‘The Simpsons’ Season 24 Will Be Its Last – No Matter What

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the simpsons canceled The Simpsons Season 24 Will Be Its Last   No Matter What

UPDATE: ‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Seasons 24 & 25

It appears that The Simpsons has reached a point of no return, as a Fox executive revealed to The Wrap that even if the voice actors agree to take a substantial pay cut, the series will come to an end next year.

While this is certainly terrible news for The Simpsons’ many fans (even if you don’t watch it now, you did at one time – so you’re still a fan), Fox also noted that if no agreement can be made between the studio and its voice cast, The Simpsons will come to an end this year.

In an attempt to save the series from an immediate cancelation, many of the producers have already agreed to take a pay cut, to help trim the budget. Unfortunately, the major sticking point for the studio is the voice actors.

Fox TV has asked each of voice actors to cut their salaries from the current $440,000 per episode down to $250,000 per episode. The voice actors have been given until Friday to decide.

In a sense, Fox TV is asking the actors to take such a drastic put cut in order to be able to produce one final season of the long-running series. According to the studio, The Simpsons is in no way financially viable in its current form, and even the overall 30% decrease in productions costs that the studio is looking for will not save it – though, it will allow them to continue for one more year.

Perhaps everyone is stuck between a rock and a hard place. FOX undoubtedly cannot forget that The Simpsons saved the network from going under 23 years ago, and is trying to make things work the best they can – especially since the series isn’t performing as it once was. As for the actors, they certainly do deserve to be financially rewarded for playing a part in the success of the series.

Of course, all of that now is a moot point. With the actors having to decide whether or not to get paid 30% less next year or not at all, it’s not too difficult to figure out what they’ll decide – if only for the memories.

And with a final season, it does present the perfect opportunity for some amazing things to happen. With so many wonderful writers playing a part in the series over the years, one cannot help but believe that many would like to return to bid The Simpsons farewell.


The Simpsons airs Sunday @8pm on Fox

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. All of you are a Bunch of fools. It is a sad day when anything that has brought so much joy is coming to and end. although change can be a good thing we need to be wary of steps in the wrong direction! for example the idea stated in a previous comment:(“What we really need is quality shows. Emphasis on QUALITY. Like House, M.A.S.H., Get Smart for example.”)What we really need is truth. truth in media, in ours, a global society is key, key to our world moving forward and key in the improvement of quality of life for its citizens. Tv and like media are the largest forms of communication within society currently and is the means to shaping much of our day to day lives. and the more twisted and backwards that our media becomes in its message the same becomes true of the world we live in. And if you cant see the manner in which the shows mentioned above are incredibly guilty of such distortions. I suggest you turn the tv off for a week, go out into the world with intent to expand your mind. then return and take one last closer look, and see it rfor what it really is! And You may wonder why on earth am I saying this on this blog. Although the simpsons are almost equally guilty, it still has had some merrit at times some of the values and truths meant as jokes on the show, are in reality more true or right Than the idea of 1+1=2. Though for ultimate truth look far beyond the tube and into the depths of the universe and yourself. in the realization that they are one. live well my children, and may you be free, but follow not the false ideal they paint in mine name, ony do unto other as to be done unto thy self, for in time, and without, they are one and the same.

    • I can’t believe they are ending this lovely programme that has kept me happy for years. Please creators of the Simpsons don’t do this. You are leaving all the crap shows that haven’t had NEAR as many good things said about them or watched as the Simpsons like: Family Guy, American Dad, South Park. And many more. South Park is the most disgusting, dispicable show I have ever seen. And many of your fans will be extremely sad to see The Simpsons go ESPECIALLY ME! So please, if you understand and love your fans as much as you say you do. Don’t do this.

  2. and pray not to god as some man who sits on the clouds judging. but as preception is self creatant, pray to god as the omnicience perceiving through the senses of perception which create perception of the vision perceived. in simpler terms look to yourself, for you are the god creating reality like a dream for itself to peceive. omnicient perceiving through the individual senses creating each individuality. perceiving individually each other as difrent parts of the perceiving whole. and iguess it has to be complicated. Cept to say: we are all one!


  4. No the series can’t stop best tv show ever save the simpsons

    • Agreed!!! please dont stop making the simpsons, its the best thing that happened to my life, as a kid, now to a grown up!!!! please!!! dont quit!!! :(!!!!

  5. Actualy fox agreed to 2 more season so season 25 will be the final season.

    • I know 2 seasons is alot but they cant end it I have been watching it since I was little

  6. seus idiotas eu tenho 10 anos e sou fanatica pelos simpsons!!!!!!!!! poeque eu to chorando odeio vcs comecei a tocar sacsomone por causa da lisa e andar de skate como o bartholomeu ou bart!!!

    • Relaxa , eu tb sou uma super fã .
      Se unirmos forças tudo dará certo. Odeio ver os fãs dos Simpsons chutarem pois sou uma grandíssima fã e adoro a série.
      Nao se preocupe

  7. hmmmm well i do see why some actors would decline this but in the long run you’re still making a lot of money either way. You’d have to be a greedy mofo to decline or a loyal actor who enjoys doing the show. but of course this is all in my opinion

  8. i will rage my life and kill myself if the simpsons is gone!!!!!! its the BEST SHOW! in the Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Simpsons FOREVER!!!!!!!

    • seconded!

  9. OMFG,, I CRIED!!!!! WHEN I SAW THE SIMPSONS SEASON 23 EPISODE 19, (The end part where “Bart” Looks back at his “Memories” in photo’s) and then rests in piece.. (RIP Bart Simpson) !:( !!!!!!!! sooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. I live in Argentina and watched the show at the end of my childhood and all i can say is that The Simpsons was an awesome show till the 17 season. It’s the plain truth. The complex plots died when groening decided to be more comercial. Don’t know how, but in some point he missed the path and ruined the show. If you remember the early plots, you will agree that every thing was there for a reason and the whole chapter was closed with moral. Now they joined the puber frenzy joking of stupid things like “spider pig” or lesbian lisa.
    What the f***. Is it supossed to be a kids show? or an adult show. Or perhaps a family show that needs parents to cover their kids eyes? (itchi and scratchy).
    I don’t care what blind fans think, just close the show and remember the old good times.
    If SOMEONE can explain to me what happened to The Simpsons that changed so much, i will be very thankfull.

    • I agree, I’ve just watched the latest episode and it though it could get me smile a couple of times, it was mostly tiring. It’s better to stop when it’s still fun, rather than trying to squeeze out every little penny. Like Astrid Lindgren, who only wrote three books about a character or the popular show “Friends” that quit at the point where it was still hip.

  12. How about Bart finds Mary spuckler by Internet and travels to California by him self and he feels hopless and she found him again. Try making it a three episode permier. That’s all I got for now. Do it I love the simsons.

    • Yeah sure you love ”simsons”. True fan..
      Right.. It’s Simpsons gosh!

  13. ps I feel what Bart has,loneliness, pain, a broken heart.

  14. Please!!! dont stop making shows :O
    there will be no meaning to life D’:
    eveyone loves this show, even if tey dont watch it >_:O

  15. I have an idea for the final 25th season!! Email me :o)

  16. $440,000 to per episode just to talk? Are they crazy? A doctor who saves lives doesn’t even make that and should or hoq about a paramedic or police officer. Seems the ones who deserve the high salary are the ones who are already underpaid:(

  17. So the


  19. This is really sad…. Fox without money is like apple without apples or mircosoft without microbes (bugs.

  20. Everything and anything must come to end. I enjoy Family Guy a whole lot more than the Simpsons anyways. It brings in better memories to me like Peter Griffin farting in the bathroom with some other stranger. Simpsons or Futurama, not so much.


    I’ve watched it since I was a kid I’m 16 now it’s the best thing to watch very nice an a program you can relax to at any time from revision having a crap day its brilliant please don’t kill it thanks Charlie

  22. Im really sad about this :( Its sad to see such a great show go to waste… What a waste of time..

  23. They should do an Episode which is a tribute to Rich Moore. it would feature characters from all of the most significant works he did.

  24. You people are a bunch of freaking crybabies, I really do wish this series to see a light at the end of the tunnel and air its finale. I used to like the simpsons, but I eventually gave up on it and I became tired of it, and the sheer amount of episodes is really getting tiresome, and now I think its one of the most overrated tv shows on the face of the planet. I really wish I can continue being a simpsons fan, but I just had enough, I hope the show airs it’s series finale someday wherever it may be, if they do, i’ll be an even happy man. Some of the other shows should really continue its run, such as Futurama, Beavis and Butthead, and even Family Guy, those shows got nothing on the simpsons. Sorry guys, but I now bid adieu to the show that I once loved, but now wishes to see it come to an end. All in favor say “AMEN”!

      anime FTW!

      • The simpsons has more realism in it than anime does in it’s pinky finger. Anime WTF.

  25. I won’t joke about it, this show has gone on long enough, i know there will be haters, but i’ve seen the simpsons since the tracey Ullman show when homer had more of a thing for frosty milkshakes over donuts, and marge was always baking cupcakes in the early 90s. Everything about the simpsons was fine for me up until the Principal and the Pauper episode, Skinner was discovered to be a fake by the name of Armand Tamzarian, I look at the canon history of the Simpsons, it’s tributes to past shows which were their golden years, after that episode i felt the show did irreparable damage to the principal character, and that it did start going downhill quickly, I can give an example, first they kill off maude flanders, turn ned into a single dad with an obsession for the still missing maude, then has a thing for a christian singer that went 1 or 2 more episodes, and the fans had him secretly marrying the biggest slut in town, is in my point of view, very Out of character for Ned, an overly devout christian with repressed anger issues, who also happens to be a senior citizen(one episode had confirmed he has an AARP card and got a senior discount at a store.), who raised by possibly atheist beatnicks, and all this is suppose to be happening in the space of a single year? The idea of turning seymour into a version of Norman bates was bad, i was thinking he was going to kill those who were dating her if they want to to really normanize him, and all the kids are in the same grade for years, yet the owner of the convenience store was a swinging bachelor until he was forced to marry, and his wife ended up as Octomom, giving birth to 8 children, thanks to homer secretly spiking her drink with fertility pills. After which i lost interest except for the Tree house of Horrors episodes, which i enjoyed until 5 years ago, no show is meant to have the characters in the same age for that long, i expected them to grow up a little, even the south park kids had aged one year at some point in their run.

    Yes, i may be a cynic, i tried to watch program, and it didn’t have the look or the same feel as what made me like it, I like Tom and Jerry, i love the Tex Avery version of Tom and Jerry, which were very funny, but i wasn’t too big on the ones that came out in the late 60s and 70s, but started liking them when they went back to their roots, and that’s what i kept hoping the simpsons would do, but i accept that will never happen so long as they keep jumping the shark.

  26. Pleasee :(?cancel good luck Charlie or something like that please don’t cancel this classic :( this has to be a joke fox dident say it so I’m guessing it’s a joke pleaseee… This will not end nooo If this ends im going to sob for weeks when I watch the finale :( r.i.p. forever missed in our hearts <. 3

  27. I hope they dont stop the simpsons

  28. So was easter 2013 at 8pm the last episode or not????? When is the last episode???? Is it really fleash eatting zombies on a meteor????