‘The Simpsons’ Season 24 Will Be Its Last – No Matter What

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the simpsons canceled The Simpsons Season 24 Will Be Its Last   No Matter What

UPDATE: ‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Seasons 24 & 25

It appears that The Simpsons has reached a point of no return, as a Fox executive revealed to The Wrap that even if the voice actors agree to take a substantial pay cut, the series will come to an end next year.

While this is certainly terrible news for The Simpsons’ many fans (even if you don’t watch it now, you did at one time – so you’re still a fan), Fox also noted that if no agreement can be made between the studio and its voice cast, The Simpsons will come to an end this year.

In an attempt to save the series from an immediate cancelation, many of the producers have already agreed to take a pay cut, to help trim the budget. Unfortunately, the major sticking point for the studio is the voice actors.

Fox TV has asked each of voice actors to cut their salaries from the current $440,000 per episode down to $250,000 per episode. The voice actors have been given until Friday to decide.

In a sense, Fox TV is asking the actors to take such a drastic put cut in order to be able to produce one final season of the long-running series. According to the studio, The Simpsons is in no way financially viable in its current form, and even the overall 30% decrease in productions costs that the studio is looking for will not save it – though, it will allow them to continue for one more year.

Perhaps everyone is stuck between a rock and a hard place. FOX undoubtedly cannot forget that The Simpsons saved the network from going under 23 years ago, and is trying to make things work the best they can – especially since the series isn’t performing as it once was. As for the actors, they certainly do deserve to be financially rewarded for playing a part in the success of the series.

Of course, all of that now is a moot point. With the actors having to decide whether or not to get paid 30% less next year or not at all, it’s not too difficult to figure out what they’ll decide – if only for the memories.

And with a final season, it does present the perfect opportunity for some amazing things to happen. With so many wonderful writers playing a part in the series over the years, one cannot help but believe that many would like to return to bid The Simpsons farewell.


The Simpsons airs Sunday @8pm on Fox

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. Well its about time i been waiting for the Simpsons cancellation and now it is here

    • Yeah…the Simpsons died way back after season 9.

      • The simpsons died after season 20

    • I am ever so happy to hear that the Simpsons is finally being given the boot. I’d say,it’s about time.

      • Mike,

        Why do you hate the simpsons so much? is it because its not the “IN” thing anymore? or you want something thats more knowledge? I think you guys should have your head examaged…

        • Chad,
          What we really need is quality shows. Emphasis on QUALITY. Like House, M.A.S.H., Get Smart for example. I could go on but you get the idea.
          In that respect, Matt Groening should have thought twice before creating it. Hope this explanation helps.


          • Mike,

            Matt Groening to me a fantatic person and did a REALLY great thing, omg, stupid pointless shows like, house, csi, M.A.S.H.< another pointless show that is bad audio, acting.. <my opition.

            I don't know why can't people just watch and stuport shows like simpsons, king of the hill, south park, beavis & butthead,?

            Who care about what happens in the world its totally a joke, this world needs nothing but comedy, not about the stupid war like m.a.s.h. etc.

            there is NOTHING WRONG with shows like simpsons, king of the hill, south park, beavis & butthead, if anything they should make it ALL non-sensered!! Screw on what the world wants.. why not just say screw the what the network wants.. I'll make it simple, if you don't like the words or what not being used on that show, then have a devise which for them ONLY beeps the bad words… I don't think it should make it for everyone, we do have our RIGHTS!!

          • Your wrong. House is a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUS TV show and should have never been created. House himself is a great character but the show they developed surrounding him is pure s***. It’s the same premise every week. It got dry after three episodes. Simpsons has been running for twenty years, yeah its gotten a little dry. But twenty years out in the public eye will cause you to run out of stuff.

    • OMG!!! HOw the hell can you think like that. I have been grown up with the simpson ever since i was a child, and it was the best show ever on a sunday night tv show to watch… I think I am the biggest fan of the simpsons ever.., I don’t understand why you guys hate it so much, faceit, with out the simpson for one more year, what else is there to watch that is funny,all around.? what, futuramma? ewwW!! people in this generation should wake the hell up and, keep what has been a great 24 & 25 episodes…. Just because some people don’t like it because it doesn’t have any education things.. doesn’t make it a bad show, if i have the money to sponser them for a few more years i would..

      Umm lets see, the stupid american people always take away whats funny and good show to watch without a stupid story line you know “no thinking req.” Shows like king of the hill, beavis & butthead, etc. you guys never really alow them to keep running, insteed of doing whats right for the show, you guys and americans, should be ashamed of them selfs… see i’m proud to be a canadian, and we are allot smarter in all ways then you guys.. I just think everyone should show there LOVE for the show.. don’t listen to the stupid news etc. following the funny shows like king of the hill, beavis & butthead and make it unsensered..

    • If this is what you’re waiting for then you’re a horrible person. The Simpsons is the longest running animated series for a reason. Why did you even come here? To laugh? You don’t have a life do you? The Simpsons is amazing and saying that you’re waiting for it to get the boot shows ignorance and stupidity and a general lack of social life.

  2. sad to see it go, think it holds the world record for most seasons of a single series or something like that.

    used to watch it as a kid so much, sort of stopped watching it when i got a bit older…

    then i started blazing and watching it, got super funny hahaha..

    • :P lol

      Yea I can’t imagine life without a new Simpsons episode. I kinda wished they had gone through 25 seasons just to finish it nicely.

  3. This show was so good at one point, with that being said, The Simpsons has been horrible the past 7 or so years, it should of ended when it was still funny.

  4. first off, “should of” =/= “should have”

    secondly, i agree that the simpsons went downhill after a certain point, but some of the recent episodes in the last few seasons have been great and the animation itself has improved drastically, especially since they switched to HD, for some reason. anyone who says that the show has been terrible for years but hasn’t actually taken the time to watch the recent episodes is doing themselves a disservice, in my opinion. not every episode is a winner, but there are many that would be considered “classics” if they had been in the first 7-10 seasons of the show.

    • The problem I have with the Simpsons are:
      1: Too many celebrity cameos. I am watching Simpsons for the Simpsons/Springfield, not random celebrities. For me the best episodes were when no celeb appeared. I am not saying the older episodes never had those, but they had way less and rarely ever focused on events or people outside of Springfield.
      2: The HD. It might look better in some way, but for me it is a quality seal if a show is handdrawn. When I compare the older and the newer episodes, I have the feeling that a lot more work went into the old episodes and the new ones are just rushed computer excretions.
      3: The characters got a bit too wacky, Homer went from being funny-stupid to super obvious weird-stupid, and the same happened to Ralph, for example.
      A good new episode was the one where Bart spiked his teachers drink and she later started selling cupcakes. But the whole iPhone-reality nonsense ruined it for me.
      Simpsons has always been a little independent world for me, but when they started to frequently include elements from the outside world, I lost interest in it.

    • Jubba-
      Thank you for the grammar lesson. Seriously. Thank you. Everytime “weird” is misspelled “wierd” a dolphin gets electrocuted.

  5. They could take the show to Comedy Central (who, as we all know, picked up and is airing new episodes of Futurama). Just a thought.

  6. I have a feeling they will end the simpsons like the sopranos, for the lulz. And they could continue the movie from the exact same point, for the lulz.

  7. On the website ABC News Report/Hollywood Reporter.
    Says cast accepts pay cut, THE SIMPSONS WILL CONTINUE!!!!!!!!

  8. You guys aare the only ones who have reported this so I dont think this is true.

  9. before they get rid of the simpsons they should make a simpsons/furtramer crossover and not the comic kind. or at at the very least do 1 more simpsons movie

  10. This has been established as a false rumour. http://arts.nationalpost.com/2011/10/07/simpsons-not-ending-fox-signs-up-for-two-more-seasons/

    Please post a retraction and admission of your incompetence and/or incorrect reporting of news. :)

  11. I thought it weird that i had only heard of this on this site……seems sometimes a little more digging is required before news is posted. Oh well no harm no foul.

  12. As sub-par as the past few seasons have been, a show as ground-breaking as The Simpsons deserves a lot more respect than that. Especially after they saved Fox’s ass. They need to cancel half of Seth McFarlane’s crap.

  13. HURRAY !!! Maybe they’ll put something really worth watching in that time slot, like old TV shows for example ; Bewitched, Hogan’s heroes, Get Smart, Gomer Pyle, 6 Million Dollar man etc etc etc or some old Saturday morning cartoons as well.

    • Theres a reason why those shows got cancelled. Why would they be put on primetime television? Becuase its what you want?

  14. Unlike so many, I do not require violence and sex extremes to keep me on the tube. I have loved every episode and will be a faithful fan. There usually is a message in each episode which has some good “ole” fashion life advise, It never goes too far like some shows.

    Thank You for all the laughs and all the memories and filling the planet with your humorous wisdom.

  15. how can people be glad to see a show end, especially one like the simpsons. while the more recent stuff has definitely lost its old touch its still great to watch and I enjoy it way more then family guy.


    • The same could be said about people with poor grammar. The Simpsons is still funny to me and better than many newer shows on TV. It’s a shame that the terrible seasons that occurred a few years ago convinced people that it could never recover. It has…at least in my opinion. I’m glad we have it for at least a couple more years.

  17. they cannot do this!i have been watching the Simpson forever!i really wanted to show it to my kids one day. oh well. hopefully someone will stop this.

  18. This is a really sad time for all Simpsons fans, including me. Seems like FOX just thinks only about money. Hopefully, if it has to end, it should be at 25 seasons (and that one day, I’ll have all 25 on DVD). Plus all comics, etc. The celebrity cameos are there because the Simpsons are a parody, maybe use of celebrities enhances a satire. Whoever said there should be a 2nd Simpsons movie has a good idea. BTW, South Park should go for 20 seasons.

  19. In addition, if Comedy Central were to pick up the Simpsons, then I predict the show goes for 30 seasons. But then every other show would have to end, then. 25 Simpsons seasons will do, I suppose.

  20. I’m NOT gonna watch stinkin’ shows like Family Guy and American Dad; It’s not funny just plain stupid and random jokes, nothing makes sense in the new animated cartoon shows. Another reason why I’m not liking the two shows is because of the characters appearance, THEY LOOK UGLY and doesn’t have yellow skin!

    • I agree with you, McBacon. Family Guy, in my opinion, was only funny in its first two seasons. Then it got REALLY boring. American Dad!, on the other hand, was NEVER funny. In fact, it is so unfunny, it makes me want to throw up. American Dad! is an insult to our culture. While I have always loved the Simpsons no matter what they make, I have to say that Matt Groening’s other show Futurama needs to be cancelled NOW.

    • AGREE!!! I especially hate Family Guy. It’s so obvious that it’s a rip-off of the Simpsons. I think it’s an insult to it. I also don’t like Seth McFarlane because he’s such a copy cat to Matt Groening…TWO TIMES. If I were Matt Groening, I’d sue him for plagiarism.

  21. “While this is certainly terrible news for The Simpsons’ many fans (even if you don’t watch it now, you did at one time – so you’re still a fan)”

    1.) Many people stopped watching the Simpsons because they stopped being fans of the current production, which means that your statement is invalid

    2.) Under this flawed definition, there are “fans” who despise what the shw has become and welcome its cancellation.

  22. Did nobody see the post about this being a false rumor?


  24. ‘The Simpsons’ should stay on Fox 5 with season 25 and more merchandise as well…….I like both the television cartoon show and movie……I don’t wish for it to get cancelled.

  25. Loosing the Simpsons is going to be akin to a family member passing away . Yes the last few seasons have been a bit of a flop , but , I would still like to see them do a season 25 ( at least it would look good on my DVD shelf , right above my futurama collection )

  26. I’ve been a Simpsons fan since I was two but even I think that there must be an end. If not, they will ruin their reputation completely. I seem to remember in the 23rd season, there was a half an hour story about Moe’s rag. How dull, unimaginative and down right weird. I loved the old Simpsons episodes and wish that they would make some more good ones like those.

    • I completely agree with you, Tom. I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons since forever and I have literally watched ALL the episodes of Season 1-21. No joke. However, I have to agree, sadly, that The Simpsons quality is going down. I still hate to see it go though. I watched that Moe episode too…it was weird with all those flashbacks of how Moe got his rag. It was weird. But even if The Simpsons isn’t as good as it was before, I still love it.

  27. SIMPSONS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and whoever doesnt like the simpsons get a life its an awesome show and it shouldn’t be cancelled

  28. I love the “NO MATTER WHAT” followed immediately by a note that apparently it wasn’t “no matter what” after all.

  29. I have to say, I won’t believe it till I see it. It may be a false rumor (I don’t know the validity of this site), also it could be a publicity stunt for ratings. In any case I hope it stays on the air.