Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 19, 2010

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This week:

Ben Affleck is the man about Town; Shawn Levy is the Deadliest Warrior;  Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion spreads; Sony Pictures is Insidious; Ron Perlman gets ready to Drive; Al Capone goes to Cicero; Harrelson, Foster, Cube, Buscemi, Heche, Nixon, Weaver and Wright visit Rampart; and more.

Box Office

Ben Affleck is back! The Oscar-winning star has topped the box office with The Town. The film, which he directed, starred, and co-wrote, brought in an estimated $23.6 million over the weekend. Affleck has had quite a decade, after his breakout hit Good Will Hunting alongside pal Matt Damon, he went on to star in a string of hits (and misses), headlining quite a few big budget action films. However, his relationship with Jennifer Lopez caused a tabloid frenzy, leading to over-exposure in the media – leading Affleck to shun the limelight in favor of supporting roles in smaller pictures. He made his directorial debut with the excellent Gone Baby Gone and while that film didn’t set the box office on fire, it did show his skill behind the camera. The Town (read our review) is his return to headlining a major studio film (as well as directing) and it seems that the general public have forgiven him for any cinematic wrong doings – let’s hope he stays on top!

The Town Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 19, 2010

Teen film Easy A was in second place after bagging just over $18 million on its debut. Meanwhile the M.Night Shyamalan produced, Devil (read our review) had to settle for third place with a disappointing $12.7 million gross. The fright film wasn’t directed by the Sixth Sense director, but put out under his Night Chronicles shingle. Future prospects aren’t looking good, since most horror films fall hard on their second week.

Last weekend’s champion Resident Evil: Afterlife dropped to fourth place after bringing in another $10 million. The total for the film now stands at $44 million, showing that there’s life left in this zombie franchise.

Animated film Alpha and Omega entered the top ten in the fifth position after bagging $9 million. The surprise hit Takers brought in another $3 million for a $52 million total.

George Clooney’s The American brought in $2.8 million, upping its cume to a smidgen under $33 million.

The Other Guys raised its total to $115 million, after grossing another $2 million. Leggy Inception was ninth after stealing just under $2 million from moviegoers’ wallets. The Leonardo DiCaprio film has now banked $285 million.

Julia Roberts’ Eat Pray Love rounded out the top ten after bringing in $1.7 million. The chick flick has a total of $77 million and should finish its run with over $80 million.

Movie News

1. Paramount Pictures and Spike TV are set to bring Deadliest Warrior to the big screen.

deadliest warrior Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 19, 2010

Shawn Levy and Dan Levine are set to produce, with the possibility that Levy might direct the film.

The director is currently bossing Hugh Jackman around on the set of Real Steel.

Source: Deadline

2. Steven Soderbergh just keeps adding names to the cast-list of his forthcoming virus thriller Contagion. Not content with his already star-filled cast which includes: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Laurence Fishaburne – the director has now snagged Demetri Martin, Jennifer Ehle, Bryan Cranston and 70s icon Elliott Gould for his Traffic-esqe feature.

Contagion is set to open on October 21, 2011

Source: The Playlist

3. Sony Pictures has picked up the North American distribution rights to James Wan’s Insidious.

The horror film was written by Leigh Whannell who previously worked with Wan on the Saw movies.

Insidious stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne.

Source: Deadline

4. B-movie staple Ron Perlman is set to join Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks, and Carey Mulligan in Drive. The film sees Gosling star as a stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. However, when a job goes horribly wrong Gosling’s character has to Drive.

I can only imagine that Perlman will play some sort of badass.

Source: Screen Daily

5. Warner Bros. is set to bring the Al Capone story to the big screen in Cicero.

al capone Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 19, 2010

According to Variety:

“Cicero details Capone’s rise from the slums of Brooklyn to the head of the criminal underworld in Chicago during Prohibition, when his gang operated casinos and speakeasies throughout the city. In order to operate outside Chicago city limits, the gangster set up headquarters in suburban Cicero, Ill., where he famously took over the city government in 1924.”

Walon Green wrote the screenplay which is said to be similar in tone to the gangster films that Warner Bros. released in their thirties heyday.

Source: Variety

6. Oren Moverman is set to direct a very impressive cast in Rampart. The film which was written by master crime novelist James Ellroy will star Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster, Ice Cube, Steve Buscemi, Anne Heche, Cynthia Nixon, Sigourney Weaver, and Robin Wright.

rampart Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 19, 2010

Rampart is set against the background of the real-life scandal involving the LAPD anti-gang squad, in which over 70 officers were implicated.”

Source: The Play List


That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. Awww devil in fourth place :( i hope they continue with there chronicles. I knew the town would be #1 it looks good too! All the movies that came out this weekend look fantastic ill see them all :)

  2. Oops NV devils third place LOL!

  3. The reviews for Devil have actually been pretty good – it seems that having Shyamalan’s name attached to a film is finally a negative…


    • It is for me, Vic. I will avoid anything that has his name attached to it now. He’s made too many bad movies in the last few years. He’s not going to fool me out of my money any longer.

    • Vic while it may be true that his name is a negative you have to take in to account that despite positive reviews the concept didn’t rub everyone the right way.

      I know alot of people who didn’t go see it simply because they didn’t like the idea of the film. People trapped in an elevator being attacked by the devil.

    • It’s like having a Uwe Boll’s Lord of the Rings… or a Uwe Boll’s Avengers movie. That would really suck.

  4. Vic
    Yeah my cousin said it will automatically suck cuz its a shamalayan movie. But i know it doesnt suck after reading the review and spoiling myself i will enjoy it. Besides i saw the beginning of the film on my break and i loved it. It was extremely creepy,i love how it begins! I just hope they continue…..What was that next film thats part of the chronicles?

  5. I can see a few ‘goers’ on here like Driver and Deadliest Warrior. My curiosity is piqued by the Real Steel mention and also Contagion. Honestly though… rather see Rampart than the Capone Retread any day of the week. As for Eat Pray and Love or The Town, likely to eventually see the film in its entirety while changing channels in a year or so.

    With regards to the Devil, it couldn’t possibly be any more formulaic than Inception worked out to be and I still enjoyed it immensely because that kind of thing just works for the more complicated audiences. I also think that Shylaman deserves the credit which he is due even if it makes me some sort of soddy bobber of sorts. The man puts his time and brain into the job regardless of the extraneous details.

  6. Nice to see The Town number 1. While I thought the film was OK audiences and critics seem to love it, so I’m pretty sure it will probably get a best picture nomination since some would be contenders got pushed back to next year (The Tree of Life and The Way Back)and others seem to either have mixed results or little buzz (Hereafter and True Grit) The Town should have no problem getting nominated.

    Also, Easy A was awesome.

  7. Why does Contagion remind me of Outbreak? Is it just because of the name? Do we really need another movie like that when we have Outbreak and The Andromeda Strain? I mean what can be so different about this film?

    • The all star cast I guess.

  8. Andy
    Well like many here have said,he only made the story,so its not like he directed it. I believe it to be good,i cant wait to see devil.

  9. Niall, im one of the few here that hasnt forgiven Affleck for his cinema wrong doings lol, with these two films he directed, just proves to me he belongs more behind the camera, it was an EXCELLANT movie. and i was happy to see he wasnt doing the Affleck schtick either, keep directing Ben!

  10. I didn’t forgive been because to me he didn’t need to be forgiven for anything. I’ve always liked the guy. He’s a talented actor who gets a lot of undeserved crap.

    The Town was great glad to see it bringing in the cow.

    Way to go inception wow it’s still hanging in the top ten. That’s just amazing. Even more impressive that it’s number 9 this far in.

    • i dunno daniel. i just feel he is a much better director than actor, i really hope he continues to go that route :)

    • He was awesome in. Chasing Amy and Dogma. The only two kevin smith films i can stand. I have no harsh feelings towards affleck.

  11. Glad to see Res Evil pick up another hefty slice of box office. Should clear around $55 – $60M at the end of it’s run.
    I just got back from watching it and…I loved it!! I couldn’t take my eyes of Milla and the first 10-15 mins were awesome.
    I don’t know if people have something against Paul or Milla because there were a lot of haters out there who wanted this to fail miserably.
    There is no humour because it is not meant to be a horror-action-comedy.
    The film takes itself seriously, as it should do…this is about survival.
    The set pieces, especially at the start were wonderful to behold in 3d. I audibly “Wowed” a couple of times. Surely, in a movie like this, the director should be congratulated for the hurling of objects for 3d effect. It’s the only reason I went to see Final Destination in 3D for example.
    The only negative I could see was a few of the supporting cast, who were dispensed with quickly, were one dimensional. I’d have liked to have seen less characters but more investment in characterisation. So that when they are killed we care more. I could care less about the wannabe,the Producer and his assistant.
    However I enjoyed Luther’s character and hope to see more of him.
    All in all I got what I paid for. It was a thoroughly entertaining slice of horror-action with fit girls kicking ass. Brilliant.
    P.S. If I want suspense I’ll watch Hitchcock, if I want drama I’ll watch Lean, If I want horror/sci-fi/action I know where to go. The nearest multiplex showing Res, Underworld etc.

  12. Anthony I think he is a great actor, writer and director I think he should continue all three.

    I think the only way to keep his carer on track is to only act in films he is directing. He’s a good actor that has been shafted with a bad public imagie and a few bad choices

  13. Congrats to Ben.
    I am glad The Town is doing well.
    I saw Easy A this weekend .
    It was good.
    I hope Emma Stone gets more leading roles.
    And Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson were HILARIOUS as her parents
    I have never watched The Deadliest Warrior, but it sounds like an intersting premise for a film .
    Lastly, I hope Rampart doesnt go overboard with its focus on the corruption scandal.
    I dont want people to come away thinking L.A.P.D is only full of crooked cops or that police in general are corrupt.

  14. I didnt like the premise either.
    The Devil in a box
    Speaking only for myself ,its not enough to engage me for two hours.

    • The film is less than 80 minutes.

  15. Sully you didn’t like Zach and Miri? Or even mallrats?

    I like all of Smiths films except Cop Out. If I had to rank them

    Zach and Miri
    Chasing Amy
    Jersey Girl
    Jay and Silent bob

    And way at the bottom Cop Out

    • K.Smith is a damn funny guy, his movies are great

  16. I liked Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl.

  17. Hold on… Deadliest Warrior…on the BIG SCREEN?!? Honestly its a “laugh-a-minute” comedy on the small screen, what possible reason or plot could they give to a film?

  18. I didnt like zach and miri…..at all.

    • I had zero desire to watch Zach and Miri Make a Porno.


      • Vic

        You’re not missing much. It was only a tad better than mallrats and I cannot stand that movie. I used to like it when i was in high school, but my taste has definitely changed. Zack and Miri was an excuse for Kevin Smith to write bad sex jokes.

  19. Yeah might as well watch porno,thats all that movie was about i thought itd have a great story and itd be funny but no.

  20. Vic:

    I see you mention Ron Perlman as a B movie staple. What does it take to be an A??? I have been a Ron Perlman Fan for years and he is now on FX’s #1 show in the history of the network and has more studio films coming out with A list directors and A list co-stars.

    I think you should study your alphabet a little more……

  21. Yes u need to give Ron Perlman an upgade to AAA.

    Guy kicks butt in every movie I see him in. Can’t wait for Season Of the Witch with Nic Cage and him. Also heard Conan is gonna be huge.

    I agree with Tyrone. Practice your ABC’s brother.