‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Midseason Premiere Preview [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 1st, 2012 at 12:35 pm,

The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Premiere Preview The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Premiere Preview [Updated]

[Check out the latest trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2.5!]

The Walking Dead season 2 is still a heavily-debated event, with some fans praising the show for its slow burn drama and character development, while other fans boo it as a simply a boring show that is suffering from the dreaded sophomore slump.

Despite the difference in overall opinion, it’s hard to deny that season 2 midseason finale, left us in a good (in this case meaning awful and tragic) place, and in doing so, helped the show redeem itself by both delivering cathartic payoff to the overarching mystery, and setting the stage for some major fallout.




Today we have a clip from the upcoming midseason premiere of The Walking Dead - a clip that covers the first 3 minutes of episode 208, “Nebraska” which picks up just moments after the midseason finale, with the camera literally fading back in on the image of Rick Grimes pulling the trigger to blow the brains out of little zombie Sophia.

Check the aftermath of trauma, anger, grief and all the other chaos following the Hershel’s barn massacre – as well as the newest trailer – below:

The difference between The Walking Dead and your average horror film (for better or worse) is that the impact of the terrible events that occur is real and present in the minds of the characters. Rather than speedily running from one horrifying moment onto the next with little or no discernible trauma (as the characters in horror movie often seem able to do), death’s touch weighs heavy on the survivors, and in that clip you can already see the cracks between them starting to widen – wether in pronounced ways (like Shane’s immediate accusations against Hershel) or subtle ways (Carol pushing Daryl off her when he tries to comfort her). While slow-burn psychodrama might not be what everyone wants in a zombie horror show, there are certainly many of us who appreciate the juicier fare.

Good news for those currently unhappy with The Walking Dead: If the season 2.5 trailer is any indication, we’ll be in for more zombies and more action as well.

The Walking Dead returns @9pm February 12, 2012 on AMC

Source: AMC

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  1. I love how the walking dead is more of a drama than a horror show. It makes you care about the characters and makes you upset when one dies or anger at things that others do. Avoiding a spoiler but from the first half of this season something that Andrea did caused me to scream at my t.v. at the top of my lungs in anger. No other show on t.v. has ever came close to making me want to reach through the screen and wring someones neck like The Walking Dead has done for me. If you want a bland boring horror show go watch Saw where the characters have no emotion other than saying the f bomb and the only story advancement comes along after a unrealistic death. The Walking Dead is literally one of the best shows on television.

    • i agree

    • This was Kirkman’s intent with the comics.

    • Well it literally HAS to be. You cannot just have it be a mindless horror week after week or it will become boring and very repetitive…..”Whats up for this week? oh look……running from zombies, killing X number of them and damn we lost a human today only to be replaced by someone they found along the way”

      Works great for a 2 hr movie but you need that continual character interaction to make it work. So the drama just so happens to take place in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse……quite a story backdrop there. I just wish however there was a BIT more horror. ;)

    • I also agree. It seems that so many people just can’t cope with “slow burn drama and character development”. Unfortunately, for me at least, some of these shows get taken off the air before they are given a REAL chance.

      Examples: “Caprica” and “Stargate: Universe”. One might even add “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” to this list. Just to name a few of MY personal favorites.

      I REALLY got into and REALLY liked these shows because of the same reasons that make “The Walking Dead” so good – slow burn drama and character development. It would seem that I was in the minority opinion on the shows mentioned above since they are no longer with us.

      “The Walking Dead” IS one of the best shows on television and I am certainly glad that it is still airing. Wanting that it goes on for a LONG time.

  2. I think Otis and the other knew what was going on…I think they put people in the barn to be feed on…I mean it’s just my opinion but…how did this little girl go from hiding to the barn so quick in the event that’s happened. I think that the family was responsible for giving the girl to the zombie’s and she wasn’t the 1st one… i think they have been doing it the whole time, and i only say it because they still looked at them as family… a f’ed up way to go out but that’s just cold…I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!. I love stories and what not.. but this shows the crumbling and progression of certain characters.. either they rise or fall in there sorrow

    • It’s going to suck really badly when you realize that your opinion was horribly wrong.

      • lol not really its just an opinion after all.. i never said that it was a fact of truth.. opinion… i hope Harry Potter comes to heals the zombie’s

      • What makes you say that? His opinion is never proven right or wrong in the comics, nor the show.

    • One of the TV writers talked about it on Talking Dead. It was Otis’ job to round up neighborhood zombies and put them in the barn for safekeeping. Shane shoots him before anyone gets the chance to ask about the girl.

      As far as feeding the zombies go, they fed them chickens. I think it was the second episode after arriving at the farm they show Otis’ wife breaking their legs and taking a bunch of them to the barn for feedin time.

      • the one thing i wonder is how did she not see a little girl in there when she was feeding them if otis put her in there

        • I think the people at the farm knew perfectly well that a little girl zombie was in there –they were intentionally keeping it secret from the protagonists, simply waiting for them to leave so they could go on with their business.

        • Remember that when Glenn goes and looks in the barn there are no lights, just a mass of undead. No way to make out individual zombies.

          It’s really funny that Shane gives Rick such a hard time for continuing the search when if he had not shot Otis they would have found her right away.

          • if he had not shot otis, they both would have been dead

    • “I think they put people in the barn to be feed on…I mean it’s just my opinion but…”

      That can’t be true, because if that’s what they did to Sophia, she would have been eaten entirely, not just bitten on the shoulder. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. This show sucks. I wish people would stop defending the show by saying that it’s been focusing on character development. There isn’t any.

      What do we really know about any of the characters now (except for the ones introduced in season 2) that we didn’t know at the end of season one? Shane is resentful, Lori feels guilty, Andrea still can’t get over the grief of losing her sister, Carol, Dale and T-Dawg’s characters don’t add anything to the show in anyway whatsoever, Glenn can run fast and Rick is just a douche bag in general (I mean, Shane is right that Rick had no business spending all that time looking for Sophia). Darryl is a bad ass redneck who has survived thus far because he knows how to hunt and use a cross bow.

      Did I miss anything?

      Other than the zombies, there really isn’t much that separates this show from Jerry Springer (the “who’s the father” angle, Glenn and Maggie’s torrid affair, Andrea and Rick’s torrid affair, Dale likes to hunt, etc.).

      Therefore, it’s time to move on from this crappy show. With the NFL season over, I hope HBO begins Boardwalk Empire soon, so I can watch a show on Sunday nights in which stuff actually happens, the plot actually moves along, and the story is actually interesting and intelligently written.

    • well, otis was killed before he knew about any of them looking for a little girl. It would make sense that he put her in the barn and no one else knew about it, sense he was the one that handled it

  3. Aww just three minutes? That got me all antsy and ready for more. There’s literally drool on my iPhone

    • Thats what she said

      • @dRewsus lmao

  4. Who shot these first three minutes? Was the clip zomed in a bit or something. Alot of the shots had people’s foreheads cut off. Or at times people were walking around and you could not see there heads at all. Also, everyone had all these guns and were going nuts shooting zombies. Why did they not just shoot the other zombie that was still alive and trying to eat the girl? I don’t know. Nit picks but they were glaring nit picks for me. Looking forward to the season continuing.

    • Well, I for one would be against the use of a firearm with that woman being right next to the zombie’s face. aim isnt always perfect

  5. Episode 8: “Nebraska”
    The episode starts at the exact same spot the previous one left off. One of the walkers who got shot (the stepmom) tries to grab Beth (Hershel’s youngest daughter), but is killed by Andrea with a swift hoe through the head. Shane shouts some more and Hershel tells the group to “LEAVE MY FARM!” for the umpteenth time. Maggie finally slaps Shane right in the face and things cool down somewhat.

    Sophia is buried along with Hershel’s dead family members from the barn. T-Dog, Andrea, and Shane pile the other corpses on a truck, drive to a nearby field and burn the bodies in a pyre. Hershel has something of a mental breakdown as he slips out of the farm and goes to a bar in the town to get sh*tfaced. Beth goes into catatonic shock from the ordeal at the barn, so Rick and Glenn head to town in order to bring Hershel back.

    Meanwhile, Dale tells a skeptical Lori about his suspicions that Shane killed Otis and his belief that Shane will sooner or later kill someone else. Daryl snaps and shouts at Lori when asked to bring Rick and Hershel home quicker, stating he’s “done looking for people”. Lori heads out by herself, hits a random walker on the way and flips the car into a ditch. It’s not shown what happened to her. That’s the second (and the last) actual walker we see in the episode.

    Glenn and Rick find Hershel in the bar. After a five-minute rant by a drunk Hershel, two dudes (Tony and Dave) enter the bar. They are bad guys. They inform Glenn, Rick, and Hershel that Fort Benning is overrun and they’re heading for Nebraska, which is supposedly safe. “Low population, lots of guns,” as they put it.

    The two quickly deduce that Rick and company must have a farm nearby and want to go there because “they’ve got people to look out for”. “That’s not gonna happen,” says Rick. There’s a tense situation, since both guys are armed and threaten to take the farm by force. This culminates with a Clint Eastwood-style gun draw and Rick shoots both guys dead. The scene then cuts to bodies of walkers burning in the pyre. End episode.

    • @ jJohn TravoltahWow that sounds awesome, did you make that up or read it somewhere? I’ve wanted dale to tell someone his suspicions about Shane since he first confronted him in the woods. I also think that eventually they’ll see the Otis zombie with the bullet wound from Shane and then they’ll put two and two together. Just my opinion

  6. You scared me! I read “preview” as “review” and thought I had made some horrible mistake on the day it was being aired. :P

    • I did the same thing!!!

    • Did the SAME FRIGGIN THING! had a horrible sinking feeling in my gut for about 2 and a half minutes…

  7. dammm after those 3min i wanna see more second half of the season looks awesomee

  8. 12th can’t come fast enough! :D

  9. Why does everyone keep talkign about “character development” when it comes to the show? Everything we supposedly learned about the characters in the first half of season 2 that we didn’t already know about them at the end of season 1?

    After a great first season, this show has been a total let down. First of all, there doesn’t seem to be a cohesive or compelling story line. The characters themselves don’t seem to be working towards anything other then to find the next safe haven for a small reprieve from the flesh eating zombies (first it was the encampent somewhere outside of Atlanta, then it was the CDC, now it’s Hershcel’s farm). When they do find a safe haven, they can’t stay for very long, because if they did, then the only thing that would die is the show itself.

    Is there a cure somewhere out there? Is there a permanent safe haven that’s far away (like Antarctica, for example) that they will try to get to? Is these some sort of supernatural element to the zombies? Does Lori’s unborn child represent the cure? Etc. etc. etc. We get none of thise.

    The fact is that there’s really nothing compelling about the show at all in terms of a continuing story line. I suspect that they hired the writers of “The Bold and the Beautiful” to write the show.

  10. I have greatly enjoyed all the episodes. While season two has moved slowly, it is not without reason. Kirkman employs the same technique repeatedly in the comic. The quiet moments help ramp up the inevitable action that comes after. I think the second half of this season will pull a lot of people back in.

    • Love this show. The best thing in a long time that I like to watch. Better than the old brain eating shows. Can’t wait till Feb 11 2012.

  11. For me, this show second season has so far been a major let down. But, based off of the excellence of the first season I will continue to tune in because I have hope and believe that the show can and will pick up and improve.
    Main thing is that they need to get the gang off of the farm and on the road again. They have spent way too long there, its time to start moving.
    The show needs more action, movement, and exploration. We need to see these people explore other areas and perhaps have them begin to uncover how this zombie apocalypse began

  12. I just watched the movie The Crazies on cable, and it was like TWD, with the difference being that the storyline in The Crazies WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTING. IT WAS ENTERTAINING! THE STORY ACTUALLY PROGRESSED!

  13. I’m curious. All of you who have the same general complaint, what do you think should happen that isn’t? What would you do in the same situation? I think the point of the show is to see the characters evolve. The people they were can’t survive in this zombie world, so who will they end up being? Do you really think these things wouldn’t change your very being?
    Speaking of survival, I ‘ve yet to see my ideas ever mentioned except when I talked to my brother and he had the same ideas I did. Go figure! I thought going to the CDC was a good idea,but not one I ‘d contemplated. I would go to a military base ( I know Ft. Benning is overrun) and try to find military survivors. Along the way I ‘d be spray painting where I was going so other survivors could find me. If you think you don’t need other people you won’t survive. You have to acquire as many weapons as possible. This would be time consuming! After leaving the base, I would head to South Carolina or Georgia and take over one of the islands there. You could control access to the island and have a secure perimeter after killing all the zombies.
    I’d like to do some research as well. Do the zombies have a lifespan? Is there anything besides shooting them in the head that kills them? What if you fed them poison? Does weather affect them? Will they starve or do they need water? Does that make us Nazis if we experiment on them?
    I look forward to your thoughts.

    • As I’ve said in previous posts, the story should be progressing towards something. Anything. The only story line we have is that Rick & Co. are a group of survivors in the midst of the zombie apocalypse who are trying to find some sort of safe haven. When they do find it, they can’t stay for very long, so they get up and leave to find another safehaven. That’s it. They’ve told the same exact story three times now (the first safehaven was the encampment outside of Atlanta, the second was the CDC, and now the third is Hershel’s farm).

      Also, viewers should not mistake character development with a tedious, uneventful, time-killing story line written by people who probably have no creative ideas whatsoever, such as the writers of TWD. Seriously, we don’t know anything about the characters now that we didn’t know at the end of season 1.

      How about finding some sort of clue as to how the virus began? Does the baby Lori’s carrying have some sort of special meaning (maybe the baby represents the cure)? Are there still pockets of civilization left? How about finally answering the one and only interesting question that the show has – what did Dr. Jenner whisper to Rick at the end of season 1?

      The fact that they’re milking that one is tangible proof that the writers of this show are getting desperate, because season 2 thus far is revealing the truth abouth them: that they have no creative ideas whatsoever to make the storyline interesting.

      As for your questions about zombies, well, they’re good questions, and I guess (I happen to be a doctor) the only thing I can say is that zombies are fictitious and cannot exist in reality. There are so many things about these and George Romero’s zombies that make no medical sense at all, such as the only way you can kill them is by shooting them in the head. Yes, the brain stem does control motor activity and processes basic signals from the central nervous system (including hunger), but the body still needs a circulatory system regulated by the heart, and it still needs muscles to work. Therefore, shooting them in the heart should put them down quicker then a shot in the head. And zombie or not, all higher beings have digestive systems and would starve to death if they didn’t eat. Not to mention the fact that they would want to eat everything (including each other) if all they knew was hunger.

  14. Only 4 days and 51/2 hours until this bit of perfection known as Th Walking Dead comes back on. I’m ecstatic :-)

  15. Lori heads out by herself, hits a random walker on the way and flips the car into a ditch. It’s not shown what happened to her? Who wrote this? She’s on a dirt road, driving way to fast reading a map and hits a walker and somehow manages to continue speeding until she drives off the road and flips her car? Is this some kind of convenient event to add drama? If this is a example of future writing this show is doomed!