‘The Raid’ Remake Potential Actor Shortlist Revealed; Filming Delayed

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the raid remake cast The Raid Remake Potential Actor Shortlist Revealed; Filming Delayed

Gareth Evans’ The Raid 2 opened this year, and the filmmaker intends to finish his trilogy of crime, corruption, and extremely-violent martial arts fights, by releasing a third installment at some point in the future. Before that happens, though, it looks as though Screen Gems’ Americanized remake of the original Raid (a.k.a. The Raid: Redemption) might hit theaters – even now that the latter’s filming start date has been pushed back.

Hollywood makeovers of cult foreign movies – as a general rule – start out as being controversial, when it comes to the initial reception from the cinema-loving community; even once word of mouth starts to change course prior to the film’s release, there’s no guarantee that all the attention will translate into big box office business, though (see: Let the Right One In remake, Let Me In barely making a blip at the box office, despite solid reviews). Which is to say, casting can make a significant difference, when it comes to which “American-izations” of foreign titles fly high – and which ones crash and burn, financially (see: Spike Lee’s Oldboy, for the latter).

Screen Gems has reportedly pushed back the production start date for The Raid remake from the originally-planned September 2014 to the first quarter of 2015; as is speculated in Variety‘s report on this new development, it’s possible that the delay is meant to allow the film’s producers more time for “seeking a bigger name.” The remake has been in the works for a year or so now, but has yet to receive an official green-light; that’s expected to change soon, seeing how it already has a script in place - written by Brad Ingelsby (Out of the Furnace) – along with a director attached, in the shape of Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3).

Anthony Mackie cast as Hend The Raid Remake Potential Actor Shortlist Revealed; Filming Delayed

Anthony Mackie in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Variety‘s sources claim that such actors as Ethan Hawke (Before Midnight), Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6), and the Captain America: The Winter Soldier costars Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, were among the front-runners to join the Raid remake’s cast, prior to filming being pushed back. The aforementioned stars are all quite respected and (mostly) fairly in-demand right now, so the change in shooting start date could result in some of these actors no longer being available to work the project into their schedule. Of course, Variety‘s sources also caution that no cast offers have been made yet, so best to not go speculating too far (in either direction).

The Hughes-directed Raid will revolve around a U.S. DEA task force; according to the director, the remake won’t attempt “to recreate [the original] film beat for beat” - by aiming to offer its own version of bone-crushing fisticuffs instead, with assistance from some of the fight choreographers that worked on Evans’ original movie. This August’s Expendables 3 will be Hughes’ first time working within the studio-backed action movie arena; thus, it might be best to postpone the conversation about expectations for his Raid remake, until we see what the director is able to bring to the table on the next Expendables installment.


We’ll keep you posted on development for The Raid remake.

Source: Variety

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  1. Just leave well alone I say.

    • Well said, this film does NOT need to be remade.

    • Why on earth would anyone want to watch the original, with its long beatifully coreographed uncut action sequences, when you could be watching an American version with heavy jump cut action sequences, that makes some American star, who has trained for 10 mins look like a pro. Not to mention the fact, the original is all in foreign.
      Best idea for a remake ever.

  2. With a cast like that it sounds like Sabotage meets Dredd now. Wasn’t Thor and his brother considered for roles?

  3. Ethan Hawke is in demand now?

  4. There’s already a really good remake of The Raid: Dredd…

    • The frothing DREDD-fan part of my brain demands I point out that this statement is chronologically inaccurate based on production dates of the two films, but since your comparison is favorable the rest of my brain gives you a thumbs up! :)

  5. All that Cast mentioned above are Pure Martial art Losers !
    They can’t fight at all,so please…as long as no real Martial Arts Actors are chosen leave it alone !

    Casting just shows it goes already into the wrong direction !
    Typical Hollywood Cut & Edit Festival ! Where every wannabe can be the Hero !

    • Yep. I can already see a bunch of cut-away shots of the fighting. It’s rare to find a film where the director and their actors can get a good chunk of action done in as few shots as possible. Liam Neeson is guilty of this. If the cutaways were just to get a good angle, I could understand, but these directors chop the whole thing up every millisecond. I blink and I miss one of the shots.

      • Totally agree with you there @Sage !
        Sometimes the cuts and edit is so fast i really don’t get what just happened !
        Maybe they want us to have a close LOOK AT THEIR MUSCLES !! :)
        Cheers man..

  6. No Ty. Nothing against the actors but I don’t want to see a bunch of non-acrobatic fights with American mma brawling. If you’re gonna go this route, just reboot lethal weapon or something.

    Btw if you guys haven’t seen Raid 2 pls support it. That car scene was nuts.

    • Already got my blu ray copy pre-ordered!

  7. they want this remake to be successful so there trying to bring in a popular name, which Grillo i think would do great but hes still not very popular to be the main star,they need to keep the martial arts aspect of it though but i still dont think they can make the action sequences better than gareth evans raids

  8. This is f#*$ing hilarous.

    The Raid isn’t even that old. Part of the reason I and so many others love the raid is because of the action scenes. American films that claim to be of the action genre usually have about 2-3 action scenes that last a whole 40 seconds.

    I’ve always gravitated to Hong Kong cinema because of their elaborate and well thought out action scenes. The Raid action scenes nearly last the whole movie.

    Im not going to see an Americanized Raid with 2 scenes of choppy action

    • in my opinion its a lose lose situation for Screen Gems unless they find a big name actor…1st is cuz fans of the original love the action sequences and how the action takes place almost the entire movie, and when there isnt any action the scenes are still soo intense, the remake wont even come close to the action of the raid and raid 2…2nd if they did have alot of action its just gonna get persecuted by american film critics for having too much action and no good plot or character development…id be surpised if screen gems make there money back and if i was Patrick Hughes i would back out and hope that expendables 3 puts you on the radar

  9. Just wait, some genius is gonna want to make this movie PG-13, to get a bigger audience. Why are they even bothering?

  10. Was Scott Adkins or Isaac Florentine not available? Because both of these guys are better fighters then the names listed.

    • Now THAT remake I would actually get in line to watch!

      • I’d prefer to have Mr. Adkins in the next The Raid sequel, actually, but this is a valid suggestion.

        • Adkins also wants to be considered for the sequel, I read that in an article somewhere

          • You’re right. He mentioned it on his Facebook page. He either wants to be in the third movie or the remake. Heck, even Gareth Evans wants him!!

  11. Really, what in the world is the point of this? The original films are basically brand new and they’re incredible.

    The property isn’t even that big or very marketable. It’s not like they’ll have a big financial gain from this, it’ll probably either flop or just make back it’s budget. So why make it? Just make some other film with Liam Neeson as the star and leave this property alone. All this’ll do is take away whatever little thunder the originals had in America.

    This is so stupid it actually kinda makes me mad.

  12. Just re-release the original two & give them the proper marketing & wide release they deserve!

    Heck, dub them if need be.

    Pt2 was only in my town for a day! Luckily, I got to see it and will HAPPILY pay my hard earned $$$ to see it on the big screen again.

  13. If there gonna westernize this movie then gets some martial artists in it …

    Scott Adkins
    Michael Jai White
    Tony Jaa

    Just to name a few. Im sure theres plenty more that would make a westernized verison of this film a good one.

    • Nice list I would watch that,but then again,if we would have those guys why not just make a totally new original movie ?

      No need for a remake !

    • Add Jack Felton,Raymond Daniels and Jon “Bones” Jones to that list.

    • Actually, Gareth Evans mentioned that he wants Scott Adkins to be either in his third movie or the remake.

  14. This could end up another Brick Mansions….