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stargate p The Stargate Universe Expands   MaybeWhen Stargate SG-1 ended after 10 years, I was surprised to find myself feeling abandoned to some degree. I became comfortable following the familiar characters and the evolving conflicts between humanity and its off-world relationships – kind of like going to work every day. Sure, we have Stargate: Atlantis, but it just isn’t quite the same as Stargate SG-1. Atlantis is like a new job. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol, but a new place to do it in.

But if anyone out there wants to see a new twist on Stargate, there may be some hope for you.

A third live-action series is being conceived by Stargate: Atlantis co-creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper called Stargate: Universe and they are looking to make it an independent storyline of the already established Stargate realm.

Instead of a planet or city-bound stargate, the series will take place on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment probably millions of years ago, but abandoned due to the whole ascension thing.

The background of Stargate Universe is that the Ancients had one unmanned ship go out into the universe placing stargates, and there was a second ship to follow up and explore.

In the Stargate mythos, travelers use a 7-symbol gate address to travel from planet to planet. An eighth chevron allows for travel to different galaxies and by using the proper ninth chevron, travelers will discover the second unmanned Ancient ship.

The pitch for this new show was received well by Sci-Fi Channel but the writers strike was one hurdle that slowed things down. However the bigger hurdle is that the new series would be an expensive show to produce. Wright and Cooper feel they’ve done the Stargate series right so far and believe they can pull this off, but they don’t want to settle for a cheaper version which they don’t think would pan out as successfully.

If it does happen, things will go into motion after Atlantis has concluded its run, moving the franchise forward while still holding true to the established background and history.

If Stargate: Universe is anything like Atlantis, will we see a reflection of characters from the first series? The characters in Atlantis look different, but they echo the familiar, successful mix the original show had. A serious but humorous hero, a stoic warrior, the female warrior leader, and the zany scientist.

Yes, to me Atlantis has recreated the original characters with new faces. I’ve accepted Stargate Atlantis because I don’t mind following along but if they really want to catch my attention, they need to expand into different types of tales, synergy and atmosphere or they will have a very expensive pan out of a show. The Sci-Fi channel does not need that in their quest to improve their programming – they need content that’s close to what Battlestar Galactica has brought to the table.

If this happens, I hope they do it right.

Source: GateWorld, GateWorld

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  1. I really hope that’s not the idea they are going with…a ninth Chevron? How stupid and uncreative is that… wait wait…then a tenth chevron takes them to a different universe…and the eleventh!…oh my…it leads to ascension! yay!

    But yes, they definately need a new direction, maybe somethign a little darker and dramatic like Battlestar.

  2. This sounds like the direction they should have gone from the original film.
    I personally can’t stand ether of the stargate shows.

  3. I enjoyed Stargate, and Atlantis is fun, but nothing really brilliant. No Jack, no Tealc, not up to it for me.
    So if they can do something different it would be cool. Just hope it doesn’t turn out like the cartoon series they tried. gargh!

  4. Did you see that great Atlantis episode that was the equivalent of a Marvel Team-Up with Tealc and Ronin?

    That was a really fun one.


  5. Yes, not long ago. It was good, especially seeing the two big boys face off.
    We’ve also had Jack in a cage with Woolsley (unsure of spelling), and Carter has been in a few before taking over. The imaginary Carter with Rodney was a good one to watch, for various reasons. (won’t state the obvious)
    But yeah, Tealc and Ronin doing their version of Hard Boiled Cop was good fun!

  6. It was a very cool episode, .. indeed.

    I think we hit on something folks…
    Stargate – Tealc and Ronon.
    The wraith would be doomed….
    The viewers (and my wife) would be happy.

  7. If the new version had those two as the main characters, I’d be watching!

  8. Ditto ‘steven the git’. I’d be writing and pitching about it everywhere I could. But we are going to have to wait until Atlantis has it’s run.

  9. “I really hope that’s not the idea they are going with…a ninth Chevron? How stupid and uncreative is that… wait wait…then a tenth chevron takes them to a different universe…and the eleventh!…oh my…it leads to ascension! yay!”

    What the heck are you talking about? The gates have always had 9 chevrons, and what the ninth chevron did has been a mystery for years. I’m happy with what they have planned, using it to go to different times or different universes would have been too obvious and a cop-out IMO. I love both SG-1 and Atlantis, but I’m looking forward to a new take on the Stargate tale.

  10. Dude, it’s Stargate Voyager.

  11. LOL.. huh. How insightful.

  12. They need more Battlestar Galactica type content? What for? It’s expensive, over hyped, over advertised and STILL only pulls in the same sort of numbers that Stargate does…

  13. Stargate Voyager? That’s insulting to Star Trek Voyager.

  14. I’ve allways wondered how funny would it be if a great white shark flew out of that stargate. And just landed at there feet and then they would jump over it, shrug and go thru anyway.
    There’s a MAD TV bit for ya.
    Next ones gonna cost ya.

  15. Oh, and have the Jaws music playing too.

    Maybe a mutant great white and it gets stuck in the gate. Altogether now!

    We’re gonna need a bigger gate ;)

    If a great white did fall through and lie there, Ronin would probably eat it.

  16. Good one Steven I see your a Monty Python fan.

    Is Ronin the token klingon?

    I think the real jump the shark atlantis episode was the sci-fi parody one.

    They even made fun of Farscape. That kinda pissed me off a little that Browder would do that to his old show on the show that was indirectly responsable for Farscapes cancellation.
    (Long sentance warning).

  17. Yes, Ronin, or Ronan or Ronon, or however you spell his name, is the big black guy of the quartet. Doesn’t say much, is an alien, and fights really well. Nothing like Tealc of course. ;)

    That was the 200th episode of Stargate I think. I know what you mean, it was a daft one. Some of it was really funny though, like I loved the puppet version (probably been watching Team America).
    But yes, can see what you mean about the Farscape bit. (They had a token klingon there too.)

  18. Ya-know its kind of crazy. I can’t imagine that as much pressure that humanity is under here on earth with population and what-not that if this technology existed after 10-15 years mankind wouldn’t start colonizing other worlds. If for no other reason than the secret wars the two existing series have fought already.

  19. It is is with real sudness that I hear that Stargate comes to an end. It was the only interesting series that kept me with Sky as Sky 1 was not available on cable. It would seem that sky would loose me as customer once the series has finished unless they can pull something else as captivating.