‘The Rite’ Trailer: More Exorcism Movie Leftovers

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The Rite movie The Rite Trailer: More Exorcism Movie Leftovers

Exorcism flicks are en vogue again, most recently evidenced by this summer’s psychological/supernatural horror flick, The Last Exorcism, which managed to spark debates over faith, Freud and horror films shot in mockumentary style.

At the start of this year we reported on The Rite, an exorcism movie starring Anthony Hopkins that’s based on the nonfiction book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio. Well, now we have the first trailer for the The Rite to share, and I have to say: it looks less than impressive.

Here’s the story behind The Rite: “A disillusioned American seminary student attends exorcism school at the Vatican and ultimately finds his faith through encounters with demonic forces.” Details are sketchy on the film’s IMDb page, but after a little research I can tell you that Colin O’Donoghue (The Tudors)  plays the “disillusioned American,” Hopkins plays the head exorcism teacher at the Vatican school along with Ciaran Hinds (The Eclipse) and Toby Jones (Capote), while Alice Braga (Predators) plays a love interest…or something.

Take a look at the trailer for The Rite:

Ok, so am I out of line for saying that this film looks like more exorcism horror schlock – the same re-hashed ‘skeptic priest finds renewed faith through demonic encounter’ story we seen so many times before? I know people had problems with The Last Exorcism (I personally thought it was good) but at least that film found a new angle from which to approach this material.

Beyond my own opinion of The Rite, the fact that the film will be released in January is a bad omen (get it?), since that is the traditional month in which studios dump their failed projects into theaters. Early prediction: hammy acting from Hopkins (a la The Wolfman), adequate direction at best, cheap scares and effects, and a muddled script that can’t decide what it wants to focus on. Just my prediction from seeing this trailer.

The Rite will hit theaters on January 28, 2011. Will you be checking it out?

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  1. Jeez, I usually don’t say this before a movie comes out but this looks completely uninspired and unoriginal. Having read The Exorcist a few weeks ago, this looks like it “borrows” from it A LOT.

    And what’s up with these exorcism movies lately? How about making a film a little more pertinent to the current scandals within the catholic church? A drama about child molestation and how they keep moving the priests from one parish to the next?

    • And what’s up with these exorcism movies lately? How about making a
      film a little more pertinent to the current scandals within the catholic church?
      A drama about child molestation and how they keep moving the priests from one
      parish to the next?


    • Although there are and have been a lot of cases reported in the last few years of priests and child molestation, they have significantly gone down. The fear and curiosity over demonic beings has been a hot topic within the church, believers, and non-believers for a lot longer than the cases of child molestation. The public also would show less interest in a movie that depicts children being abused, regardless of it being true. But the idea of a power greater than ourselves is a sparking interest for all ages since there will always be dialogue on whether such powers and beings exist. So to answer your question, there shouldn’t be movies with the plot of child molestation, because it wont put people in their seats like a thriller of a higher and uncertain power. A documentary of the cases of child molestation and priests moving from church to church would be easier to strike conversation over that topic.

  2. It could really be a good movie. Something along the lines of Sleepers. A bunch of kids fall victims to one of the predatory priests, grow up (or not?), decide to take revenge, uncover a “secret” within the church where they move and protect priests that molest kids, etc. etc.

  3. Normally I enjoy even cheesy flicks. But this really doesn’t have any draw. None at all.. o_O

  4. “This was taken at an exorcism near Turin” (Strangled demonic voice heard),
    Cut to Nun placing hand over her mouth.
    That’s a pretty good chill. It creeped me out.
    I love demonic voices and stuff like that – remember the talking dog in “Summer of Sam”…Kill, kill…KIIIILL!!! ROFL


    I’m gonna wait for Peter Bradshaw’s review in the Guardian before I make a decision, but as a horror buff I might check it.

  5. Alice Braga is the only good thing of the trailer, she is so gorgeous!

  6. I want 2c it because rather people believe it or not it exist! and its not just n the catholic church! however some people call “demons” higher powers. not realizin that God YAWEH has given us all POWER OVER DEMONS, DEVILS. ETC. im kinda looking fwd 2seeing this writers view on exorcism.

  7. Everyone is looking at this movie from the wrong point of view.You look at the actors and say this movie is goin to be a bad movie cause there acting and there lines arent that good,or the storyline doesnt keep you locked in.The thing you have to look at is that the point of the story is to show you these things are real,you can choose to beleive in them or not,the message is that the devil is here among us,and that our society just doesnt beleve in it anymore.We pass off bad things that happen to us as just a part of life,and at the same time we dont pay attention to the little things which are miracles from god,we pass off these miracles as nothing.We need to open our eyes and not think of things as logic or science.The young man who goes to the vatican and doesnt believe represents our society today,we dont think these things are the devil,we rely on doctors and shrinks,anthony hopkins represents the believer,what we should do,believe what is says in the bible because it is the truth and no body can tell you the truth unless you will hear it.we must believe,because as it says in the movie,just because you choose to not believe in the devil,wont protect you from him.

  8. The word “there” is a very versatile word, indeed. It can be used as a noun, an adjective, an adverb, and even a pronoun in certain instances. I believe the word “their”, however, is the word Travis intended to use in his comment rather than “there”. Nobody is one word. I don’t want to pick on Travis, but comments would hold so much more credence if the writer stopped to think about spelling, punctuation and grammar before posting them.

  9. wow, seem like most of the people commenting here have a very myopic understanding of what constitute good story telling. Am quite disappointed in the level of band wagon commentary people are making here, wow, i guess intelligent analysis is gone with the dinosaurs, needless to say you are all following the equally unintelligent lead of the writer of this article. tse! tse!! a very disappointing reflection on this generation.

    • ok that was a total splaz?

  10. i thought that this was great movie and i wanna see it!!!!!!

  11. This movie is based on a true story of an American priest who travelled to Italy to study at an exorcism school.

    This story is based on a real exorcist priest, Father Gary Thomas – http://bit.ly/ei4iFI
    For the last four years, Father Gary Thomas has served at the Sacred Heart parish in Saratoga, Calif., a bucolic suburb of San Jose.

    Journalist Matt Baglio, ended up chronicling Father Gary’s journey in the book “The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist,” which served as the basis for this film.

    I enjoyed this film tremendously.

    If you’re interested to lean more about evil and demonic possession, watch a real video on an exorcism http://bit.ly/cwG3fP . Listen also to prominent Catholic theologian and exorcist Fr. Malachi Martin on The Nature Of Evil, Exorcism & Possession http://bit.ly/bZqbrb .Additionally you can also watch this documentary http://bit.ly/cYPfek showing a real exorcism in the Philippines.

    Fr. Gabriele Amorth, Rome’s chief exorcist’s book is also worth a read. This milestone book is a great resource on demonology and diabolic possession. Read here http://bit.ly/aR9REi about how one can get possessed and how to protect yourself and your family against witchcraft, spells, demonic influences etc.