‘The Simpsons’ Season 24 Will Be Its Last – No Matter What

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the simpsons canceled The Simpsons Season 24 Will Be Its Last   No Matter What

UPDATE: ‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Seasons 24 & 25

It appears that The Simpsons has reached a point of no return, as a Fox executive revealed to The Wrap that even if the voice actors agree to take a substantial pay cut, the series will come to an end next year.

While this is certainly terrible news for The Simpsons’ many fans (even if you don’t watch it now, you did at one time – so you’re still a fan), Fox also noted that if no agreement can be made between the studio and its voice cast, The Simpsons will come to an end this year.

In an attempt to save the series from an immediate cancelation, many of the producers have already agreed to take a pay cut, to help trim the budget. Unfortunately, the major sticking point for the studio is the voice actors.

Fox TV has asked each of voice actors to cut their salaries from the current $440,000 per episode down to $250,000 per episode. The voice actors have been given until Friday to decide.

In a sense, Fox TV is asking the actors to take such a drastic put cut in order to be able to produce one final season of the long-running series. According to the studio, The Simpsons is in no way financially viable in its current form, and even the overall 30% decrease in productions costs that the studio is looking for will not save it – though, it will allow them to continue for one more year.

Perhaps everyone is stuck between a rock and a hard place. FOX undoubtedly cannot forget that The Simpsons saved the network from going under 23 years ago, and is trying to make things work the best they can – especially since the series isn’t performing as it once was. As for the actors, they certainly do deserve to be financially rewarded for playing a part in the success of the series.

Of course, all of that now is a moot point. With the actors having to decide whether or not to get paid 30% less next year or not at all, it’s not too difficult to figure out what they’ll decide – if only for the memories.

And with a final season, it does present the perfect opportunity for some amazing things to happen. With so many wonderful writers playing a part in the series over the years, one cannot help but believe that many would like to return to bid The Simpsons farewell.


The Simpsons airs Sunday @8pm on Fox

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. I look forward to every Sunday to enjoy a humorous cartoon to escape the reality of life. ;-)

    • Reality of life?… Just say “escape reality”, simpleton.

  2. HOLY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $440 000 per episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No wander they have financial problems! It seems that either the cast have been extorting FOX to pay them those exorbitant amounts, or FOX forbade them from doing any other work and had to pay them that kind of monaey in return. $440 000 per episode, 22 episodes a year – that’s sickening.

    To all those who heve never watched the Simpsons: You’ve missed out. Seasons 1 – 10 were inarguably some of the best stuff to have ever been on TV.

    • It’s not sickening, you don’t even understand the whole story. Fox has made billions from the Simpsons in merchandising and syndication fees, of which the voice actors see nothing.

    • Fox makes almost that much for a 30-second commercial. And they have probably close to two dozen during an episode. Fox ain’t hurting and as others have said the show has made Fox billions over the years. And just think of revenue from the DVD box sets and the movie which made $500 million dollars box office.

  3. Pay the people and stop ending anything thats run more than a year.

  4. Everything cool is being knocked off. Laser shows hostess and now simpsons. 2013 stinks

  5. Good riddence to bad rubbish. I have seen just enough of that trash to know they have been on the air twenty five years too long. It’s leaving will be an improvement in the current crop of broadcast, thou I doubt they will replace it with anything worthwhile

    • dude the simpsons is killing family guy or any other cartoon

    • “twenty five years too long” – what?! So in other words you’re saying the show should never have existed? That statement is simply not worth further attention than these thirty-one words. Goodbye.

    • Wow if you think the Simpsons is trash, then I have nothing to say to you. I can’t believe anyone could think something so stupid.

  6. Wow surprised that the Simpson was still airing haven’t watched the Simpsons religiously since the late 90′s. I can’t stomach to watch a show that has been on for over twenty years knowing that they have grown long in the tooth.

  7. I saw alot of things in the 1990s but that doesnt meant i want to get ridof it. Just cuz its been a around doesnt meanwant u geti rid of. Then we would be getting rid everyone that watch
    ed every episode. Iam fighting for the simpsons. The writer has a degree in astrophysics. Some cant comprehend

  8. 20 more years!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

    • ¡Twenty more years!!!!!!! :D

  9. another great show down the tubes due to money grubbing ass holes

  10. Joe read your comment you right good show gone due to money. I like the simpsons. I like the theme playing as i snuggle down into my chair. My body and erase the days stress. The cloud intro makes me feel i am floating away from the idiots i had to work with in real life. I been tuning in for 30u years macfarlane has a astropysics degree.

  11. I’ll do it for 200,000 dollars an episode .

  12. what about 10,000 an episode? Holy lord.. That is still 220,000 a year!

  13. It’s finally happening. Change is coming. Pretty soon there will be no more simpsons. That’s my favorite show and it’s getting canceled.

    Actually no! I want to see it to believe it! I want evidence that my favorite show is being canceled.

    It just hurts so bad to see a great show get canceled.

  14. Why not let them host the oscars?

  15. Actually, that’s great news for Simpsons fans.

  16. They should not cancel the simpsons they should keep goin this show has been playing for over 20 years they should keep it on

  17. The simpsons sucks, i mean really, it’s just another guest apparence of the flavor of the month and no story at all. Family Guy is way better. I mean, the plot is simple, but don’t try to be smart or pretentious like simpsons.

    • How can anyone ever say the Simpsons suck..I like family guy but the Simpsons have been around a lot longer than family guy and is definitely a better show than family guy! I’d rather family guy get cancelled than the Simpsons and I love both shows..

  18. Im just a kid but ive loved the show and habe been watching the show from a young age, it is a great show and how dare they cancel it. what about all the rewards it has received. it earnt each and every one. its been a great show for all ages and has been one of the best shows on tv and has been entertaining generations for years. hiw dare u cancel the show atleast the next few generations should be able to see

  19. Why take away the best show in the world you might as well just take away tv if you cancel the simpsons… I’ve been whatching its since I was 5 now you want to take away the best cartoon ever .

  20. Awh Bye bye Simpsons :( So many happy times waiting for new episodes. :’( 23 years though! My god.

  21. I have literally been watching The Simpsons my entire life. This news is so depressing. Remain strong util the very end!

  22. Sorry the simpsons continue so your wrong

  23. I find it funny how I found this after seeing that FOX had renewed The Simpsons for season 26, a week after the premiere of season 25.

  24. Why is this still a webpage? The Simpsons is now on Season 26.

    • Dude Im like 99% sure they are on like the 3rd or 4th episode of season 25

  25. The new Simpsons episodes disgusted me. I was born in 1982 and now have a young child and as we watched the new Simpsons I was so excited for, I actually felt my stomach drop. Disgusting, in so so many ways. I hate you, Matt hate u and denounce my love of the Simpsons.

  26. Cutting off heads was funny in 1980s but now, it’s real. Many people are getting their heads cut of, and not so quickly as it sounds, and wow. The Simpsons and Matt g. Are making fun of THAT?!?

  27. I haven’t kept up with the Simpsons but I watched religiously for the first 9 or 10 years. At this point I think it’s ok if they cancel. They’ve done some great things over the years and if they go then they leave as one of the most successful shows on TV, ever.

  28. It was just renewed for season 26, so thanks for the false prophesy, Mr. Doomsayer.

    • dude must be such a die hard Simpon Fan he’s taking important news like that from a 12 yr old who’s messin with him. still goin on 2014. Sux I barely watch it ever, used 2b Sunday’s no matter what I was watching the Simpsons, even though I stll think there new episodes are good I think all Cartoons… (aiming for a slightly older age with its watchers)…shud take a. Clue from South Park & this is for the simpons remeber 2 all curent news, u get 1 week 2make a episode with something 2do with almost all the news this week. Or not.