‘The Thing’ Prequel Gets A Shooting Start Date

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The Thing title header The Thing Prequel Gets A Shooting Start Date

We’ve known for almost a year now that a prequel to the classic John Carpenter sci-fi/horror, The Thing is on its way. Battlestar Galactica‘s Ronald D. Moore wrote a draft of the script, which was then rewritten by Eric Heisserer (who also penned the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street remake).

Heisserer spoke in August last year about the direction The Thing prequel was going – in particular how they’re going to try and be accurate in relation to Carpenter’s film (read: getting the details right and so forth). He also talked about a certain character that was in Moore’s first draft: the brother of Kurt Russell’s character in Carpenter’s film. Although Heisserer stayed tight-lipped about whether or not that character made it through the rewrite okay, I personally think it’s a good idea – if they can pull it off the right way (read: logically).

Last year, Heisserer said The Thing prequel could go into production as early as this month, but we get word from Production Weekly that it will start shooting this March in Toronto, running right through until June. That gives it a good four months shooting time – I’m no expert but that seems like plenty of time to me, especially for a film that isn’t going to be a huge blockbuster in the vein of Transformers 2 or the upcoming Hobbit adaptation (the latter is reportedly going to shoot for more than a year!).

The prequel is set to focus on the events that went down in the Norwegian camp we saw in Carpenter’s Thing. In case you don’t know (and if you don’t, I advise you to run out and rent or even buy Carpenter’s version, ASAP), the film is set in an Antarctic research station where a mysterious shape-shifting alien kills the men there one by one, and over the course of the film the men discover a similar thing happened to the men stationed at a nearby Norwegian camp.

The Thing still The Thing Prequel Gets A Shooting Start Date

It’s actually a clever idea to base a prequel film the Norwegian camp incident, as it gives this prequel a solid link to the original (read: not just a random plot) and also a clean slate to show us the mayhem that went down at the camp.

Excluding some unforeseen problems behind-the-scenes, it looks like The Thing prequel is moving ahead smoothly. Heisserer is writing the script (maybe he has finished it already), and set to direct is commercial director, Matthijs Van Hejningen (you can view a bunch of his commercials here if you’re interested). All we need now is a cast… who can possibly top Kurt Russell, though?

Are you looking forward to The Thing prequel? Is a prequel a lot better of an idea than a remake? Who would you like to see cast in the movie?

As stated, The Thing is set to start shooting in March (lasting until June) in Toronto, but there’s no release date been set as of yet. Stay tuned.

Sources: Production Weekly and /Film

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  1. Sweet, can’t wait.

  2. Is the original any good? By the way, a live action mobile suit gundam movie would be awesome.

  3. Typically,I can’t stand John Carpenter’s work…except for Big Trouble In Little China and The Thing.

    The original was so good that there really isn’t any reason to do a prequel,because even though the movie is almost 30 years old,a prequel can’t possibly be an improvement on the original.

    Furthermore,if Ronald D. Moore had anything to do with it,then I’m just not sold on it being any good.I loved the new BSG,but the finale was an abomination of how good the rest of the series was.

  4. Let’s look at the FACTS here….

    Moore’s script had to be rewritten. ALWAYS a good sign. And by the guy who wrote the REMAKE of “Nightmare on Elm Street” which turned out to be a MONSTER SMASH due to it’s cleverness, originality and faithfulness to the source material.

    Moore is really good at STEALING other people’s ORIGINAL IDEAS and making a low-grade, dumbed down copy of them. That is all that can be expected on this project. I would be surprised if it even got a theatrical release after test screenings.

    This is another in a long line of science fiction projects that are long on CGI budgets and extremely short on story, character development or originality.

    Look for it on a double bill on the Syfy channel with “Mansquito”

  5. I’d rather see a prequel than a remake. Hmmm, since it’s Hollywood I doubt they’ll actually let the “Norwegians” speak Norsk. But oh well, could be a fun movie.

  6. @ MacReady

    I agree with all of what you said,except about the new Nightmare On Elm Street.How did it “turn out” to be a “MONSTER SMASH” and the movie is months away from being released?I don’t know how anyone can claim that it’s true to it’s source material and it’s cleverness,when no one’s seen it yet,unless you either have a bootleg or worked on the film.

    Other than that,I’m pretty much with you about The Thing prequel.Don’t think it will go straight to DVD or cable though.

  7. If they are doing a prequel, then I’m eternally stoked. I pray it’s good…because The Thing is one of my favorite horror films, ever.

    I’d definitely prefer a prequel to a remake. Let’s hope they get good actors who can really act and make this a good flick – and not use too much CGI. When you start to rely on that, it’s the kiss of death (to me, anyway, not the fanboys I guess).

  8. @”When you start to rely on that, it’s the kiss of death (to me, anyway, not the fanboys I guess).”

    I have to completely agree with that.

  9. LOVED Carpenter’s version of “The Thing”. I saw the old original when I was a kid, but Carpenter’s remake blew it out of the water. I really hope the prequel doesn’t make a mess of things, and yeah, CGI is good only if it furthers the storyline – when used as a substitute for SUBSTANCE, it’s just another cartoon, albeit a very expensive one. :o)

  10. I don’t like any of this. Whatever happened at the Norwegian camp–and we pretty much KNOW what happened at the Norwegian camp–is the pretty much the SAME THING that happened to the American camp. And making one character Russell’s brother? And what are the odds of two members of the same family meeting up with this alien creature two different times? Why the eff don’t they make a movie about what happens AFTER the Thing reaches civilization, or make a prequel set on the Thing’s “adventures” on other planets?

  11. Yeah, I’m not to sure how this can be significantly different from Carpenter’s version.


  12. Well, as long as they include in the story who the guy/monster was whose face is twisted in half that they thawed out in the Carpenter flick and how it became frozen (unless it’s just another standoff at the end, which would annoy me because that was brilliant and to try to recreate it would be absurd) I’ll be somewhat happy. I agree with Will that the idea that Russell’s brother is involved is stretching it…

  13. Its a remake and a prequel all at once. That’s why they want the name Macready in it, even something as ludicrous as having it be his brother. Its right out of G Lucas’ “its a small world/Vader made C3P0″ play book for corporate storytelling. Two brothers, working in Antarctica camps next each other, no mention from Russell’s Macready that his brother might have been in the continent. Oh no, not rugged individualist Macready. Its just a way to affirm franchise and trademarks I suspect. Very cynical about it as they didnt bother doing anything with the Thing for 30 years. The only reason they are doing it is to attempt another franchise off the trademarked name the Thing, which is what Hollywood specializes in these days.

  14. Trying to squeeze maceadys brother into a camp where it was clear macread knew the least about is stupid. If it’s necxessary to go back to this well they should make the videogame that camE out for ps2 lik 8 years ago. It was about the team that cam to invstigTe what happened to the American team Damn good game and story. Oh and the actual movie. Awesome.

  15. I would like to see another movie with The Thing alien. I think the effects for the monster in that movie are some of the best I’ve ever seen in an ’80s movie.
    However I thought the original was a little too slow. I didn’t like the long stretches of the guys arguing “the monsters are due on maple street” – style. And I felt like they spent way too much time repeatedly explaining that the alien duplicates people as if it were hard to understand haha.
    If they remedy this stuff and make the alien as cool, I’m all in.

  16. Prequel works as long as it doesn’t ahve anythign to do with Macready’s brother. In a Norwegian camp pffft no. Id rather see a remake as the ending of carpenter’s version was a cliff hanger, and The Thing game released in 2001 was a decent continuing of the story, though I still have yet to beat it.

  17. John Carpenter’s The Thing was one a the greatest depictions of something truly alien there has ever been. Even Giger’s Alien is still a guy in a rubber suit vaguely humanoid in shape (head, torso, two arms, two legs, etc.)

    Why the f*&k would you want to ruin it by making the same thing again? The obvious plot is NOT what happened in the other human camp on earth, the plot to do would be to follow the adventures of the alien as it it takes the shape of various other aliens eventually leading to the crash of the saucer at the start of Carpenter’s film.

    Much more interesting.

    Christ, we went through a writer’s strike for this? Remakes of remakes by writers of other remakes who went to remake scripting school?

    Give me a F*&^%$g chance to write a script for a big film and I swear I won’t let you down.

  18. I loved the Thing, and almost s**t myself the first time I saw it. I always wondered about those Norweigans and that dog! A prequel that tells this story is a good idea, if the whole process is in the right hands. Who knows?

    A direct sequel could also be possible, with the Thing reaching South America. It survives after Thing 1, inside that dude’s body. A Patagonian/Argentinian Thing adventure maybe?

    That Thing PS2 game was hard as hell! I had to give up on it.

  19. @ The Pittman

    You arent the only one along side CHuck Peters who had to put The THing game down. Though I must disagree with you and that they should keep it in Antartica to give it a more eerie feel like Carpenter’s version. I fear that moving it to a warmer climate will just make it to be like Predator or Species. The isolation of antartica will also keep the tension high as the characters are isolated fromt he rest o society

  20. I was also a HUGE fan of the PS2 video game and the storyline was surprisingly good. I would actually like to see a sequel more than a remake or a prequel. Like many have stated, we already know what happen to the other camp. If I were writing it, I would start the film off in the Norweigan camp and “highlight” what happened after the discover the ship, then move on into the future. Let’s face it, prequels havent really been working out in Hollywood on a large scale. A well-written sequel is my vote.

  21. I wish directors that make huge hit movies like James Cameron with Aliens and T1 and T2 and John Carpenter with The Thing and Halloween wouldn’t hand off the rights to their stories to idiots. For example, Rob Zombie, Brothers Strause, McG, and foreign people whose names I can’t even pronounce. But I guess they don’t care if crappy sequels ruin their masterpieces and not to mention the series. They just give the rights over to those inexperienced idiots so they can make a quick buck I guess. And I guess they don’t care whether the fans are pleased with the sequels to those films or not. They just sucker them in to going to theaters and watching second-rate garbage by calling it a Halloween or Terminator movie. Am I wrong??? I bet the Nightmare On Elm Street remake will be crap just like the remake of Friday The 13th and oh, guess what? Adrien Brody in the lead role in the Predators movie! Oh, and the director’s first name is Nimrod! LOL I always thought of Adrien Brody as the Schwarzenegger type (notice the sarcasm). To all of the legit directors out there… STOP GIVING THE RIGHTS TO YOUR MOVIES TO IDIOT NO TALENT CHEAP-SCATES!!!!!!

  22. If we were all fortunate enough to have John Carpenter in charge of another Thing movie, I think that John and his professional thinking would make it a sequel, not a prequel, where you know in the beginning that everyone dies.

  23. They can label this a prequel all they want – and we know exactly what this really is. Sorry, Im not interested.

    There are some stories which should be left alone, this is one of them.