‘The Smurfs’ Trailer Debuts

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There has been a strange and somewhat horrifying trend developing with regard to big-screen adaptations of decades-old cartoons. From the Garfields to Alvin and the Chipmunks and its Squeakuel to the more recent, but no less revolting, Yogi Bear.

They almost always feature live action human actors, terribly animated CG characters, a bevy of fart jokes and/or stupid puns. Based on this new trailer, The Smurfs looks to be no different.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Smurfs, such that it is:

When the evil wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria) chases the Smurfs out of their village, they’re forced through a portal, out of their world and into ours, landing in the middle of New York’s Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

And check out the trailer below:

Some of my favorite (read: because they’re so hilariously awful) lines in the trailer include:

  • “Nothing like a cool breeze through my enchanted forest,” says Gutsy (Scottish) Smurf who’s letting a vent blow cold air up his kilt, Marilyn Monroe-style.
  • “I think I just smurfed – in my mouth,” says Grouchy Smurf in response to Gutsy Smurf’s hilarious (read: the opposite of hilarious) enchanted forest line.
  • “Where the smurf are we?” says Papa Smurf.
  • “This summer, the turf gets smurfed!” says the movie voiceover guy with as much excitement as he can pretend to muster.
  • “Let’s smurf this joint,” says Greedy Smurf, which I guess is the same as saying ‘Let’s blow this joint.’
  • “Goodbye blue world!” says Jokey Smurf, making a pun of that old cliché, ‘Goodbye cruel world.’
  • And best of all, the final line of the trailer: “All right… who smurfed?”

Are we to believe the Smurfs have devised a language made up almost entirely of the word ‘Smurf?’ Smurf is a noun, it’s an adjective, it’s a verb, it’s a cuss word, it’s synonymous with the word ‘fart,’ and on, and on, and on. I guess this frees up the filmmakers to make supposedly raunchy jokes for the adult portion of the crowd without being called on it by the MPAA. Or something?

Judging by this trailer alone, everyone involved with this movie should be disappointed in themselves. Especially Neil Patrick Harris and Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), both of whom are genuinely talented actors and have built up a lot of goodwill in recent years, both in Hollywood and America’s hearts.

the smurfs in 3d trailer debuts The Smurfs Trailer Debuts

In fact, the only thing this trailer makes me yearn for is a cinematic adaptation of Jeff Smith’s amazing comic book Bone. Similar to the silver screen version of The Smurfs, Bone is about a family of cartoon-esque characters – Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, and Fone Bone – that accidentally wander into a high fantasy world not unlike The Lord of the Rings or one of its analogues.

Can you imagine? Live-action human characters, 2D-animated Bones (a la Who Framed Roger Rabbit), and a genuine attempt at making a quality movie as opposed to just cashing in on A) everyone’s nostalgia or B) every child’s love of fart jokes. But then, maybe I’m asking too much of Hollywood.

The Smurfs, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Jayma Mays, Katy Perry, Alan Cummings, George Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Anton Yelchin, and more, hits theaters August 3rd, 2011.

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  1. I want to smurf myself after watching that.

  2. This would have been better if the Smurfs had stayed in their native world. That is what I hated about Masters of the Universe.

  3. “Are we to believe the Smurfs have devised a language made up almost entirely of the word ‘Smurf?’”

    Yes…that’s exactly what happened in the original cartoon, too.

  4. Has Mr Moore never even read the original comic or watched the cartoons? The word smurf is used all the time as a noun, verb etc. This is not a creation of this movie however it is obviously exploited for cheap laughs. Perhaps a better understanding of the material you’re writing about first? I don’t mean to sound like I’m sticking up for Hollywood but it wasn’t their idea this time.

    With all that being said I have to ask – who the hell is gutsy smurf? Obviously made up for the movie and a Scottish version of hefty smurf who was the strong and brave one. Why did they need to make new smurf characters when there are over 99 to choose from. Way to go Hollywood – rape a cartoon I grew up on and still enjoy after 32 years.

    • @Brandon – Ben isn’t alone here. I complained about this after the last Smurf poster came out. I encourage to re-watch all the original Smurf cartoons (I have an 8 y/o daughter so I’ve done this recently) and find me one time where the word “smurf” is substituted for something vulgar or filled with some sort of sexual double meaning. You won’t find anything like that because that’s not how the creator intended it. This isn’t Beavis and Butthead of Ren & Stimpy but it’s obvious the writers want it to be.

      And man are you talking about of both sides of your mouth: “I don’t mean to sound like I’m sticking up for Hollywood but it wasn’t their idea this time.” – followed by this, “Way to go Hollywood – rape a cartoon I grew up on and still enjoy after 32 years.”

      Can’t be on both sides of that fence bud.

      • Paul, I don’t understand what you’re saying.
        Brandon simply stated, correctly I might add, that the word “Smurf” was used as a noun, verb, adjective and anything else they wanted to in the cartoon. He was merely expressing his opinion that Ben was ignorant of this fact. Which was also my impression from the whole article, unfortunately.

        • There are two different issues and there seems to be confusion. Yes, in the cartoon they did use “Smurf” for word substitution all the time – but what Paul is referring to is that it seems like they’ll be dragging things into the toilet with their word substitution in the film.

          I’m pretty sure that in the cartoon they never used “Smurf” as a substitute for the s-bomb, as they do in the TAGLINE for the movie.


      • Ah man reading your comments standing up for the purity of the Smurfs, puts it all into perspective Paul.


        I’m a hot mess? Holly blue crack.

  5. I like Azreal.

  6. @Paul – I suggest you re-read my original comments. It’s obvious Ben has never watched the cartoon or he would know the word smurf is indeed used as a verb, noun etc as I already stated. But I also immediately stated that it’s being exploited by Hollywood for cheap laughs aka it being pushed into an adult toilet humor word. Had he only complained that the word was being used to say dirty things I would have left it alone. However his entire statement is is meant to blame Hollywood for something they didn’t do.

    I don’t like where Hollywood has taken movies but I don’t respect any writer who hasn’t done any research on the subjec they are writing about. It’s a matter of professionalism and principal. Hollywood has made enough bonehead moves to keep sites like this busy for years. There’s simply no need to call foul where none exists.

    My views are my own and I’m within my right to point out an error while still feeling like a beloved cartoon is being exploited.

    • I watched the original cartoon. I’m fully aware that they used the word smurf to mean more than just, you know, a Smurf. However, I don’t remember the Smurfs ever using the word “smurf” to mean “vomit,” “fart,” or some variation on a curse word. Unless I’m forgetting a specific episode all about farting, vomiting, and cuss words?

      • Didn’t see these two posts before I posted above.
        @Ben, I didn’t get that from your article.
        “Are we to believe the Smurfs have devised a language made up almost entirely of the word ‘Smurf?’”
        It read like you have never heard of it before. I do agree that I don’t like the new uses for the word, however.

        • I thought it was plain enough that that part was a joke at the expense of the Smurfs?

          • It was to 99% of the readers, Ben.

            • BS.

              • Anyway, sorry Ben, don’t mean to jump all over ya, Appreciate the article.
                Sometimes my combative nature on some other forums gets the best of me.

              • BullSmurf? BattleSmurf? BlandSmurf? :-D

  7. Feels like ‘Alvin and the hairless blue Chipmunks’ to me…

  8. aw Smurf!!!!

  9. Sounds like it will appeal to children and mindless adults.

  10. another one of my favorite shows crapped on, whats next hollywood a snorks movie?

    • thats exactly what i was thinking after i saw this

    • You guys need to stop giving Hollywood ideas! 8-)

  11. I just smurfed in my mouth after watching this trailer!

    But seriously what’s wrong with this people??? Does no one realize they are vandalizing everyones childhood with this! :S

  12. You got to be smurfing me.

    This does remind me of the Robot Chicken sketch when they parodied The Smurfs. Maybe they took a cue from that.

  13. bleh.

  14. Won’t be seeing this one.

  15. @Ben – You’re correct – the Smurfs cartoon only used the word smurf for normal things like happy, good, scary etc. But your paragraph reads like you are doubting that in it’s entirety as another posted quoted. “Are we to believe the developed a language etc etc” the answer is yes to that part. Did they use it for toilet humor? No. The paragraph could use some clarifying.

    • I suppose it could use some clarifying, though I thought it was clear enough that I was making fun of the Smurfs there.

  16. How bad is it that, for me, the most attractive part of the trailer were the woman’s feet behind Smurfette? I watched it more than once just to see them. :)

    • Interesting…

      • Very… and beautiful I may add.
        Seeing them, I thought: She makes me want to smurf. :)

        • You sick mother Smurfer.

          • Thanks for the compliment. :P

  17. Jokey and Greedy were two of the best Smurfs and neither of them are in the movie not to mention Vanity Smurf who I am pretty sure was the first gay cartoon character unless you count Peppermint Patty and Thelma from Scooby Doo

    • Hilarious…

  18. This trailer honestly upset me. I cannot believe how Hollywood destroys cartoon franchises. Even if it’s because of money. They can still make money, probably even more, if they did it correctly. How are they so damn clueless? How can everyone involved be content with what they do?

    • It’s utter laziness. When the bean-counters rule the roost, this is what you get. Mindless, lazy entertainment.

      Their business models, their formulas are outdated, but they keep on barking up that tree, keep on digging up that dirt. They look at such undertakings as zero risk, but it’s really zero intellect and zero effort.

      They’re still clinging to the whole “big names sell tickets” mentality, when that’s been disproven time and time again recently. BIG NAMES don’t hold anywhere near the sway they used to, such as back in the 80s. It’s been steadily on the decline since, at least, the 90s.

      Why else would they be greenlighting a Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade movie, sight unseen, without even an outline scribbled on a napkin?

      Why else would they make a deal with Wham-O, maker of toys for kids, to start making movies based on those toys?

      I’ve long argued that studios could make more money in the long run if they just made good, quality movies rather than throwing slop together and tagging a brand name on it.

      What bothers me the most is that when they churn out flop after flop using their lazy, old moviemaking formulas, they just shrug and say: Well, hey, it’s not my fault; We followed the formula, had big names attached to it.

      But when they half-heartedly try something new, and are lazy and dumb in how they market it, and then that fails as well, they say: See, new, original things don’t sell. Bring me Hula Hoop the Movie, with Adam Sandler! (nevermind that there have been quite a few Sandler flops and underachievers).

      Someone could write a set of books on how flawed, greedy, racist and seemingly dumb Hollywood executives are.

  19. Making fun of the Smurfs Ben? That just aint right haha. I can see the point in it though. I used to love cartoons like Scooby Doo growing up but now i think they’re ridiculous. 30 something logic and intelligence just doesn’t work well with some of the ridiculous things that cartoons do. But the Smurfs will always be the Smurfs – I always thought using it as a word was a clever thing even if it’s a bit silly.

    But dragging it down to toilet humor – disgusts me to no end. Can’t say I’m surprised with Hollywood though.

  20. Since Hollywood is trashing in on The Smurfs, I just wonder if they will try to do something with that age old question: Where do all the Smurfs come from since there is but one female Smurf? What is this rated again? :-)

  21. Well… this looks like poop

  22. WTF? whats next…the Jetsons? They did Yogi Bear already….somebody needs to stop these people