Sci-Fi Short Film ‘The Raven’ Makes Waves in Hollywood

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the raven chris blacks eyes Sci Fi Short Film The Raven Makes Waves in Hollywood

Right now seems to be a very good time to be an independent filmmaker in Hollywood, especially if you have some great technical skills and a more than halfway decent idea.  Hollywood may be in the market to option books (Eat, Sleep, Poop), TV shows (Gilligan’s Island), toys (Stretch Armstrong) and social networking sites (The Social Network) but they also seem to be in the mood to grab up short film makers’ ideas as well.

Last year, Ghost House Pictures picked up a sharp looking sci-fi short film called Panic Attack and now a new sci-fi thriller called The Raven is garnering a lot of interest from some major Hollywood studios.

Our buddies at Latino Review gave us a heads up about this smart-looking short from Peruvian director Ricardo De Montreuil. You’ve most likely never heard his name, nor are you familiar with his work (unless you are his mom and dad, in which case welcome Mr. and Mrs. Montreuil).

The Raven was written by Montreuil and Antonio Perez and stars Victor Lopez as Chris “The Raven” Black. The movie was shot over the course of 48 hours in downtown Los Angeles on a more than modest budget of $5,000. There aren’t many lines in the film, but the action is well done and beautifully shot and the story is fairly easy to determine. According to Latino Review the story is this:

The short follows Chris Black who possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him.

Watch the 6 minute short below and see what you think:

Victor Lopez (The Raven) did all of his own stunts, which mostly consists of some Parkour moves in the alley, but regardless they were well done. The real showcase here is the great CGI special effects shots that Montreuil has managed to pull off. Raven using the car to block the bullet fire of a Rumbler was my particular favorite.

The story is something that we’ve seen before and the use of free-running in a film isn’t exactly new, yet strangely I find myself wanting to see the rest of The Raven.

the raven car shield scene Sci Fi Short Film The Raven Makes Waves in Hollywood

What did you think of the sci-fi short The Raven and would you like to see a big screen adaptation of it?

Latino Review says another short from The Raven will be released soon, so stay tuned.

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Source: Latino Review

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  1. This short is nothing new or special. The one a couple weeks ago with the robot running around with that small box was way better.

  2. Well I kinda have to be interested in this Don't I? lol

  3. Doesn't sound familiar, remember the name by any chance?

  4. It was just a week or two ago. I'll find it.

  5. well , I thought that was f**king awesome.
    I want to see more of the story.

    I hope the director get to make a feature length version of this.
    very cool :)

  6. Meh

    MCHOPS is right, the GIFT was much better.

    This one is kinda cool but looks more like a shoe commercial. Plus, the whole “he's trapped in an alley, no where to go, he is desperate” situation plays out 3 times and all 3 times he uses his power to escape. Why does he looks so desperate each time if he has that power?

    Not feeling this one but thanks for putting it up.

    • Simple. It’s clear it takes a lot out of him to use his powers and they can detect when he uses it and track him. He doesn’t want to use it all up in a stand off.. It’s the equivalent of having a gun when being chased by zombies. Sure they can’t run as fast as you, sure one by one they are easy to kill, but you will eventually run out of bullets and if they overwhelm you, you’re lunch. I didn’t think that was hard to grasp.

  7. I'd check up on the facts about Mr. DeMontrieul. He's directed 2 feature films. La Mujer De Mi Hermano & Mancora.

  8. True. Maybe if they take it in that direction it will be pretty cool. But nothing original here as far as I can tell. Parkour we've seen. Futuristic cities, check.

    I do not have a problem with it being made into a movie though. Maybe I've been spoiled by the short films that have been posted on here.

    • I don’t see why original is such a big deal. We haven’t had anything original in my opinion since…Jaws or Star Wars. Predator is pretty much Jaws with an Alien but that was a great action movie. Matrix is any savior complex sci fi movie ever made…hel Tron was the original Matrix. Inception is basically Dark City done even better. It’s not about being original. It’s about bringing a fresh interpretation of something that’s already done. I think this does the job. I’d love the raven to be a series on TV. I think it needs to be fleshed out over several seasons. Are there more like him? Why do they want him? Why has his kind been outlawed? Is he Evil or good or a little of both. What’s the character arc going to be etc. Will he get stronger?

  9. Very impressive for a budget of $5000.

  10. 'Plus, the whole “he's trapped in an alley, no where to go, he is desperate” situation plays out 3 times and all 3 times he uses his power to escape. Why does he looks so desperate each time if he has that power? '

    Yeah, at first I was waiting for him to get a nose bleed or start panting after using his power, any sign that he has good reason to hesitate using it, but it kinda kills the suspense when hes flinging cars and trash bins effortlessly at these things.

  11. looks dam good to me

  12. Looks like a Rip-off of the Game Prototype.. a Cheap ripoff actually

    • It definitely looks similar. I wouldn’t call it cheap looking but it is very similar.

  13. Parkour is the most overrated over-hyped — whatever it is — in the world. How the robot didn't shoot him in the back when jumping over the trash bin is laughable.

    Otherwise, it's “Alive in Joburg” meets urban “street-art”. Big whoop…

    • over critical much?

  14. first of all you dont know the full story so dont talk
    second maybe he needs to get recharged it doesnt matter how powerful you are you will have limits (actually thats my problem with superman)

  15. I get they know this guy and his M.O. but to immediately escalate to live rounds when your using robots to collar the guy? Those actions don't feel quite right. You know they used scenarios like that in “Robocop” for comic effect 23 years ago. Hmm, has society taken steps backward since then or just more fed up???

    • Yes, society has taken steps backward…You really haven’t noticed???

  16. Guys, obviously hollywood isn’t looking at this because of the story. They’re looking at this because of the good effects, art direction, shot composition, editing, score, and basically everything except story.

  17. I would love to watch this in full detail once it is complete or readily available. But my question is, if he is able to use telekinetic abilities then why not directly engage the bots like he used the surroundings. Just asking the obvious. Just curious because rumor has it victor was chris brown stunt double in takers when chris said he did his own stunts. Etc etc. Please provide more clips of the raven soon

  18. SFX : Poor really, compared to what we’ve seen before, even on amateur productions.

    Story: Mon-existent.

    Acting: Absent. If the guy has ability he hides it well.

    Concept: Overdone. The visuals borrow heavily from District 9 and the parkour was done better in District 13. Why doesn’t he use his powers to disable to robots directly?

    Cinematography: Nothing to excite.

    Overall: 2nd rate video game trailers offer more in terms of everything on offer here. Anyone who thinks this is good must have been dropped on their heads as babies. Seriously, people, this is trash.

  19. The short looks like an extended trailer but that works for its purpose in this case.
    The weakest parts of the short is the LAPD audio which could be a bit more processed
    rather than the “banana in the tailpipe” sound ala Beverly Hills Cop.

    The other part is Chicano Brother whose make up is less than convincing. A better mustache
    and different hairstyle would be more appropriate. Not make him look Anglo-Saxon at all.
    Simply make him differ a bit more than the vehicle he is driving which in that scene looks
    like a car commercial.

    The protagonist is excellent in projecting fear, urgency and tress.
    Am not sure if the big screen is the way to achieve success with the masses.
    Remember, why challenge the status quo with quality when you can bypass
    it through independent cinemas thus build a following that won’t desert
    for Rambo part 12 or Spider Man 8…

    “yawar mallku”

    -Tupac Amaru (1780)