‘The Troll Hunter’ Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

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the troll hunter header The Troll Hunter Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

Ever since the first images and teaser clips for the Norwegian-made Trolljegeren or The Troll Hunter made their way onto the Internet last year, buzz surrounding the faux documentary has been building steadily.

André Øvredal is making a huge splash everywhere his film is shown and that trend is most likely to continue when The Troll Hunter shows to audiences at the Sundance Film Festival later this month.

The Troll Hunter was written and directed by Øvredal and stars Otto Jesperen as the trolljegeren, Hans Morten Hansen, Tomas Alf Larsen, Johanna Mørck and Robert Stoltenberg.

You can watch the official trailer for The Troll Hunter below and it touts some impressive visual effects for a small budget independent film.

The film doesn’t seem to lack in the original story department either, as you can tell from the synopsis below:

A group of student filmmakers get more than they bargained for while investigating a series of mysterious bear killings only to learn that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter who is tasked with protecting Norway from giant trolls.

Five production stills have been released in advance of the midnight opening at Sundance, and thanks to the crew at Collider we get a better look at the intrepid troll hunting crew, as well as the mighty mythical beasts themselves. Take a good look at the following pictures but be sure to hide your goats:

the troll hunter 5 The Troll Hunter Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

the troll hunter 1 The Troll Hunter Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

the troll hunter 4 The Troll Hunter Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

the troll hunter 3 The Troll Hunter Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

the troll hunter 2 The Troll Hunter Trailer & Images Feature Trolls and Hunters

This is one of my most anticipated films of 2011 and I’m hoping news of an American distributor picking The Troll Hunter up for a wide North American release will soon follow the Sundance screening so I can have my chance to see it in theaters. There’s no better way I can think of to watch these mammoth monsters hiding, attacking and lurching over the film crew than on a big screen.

The Troll Hunter released overseas October 29th, 2010 with no American release announced.

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Source: Collider

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  1. This is interesting.. good to see the rest of the world putting out these kind of fantasy pictures. I am curious how it would be that trolls can make themselves invisible.

    • Not so much invisible but rather contained by the Norwegian government using the high power lines as a type of electric fence.

  2. Looks like a fun flick… just hope the movie doesn’t start or end with “and all they found was this footage”

    • “Looks like a fun flick… just hope the movie doesn’t start or end with “and all they found was this footage””
      OMG, I was thinking the same thing. It looks like a bastard child of Blair Witch meets either Cloverfield or Dirstrict 9. I’m not really sure that’s a good thing though…

  3. Yeah, I’ve been very interested in this one for a while now. It looks pretty awesome from the clips and trailers released so far.

  4. i wanted to watch this, but its not in the cinema anymore… oh well i’ll see it when i can rent it.

  5. I have seen it, and I liked it very much, but I’m not sure it will do so well internationally.
    The creatures and myths plays much on Norwegian folklore and fairy tales, so outsiders might not feel so connected to this world as us Norwegians do. Although it might be entertaining for outsiders to get a peek into Norwegian nature and myths, since the plot moves from small camping sites, to deep Norwegian forests, ultimately ending in the snowy mountains, it’s a journey for sure.

    And since this is on a tight budget, it won’t be shown trolls for the entire movie, and then it becomes a regular “documentary” really fast, which might bore some people. But when the actions picks up, oh boy.

    I have heard publishers around the world are fighting for the rights to publish this movie, so I bet it’s coming soon, and I hope you all go see it. So far it’s been so popular that it made more money internationally (before even releasing in Norway) than the largest big-budget Norwegian effect film (Max Manus) made in total. So yeah, this movie is important.

    The effects are spectacular, and some of the scenes were created by individuals. There is a long sequence featuring the Raglefant (troll species) which was created by one man alone from start to finish.

    I encourage you all to see this, this movie doesn’t deserve to fail even though it has it’s shortcoming. Hopefully this post have cleared some questions some people might have had.

    • well i generally prefer english rather than movies from norway. only cause i’ve watched so many that are absolute horrid! there are some good ones, but rarely. but i do believe this is a good movie so i’ll watch it! desverre så e den ikkje på kino lenger:(

      • Many Norwegian movies are terrible, yes. Flåklypa and Elling are one of the few good ones. And I really enjoy Lange Flate Ballær.

        But this isn’t another movie with Aksel Hennie, Nicholai Cleve Broch or any of the regular actors playing in a regular boring Norwegian movie placed in the city. ;) The DVD should be released in January, so you can watch it then :) Buy it only to support creative Norwegian creature movies like this. If people don’t buy it, they won’t get another chance.

    • Thanks for the homespun perspective on this, Strandli. I like the deadpan documentary approach to such a seemingly outlandish subject, and I can imagine the film doing well in any country that has its fair share of dark forests and a strong tradition of folkloric tales.

      I have to admit the only Norwegian film I’ve seen recently was Dead Snow, which had its moments but couldn’t seem to make up its mind about how much of a parody/homage/straight horror film it wanted to be. It seemed to be channelling equal parts George Romero and Sam Raimi via Shaun Of The Dead and standard teen slasher movies, and didn’t really get the balance right for me. How did that one do in Norway?

      • Wasnt Fritt vilt (cold prey?) from Norway too.. I kinduf enjoyed both fritt vilt 1 and 2..

      • I don’t know how well Dead Snow did actually… I think it sold well internationally, but I consider it more of a cult hit rather than mainstream popularity. Some critics hated it, others loved it, so it’s really a love or hate kinda movie.
        But I watched the movie a while ago, and I thought it was really funny. Although the parts without any action going on was totally uninteresting, because you weren’t watching the movie for those parts. So I can understand others being confused about what the movie wanted to do.

        I was just happy to watch people hang from cliffs, grabbing onto nothing but zombie intestines.

        And Gargamel, Fritt Vilt is a Norwegian movie too, but I haven’t watched those. But they’re supposed to be pretty popular in Norway, don’t know how well it did internationally though.

  6. looks interstin..

    • I wouldn’t say the camera man is the most important character. Paranormal Activity didn’t have a cameraman, often it was on a tripod. And the cameraman in Troll Hunter is often silent.
      It’s more a storytelling method, a way of bringing the audience into the scene and make it more believable. The cameraman’s character is often supposed to be you, giving you the perspective of a person in the scene, like you were there yourself.

  7. unique ? if anyone wants to see a ” unique film ” , they should start with The Blair Witch project .

    I’ll watch it though ,looks interesting .

    • Prem……your kidding right?

      • why would I be kidding ? The Blair Witch Project is one of the first few films that started this kind of movie making and that was so many years ago . I loved it when I first saw it and I still think that it’s way better than Cloverfield or Paranormal activity . tbh , I’m getting bored of all these documentary style movies but I will still watch it as the idea might be getting old but the movies sometimes turns out to be really good.

          • can’t we all just get along? ;p

            Cloverfield is better than Blair Witch btw.

        • Cannibal Holocaust: 1980.

          • Also The Last Broadcast. Identical plot to Blair Witch – predates it by a year, and is a far more accomplished and effective movie.

            • oh ya , Cannibal Holocaust is definitely one of those films but I didn’t say Blair Witch was the first one to come up with something like this …oh well

              • You did say that it was unique though, Prem, which kind of implied that no other film had taken that approach or storyline before (or since)!

                I felt the directors missed a big opportunity to use their natural locations to emphasise what was being portrayed. Ironically, one of the characters mentions Deliverance at one point, but look at the way that movie slowly and almost imperceptibly increased the tension and sense of disconnection from civilisation by clever use of its environment. The landscape almost became a character in its own right – eerie, oppressive, alien and timeless. Blair Witch never managed anything beyond walking and whining during the day (in circles, appropriately enough), and stuff actually happening at night, unseen in the dark. They could have been anywhere for that, even a creepy old house. Oh wait, there was a creepy old house… :-)

                In the end I think the only unique thing about Blair Witch was its marketing campaign. No one had ever used the internet like that to push a film before. In that respect it’s definitely a ground-breaking trendsetter!

                • lol ya , I was under the impression that it was real for so many weeks after watching it :D . I still liked it though , considering the budget and the time taken to complete the whole movie is very impressive .

    • How is that this movie is NOT unique ? ..

  8. Hopefully this will be avaliable “On Demand” like several other titles were this year that the US audience missed….I would love to see it!

  9. Looks interesting. And it’s probably just me, but that last pic reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus… Ah man, I’m off to dig out my old PS2!

  10. you hear that youtube trolls?!


  11. looks good ,just thinking how long before Hollywood gets hold of it for a remake and makes a total mess of it

  12. Troll Hunters is an excellent idea for a Film. Especially for bourgeoise’ and snoo’ shoo’ treks.

    They are’nt anywhere near the quality of a cozy fireplace mantel for childhood cud chewing but Troll Hunters is a excellent faux for patient fans of the reel screen.

    Please frequent the FDNY in Troll Hunter memorabilia they do look good together in a picture-”Jacob Javitz is on FIRE!!!”