‘The Thing’ TV Spots Tease New Creature Effects

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the thing prequel tv spots The Thing TV Spots Tease New Creature Effects

A lot of people still seem to be under the misapprehension that this fall’s The Thing is a remake of John Carpenter’s cult-classic sci-fi/horror thriller – not only because it has the same title, but also due to the virtually identical plots of the two films (namely, scientists in the Antarctic discover a chameleon-like parasite that kills them one by one).

The Thing trailer helped reverse misconceptions by revealing that this new movie actually revolves around the doomed Norwegian expedition that uncovered the titular extraterrestrial, prior to the events of Carpenter’s 1982 film. However, the footage unveiled from the Thing prequel was also so similar to its predecessor that it left many people wondering whether the new movie would still feel like a remake (or, rather, a ripoff).

A clip from The Thing was released recently and it suggested that director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. will deliver much more of a standard horror flick (re: lots of jump scares) than Carpenter’s creepily atmospheric psychological thriller. Needless to say, that wasn’t viewed as a good thing.

However, the Thing creature is such an unusual and terrifying monster – one who can perfectly imitate any organism it comes into contact with – that the idea of getting to watch it stalk and terrorize people for a second time is probably tempting enough to keep most moviegoers interested in this prequel. Plus, there’s also the question: Can the monster be as gruesome and disturbing as it was in Carpenter’s film?

For an early look at the Thing’s new form(s), check out the following TV spots for… The Thing, below:


Going off this new footage, it looks like the Thing in Heijningen’s film will largely be brought to life via CGI (for better or for worse). However, Thing starlet Mary Elizabeth Winstead has confirmed that practical effects were used in the prequel – and that the monster will be “definitely terrifying and disgusting and just creepy as hell,” like in Carpenter’s movie (ex. remember this ghastly NSFW scene?). Obviously the green band trailers and TV spots for The Thing cannot show the alien in all its gory glory, but it’s hard to not be a bit suspicious about Winstead’s claim – if only because what we have seen so far has looks a bit fake and hokey.

The new TV spots once again hint that this Thing prequel will be a gory and violent cliché – rather than a nasty and psychologically terrifying experience like Carpenter’s film was. All the same, it looks fittingly dark and gruesome, so maybe there’s hope for this film yet… Maybe.


The Thing cast includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Joel Edgerton (Warrior), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz, Lost), and Eric Christian Olsen (Community). It will open in U.S. theaters on October 14th, 2011.

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  1. I think this looks good. Hopefully red band trailers will sell others on the effects

  2. It wasn’t only the FX that made the original. It was the atmosphere, score, suspense, directing, and acting.

  3. I personally think this movie will be great. I think the atmosphere will be the same, just as suspenseful as carpenter’s. Trailers just show off the terrifying and jumpy aspects of the film in order to reach a bigger audience….i think haha

  4. bring it…

  5. Meh. I prefer James Arness’ carrot man.

  6. As long it is not a carbon-copy of the John Carpenter one (an EXCELLENT movie!), I am really anxious for this movie. I will buy it on DVD for sure–good, bad, or otherwise…but I am sure as heck hoping for good!

  7. A number of years ago I saw a version of this now classic John Carpenter’s “The Thing” where the ending was very different than the two everyone here have no doubt seen. In this alternate ending Curt Russel’s character Macready is running from the camp instead of the dog! Has anyone here argued over the cinematic merits of the alternate ending, no doubt leaning in favor of the Carpenter cut? Anyway, if my imagination hasn’t got the best of me the question on my mind begging to be answered is what if the studio wanted to give the impression that both a dog and Mac survived the fight between man and alien? Would that be a better story than this upcoming prequel? I admit a certain fascination with this. We know the footage was shot with the dog in it. Now is that footage in the alternate ending recycled footage from earlier in the movie or did the studio actually film that and perhaps something more? Could this end up as the ending we get in the new prequel or will we get something that was in the novelette but not in Carpenter’s film, namely that other life in the Antarctic could possibly be infected? Their’s of course one of two ways that this project can go. Either this prequel becomes popular and does well at the box office and the studio demands more or the story is ultimately resolved and that’s the end of it. Which will it be? Has Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. crafted well enough to give birth to more Things or what???

  8. One Thing I notice is all the actors are around the same age and I don’t recognize any of them. Carpenter’s cast was filled with accomplished character actors of varied ages, which resulted in a wide range of human reactions to fear. I think this will fall way short in creating emotional attachment to the characters and we won’t care if they live or die.

    • Yeah that’s sad as the novelette is a really good story and deserves its own franchise as much as any other horror story. Carpenter’s version is not just a horror story, but a mystery as well that since 1982 has kept quite a few guessing what really happened at Outpost 31.

    • I plan to see this flick this week end. From what I’ve read, you are dead on, though … I don’t plan to care about the characters much. In the 82 version, they spent some time on each, instead of making them just cardboard stiffs, waiting to be munched and/or assimilated.

  9. If this film turns out to be crap, maybe it will be a good example of why the movie buissness should stop rebooting/remaking good and critically acclaimed films for a newer generation.

  10. It’s real obvious that reboot/remake fatigue is very high, I find myself right up there with everybody else. I’ve liked all the versions of this story though and would like to see it become more popular. I guess this is one where I personally long for more story too.

    • Also…totally agree with the Old Man…the story is what counts the most & this one looks to be offering that & more.

  11. This is one that I’ve been looking forward to the most…what with it being stuck in developmental hell & all. Honestly…this will not please everyone…espcially those fans of the Carpenter Film. That being said…I think that it looks fantastic & can’t wait to see Edgerton & Winstead together. The pace looks set…& it all appears to be there…the anxiety, the environment, & the terror…so it looks like a winner to me. Also, one thing that it appears everyone wants most is the one thing that I care about the least…THE EXACT SAME FILM as the first. What I want to see most are the four things that puzzled/concerned me most about the first film…THE THING, its origins, what happened to the Norgz, & just what in hell is in that ship. Can’t wait.

  12. Old Man…can you send me a link or give me an idea where to see an “alternate ending” to the thing. Never knew there was such a thing…heh heh heh…& I’m a Thing junkie. Cheers.

  13. Check this out Old Man & Thing fans…I’m sure everyones seen this…but I just found it. Really neat…wouldve loved to have seen the full version of this one.

  14. Yeah.. Wacko YouTube even has most of the movie posted but deleted the ending of the movie so you don’t see the original or the alternate ending with the voice-over. I was aware of the deleted reel on YouTube that doesn’t have the voice-over but the footage that was used on network TV for the alternate ending. If you watch network TV in October I’m pretty confident it’ll show up on one of the cable movie channels. They often run it instead of the original cut. Outpost 31 I believe has the voice over in text form on the site. If you haven’t been there It’s probably the best ‘Thing’ resource on the net…

    Check John Muir’s review/analysis from 2009 here;



    And as always, watch the skies…