‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 2 Finale Review & Discussion

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Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale Review The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale Review & Discussion

Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries concludes tonight and with so a number of characters biting the proverbial (wooden or silver) bullet this season, especially in the last episode, could another main character meet his end?

With Elijah and Klaus nowhere to be found, Elena in mourning and Damon’s wound getting worse, how will the season 2 finale of The Vampire Diaries conclude its story arcs? Read our review and join in on the discussion to find out!

Last week’s episode, ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ saw Klaus’ master plan play out, although not the way anyone expected. After succeeding in saving Caroline (Klaus’ sacrificial vampire) and Tyler (Klaus’ sacrificial werewolf), and attempting to convert Elena into a vampire against her will so she could resurrect after the ritual, Damon paid the price for playing hero.

Even with Caroline and Tyler out of the Klaus’ reach, Caroline – with the help of hesitant boyfriend Matt – had to deal with Tyler’s dangerous transformation which ultimately led to Damon being bitten in the arm, a fatal wound to vampires.

Vampire Diaries Damon Werewolf Bite The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale Review & Discussion

Damon's arm after a werewolf bite.

Klaus’ ritual continued with his back-up victims Jenna (now a vampire) and Tyler’s would-be mentor who both were killed off the show at the hands of the evil “original,” while Bonnie, Stefan and Elijah set off to slay Klaus once and for all. During the confrontation, Elijah switched sides when an opportunity to save his family arose and helped Klaus escape.

The end of the episode brought viewers the most emotional scenes of The Vampires Diaries to date, as Elena copes with the loss of her birth father, John, and her loving cousin and caretaker, Jenna. Things are only made worse when Damon, now accepting of his impending doom, reveals to brother Stefan the werewolf bite, making him promise not to tell Elena.


The episode opens with Damon offering a heartfelt apology for the one he loves, which would normally be out of character for him. Elena throws him off, naive to the fact that he’s about to leave her life for good. This was the beginning to what appeared to be a very promising and heartfelt finale. Seeing the non-villainous side of Damon, where he’s not afraid of his feelings and admitting to his mistakes, is the most interesting part of the episode but it is sadly short lived as the finale attempts to throw in story arcs for almost every living character who will return as a regular in season 3.

Klaus, now a powerful hybrid who can change into werewolf form at will, unsurprisingly fails to live up to his word and at first chance, turns on brother Elijah with the only weapon that can “kill” an original. Bonnie’s use of her collective witch powers provides hope for a cure to Damon’s wolf bite, but as any fan of the series would expect, it of course involves bad boy Klaus. Heroic Stefan comes to the rescue, willing to do anything for the season’s antagonist in order to save his brother. This part of the episode, while interspersed with Damon wandering around, confusing past and present, was the good half.

The not so good half stems in large part from a throwaway scene involving Carol Lockwood approaching Sheriff Forbes and demanding results to the growing vampire problem in Mystic falls. This sets of a chain of events that arguably didn’t belong in the finale, taking away from the important characters that deserved progression and forcing another cliffhanger character story arc to the episode’s final act. The Sheriff nonsensically attacks the Salvatore house, setting free a sick and delusional Damon, and when hunting him in town, the Sheriff mistakenly shoots and kills Jeremy. Because she is human, Jeremy’s ring fails to protect him and Bonnie is forced to summon help from the witches of the past yet again, who are growing weary of her demands and becoming borderline unhelpful, warning of consequences of her actions. In the end, Jeremy is saved and the situation allows Caroline and her mom, the Sheriff, to finally accept each other for who they are, a vampire and a vampire hunter.

Meanwhile, Klaus reveals his blood to be the cure, demonstrating on Katherine. In exchange for giving the cure to Damon, he wants Stefan to work for him, the catch being that he wants the old school, violent and bloodthirsty version of Stefan, the true “ripper” as he eloquently puts it. He forces Stefan to drink a countless number of blood bags and later, to feed on an innocent. The always self-sacrificial Stefan fulfills his duty again, and will now have to leave Mystic falls and act as Klaus’ newfound apprentice all to save his brother.

Elena finds the near-death Damon and they spend his last minutes together, being very open on their feelings for each other and sharing a goodbye kiss. The moment is broken by Katherine catching them in the act while delivering the cure on behalf of Klaus.

While the episode could have ended with the love triangle taking another step towards awkwardness and Stefan heading out of town with his new boss, the final scene of The Vampire Diaries season 2 finale instead involves Jeremy waking in the middle of the night to find two characters of the past, two dead vampires very close to him to be specific, no doubt a result of his resurrection from the dead and the “consequence” Bonnie was forewarned of.

Vampire Diaries season 2 finale Alaric The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale Review & Discussion

The best school teacher you could ever have?

Matt and Tyler are nowhere to be found in the episode, but Alaric does get his fair share of screentime, becoming one of the highlights of the finale. Starting out by drinking away his sadness over Jenna’s death, he jumps at the chance to help Damon – despite their past problems – when Stefan calls upon him and later steps into the role of the father figure for Jeremy. He’s certainly one of the show’s best characters and with Jenna gone, I only hope they find away to keep Alaric intimately involved with the stories of season 3.

In traditional Vampire Diaries fashion, the finale of season 2 offers plenty of twists and turns, topped with a few cliff hangers for fans to dwell on until next season, the most intriguing of which will be the role reversal of Damon and Stefan.


The Vampire Diaries returns for season 3 on The CW this fall.

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  1. Well I wasn’t expecting the season to end like that, it was definitely a better episode then last season I though. Although I still wonder why Gone with the Wind was there. And it’d be cool to see Stefan’s dark side.

    And something that I’m wondering is shouldn’t anyone be worried about the town? I mean look at all the death, dissapearences and stuff that’s been going on in Mystic Falls and how come no one has noticed that Jeremy and Elena (both underage) have dead legal gaurdians? I’m wondering if maybe Alaric will be their leagal gaurdian or something like that.

  2. Vampire Diaries is starting to become a sequence of over played story events and underplayed character reactions.

    1) Are the residents of small town of Mystic Falls heartless? Why are there so many town parties and community events? Does the populace forget or just doesn’t care that so many people have been killed?

    2) Do those same residnts even fear for their own lives?

    3) Why is no sense of danger or urgency among the characters? How can Elena, Caroline, Jeremy and later Bonnie attend the community movie in the midst of all that is happening, despite the reasons that they give? It isn’t just that Jenna and John are dead, and Elena and her friends have to try to move on with their lives, but there is still a real threat that exists. You would think that the main characters, including Tyler, would come together in some compacity, form a Scooby Gang-like team, and figure out the next course of action.

    4) Why are the characters so overly calm? For example, how can Jeremy, after having his entire family killed and he just having been brought back, sit so calmly on his bed and use his computer while having a face that only seems trouble by simple highschool/teenage issues? Would it not have made more sense for for him to be sitting/laying on a couch with Alaric and Bonnie looming over/around him?

    5) Where is Tyler? Matt’s absence is understandable since he said he wants nothing to do with any of this. Does Tyler not care about all that has happen? Doesn’t Tyler care that Jewels is dead?

    6) Do Carol, the sheriff, and other rest of the council really have the wellfare of their town in mind? Or are they only interested in hunting vampires and planning parties? How about the security of the residents; should so many people be out in the open?

    Should so many teenagers be on their own and forgotten about? Matt mentioned his mom last episode, but we have not seen or heard of her, and she’s known to leave her son (and daughter) behind. Does Bonnie have any gaurdians left? And besides Alaric, why hasn’t Carol or the sheriff checked on Elena and Jeremy? It seems like no one else knows or cares that Jenna and John have died.

    7) Is Klaus stupid? No…he knew Katherine wasn’t being compelled. So why would Klaus, at his present state of invulnerability kill Elijah, who stronger and faster than Stefen, instead of using and manipulating Elijah with the promise of reuniting Elijah with family and without the fear of Elijah killing him?

    Why didn’t Klaus kill Stefan? What’s so special about Stefan? That he used to be a ripper? Com’on, really? Do you how many times in film/TV the big bad guy has the good guy in his cluthes, and instead of just snapping the good guys neck, he throws the good guy at a wall and in effect gives the good guy permission to pick up an object of some kind and use it as a weapon to kill the big bad guy?

    Doesn’t Klaus realize by keeping Stefan with him, healing Damon, and not just killing all of them that they will come after him? He has been alive for hundreds of years, but is thinking like a simple arrogant psychopath doing this for the first time.

    Why did Klaus even go back to his apartment? I thought he was long gone, and the Elena and her friends would have to go looking for him.

    8) There are other things that can also be mentioned, but this episode was (and the last few episodes were) just not very good.

    9) Also this post was not a reveiw, it was just a summary.

    • I’ll respond to a few of these:

      Klaus went back to his apartment to retrieve the dagger – the only way he can kill his brother, another original. He had to take out Elijah because he has no hold over him other than the dead family angle which wouldn’t last past the day.

      Tyler should have been in the episode.

      Klaus didn’t kill Stefan because Stefan is one of the show’s protagonists, lol.

        • 11) Why isn’t Katherine dead? Seriously, who wants her alive?

          12) Maybe I said this before, but why isn’t Kathy dead already? I could go for the whole “echos of the past” thing, but, dudes!, she’s right there. Only now you all hate her as much as you loved her before and have traded her in for the new model? Fine, there’s a lesson in that for any romance-struck female audience member, but still, hasn’t Kathy outlived her use to the darn story yet?

          13) Elena wants to have a kerzillion babies and a lifetime of making grown-up decisions, remember? >_> Um…grown-up decision #1: talk your baby brother into being responsible in his grief. Grown-up decision #2: an extension of #1, deciding that your going to have the bad-boy vamp erase your brother’s misery, unbeknownst to said brother. Grown-up decision #3: covering-up a murder, lying to the sheriff while looking in her eyes. Grown-up decision #4: having sex with a known vampire. Ad nauseam. Honey, you aren’t a simple teen any more. Your already playing with the big boys: sex, controlling the lives of others, covering up murders—get over your faux innocence just a bit.

          14) Better than what I was thinking, though. I figured he’d come back a zombie.

        • I’m not sure on the dagger thing. Either Elijah gave it to him or he has his own (like all the originals probably do). For some reason I though someone gave it to him but I don’t remember that scene.

          As for Stefan, the real reason Klaus isn’t killing anyone is because he doesn’t need to and can use them for control. By killing Damon, he’d have a large group of vamps, witches and a werewolf after him forever and that’s no fun.

          By keeping Damon/Elena alive, he can use Stefan (the only vamp who would actually follow him in fear of repercussions).

          There does seem to be a few plot holes though, like how Katherine got into the Salvatore house when delivering the cure… wasn’t she banned from entering?

          • well actually katherine was invited back in rember? when they were all working together, that whole scene in the living room when elana’s like why is she here, and either damon or stefan( i caant rember exactly) say something like because she can help, therefore that was all after the whole lets-put-the-house-deed-in-elanas-name-to-keep-her-safe thing, therefore katherine was invited in.

    • u’re right, an uninteresting and boring episode. and so does the season. i can see why the show always has low ratings, they’re just too juvenile. the book’s much much better…………….

    • one more thing,No offence,but i think the show should stop airing. cuz i’m bored now, so i’ve chosen another show lately, Fringe is great, don’t u think? there’re too many shows waiting for u guys such as The Glades,Castle, Chuck, …., why wasting ur time watching this show. Wake up…guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ummmm not only that, but as elena always tries to save the day, why would she only text him rather than rush out and look for him….

    • matt was missin and taylor,this is the last episode so i would have expected them to be there to give a good send of…

  4. Ok is it just me or does this twist kinda remind yall of the second season of buffy where angel goes bad? I really disliked that season. Stephan shouldn’t be bad :(

    • Yeah, I think they proved in season 1 that BadStef doesn’t work.

    • Stefan was a cold blooded killer when he first got turned, hes like a recovering alcoholic. lol Damon use to be like sweet Stefan but death changed him, also Damon was never compelled by Kathrine he did everything because he actually loved her

  5. I think Stefan followed Klaus because he has no choice. I he didn’t drink the blood, Klaus can instantly kill him. So he chose to follow everything that Klaus has ordered him to do and in that way, he can also save Damon

  6. the show sucks the books are better

    • Are you kidding? The books are…there are no words. If you read the Kitsuna-rainbow brite one, you’d rethink that statement. That or your idea of a good book differs greatly from mine.

    • i agree with u, the book’s better.

  7. a few questions:

    When Damon snapped Jeremy;s neck in a previous episode, his ring saved him. why didn’t it this time? Caroline asked about the ring but Bonnie said it woudldn’t work becuase he’s not a Supernatural ??? Confused!! Also, Caroline gave him her blood which usually does the trick – why not this time!

    How did Catherine enter the Salvatore (actually Elena’s) house to give the cure?

    How did Alaric sober up so quickly?

    Is everyone in Mystic Falls completely stupid? How did they pass of John and Jenna’s deaths? Especially with Jennna’s corpse looking that way!

    Is it just me or does everyone else see a ‘new’ Tyler / Caroline hybrid situation coming on?

    How did Klaus get the dagger?

  8. I think Klaus should be brought up a lot this next season just because he is the coolest villain I have ever seen! That dude has some skills for his character role and I’m quite impressed! I like it when victims run away from vampires. I really enjoyed the last episode in season 2 when Klaus and Stefan ate that girl. Sometime I think they should make the hunting down prey scenes just a hair longer along with the biting scenes OOOOF COURSE. Those genuine vampire scenes make us girls melt ya know?

    • When a real vampire reads that and comes at you to drink your blood then id like to see you melt lol x

  9. Rachel, Jeremy was not protected by the ring because his DEATH wasn`t supernatural. He was shot by another human, and not killed by a supernatural being, which was the only thing the ring protected against. And Caroline`s blood didn`t work because they couldn`t get him to drink it, he was very much unconscious at that point.

    Klaus either stole it from Elijah, or he had his own. Doesn`t have to be more difficult than that.

    I`ve sobered up just as quickly as Alaric in the past. It involved a cop car and my best friend, I`ll say no more. Point is, people tend to sober up quickly in situations like these. That and he probably had a cup of coffee or two ;)

    Regarding how Katherine entered the house though, I have no idea. Could be a plot hole or I missed the logical explanation for that one.

    • when katherine was working WITH the salvators and elana they invited her in, because that all happened after they put the house inelanas name.

  10. elana dided remember then the the spell or watever was lifted and kathrine could enter the house

  11. Agree with the explanations. One thing thought about the town not caring or knowing about Jenna’s and John’s death. I remember Damon saying he compelled two grave diggers, so maybe he did that so that the grave diggers wouldn’t remember and so they would not tell. Another thing is that only the people involved in the nights events attended the funeral, only problem with that is what’s on the grave markers?

  12. Ok first off how is everyone that gets turned able to walk in the sun? I thought Stefan and Damon was the only ones with the rings, lol did they make others? Well I think Stefans dark side is gonna be alot darker then Damons and I think were in for a brother on brother fight to the death and as much as I hate to say it Stefan wins.

    • yeah rember, bonnies been making rings for people who need them, rember she made one for caroline

  13. thanks Carina – i missed what Bonnie said to Caroline about Jeremy’s death not being of Supernatural making so the ring couldn’t save him.
    don’t buy them not being able to get him to drink Caroline’s blood though, it usually just takes it being forced into someone’s mouth but i might be being cynical and looking for a plot manipulation.

    m – good point, Elena did die so the spell etc would have been lifted on the Salvatore house.

    jrp – i also missed Damon talking about compelling the grave diggers

    Steve – Bonnie made Caroline’s ring but Elijah and Klaus (if i remember correctly) don’t need them as they are originals and Catherine had one from the original witch

  14. I thought Elena was a vampire. She had Damon’s blood in her system when Klaus killed her. What brought her back to life? How is she still human?

    • The spell Bonnie put on Elena’s dad and Elena. That’s why John (I think that’s his name)died. His “Life Force” went into Elena to bring her back.

    • Yeah the below answer is right elena’s dad gave his life force to elena to bring her back as a human instead of a vampire. Boonie did the spell. Damon had a little rant about it when they decided to do it.

  15. Well that’s strange… Does anyone know how Katherine got into the house if the deed is in Elena’s name?

  16. Thats a big loophole, elena got the house AFTER katherine came.. remember the scene where she goes to school the day after the house is signed to her and stefan goes with her then the dance happens where alaric/klaus come after bonnie

  17. Well,i tink u guyz shud really gt over the loop holes (if any) nd enjoy d movie,its just plain fiction!!!!!

  18. All of you saying you are bored of the show well i cant disagree more. i just started watching the show 5 days ago and im already on the 5th episode on the 3rd season. Yes its obvious whenever one of the main characters gets into trouble you know they are not actually going to die. Maybe if they killed somebody of it would be more interesting then again i read a few comments and see the show is based on a book so they cant really do that also i would hate seeing one of the main characters killed of. But regardless i love the show and would still watch a 4th se\son 5th season 6th season and 7th season.

  19. How come when klause kills his brother he rips his heart out but they say the only way to kill an original is with the silver dagger and the white ash of the tree. elena’s dad gave damon the silver dagger and the white ash but klause has killed his whole family that way so that means there are multiple silver daggers and white ash.

    • My mistake he killed elija with the dagger. how many of those things are there gosh.