Take a Smurfy Look at a New Poster & Image from ‘The Smurfs’

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papa smurf and smurfette Take a Smurfy Look at a New Poster & Image from The Smurfs

Hollywood continues to mine our childhood memories for movie ideas by taking some of our favorite cartoons – Richie Rich, Josie and the Pussycats, and Fat Albert – and turning them into miserable big screen adaptations. Even Alvin and the Chipmunks and most recently Yogi Bear have been turned into 3D shells of them former selves.

Waiting in the wings to take their stab at the big 3D screen are The Smurfs – those lovable blue creatures who are three apples high, harvest smurfberries and sing in the woods all day. We got our first good look at the iconic creatures in the Smurfs teaser trailer as they rode through the streets of Manhattan clinging to a speeding taxi.

Today we get a better look at some of the more popular Smurf characters – Clumsy, Grouchy, Papa, Smurfette, Gutsy and Brainy – as well as a new poster for the upcoming live-action family film.

Here is the official synopsis for those unfamiliar with the story for The Smurfs movie:

When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours – in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

gang of smurfs movie image Take a Smurfy Look at a New Poster & Image from The Smurfs

Raja Gosnell (Scooby Doo) directs from a J. David Stem script while Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara, and Hank Azaria will play opposite the voice talents of Jonathan Winters (Papa Smurf), Anton Yelchin (Clumsy Smurf), pop singer Katy Perry (Smurfette), Fred Armisen (Brainy Smurf), George Lopez (Grouchy Smurf) and Alan Cumming (Gutsy Smurf).

Because this is a movie based on some beloved magical characters created by Peyo, it’s obviously supposed to be a family-friendly children’s film – but how “family-friendly” will it actually be? The latest Smurfs poster certainly raises that question:


SMURFS movie poster 280x414 Take a Smurfy Look at a New Poster & Image from The Smurfs

As a parent, there is a disturbing trend in marketing that I’m noticing and the problem is most likely not be with director Raja Gosnell – who has proven quite capable of producing a clean family film based on his two previous Scooby Doo entries.

There is a fair amount of profanity substituting happening in all of the marketing material for The Smurfs – “Smurf Happens” and Where the Smurf are we?” – I wonder if that comes from the mind of writer J. David Stem (Are We There Yet?, Daddy Day Camp) or is it some “cool” and “hip” marketing ploy dreamt up by a marketing guru at Columbia Pictures?

If this is the work of Stem, then I have to wonder how far does he take this “smurfing” of popular adult phrases? Should parents expect to hear their five year old repeat the phrase “Kiss my smurf!”, “Son of a Smurf” or heaven forbid, “Smurf You, Smurf-tard!”?

The Smurfs could turn out to be a late summer delight and my hope is the film doesn’t mimic the marketing campaign, because the last thing I want to hear is my eight-year-old daughter telling me to “Shove it up my Smurf”.

The Smurfs Tra-la-la’s into theaters August 3rd, 2011.

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  1. I’ve never understood the issue that people have with profanity. When I was 4, I cursed like a sailor. I don’t want to step on the feet of parents who don’t want their children exposed to so-called “dirty language,” but I am genuinely curious about what the issue is. What damage could be done to a child by a curse word being replaced by the word “smurf”?

  2. If your worried about this kind of substitute language then don’t let your kids watch iCarly. Sam is always using that kind of language, that smurf.

    • I agree. But I have to confess, although I´m alsmost 30 years old, I find iCarly funny. I always laugh about that dorky brother of hers…

      • Actually my wife, daughter and I were BIG iCarly fans – until this season. We always found it funny, yet wholesome, but this season it started going down some weird paths with the humor and even my daughter said she didn’t want to watch it any more.

        And I’m sorry, but “Where the ‘Smurf’ are we?” That’s stupid in a movie aimed at the under 5 crowd and it’s a lowbrow, cheap, easy way to make it “funny” for older kids and adults.


        • Well, I don´t watch iCarly on a regular basis. I only watch it when I see it´s on the air. I´ve seen about 10 episodes or so. I don´t even know what season is running in Germany right now.

          And I agree with you about what you said regarding the smurfing language in this movie. It´s the same with Yogi Bear and I´m afraid it will happen in the upcoming Muppets movie as well.

          • It doesn’t bother me at all theres nothing wrong iwth it in my mind it seems perfectly fine.

            I think I’m gonna start using Smurf to replace curse words.

            • Hahaha, I thought about that too. I hope Vic doesn´t ban us for using it. It´s actually kinda cute…

              • LOL iCarly was funny. But I still like Drake ande Josh MUCH better. Pity they ended it :(

                • Let’s all remember the greatness that preceded Drake and Josh: Keenan and Kel.

  3. I don´t think that children of today even know who the Smurfs are. Children who are now 4-8 of age grew up with stuff like Spongebob (which has some very adult humor) or other Nickelodeon crap. I bet this movie will be seen mostly by adults who are a bit nostalgic. But they may take their kids with them as an excuse. :D

  4. I like that they’re taking the Smurfs out of their magical world and dropping them in the middle of New York — afterall it worked SO well for Masters of the Universe, and didn’t destroy any of my childhood memories that time around. Maybe next they should drop a bunch of Ewoks in Chicago to search for a long lost stone whilst being chased by Storm Troopers.

    Does the sarcasm come off well in this?

    Oh well, I wasn’t young enough to be into the Smurfs anyway. Destroy as you will.

  5. In the original cartoon, the characters frequently substituted the word “smurf” for various words, so this is not new. Just more of the same.

    The more disturbing trend, for me, is to take any of these intellectual properties and use it to make money by capitalizing on the audience remembering it fondly and plunking down the $10 to see the new version, which is almost always guaranteed to show no respect to the source material.

    Yes, “Dukes of Hazzard”, I’m looking at you…

    • It’s not the replacement of words in general with smurf that’s being argued here, it’s the specific words being replaced.

  6. OMG, Avatar 2!

    • *SNORT*!

    • rofl

  7. I really don’t see a problem with this at all.

    Smurf happens could easily just be Stuff Happens or Things Happen.

    Where the Smurf are we could be replaced with Heck Where in the world are we.

    It really doesn’t seem like a big deal there are no actual curse words being used.

    • Daniel,

      Come on. If THOSE were what “smurf” is replacing, they wouldn’t NEED replacing, now would they?

      Looking forward to such possible phrases as:

      - Suck my Smurf.
      - Smurf you!
      - Go Smurf yourself.
      - Smurf me!
      - Man, I’d really like to Smurf Smurfette.

      I exaggerate, of course. 8)


      • “If THOSE were what “smurf” is replacing, they wouldn’t NEED replacing, now would they?”

        That argument doesn’t work for me beacause they’ve used smurf to replace words since the first episode and the word never needed to be replaced. It never made since and there are plenty of examples of them replacing words that didn’t need to be replaced. Random nouns and verbs seem to suddenly become smurf for no reason other than because it can be.

        I’m saying a kid wouldn’t know the difference and you could easily tell them that’s what they are saying.

        If your kid already know the difference and what it means than The Smurfs is hardly your biggest problem and you should be worried what it’s teaching your kids since they already know more than what they could learn from it.

      • While I understand where you’re coming from, Vic, I think there’s a big difference between the examples you and Paul have given and what the marketers have actually done.

        In your cases, it isn’t so much the word thats bad, but the way it’s used. All your examples replace derogatory insults. “Kiss my Smurf” or “Go Smurf Yourself” are rude comments directed at individuals, when “Where the Smurf are We” and even “Smurf Happens” are more of a general comment sort of thing that isn’t necessarily mean to offend any individual person.

        It’s the difference between saying “This is Hell” and “Go to Hell.”

        • Jbrose,

          I was being facetious, but I still don’t like the intent and IMHO it doesn’t bode well for the film.


          • “- Man, I’d really like to Smurf Smurfette.” Don´t let your wife hear that… :D

            • Smurfest going on here ^


  8. This movie looks like another load of smurf.

  9. It looked good until i saw Katy Perry’s name in there, now i probably won’t be seeing it. Incidentally, i like smurfs and hope all those stories about Richard Gere and the tube are not true.

  10. I appreciate the detail to the hat & clothing with all the texture, seams & folds. I even appreciate the details to the hair but theres just one problem….the blue. Wrong wrong wrong!! Not photo realistic at all! These smurfs are not gonna look real at all on the big screen! The live actors are gonna be talking to very obvious looking CGI creations! They still look….well…animated. Not good! & smurfs in New York? Bad bad bad! Nobody wants to see that! We wanna see the magical forest, the magical mushroom village & the evil Gargamel in his evil lab concucting evil,magical plans, perhaps even killing a smurf or 2(thatll be cool). This movie has failure written all over it!!

  11. There are so many Smurf puns I could use to express how I think this film will fail on every level imaginable.

    Here’s a good one: “Well, moviegoers are Smurfed.”

    Try to make a list. I invite everyone to make a terrible film Smurf pun. :)

  12. I hate it when they try to “modernize” these cartoons. For example, the movie “Dudley Do-Right,” the setting for that cartoon is obviously the 1920′s/30′s, or at least a pre-50′s setting, and they update it, make it the modern age, when it was begging for that serial feel of older films with villains tying damsels to the tracks. It would have had charm at least, but I digress. I think Yogi Bear would be even better if it were setting in the height of family camping back in the 50′s, early 60′s. And now the Smurfs are in modern New York? I always imagined the cartoon was set in a medieval period. I mean, just look at Gargamel’s clothes! It makes so little sense. I guess it’s all the name of not wanting to alienating their audience, but then I just feel like I’m pulled out of the atmosphere of the Smurf world. Sad, really, but what can you do, we’re not Hollywood producers, we have no say.