Rumor Patrol: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Play a DC Comics Superhero?

Published 3 years ago by , Updated August 31st, 2012 at 11:28 am,

The Rock DC Comic Movie Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson to Play a DC Comics Superhero?

Now that Marvel’s The Avengers recently crossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, many have been wondering if this success would spur DC Comics to intensify their film development. After all, outside of Batman (seen next in The Dark Knight Rises) and Superman (in Man of Steel), none of their heroes have made much cinematic impact lately – especially after Green Lantern fell-short of studio expectations.

That said, if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is to be believed, another DC adventure may be closer than previously thought.

In response to a fan’s musing on Twitter - stating that Johnson should be cast as a DC hero (Gravedigger or John Stewart), the actor quickly responded with simple but cryptic tease:

Funny U say that.. RT: @krystal_burt:@ron2smoove I could see Rock playing in DC movies. Gravedigger or John Stewart (JL’s Green Lantern)

While there is no indication which (if any) character Johnson would play – or even if he is in talks for an actual role, the possibility of the wrestler-turned-actor starring as a DC character is not entirely unfounded. Back in 2009, rumors circulated that Johnson was in line to play the villainous role of Black Adam in director Peter Segal’s long-gestating adaptation of DC’s Shazam. Segal and Johnson previously worked together on 2008’s Get Smart.

However, Johnson could also potentially be up for a role in the Lobo film DC has in development with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton. That film has been in various states of development since Guy Ritchie passed on helping the project – to make Sherlock Holmes instead.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Luke Hobbs in Fast Five Rumor Patrol: Dwayne The Rock Johnson to Play a DC Comics Superhero?

Should Warner Bros. cast Johnson in one of their DC adaptations, they would be hard-pressed to find a star with as glowing a track record. In just the last year or so, Johnson has revitalized audience interest in three franchises with his roles in Fast Five, Journey 2 and the much-anticipated G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

A DC film would also not be Johnson’s first foray into comic book films. He is already signed to appear in the film version of upcoming Oni Press graphic novel Ciudad and will star as the title character in an upcoming adaptation of Hercules: The Thracian War from Radical Publishing.

Check back for more on this story as it develops.

If this story is true, who do you think Johnson would be perfect to play? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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  1. The Rock would be best as Black Adam, no one else.

  2. fast five and gi joe would still be successes without the rock. (assuming gi joe will be a success) . some movies are successes no matter who is in it.

    • This gi joe looks so much better than the first based on the previews and its all star cast. Guess they needed more thn channing tatum to sell the movie.

    • I won’t see either of this movies, but the dude did help draw people in.

  3. Now let’s get back on track, which is the Rock and DC. DC needs to focus on their core characters like Wonder Woman and Flash. DC/WB says all their new movies will be coming out of the new 52 comics. In the 52s Cyborg is in the place of the Martian Manhunter in the JL. And in those comics Cyborg is a senior in high school so, that rules out the ROCK. But, I can see him as Black Adam or maybe, maybe Hawkman. But I do know one thing DC/WB needs to stop talking and get off the stick, Marvel is killing them. Hey, he might be good as John Henry Irons (Steel)?

    • I could see him as Hawkman.

  4. He would make a great Ben Grimm if they actually reboot the Fantastic Four.

    • Let’s get back to DC characters.

  5. This guy wouldn’t be a good Captain Marvel/Shazam, John Stewart or Martian Manhunter. I agree with Cyborg or Black Adam, but I don’t think he fits the role for anyone else mentioned.

    • Lets be honest here Marvel has the hold on the hero movie
      but in DC’s defence there animation kicks marvels proverbial butt
      The rock would be better with Marvel films for the sake of his career

    • He’s too old for Cyborg. Cyborg is a Sr in high school.

      • I thought Cyborg (Victor Stone) said he never finished school. Then again, I think he said that in the Teen Titans animated show, so it might not be canon.

    • Idris Elba for Martian Manhunter maybe O.o (like for his voice at least :} )

  6. I agree with one of the comments that whoever they give him to play will likely be a Justice League member. Money-wise, it makes sense. I think many DC characters, esp more obscure ones to the general public, are feasibly quite open to some updating/modification, as far as race and background stories. They have already proven that they are willing to make even “smaller” character changes by making Hal Jordan a lot more frivilous and “jokey” (but, of course that par for the course with Ryan Reynolds playing him I think).

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major character, like Aquaman completely updated for a feature, to take advantage of many things Rock offers. Aquaman is almost a throw-away joke character to the mass media, as is, so typing over the three line paragraph of what his background is already would likely not piss off any (?) of the character’s fans and quite possibly add a cool factor to a fresher Pacifican appearance Aquaman.

    Otherwise, I wouldn’t rule out quite a few characters that DC offers, however I do believe it would make most sense to give him one that is Justice league bound.

  7. cast Johnson in one of their DC adaptations, they would be hard-pressed to find a star with as glowing a track record.

  8. would love to see him as luke cage.

    • Terry Cruise

  9. John Stewart(GL), Cyborg, Steel, Luke Cage…the Rock is Hawaiian. There is a difference. I’d hate to see those characters lose that part of their identity just to bring a big name to the role.
    Christian Bale wasn’t super well known when cast as Batman. Quality production, acting and respect for the material will beat out headline names. That is how you build a franchise.

    Rock could be a good Black Adam. Bringing the intensity he had in ‘Faster’ to a villain role could be cool.

    • @Schitzoid Avenger, The Rock is half Black American and half Samoan.

      • His father was a black Canadian, but that’s not important. I honestly don’t see him as John Stewart or Steel….maybe Hawkman, but then there’s the problem of trying not to laugh while imagining him with a goofy bird helmet on….Well that & remembering what his first wresteling costume looked like XD

    I feel i was born to play “THE FLASH” what’s the inception status of that script??

  11. too bad, Rock woulda been a great Luke Cage

  12. I think that with Dwayne’s body there are very few DC characters that would suit him.

    John Stewart: He’s really big for GL, also the costume would look ridiculous on him.

    Black Adam: That could work, if Black Adam was a hero. Isn’t he a villain? It would be such a waste to have the Rock as a villain.

    Steel: What is the point? He wouldn’t be seen. Waste of money.

    Hawkman: I think that could actually work. But the voice will be a problem. I really think Hawkman should have a similar voice with Smallville’s Carter Hall.

  13. I agree, Chiwetel Ejiofor would make terrific Black Panther.

  14. Black Adam….maybe. It seems to me the casting needs to be someone a little less known.

  15. Lobo? Close but no cigar. Kurt Russle or Mickey Rourke would have that role in the bag hands down. Rock wouldn’t be a bad Lobo, but the other two are more rough around the edges anti heroes in my opinion, and would therefore be natural fits for the part. Rock’s got that whole “walking the line between pretty boy/tough guy” thing going for him that wouldn’t work for the part. I think Common Sense (the rapper) would do a great job as John Stewart though. Black Adam would be a good fit for Rock I believe, his wrestler persona is very similar to Black Adam, kinda douchey and full of himself, over confident.

  16. easy call: Martian Manhunter. he’s actually my somewhat second choice tho, after Vin Diesel.

  17. DC Entertainment could use a little more fun in their non-Bat films after Green Lantern so I’m up for anything. He’d be WAY better in a supporting role however.

  18. He should play Aztec, he could even show off his tattoos.

    • Aztec was a skinny kid, how is he even a consideration.

  19. I pretty much have given up on Warner Bros. They have been sitting on a gold mine for how long and all they can do is really just churn out batman or superman. Actually, as far as I’m concerned, Batman is DC Comics. Green Lantern was horrible. The other big two, flash and wonder woman, god knows when we will see them come to the big screen. I am happy marvel is kicking their asses.

    • You’re not far off. DC stands for Detective Comics.

  20. He should play the Black Panther and hook up with Storm (Haile barry) ;) just a tho lol

  21. Ok, I am the prototypical, “just seen the movies” not read the back stories guy. I have enjoyed the Marvel film series immensely for a number of reasons. I agree with Mord that Warner Bros. has dropped the ball BIG TIME on this one and I believe fatally. I am just not sure that movie goers will have the patience to sit though some of the story lines and invest their time into the DC lore. It is going to take some amazing movies with outstanding performances to win Marvel’s audience away in my opinion. It is of my opinion that they have a couple of options, go dark with the story lines or start off with a combo of super heroes in one film. Don’t try and build each character with their very own movie and keep it entertaining through out. Kind of go in reverse of the Marvel model and peel off characters once they have appeared in the combo movies. The more interesting ones and fan favorites could get their own after the group movies. Anyway, just my opinion as just a movie goer and not a reader. Thanks guys!

  22. he’s bold, so not superman, but… he could be…. BOldmaann.. i mean… he could be…. NON OF THE SUPERHEROS BECOUSE NONE OF EACH ARE BOLD

  23. he’s bold, so not superman, but… he could be…. BOldmaann.. i mean… he could be…. NON OF THE SUPERHEROS BECOUSE NONE OF EACH ARE BOLD

  24. I would like to see him play Black Adam, he’d be great!

  25. Lex Flipping egotistical Luthor. Back int he day when he first took off as a wrestler, he was the back guy everyone cheered for. He has the Luthor look. Luthor with brainaic inside him would put rock over the top, the only bad thing is would he be around for recurring rolls…