to hang onto a couple of them, in case you need to distract a zombie when you came out?

    These people are terminally stupid, they don’t stand a chance. If the show stays this insipid, it won’t last either.

  21. I agree with Steven D. I eagerly waited for Season 2. And as cool as the visuals are, really, how much different is this going to get week to week? I mean they could have stopped off at Landmark Jeep/Dodge and picked up a new Commander or Durango. Or maybe the GMC dealership and get a 4×4 truck would be good and the mileage would be better than that freakin RV. Anyway, I’m starting to lose interest. I’ll watch the next episode(#4 I think) and if it doesn’t get better, I’ll move on to something else. Plus, I don’t like the whole “story never ending” “zombie takeover” thing…’The Dawn of the Dead, Hell has no more room” is crap. Bring it down a little..maybe there was a bad batch of flu vaccine from a particular, fake pharmaceutical company that kicked this whole thing off. Honestly, I missed the Sunday showing of episode 3, and then after watching it on ONDEMAND I was disappointed. Why don’t they just walk around with a Dead body strapped to them to cover their LIVE HUMAN scent? Oh well, maybe I’m asking too much. BIG YAWN.

  22. I so desperately want this to be good as i love this genre and the first 2 eps were just that.
    unfortunately its been down hill ever since then way too much melodrama not enough action.
    Also i find myself yelling at the tv because the characters just do stupid stuff only a moron would do they deserve to die. eg last time i checked america had more guns thasn people so drive to a gun shop and clean it out. go to a dalership get a decent RV. if your stuck in a tank at least try and start the bloody thing before you run off through 100′s of brain munchers.
    anyway i heard theyve change exec prods so lets hope this guys got some BRAAAIINNS!!!

  23. Having read the series, I am disappointed.
    The shooting of Carl was a desperate soap ploy for drama. There are enough obstacles…like starving, but not so with TV Rick eating a wonder bread sandwich!? Huh? Though I have no concept of time, has the second season only been a week of character time?…What about power and gas…these are unmentioned obstacles. I would rather consider a post apocalypse (in this truly frightening economy) than watch Young and the Lifeless. Carl should not logically survive, nor should this embarrassment to the comic book.

  24. When Frank Darabont was fired as head writer of the show & was replaced by a group of punks who read Anne Rice for a living, you know the show was in trouble.

    & Kirkman can sit there week in week out & promote this garbage, knows that he is making a fortune off it, not matter what.

    Daryl & Merle should be the nemesis for the group led by that sap Grimes & his Jerry Springer best friend. How much excitement & great acting was that by Merle & his brother. Too bad they cant give us more.

    & the scenes are incredibly sloppy.

    Daryl comes back to the camp after his ordeal, the guys rush out to see who it is, they see Daryl do nothing, but Bimbo decides to shoot what she cant see & being its the first time she shoots a gun, she actually grazes Daryl?

    Dale, Andrea, Carol, please walkers get them.

  25. They should rename the show the “Talking Dead.” This show moves slower than most soap opera’s. As much as I look forward to watching it each week nothing seems to ever happen. At least we saw a zombie last episode.

    • dead on man. just… you have said it. completely dead on.

  26. Very, very frustrating. I guess AMC is trying to soak it up for. Instead of not worrying about profits & longevity, they should get this thing rolling.

    Weak storytelling, weak dialogue, weak characters.

    Typical farm girl deprived of sex so the first boy & it has to be a virgin comes along she nails him.

    Group is being divided into good vs evil. Shane leader of the bad, Rick leader of the good.

    More walkers please.

  27. I was a huge fan of season one. This second season has been sooooooooooo slooow, it’s made me wonder if I should bother with season 3. In addition to the lack of movement, amc has let this show be plagued by obvious budget restraints. The two children have virtually disappeared and been used only as plot devices thereby limiting the hassles of shooting with kids. But then why cast them if you can’t follow through. The zombies (this is called walking dead isn’t it?) have also disappeared. What was cool was the post apocalyptic view of Atlanta etc. now it’s a freakin’ farm? Who cares I don’t! If you are going to produce a talking heads show, you should have cast better actors as the short comings of everyone except Rick Grimes and the great Jeffrey DeMunn are on display. Everyone else that’s a regular can barely perform. This show is no barely “walking” at all.

    • Are you kidding? All these actors do a damn fine job! If all you want is zombie gore, then go buy the Resident Evil franchise. I’ve been following the comics too, and I still can’t wait for the tv episodes because they do differ.

  28. It?s really a great and useful piece of info. I?m happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  29. The walking dead is excruciatingly dull.

    The responsibility for the dullness lies squarely on the writers and the director.

    The writers write -or (as this isn’t really writing) more accurately, type – serial plodding speeches instead of dialog. The director frames each of these dramatic lurches with dogged commitment to the uninteresting . Every scene is almost hypnotically the same: one actor will walk up to another, the two will be shown side by side, one will speak in urgent passion, the other responds in gradually escalating emotion, one actor walks away.

    The result of the collaboration of amateurish writing and direction is as interesting as a junior high production of a mid final season of the Walton’s.

    Perhaps cynically, I believe that AMC is convinced that the zombie fan base requires neither interesting writing nor thoughtful direction.

    I’m walking away…..

    • Here here!