‘The Simpsons’ Season 24 Will Be Its Last – No Matter What

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the simpsons canceled The Simpsons Season 24 Will Be Its Last   No Matter What

UPDATE: ‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Seasons 24 & 25

It appears that The Simpsons has reached a point of no return, as a Fox executive revealed to The Wrap that even if the voice actors agree to take a substantial pay cut, the series will come to an end next year.

While this is certainly terrible news for The Simpsons’ many fans (even if you don’t watch it now, you did at one time – so you’re still a fan), Fox also noted that if no agreement can be made between the studio and its voice cast, The Simpsons will come to an end this year.

In an attempt to save the series from an immediate cancelation, many of the producers have already agreed to take a pay cut, to help trim the budget. Unfortunately, the major sticking point for the studio is the voice actors.

Fox TV has asked each of voice actors to cut their salaries from the current $440,000 per episode down to $250,000 per episode. The voice actors have been given until Friday to decide.

In a sense, Fox TV is asking the actors to take such a drastic put cut in order to be able to produce one final season of the long-running series. According to the studio, The Simpsons is in no way financially viable in its current form, and even the overall 30% decrease in productions costs that the studio is looking for will not save it – though, it will allow them to continue for one more year.

Perhaps everyone is stuck between a rock and a hard place. FOX undoubtedly cannot forget that The Simpsons saved the network from going under 23 years ago, and is trying to make things work the best they can – especially since the series isn’t performing as it once was. As for the actors, they certainly do deserve to be financially rewarded for playing a part in the success of the series.

Of course, all of that now is a moot point. With the actors having to decide whether or not to get paid 30% less next year or not at all, it’s not too difficult to figure out what they’ll decide – if only for the memories.

And with a final season, it does present the perfect opportunity for some amazing things to happen. With so many wonderful writers playing a part in the series over the years, one cannot help but believe that many would like to return to bid The Simpsons farewell.


The Simpsons airs Sunday @8pm on Fox

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. D’oh!

    • This show was so good for so long that the family guy could only dream of a fraction of its success. This show tool a lot longer to recycle its jokes than family guy.

      And just because you never liked it or you know no one who watches it means nothing. Thus show is what every comedy dreams to be.

      Sad to see it go

    • god, if family guy lasts 24 seasons I will go on a shooting spree

      • I will join you.

    • Screw you!!!Burn in hell!!!!!!!L!

  2. I grew up with the Simpsons. It’s shaped my sense of humor. I can’t imagine the show being over. Watching that last episode will be a sad day for yours truly.

    • It shaped my sense of humour too – that’s why I haven’t watched it since 2000.

  3. I’m still really enjoying it–there was a slow season or two a decade ago, but now I find it as fresh and humorous as ever. In your tweet you said “season 24 will be the last no matter what” but I don’t see any quote for that here or in the linked article. Where did this come from?
    It would be a shame to lose this great show (it’s been on for almost 2/3 of my life!) but I can always revisit the episodes on all those DVD/BD sets I’ve been buying!

    thanks for the childhood memories.
    Now go out with a bang.

  5. I’ve not really been interested since Season 9 or so, but I’ll be interested in watching the final episode.

  6. Well comedy central picked up Futurama, why not Simpsons?

    • “LIKE” Thumbs up!

    • Because Comedy Central will NEVER have the kind of money for that. They have to cancel almost every original show that have to pay for it.

  7. Get ready for the simpsons movie part two.

  8. That´s exactly the point someone mentioned in the last Open Discussion. Why would a studio pay a VOICE ACTOR (!) 440.000 effing Dollars for speaking?! That´s insane! I love The Simpsons, and even if the show gets wrapped, there´s still the possibility of another movie. Groening was asked a couple of years ago “Will there ever be a Simpsons movie?” His answer was “Not as long as the show is still running.” So I guess, even if the TV show is over, we could still get a movie every now and then.

    • The same reason they would pay every cast member of Friends over $1 million per episode. To keep it awesome.

    • A voice actor does more than just merely speak the lines. Voice acting is still ACTING. You still have to be able to express emotions properly and appropriately as well as being able to become the character and become invested in the story that the character is a part of. That’s more demanding than just speaking.

      The people who play the characters are accomplished actors who are highly experienced in the roles they play. Essentially, no one else can play the parts as well as the cast can at this point, so their talents are a valuable asset that can demand a high salary given the right circumstances.

      However, one of the big reasons Fox may want to cancel the Simpsons are that they may want to put the show into syndication, which will enable Fox to make additional profit with the series.

      Faced with either not getting anymore pay from an immediate cancellation or a reduced pay from producing one final season, this may be a tactic by Fox to get the actors to accept their terms to close the series proper and put the series into syndication.

      • 440.000 Dollars is still too much for a single episode. The german voice actors (who are well known life action actors by the way) get maybe 3000 € per episode. Here´s another example:

        The voice actor for David Duchovny asked for more money to dub Mulder in the second X-Files movie. They refused to pay him 15.000 € for the whole movie (not an episode), so he dropped out. That means after more than ten years of the show and one movie, all of a sudden Mulder had a different voice (which sucked). 440.000 $ for a 23 minute episode is ridiculous.

  9. I could cry

  10. Although I’ve found the show terrible over the past 15 years, I kind of wanted them to make it to 25 seasons.. just seems like a better number to end at lol

  11. “According to the studio, The Simpsons is in no way financially viable in its current form”

    Except for, you know, the hundreds of millions it makes in syndication, merchandising, DVD sales, Hulu views…

    • …which it will continue to make even without being on the air.

      Hulu views result in almost nothing. No television series could/would ever be saved because of the amount of views it receives via Hulu.

    • yeah but canceling it will bring in a lot more money because they can then go and sell the rerun rights to other stations

  12. I think that this is very good news.

    The show has gone on for a very long time, and is engraved in our culture. I always love it when a show says “This is the last season” and bows out gracefully. Can you imagine how good and heart-warming a fully formed Simpsons series finale could be?

    • They could have a cliffhanger ending that leads to a final movie. I´d love that.

  13. I’m a bit saddened. I watched this show religiously for years, and then I stopped for a few years. But I came back. It would be nice for them to get 25 seasons instead of 24. A quarter of a century sounds better than ALMOST a quarter of a century.

  14. There could always be the hope of a theatrical return…. couldn’t there??? Is another network allowed to buy them for a new season?

  15. I think this is going to cause quite a stir… I think THE FANS will decide what is going to happen.

    • I’m fan. I want this season to be a normal season. Then, a 25th, final season where each episode focuses on a character (not one of the Simpson family members though) and shows where they are in their life if the show actually went 25 years. A Flanders’ episode, Moe, Barney, Comic Book Guy, Kent Brockman, Principal Skinner, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Edna, Auto, Milhouse, Maggie’s nemesis…etc. Then, a two-hour series finale showing the Simpson family through 25 years.

      And with this idea, they could still do a movie and focus on the glory years that we’ve come to know for the past 24 years. If only, as a fan, I could decide what happens.

      • And with each of these character shows, the Simpson family members would make cameos. You couldn’t do a Moe episode without Homer in it.

      • I like this idea. I wish they would do something like this. I really can’t imagine Sunday nights without The Simpsons.

  16. this show was great and deserves respect. the actors deserve what they want. anyone who doesnt like the show doesnt appreciate good comedy and never gave it a chance to even form a valid opinion if you ask me. if simpsons cant make you luagh then theres something wrong. to hell with fox. the dont care about quality or respect, just money.

  17. I think it can be agreed that the show had run it course quite a while ago. I can remember long time ago when series first aired in the UK and certainly the first 6 – 7 seasons was when the show hit it’s prime. So many laugh out loud episodes during this time and Simpsons was proving to be even funnier than many hyped up sitcoms from the lat 90s early 00s.

    But it’s certainly has become stale for at least three to four years. It’s a simple result of a long running show with no character development or story progression. Eventually the jokes lost their spark and the humour in general became less inspired over the years. It’s what happens when you kep things at a status quo for so long.

    To be honest Simpsons has been such an achievement in television – especially for an animated show – that to be able to produce a final season would be criminal. All the truly great, landmark US shows – Smallville, NYPD Blue, Sopranos, ER etc all managed to end on their own terms and I think Simpsons definitely deserves the same treatment.

  18. Fox want to cancel The Simpsons in order to be able to sell syndication rights to more channels/countries/providers. While the series is still running they have clauses that set limits to what the can sell, once they cancel it they have 500(ish) episodes that can be sold to various providers for around $750 million. It’s sad as The Simpsons has been a part of so many peoples lives for so long, for over 20 years(more than half my life) they have brought laughter to me(and millions of others), yes the quality has dipped but then it always does for long running shows but to be cancelled merely because an exec has found a loop hole to an easy $750 million just seems wrong. F^ck Fox and the rest of the Murdock empire this is just one more reason to watch even less TV and read more books :-)

  19. No way can the series end like this. The Simpsons saved Fox years ago. Didnt we have this discussion a few years back when it was mentioned that the show was near the end. Turned out to be a false alarm. I think if all the Simpsons fans speak out about this. The show will go on. It wont end this year and it wont end next year either. Its time for the millions and millions of fans to say hell no to this being the end of the show.

  20. The simpsons is ending because of corporate greed. weve lost our jobs,our homes, amongst other things and now the Simpsons. This sucks. the corrupt elements within corporate america really really SUCK.

  21. You know fellas, the series was alright but since Family Guy started in 1999 it became hard to enjoy it. 23 seasons is too much anyways. I rather enjoy simple fun loving cartoons from the old days such as, Yogi’s Treasure Hunt, The Smurfs, The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries and Tom & Jerry.

  22. wow :(

  23. Homer is about to get downsized. Best show of the mid 90′s. RIP Homer.

  24. SAVE THE SIMPSONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I would like to know…what kind of world do we live in where people complain about lending their voice for about 20 or so minutes per episode and they get $250,000 for doing so? Are people really that selfish? If it was me, I’d be grateful for even $1000 let alone $250,000. You know, some people can’t even afford to feed their family and their complaining because they only get $250,000 per episode??? I truly hope the world does end in 2012, I really do.

  26. Noooooo!! Don’t cancel the Simpsons!! The voice actors better take the pay cut I mean comon 250000 per episode is not enough? God damm I only wish I could make that much money y are they complaining

  27. Remember fox canceled family guy twice.

    • You can´t really compare tha flat, dumb humor of Family Guy with the Simpsons. That´s like comparing Batman & Robin to The Dark Knight.

      • While I agree with your point, can we please have one thread where Batman and Robin or the Dark Knight doesn’t come up? You could of said, that’s like comparing Futurama to the Cleveland Show.

        • I needed a exaggerated comparison, that´s why I choose these movies. I don´t like either of those to be honest.

      • That was the point. I was saying family guy was canceled twice and came back. The simpson could very easily be brought back because of its longer stand. Sorry for the confusion.

  28. Wow, I’m depressed now.

    I was hoping they’d at least make it past season 25 (remember on the chalkboard Bart was writing on the 400th episode that the show would continue even after the world ended in 2012).

    I grew up with this show, to see it disseaper, wow.

    And would it end this season or the following season? And I’m in love with B-list Pornstar Extra’s idea about how the last season should go. basically give it a story instead of having the season end with random episodes.

    At least we’ll get movies. Or Comedy Central would pick it up

    • I’m available to write episodes. I work cheap. I don’t need $440,000. I don’t need $250,000. I’ll do it for a writing credit on the show, a letter of recommendation, and a donut. With sprinkles of course, I’m not a savage.

      • Hahahaha, comment of the day! :D

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