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three musketeers dartagnan aramis porthos athos The Three Musketeers Trailer   Fun, Adventure & 3D Gimmicks

There are a couple of movies coming at us based on the legend of The Three Musketeers, so if you need some frame of reference about which Musketeers project today’s trailer is promoting – it’s the one coming at us (literally) from Paul W.S. Anderson, director of Resident Evil and Death Race.

The trailer features a cast of familiar actors (young and old) having a good enough time, and even Anderson’s wife (and Resident Evil star) Milla Jovovich, who doesn’t let a billowing period piece costume and corset stop her from kicking ass…all in 3D, of course.

The story we’ll be getting in Anderson’s Three Musketeers is your basic version of the legend, tweaked for maximum action-movie appeal. Check out the official synopsis:

The hot-headed young D’Artagnan (Logan Lerman) along with three former legendary but now down on their luck Musketeers (Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans) must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent (Jovovich) and her villainous employer (Christoph Waltz) from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.

When you read it like that, this film sounds more like an espionage period piece rather than a straight up action flick. Although, when you see the trailer, you might be left with the same unfortunate impression that I was (I’ll explain that after the jump):

So what is my take on this film? Well, at first it looks like it could be a fun Pirates of the Caribbean-style adventure (without the MASSIVE boost of Johnny Depp’s charisma), but then we get to those in-your-face 3D sequences and this whole thing starts to feel like Resident Evil 4 all over again. For those who don’t get the reference: I’m simply saying that there is absolutely no reason for Milla Jovovich to be doing her best Angelina Jolie in Wanted knee-slide under some elaborate 3D trap while in that questionable period piece costume. In fact, just writing all that made me feel exhausted… I can’t imagine what sitting through the full film will be like.

Despite a cast of solid actors like Stevenson, Waltz, Macfadyen and even young up and comers like Logan Lerman and recent addition to The Dark Knight Rises, actress Juno Temple, I’m afraid my early impression is that The Three Musketeers is going to be yet another victim of the style-over-substance failings of the current 3D trend. Oh, and Orlando Bloom is in it, did I mention that? icon wink The Three Musketeers Trailer   Fun, Adventure & 3D Gimmicks

We’ll find out for sure when The Three Musketeers 3D hits theaters on October 14th.

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  1. The Musketeers movies have been done to death and have become increasingly repetitious and monotonous. How many times have they made this same movie already? It’s the same story, just with different actors.

  2. god this looks terrible.

    • agreed.

  3. i dont know… i actually see potential. That potential, however, is ruined by Milla Jovovich, She looks like everything Milady DeWinter should NOT.

  4. ewwwww!!!! orlando bloom in a period piece? outstanding! ack…

  5. I agree with benji, it looks to have potential. Being a fan of the Book written by Dumas this looks to have some of the flair that the original book had at the time of its release. No one can surpass the greatest Musketeer movie with Oliver Reed, Michael York, Racquel Welch, and Richard Chamberlain, but with a good cast and a well written story it can come damn close.

    “When you read it like that, this film sounds more like an espionage period piece rather than a straight up action flick.”

    Actually that was the way the ruling courts of Europe were at the time, filled with intrigue and cut throat politics.

  6. Yikes.

  7. This looks like a fun and entertaining popcorn flick :)

  8. Meh. I’ll see it on a slow Sunday, but still. Meh.

  9. Oh well. The last time we got Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt and Charlie Sheen …

    • Lol I forgot Sheen was in the last one… Before he went crazy.
      Gosh what happens to those people! One second they are normal then the next they are Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen…

  10. I like lerman… but i couldn’t help but think Mimi-Siku from jungle to jungle…

  11. Looks like fun to me. Then again, I’m not looking for ‘substance’ in my action movies. I’m looking for, ya know, ACTION.

    • lol…

  12. It looks like it could be ok, i didn’t see waltz in the trailer though? did i miss him or is he just not there , because undoubtedly he would be the reason I see this film.

  13. I think it looks awesome, especially with mads mekkelson playing rochefort

  14. Where are the awesome blue robes? That’s the best thing about musketeers!

    • Looks like fun. Hated those scenes with Milla in a dress doing action scenes >_>

  15. Started off cool since I love this story; but then it got crazy ridiculous. Still might see it.

  16. haha, I dunno, I’ll see it because it has MacFadyen in it and I’ve loved him since Spooks/MI5. I love costume movies but this one looks like they took the story and.. yeah 3D’d to death. Ah well. Popcorn romps aren’t terrible and have their place.

  17. i prefer the richard lester version from 1973, with michael york, the great oliver reed, richard chamberlain, christopher lee and charleston heston. what a cast, what great dueling and fight/brawl sequences. as a fencer. i would watch the ’73 version over and over, anytime.

    still, nice to see renewed attention to dumas.

    • Gene Kelly’s version is my favorite.

  18. For me it looks like part Pirates of the Caribbean and part Wild Wild West (and not the original series, the craptastic movie with Will Smith)

    If the only original thing this show has to offer over the last one made is some CGI and 3D then it is a complete waste.

    While I’m thinking about it, why are all of the Musketeers Caucasian? You would think with all the political correctness going on and lax adaptions, they would have tried to add some ethnicity to the mix this time around.

    • The fact that you’re letting this Thor thing get to you so much doesn’t reflect well on you at all.

  19. I am being a bit presumptuous here, based solely on this trailer, but I was kind of thinking, “So, is this sci-fi or a ninja movie, and…oh wait, I think I heard it was supposed to be “The 3 Musketeers”. Hmmm, not quite as traditional as Dumas would like it, I bet. Or me either…but I will give it a watch…!

  20. At least its FILMED in 3D, thats a step in the right direction.

    I may see it, this one will really come down to reviews for me

  21. Looks highly entertaining….and I was almost sold until you mentioned Orlando Bloom was in it….

  22. Glad to see Anderson was able to recover all the steampunk elements Alexander Dumas removed from the novel before it was published.

    This film is primed for the Golden Raspberry and MST3K.

  23. Men with swords or a man with a hammer…..can’t decide which one to see…

  24. Is it wrong I am not going to see this just because he is directing it, and he cast his wife in another role that doesn’t fit?
    I will stick with the disney version.

  25. I wonder if he is going to throw this together like RE, maybe we will see the man in the Iron Mask in this one, and in the next one they will Have Clones of the Countess aka Milla, that fight the man in the Iron Mask after he gets infected with the black plague.

  26. Looks like they are trying to pull a Sherlock Holmes, without the RDJ to make me forgive them. *shrug* looks like a rental to me, at least so far.

  27. I’d really like to see a good movie with well developed characters and script with some action rather than a fast paced action movie with some characters and script.

  28. I am glad they have musketeers that look manly and that Orlando Bloom is not one of them… as great as it looks I will be highly annoyed by lil sissy bony and skinny woman like Mila playing bad-ass once again in a world of rough men. I bet that once again her husband going to make her something in a story that they had to create a character just to put her in. Any movie with Mila could be ten times better without her.

    I hate when they do this to already great stories… nowdays we are making movies more like Anime… where they have a cute tiny chick be a bad-ass impossible warrior at the same level than the male warrior… blah!

  29. This make me think of Jonah Hex with all the crazy gadgets and explosions. Pass. Uber Pass. I’d rather watch the old Three Musketeers from Disney.