‘The Strain’ Renewed for Season 2

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The Strain eye poster The Strain Renewed for Season 2

Guillermo del Toro is perhaps one of the busiest filmmakers in Hollywood. The director behind fan-favorite films like Pacific Rim, the Hellboy films and Pan’s Labyrinth always has several projects in various states of development. From his take on classic Disney ride The Haunted Mansion to the recently announced Pacific Rim 2, del Toro is the kind of guy who likes to keep busy.

So no one was too surprised when word broke that del Toro was developing a television series based on The Strain trilogy of vampire novels he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan. The show premiered on FX earlier this summer, amid some controversy with regard to its marketing campaign, and its 13-episode first season has been slowly building viewership. Now it looks like fans eager to see the series continue are getting their wish.

According to Global News, FX has officially renewed The Strain for season 2 which will enter production in Toronto in November. The show follows a race against time to contain and destroy a vampiric virus from spreading to the rest of humanity. Its cast includes Corey Stoll (who will soon appear in Marvel’s much-discussed Ant-Man film), Mia Maestro, David Bradley, Kevin Durand and Sean Astin,

The Strain pilot dead girl The Strain Renewed for Season 2

While The Strain may not have the broad appeal of some of its tamer counterparts, the fact that True Blood is ending its seven-season run this month may give the show the chance to attract fans thirsty for another dark drama series focusing on vampires. Furthermore, another season would give the series the chance to delve deeper into its unique take on vampire mythology (a world that del Toro is familiar with, thanks to his work on Blade II) and evolve its visual palette.

Considering del Toro’s devoted fanbase within the sci-fi/horror community and beyond, it’s certainly a smart move for FX to stay in business with the filmmaker. The network is also losing two acclaimed hits in the next year or so, with both Sons of Anarchy and Justified reaching the ends of their successful runs. The Strain could very well prove to be one of the network’s next mainstays. Plus, it would make a hell of a companion piece with American Horror Story.

Are you excited that The Strain is continuing for another season, or would you rather del Toro focus his time and effort on more big-screen projects, like next year’s Crimson Peak? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

The Strain airs on Sundays at 10pm on FX. Production on season 2 is set to begin in November 2014.

Source: Global News

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  1. Awesome! Love GDT and the show. Happy that the show got renewed.

    I wonder where the show sits, ratings wise…

    • It’s at over 2 million U.S. viewers.


      If you want to see how it’s doing against other shows, check out the Sunday Cable Ratings articles here:


    • Ratings wise…it’s doing pretty well. The problem, is that it’s on Sunday nights, which is a cable bloodbath in the summer. But it is getting a 1.0 in the coveted 18-49 demo. More importantly, it’s holding that number.
      I think the issue some people have with the show, is that they want the action to begin immediately, rather than enjoy the slow build. For me, the fact that the show feels like our world in every aspect, is one of the strong points of the series. After all, how does one fully appreciate an apocalypse, when you don’t get a taste of life before that apocalypse?
      The only issue I have with the show, is Corey Stoll’s awful toupee. But since I find the show so engrossing, I can overlook it.

      • Good news, Great show! I must agree with you on the toupee situation though. It looks like a wig of Nicholas Cage’s hair.

        • Damn, you’re right! It does look like Nicholas Cage’s hair. LOL!

      • Yes, if I want to watch all of my Sunday night shows that night it takes some work to do it and I have to stay up till 2am :P (those shows being, The Last Ship, The Strain, Halt and Catch Fire (which is now done for the season) and Falling Skies.

      • I have good news on that subject…I read that because he is being hunted by the FBI, Eph has to make a dramatic change in his appearance, and the hair will go. I guess that was the plan all along, and the reason for the toupee.

  2. This is great news. Stoll has been terrific in the show, and it seems to be getting more exciting every week.

  3. Yesssss !!! :)

  4. Good news. It’s nice to see vampires actually entering into the realm of horror again. I’m so sick of pretty vampires.

  5. This is the great (though not unexpected) news, the best show on TV at the moment, epic in its scale.

  6. I’ll have to watch this on Netflix or on DVD when it comes out…show looked OK, but since I do not have FX on my cable package, I cannot watch it on the website, and am at work usually when it is on, so it got moved to my backup system (Netflix). Sorry FX, why should I patronize your ads you put on your shows, when I can’t see the show without forking out more money for another tier on my cable package….or is that being a cheapskate trying to get something for nothing on my part?

    • No need to wait for netflix. http://watchseries.lt/serie/The_Strain

      • Yep, I watch on the European version of that site because the show hasn’t even got an air date in the UK yet and I really don’t want to wait for potentially months to see this.

      • Thanx for the info, Noel…I’ll check it out!

    • I had no idea that FX was on a different tier cable package. I don’t blame you for being ticked off. However…FX is worth it. Ever since they broke American TV barriers with ‘The Shield’, they have been the gold standard for scripted cable shows.
      Ask ‘A.C.’ (who posted below) what he thinks of Tyrant (I also love it). But it isn’t just The Strain and Tyrant. Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, Damages, and The Shield put FX on the quality dramatic map…but they continue to make good stuff. Sons of Anarchy, Justified, American Horror Story, and The Americans are all found on FX (No, I don’t own any shares in the company).
      I’ve had this discussion before, actually. I know that American Horror Story is far from perfect, but I can only imagine how cheesy it would have been if it had aired on one of the networks, or SyFy.

  7. Keep the show, fire all the writers.

    • Hmmm, why do you say that?

      • He’s under the impression that the show is badly written, even if it’s mostly taken from the books that Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan wrote with some parts streamlined out of the screenplay for pacing reasons.

        • Well, some things are pretty dumb.

          For example a couple of guys having no trouble laying a giant sarcophagus flat that was filled to the brim with soil, which must have weighed several tons!

          Or them releasing the four survivors into the wild, even though they still looked sick and they didn’t know yet why everyone on the plane was killed and why these guys survived. Forget the threat of litigation. That absolutely would not happen. A silly plot device for convenience’s sake.

          Then they learn that Arno’s dead daughter has come back to him, and they don’t investigate that information until much later.

          And why was Abraham hiding in the basement, waiting to only cut off the heads of Arno and his daughter in front of Eph and his partner when they came down the stairs.

          There are more things like that, and I could go on. Yeah, I’ve definitely seen better writing that made more sense than that.

          • One unfortunate thing about the horror genre is that for the story to progress odds are people are going to have to do stupid things to get behind the eight-ball enough for something bad to happen.

            I cannot comment on how much the box/coffin weighed, but from a visual standpoint I did not understand how anyone could look at that thing and not know it was f**ked in some way. It was pretty much a giant relief sculpture of the Apocalypse, so them opening it was a Scooby moment.

            As for them letting the four infected survivors go, it was a plot device that they set-up by explaining that the old rich guy was pulling strings to appease the thing in the box. As much as people complain about the main protagonist not always acting sensibly he was trying to contain the situation following some logical protocol, but good old corruption will always trump that in the real world or a fictional setting.

    • I agree 100%!!! The show its self is a good concept, but executed very wrong.

  8. I was kinda surprised how much Ant didn’t like it when he spoke about it a few weeks ago on the podcast. I understand the complaints of it moving too slowly, but I think that was necessary to a certain extent.

    I think this show is finding it’s groove, and picking up the pace. I was attracted by the solar eclipse marketing (looks like that is finally happening this weekend) rather than the gross eye-worm, and I was excited about the prospect that would present. I’m glad its picked up for a second season, looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Definitely my favourite show at the moment, slow burning suspense but things got a bit nasty this week. Fantastic show, long may it run, at least until it reaches it’s natural conclusion, and isn’t drawn out by greedy execs.

    • I have a feeling it’ll be like GOT and only last as long as the book series, going one season per book, rather than the Under The Dome model by drawing that out for a second season just because.

      I wouldn’t say it’s the best show at the moment because Utopia has aired its second season on Channel 4 here in the UK at the same time I’m watching The Strain online and honestly, I’d say Utopia is better (managing to be mysterious, shocking, twisty with its plot, full of great characters and yet so much happens in only 6 episodes and it’s fantastic).

      Check out the Wiki page if you wanna know more about it, I can’t recommend it enough:


      • Apparently (didn’t know this until now), Utopia’s being remade by HBO for US audiences.

        Not sure how I feel about that. US television has remade Steptoe And Son (as Sanford And Son), Life On Mars (as Life On Mars) and others and the only remake I thought worked (and was an improvement over the British original) was The Office.

      • Dazz posts…
        I have a feeling it’ll be like GOT and only last as long as the book series, going one season per book, rather than the Under The Dome model by drawing that out for a second season just because.
        According To del Toro and Hogan, they would like the show to last 4 or 5 seasons.
        With the first book being the first season, and the third book being broken into two seasons. The only question (if they get their wish), is whether book two is one or two seasons.
        As for Under The Dome…yeah, that certainly shouldn’t have lasted more than one season.

  10. Like the show but something about the lead actor that bothers me. I dont know if its how hes written or the actor that portrays him but meh, though will say the thrid ep with his AA meeting monologue did help a bit.

    • Maybe it’s the hairpiece? He’s usually part of the B.A. club led by one Larry David.

  11. Now just renew TYRANT too and all will be right with next summer.

    • Hey there, haven’t gotten into that one yet. Could you tell me why I should immediately check it out and maybe what it can roughly be compared to?

  12. I have always read the comments on this page and never voiced my opinion, but this show is so good it’s ridiculous. It started slow but is so enticing from one episode to the next. I read the comic but it doesn’t do it justice as the tv show does. It’s amazing!

  13. I love old Del Torro as much as anyone and have watched every ep of the STRAIN so far and really enjoy it, but saying best show on TV is a little pre-mature people. Yes the first 3 ep were slow as crap (but understandable given the build up they need to create for a vampire Apocalypse taking over NY) but the last 2 have really hit its stride and you can see the big picture taking shape. I love SR and all the nerds like me who live to speculate and discuss, but lets not start calling everything “the best show ever”. There can only be ONE best show ever and that spot is currently held by HBO’s the wire, no contest at all. If you haven’t ever watched it your welcome for me changing your life tonight!

  14. I’m sorry guys but this show is awful, trying to make myself like it (for my love of the genre and creatures), but this show has no sense of thrill, excitement or surprise at all, things just seem to happen and nearly every action a person takes is so impractical. Sad because I had such high hopes for this show, thinking it was going to be this big captivating show, good concept but done very wrong. I just hope that next season is better.

  15. I really like the exploration of how The Strain disguises its creation of monsters in the skin of people who’ve invisibly departed. It’s horror drama at its finest.

    The scene where the prime henchman puts on his human face is so incredibly creepy! ANd that scene where the CDC ppl have to kill their infested, departed & dutifully transformed colleague.

    I’m very curious to see if & how the Van Helsing-type character partners with the CDC people he’s currently getting to know. Will the protagonists stay within the system to defeat this monstrous happening, or will they build an army of monster hunters to save New York?

    Only time, & those who have read the books (Shhhhh!), can tell.

    Very, very happy for Del Toro & that we get Season 2 of The Strain!

  16. The Strain is certainly an enjoyable show if you like the genre and del Toro’s past work, but it’s certainly not the best show on TV. I definitely look forward to each episode every week and am not turned off by it’s B movie story arc, nor do I mind the slow burn. However, the writing is atrocious–so atrocious in fact that I wonder whether it’s on purpose to gin up some B movie ethos. And it’s this thought that always prevents me from really liking it. But if you’re honest with yourself, del Toro’s characterizations and dialogue have always been subpar (yes, even Pan’s Labyrinth, which I consider a near flawless film). He’s always just found a way to distract you from it all. So perhaps it’s the slow burn that really brings it out here how grating the characters and their actions are here. I think all horror creators know need to look at American Horror Story in terms of plot development, pace, and characterization; as in don’t even spend a second on the minutea of the world you’re creating. Not really saying to embrace the absurd like they do, but one thing, you’re never bored and you understand the characters immediately through their actions.

  17. Good show. It becomes better each week. The pace is picking up right now and getting to the good parts of the book. I never thoroughly enjoyed the beginning except for the dead airplane and the survivors’ stories. I liked the mythology and my favorite character is yet to show up so far, although I think he’s joining pretty soon. I understand some people’s complaints but this show was meant to be a campy, fun horror show, according to del Toro. It’s succeeding so far. I’m enjoying it more than AHS, although I liked that show as well. This show is going to grow into something epic by season 2, probably even earlier.

  18. More of the Strain please! It’s the darkest , scariest MOST FUN show on TV, now that Hannibal is on hiatus!!!!!!!! Perfect summer show .

  19. Yay! My whole family loves this show.

  20. I love The Strain series but unfortunately it will be coming up against Sunday Night football soon which may mean a big ratings drop. I had trouble switching away from a preseason game so I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it when they start playing football games for real in September.

  21. Honestly once of the best shows on TV right now, though like others in this list tough to watch with the last ship and falling skies though I make it work cause it’s awesome!

  22. I looked forward to this series and watched the first show. I really like it but all of the swearing is a turn off. I watched the next episode hoping I could overlook it, but I can’t so I quit watching it. Too bad cause the story line is great, but I can live without it.

  23. I love love love all of the shows on FX!!!! The Strain, Tyrant, FARGO was Excellent, loved Billy Bob,Justified, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, and more. FX should win many awards. Chris

  24. Love the show!! Can’t wait till season 2!!

  25. Yeah picking up now, good to see it renewed. Enjoy, I believe from the beginning 3 series in total was the aim.

  26. This is the most original vampire take in about 2 decades, also David Bradley could not have been cast better. Who doesnt wanna see filch with a sword???

  27. I like the show. The background stories and overall vampire/plant/virus take on things.
    The writing though for the majority of it is horrid..the characters act dumber then rocks. The stories skip around with little to no connections between them.

    There are only four charcters who seem to have parts that make any logical sense and hwo do not act utterly asinine. The Jew, The Nazi, The head of Stoneheart, and the Exterminator. The Nazi is by far carryign the show.

    If the writing is not improved during season 2 then it deserves to be cancelled.

  28. Yes! I find the strain to be very entertaining and am glad it’s been renewed!

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