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twilight saga eclipse logo header The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer

The teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is here – Twiehards you may rejoice!

In Eclipse, the third chapter of the series, interspecies lovers Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) are reunited in love, although shape-shifter (and rival suitor) Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is still in the mix, heating things up with his rippling abs. While this trio tries to navigate their supernatural love triangle, a war between vampires and werewolves breaks out.

I could talk on but I don’t want you Twiehards to start pulling your hair out – so here’s the trailer, courtesy of Yahoo Movies:


Oh boy, the girls are going to go nuts for this one. A girl being fought over by two hunky guys, neither of them human? It’s what every little girl dreams of!

Seriously though, I will say that this is the first time I’ve watched a Twilight Saga trailer and not been put off by the visuals (remember that horrible shape-shifting scene in the New Moon trailer?). That’s probably because Eclipse is being directed by David Slade, the man who helmed one of the better vampire movies of the last few years, 30 Days of Night.

I have to admit that for a teaser, this is pretty well done.  However, I do want to see how Slade is able to bring this whole vampire/werewolf battle to life. Until now, The Twilight Saga has been pretty weak on the action side of things (to say the least). Hopefully, we’ll see some awesome battle sequences by the time the full trailer hits.

P.S. Did you notice Bryce Dallas Howard replacing Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria (the female vampire long-jumper in the trailer)?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be in theaters on June 30, 2010

Source: Yahoo Movies


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  1. I did notice Bryce replacing her, we'll have to see how that plays out. Victoria hasn't really had too much screen time yet, as for Eclipse, she should have quite a bit.

    As a fan of the books, I will say that the first two movies sucked. I bought the first for my wife, and I'm sure we will get New Moon as well, but we tried watching it the other night and both fell asleep. Hopefully David Slade can do something good with the material, and utilize the very cool action scene. It could be awesome, or it could fall completely flat.

    This is the first one I'm actually excited too see, and that jump Victoria made looked pretty cool too!

  2. “I'm going to fight for you – until your heart stops beating.” (AKA you get killed in the crossfire between our epic werewolf/vampire battle).

  3. Am I the only guy who doesnt hate these films? There are far worse things out there…

  4. Ok, so I've read the books and as hard as I try I can't remember a fight/war between vampires and werewolves. I can only remember an alliance between them to protect Bella from Victoria.

  5. Beckett, I love you man but I will NEVER understand your tastes. You've disagreed with me over many a fine movie buy you LIKE TWILIGHT?

    To each his own and all that, but man… You're throwing me for a loop here…

  6. And/or “Until you get made into an undead vampire – which is our cheesy metaphor for getting your virginity taken by that vamp guy…I don't want his sloppy (bloody?) seconds.”

  7. I don't think they are amazing movies, and I might be one of the few who prefered Twilight to new Moon, but there is so much rubbish out there that I can find soemthing to enjoy in these flicks.

    And Kofi, Breaking Dawn is going to be worth seeing because it has the most bizarre and just generally wrong storyline of anything I have ever read.

  8. yep, they DID form an alliance in order to fight victoria and her little army of newborn vamps (; this is the big exciting fight that's supposed to take place in the third movie

  9. Well, I agree with you.. It's not that hard to find something to enjoy, even if it's just to laugh :) And I like Twilight better than New moon too (:
    But I'm not sure what you mean with the 'bizarre and generally wrong storyline'. Which one of those books has a RIGHT story???

  10. I think mostly the stuff with baby and Jacob is dowright creepy, the violent sex scene when Edward nearly kills Bella, the delightful way in which their ridiculously named child is born… Need I go on? Ha!

  11. Hmm, is a bit of a slicker trailer for a Twilight film. I'll have to wait and see how follow-up trailers are, and if more of Slade's influence is shown. I'd actually be pleased if they did “From the Director of 30 Days of Night.” That might be more effective advertising-wise to non-Twilight fans.

  12. I rememer the plot to Eclipse being hard to follow.

  13. I just hope that the movie won't be so different from the book.

  14. I was saying that none of those books seems right to me, hah. But yeah, the last one is simply crazy.. It will be a joy to make fun of its movies, of that I'm sure (x

  15. Yeah I had a good laugh during New Moon, not so much Twilight though.

  16. I really hope they kep every maniacal insanity from Breaking Dawn, if they change that I will devastated.

  17. You are right, Breaking Dawn was the best book of all 4 :)

  18. @ Beckett:

    Becket, I love you man, but I will NEVER understand your tastes. You dislike a lot of good films but like Twilight?

    And no, you are one of TWO guys that like these films.

    To each his own.

  19. I've seen little worse. I'd rather watch Python vs Boa 2 on SyFy

  20. I'm not a close follower of the books so maybe they explain it better in there, but why would two warring races call a truce at the request of two non-ranking members of their respective races to protect what appears to be nothing more than just a normal girl? I think that's part of my problem with the series is that they take some extreme “creative liberties” to tell their story.

  21. man that looked really bad and over done I think this saga is over. ill admit i liked the first but this is just getting real corny.

  22. Such a corny line

  23. You have to read the books to understand the connections :)

  24. Looks much better. Just goes to show you how much better something can be with some talent behind it (30 Days of Night is a TRUE vampire/monster film and one of the best in the recent years).

    Good atmosphere and a little “darker” (I know, the term has been overused). But the line “I'll fight for you until your heart stops beating” kind of killed it. I hate the Twilight phenomenon but I've given a fair chance to both movies and they have been just painful to watch. Not sure if this will be better.

  25. I'm not a fan at all but Twilight (Watchable) was better than New Moon (Terrible)

  26. i am just glad to see they are banging these out as fast as they possibly can so that i can stop hearing about it.

  27. Yes you might be the only one. I saw the first movie, not great, but I thought I might try the book, I could only get half way through, its just repetitive “i love Edward, but hes dangerous so I shouldn't, but I still do…..bites lip”. I felt like that general line, or sentiment was repeated in every.single.paragraph. of that book, just terrible writing. But hey people like it so you and they are free to knock themselves out. I mean the premise is somewhat interesting, its just so lacking in any type of redeemable substance.

  28. (flexes abs)

  29. Did not even realize that was Dallas-Howard, this is obviously a good role for her in terms of exposure, but she is far too talented for this stuff. Oh course she was in Spiderman 3 and I probably liked the Twilight movie more than that so………