‘The Social Network’ Cast Confirmed

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:27 pm,

facebook The Social Network Cast Confirmed

Well it was just a little over two weeks ago that Screen Rant reported on the casting rumors for the David Fincher/Kevin Spacey project about the founding of Facebook called The Social Network. It has now been confirmed that Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) will play Harvard geek turned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; Justin Timberlake (Alpha Dog) will be the former Napster co-founder and Facebook President Sean Parker while Andrew Garfield (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) is going to be Zuckerberg ‘s Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

All three will bring life to the highly acclaimed Aaron Sorkin script which is being produced by Scott Rudin, Michael De Luca, Dana Brunetti and Cean Chaffin. Kevin Spacey, who has been pushing this project through the Hollywood fast track, will perform executive producer duties. Production on the $45 million dollar film starts October in Boston and then on to Los Angeles.

The Social Network has gotten plenty of attention over the past couple of months. We waited 10 years for a new Superman movie but a film about Facebook took less than one summer to come to fruition. I’ve never seen such a thing for any movie. I sure hope this thing lives up to all the hype because $45 million is a heck of a lot of money for a drama about the creation of an online service.

Sorkin’s story spins a tale of money, fame, sex, deception and success,your basic Hollywood soap opera, and follows Zuckerberg and Saverin’s rise to fame from a couple of Harvard students in 2004 running a social site for other students allowing them to rate the hotness of campus girls to the 300 million worldwide users they have today.

So, this news falls right into place with the rumors we heard a couple weeks back. Only thing we are missing now is a love interest and a release date. If all holds true, we should see both in the next couple of weeks. One thing is for sure, over the next few months we are going to see a lot of Facebook ads shamelessly promoting The Social Network.

What do you think about the newly appointed cast of The Social Network?

No release date has been set at this time.

Source: Variety

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  1. I’ll pass.

  2. Same here Ash

  3. Ash, I bet you won’t

  4. Haaahahaa!!!

  5. No offense Screen Rant

    But why is this movie getting so much coverage on your site?

  6. This is revolting. Ugh.

  7. could be good

  8. @ogb

    Since early July this is the fifth news item we’ve written about this film. That’s one update every two weeks – is that a lot of coverage?


  9. Once every two weeks on average, that is. :)


  10. That sounds like an extremely BORING waste of time. I too will pass.

  11. Average coverage for a below-average movie :)

    I’m saying I’ve come to appreciate the integrity of Screen Rant with what they choose to focus on, as far as coverage. This is a little out of the ordinary.

    No biggie, just asking in case you guys are actually interested in this movie.

  12. @ogb

    Well we usually focus more on sci-fi/superhero/action etc. but we’re trying to branch out a LITTLE bit. :)

    Actually the script for this is highly acclaimed and David Fincher is directing – he’s not exactly Rob Zombie or Uwe Boll. :-P

    This isn’t a movie about USING Facebook, it’s about the creation of the site, the founding of the company and the drama that surrounded all that (and there was plenty).


  13. It stars Justin Timberlake, so there’s no way in hell i’m watching this, no matter who is behind the helm

  14. @ogb – I’m picking up what you’re throwing down my brother but I think that really story here is why a movie of this time is attracting the attention of such high calibur people in the Big Hollywood circles and why this movie has received such fast track priority with a ridculously big budget.

  15. Paul, I guess that angle is interesting. Why the hell is Fincher wasting his talents on this? Who knows…Can it actually be good? Not with Timberlake in there.

  16. In the long run this is another way to introduce Facebook to those that are new to the concept.
    (Through the magic of cinema)

    its fast tracked promotion, subversive marketing etc,,, how many will see this film (?) and walkout thinking, “hmm I’m gonna check out Facebook” I’m sure more than one.

    These social sites are aggressively going after those that aren’t into the service. As “they” want everyone to play along and turn this “service” into a community/global database… Your witnessing “online Big Brother” in its genesis stage.”

    If you think I’m nuts why are some companies requiring you to have an account with Twitter or Facebook to apply for a job,,,? There’s a reason behind everything.

  17. Not this crap again.

    790, take your babel to a UFO site.

    I’ve worked for over 3 legitimate companies in the last 4 years and none of them asked for a facebook/myspace account. None of my friends, who also work for legitimate companies have ever been asked for a facebook account.

  18. Hey man the truth is out there,,, meaning “so far out there that you won’t see it when it hits you between the legs!”

    Do you consider “Best Buy” to be a big company? There asking for Twitter,My-space, Facebook info on the application. (This is happening now)

    Also today there’s a story in the news about a Redskins player in hot water over calling fans “dim wits” on his Twitter account. Dim wits, wow that’s pretty harsh !!!??? (Check DrudgeReport for the full story)

    If you don’t see how this can slowly grow to become a social norm and a global tool to censor and control then you never will ogb. Your left brain dominance is blinding you to other possibilities.
    Possibilities that other in power can’t wait to use for control…

  19. @ogb – Ufo site lol. Seriously 790, you’re trippin me out man. I work for a Fortune 500 company, and they have never asked for it. It was about 10 years ago that employers started including email addresses on application and then a couple of years after that cell phone numbers.

    It’s not big brother watching us my friend, it’s big society. We have become a society of voyeurs, wanting to both watch and be watched. We can’t stand not being able to contact someone at the drop of a hat. I used to have a pager, it would take me 30 minutes or more sometimes to return a call.

    Now, if I miss a cell call the first thing the person does IS EFFIN CALL BACK!!! Have some patience ya basterds!

  20. 790

    Sorry but citing Best Buy and a fooball player as your “proof” is just lazy. And you call yourself a conspiracy nut? Tisk Tisk

    Seriously though, you don’t find it logical for certain companies to see what they’re potential employees are like? You don’t find it logical that a sports star/celebrity making an offensive comment in a such a public way produces negative consequences? Where does the “big brother” come into play in these examples?

  21. Paul (IMO) its a slow conditioning process. As these services gain momentum and acceptance more corporations will use these sites as data gathering tools. Why would a job that pays minimun wage (Best Buy) want your personal info,? Because they are a starting point. Its a slow process,,,
    I said “you” can call me a conspiracy nut, I don’t consider myself one and I gave examples not proof…
    I love your comment Ogb, as you are the perfect example of a person totally living in a controlled reality willing to let others dictate your position in that reality:

    Ogb! Says,,,
    “Seriously though, you don’t find it logical for certain companies to see what they’re potential employees are like? You don’t find it logical that a sports star/celebrity making an offensive comment in a such a public way produces negative consequences? Where does the “big brother” come into play in these examples?”

    You just made them for me,,, I’m sorry if that’s way over your head,,,, :-)

  22. Already the banter between 790 & ogb is more exciting than this movie will be. I’ll be back with my popcorn.

  23. LOL, Tweeb,,,

  24. Of course you don’t consider yourself a conspiracy nut, that’s the whole point. You think you’re the normal one and it’s the rest of us that are crazy/sheep.

    Second, let’s play your game for a little bit, shall we? As someone mentioned before, if you’re so “aware” of the BIG BROTHER gathering information via internet, why the HELL are you posting on an internet forum? Furthermore, why would you post your theories about the Big Brother on a public forum? Wouldn’t that alert the government agencies of your existence, therefore you’d be watched even closer?

    I know I just blew your mind there…you’re probably not going to come out of your mom’s basement for the next few days. But that’s what I’m here for.

    You already embarrassed yourself with the whole “jobs look at your facebook” theory, haven’t you had enough?

    Btw, do you even have a job? lol Did your company look at your facebook?

  25. To reply to your first statement Ogb, yep,,, but I wouldn’t call it being normal its more about learning, opening yourself up to other possibilities and knowing your enemy.
    Embarrassed not all, mind blown by you Ogb, lol…
    I’ve made my point quite clear you either have reading difficulties or this kind of information threatens your reality bubble.
    The only game I’m playing is HALO 3, ODST, and its quite fun…
    And yes I have a job, and company car as well,,, ;-) How’s high school working for ya?

  26. I understand that you think “Mashable” is a reliable source, but like I said and Paul said, I’ve never been “screened” at any of my jobs. And I’ve had a lot. None of my friends have been screened. And from what I gathered, none of my friends’ friends. So did we all magically fall into that 55%?

    I don’t care how I come off. You can sit around all you want and let “790″ call you and all your friends/family sheep and imply that he’s better than them, etc., but it doesn’t sit well with me.

    You post this nonsense in a public forum, what do you expect? People call you on your bs.

  27. I actually do have “reading difficulties” when it comes to your blend of broken sentences, misplaced punctuation marks, etc.

    “Embarrassed not all, mind blown by you Ogb, lol…” = What?

    So you’re saying that all of my family, friends and my friends’ families that use facebook/myspace are close minded sheep? If that’s not rude and insulting, I don’t know what is.

    Let me ask you this, did your company check your profile when they hired you? Did they ask you for one?

    Just for the record, I graduated college and working full time in a real estate management firm. Also going to grad school next year. Sorry to ruin your fantasy of me being a high school teen.