‘The Raid: Redemption’ Trailer: Elite Cops vs. A Building Full of Killers

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The Raid Redemption Movie Trailer The Raid: Redemption Trailer: Elite Cops vs. A Building Full of Killers

We’ve been keeping our eye on genre films gaining notice on the independent circuit, and today’s recommended viewing is the trailer for an action film that looks pretty sweet; and by “sweet” we mean insanely epic and awesome. If your blood pumps hot at the sight of a great action scene, you definitely need to watch this.

The film is called The Raid: Redemption, and its premise is deliciously simple: 20 elite cops raid the building of a notorious crime lord and must search the 15-story structure for their target. But the crime lord knows the cops are there, and has plenty of nasty surprises in store for them. Mayhem, martial arts, and a lot of gun play quickly ensue.

Check out the trailer for The Raid: Redemption, followed by a poster and a detailed synopsis, which delves deeper in the plot of the film:



The Raid Redemption Movie Poster  280x416 The Raid: Redemption Trailer: Elite Cops vs. A Building Full of Killers

As a rookie member of an elite special-forces team, Rama (Iko Uwais) is instructed to hang back during a covert mission involving the extraction of a brutal crime lord from a rundown fifteen-story apartment block.  But when a spotter blows their cover, boss Tama (Ray Sahetaphy) offers lifelong sanctuary to every killer, rapist and thief in the building in exchange fortheir heads. Now Rama must stand in for the team’s fallen leader (Joe Taslim) and use every iota of his fighting strength – winding through every floor and every room to complete the mission and escape with his life.

Now check out some info about the film’s director, Gareth Huw Evans:

Recently named one of 2012′s “Directors To Watch” by Variety – Gareth Huw Evans reteams onTHE RAID with Iko Uwais, the star and fight choreographer of the cult sensation MARENTAU – which first brought the Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat to global attention.  Already a word-of-mouth sensation at the Toronto Film Festival, where it played to sold out crowds, the film is now poised to reach global audiences with a propulsive new score by alternativerocker/composers Mike Shinoda of “Linkin Park” and Joe Trepanese of “M83″.

Basically, this movie looks badass. That one shot at the end of Rama bouncing a crook’s head against the wall like a ping-pong ball is enough to get me in the theater – and I’m certainly not the only action fan out there saying that. There are shades of Smockin’ Aces and the Brazilian hit film Elite Squad in this basic setup for The Raid, but if it entertains as well as those aforementioned films did (certainly looks like it will), action fans should be appeased.

The Raid: Redemption will be released in select theaters on March 23, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures Classics

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  1. looks awesome going in netflix! 13 assassins in modern times?

  2. Looks great but a 30-story building full of bad guys … just blow it up.
    I know, short movie.

    • I’ve seen another trailer for this movies.
      1 word : eyegasm

      • my bad…
        movie* not movies :)

    • @INK

      My thought exactly. If this was the case in real life, I would just fake a “gas main explosion” and take out the entire building, lol.

      • They can’t blow it up… cos there’s a surprise… i’ve seen the film Indonesia…. it’s. effing. AWESOME! the trailer barely does it justice. It’s the only movie that audience can also cheer for the bad guys fighting abilities…

        • @Yow

          Uhhh, no, the only time I cheer for bad guys is if they die in a really cool way… I hope this movie doesn’t sympathize with the bad guys…

          • It doesn’t have to sympathize with them to make the audience cheer for the bad guy necessarily. When I watch a Jackie Chan film with Benny “the Jet” Urquidez, for example, I want Jackie to win but I still want to see Benny kick butt. When he does, I feel satisfied, b/c I’ve seen something cool, and I know that Jackie will triumph in the end.

            Then again, I don’t always mind when movies sympathize with the bad guys. Depends on the movie, the story, the character’s motives, etc.

            • @Levi

              I guess that’s where you and I differ. For me, the only thing bad guys are good for in movies is dying, or maybe just getting the snot beat out of them. I have 0 tolerance for those who prey on the weak and vulnerable. Sure I guess for a climax you want to see the main villain put up a good fight, but honestly, even that’s not always necessary in my opinion. Look at Equilibrium. Pretty much nobody put up a great fight against the main protagonist. He pretty much just “pwned” everyone in the movie, and it was awesome, lol.

              Even Punisher: Warzone. The movie was crap, but the end was actually pretty satisfying when that big ass brute Ray Stevenson pretty much destroys the main bad guy, lol. It wasn’t a fight at all, it was just Punisher dealing pain, and it was good. :-D

              • Fair enough.

                What are your thoughts about the Godfather series though?

        • @Yow

          I’m glad the bad guys in the movie will be able to put up a fight. It would be boring and too “Expendables-ish” if the cops just went in and put a bunch of goons down one floor at a time without losing men.

          However, there were times before where I’ve found myself cheering for a villain at some point in the film; Agent Smith, Predator, Mr Pink, Jet Li (The One), Joker, Gerard Butler (Law Abiding Citizen), Jeremy Renner (The Town), and Bane (I cheered for him in the trailer so that counts) all come to mind.

          • @Pharoah: Im always rooting for the bad guy lol prolly cause I grew up with villianous and nefarious characters.

            Who wasn’t cheering for Mr Pink lol despite the audio cut in the credits, in my mind he made it free. He was the only one being “professional.”

    • I think they want the crime lord alive

      • @lastdragon

        Well, if that’s the case, then shoot up the building with a .50 BMG machine gun except the very top floor, lol. :-D

        • Haha, what If he’s not on the top floor? Too many intangibles, got to go in!!!

          • @lastdragon

            :-P But you know what? The solution is so simple it’s about to bite us… Chances are the crime lord will be at the top floor or at least close to it. It’s the easiest place to defend, you’ll have to go through the most floors to get to it. HOWEVER, this is the police… They should just take a helicopter to the roof, get in through the roof access, snatch him up, get back up to the roof, and extract. The rest of the building won’t know what happened!! lol :-D

            • Helicopters are loud dude! lol

              • Doesn’t matter, you fast rope in then it’s in and out before anyone knows what hit them, lol. :-D

  3. That last shot gave me a headache.

  4. This looks so awesome that I wouldn’t even be mad if they made an American version of it.

  5. Paradoxically the film looks immaculate in its brutality.

  6. Looks goods. I’m always game for great action film with martial arts involved. Mike Shinoda did the score. Interesting.

  7. The description say 15 stories but the poster says 30 stories. Which is it???

    • And am I the only one that is sick of the word “redemption” being used in everything? Books, movies, videogames…everyone wants frikkin’ redemption! Gah!!!!

  8. Looks sweet. I cant wait to THINK i’ll be able to see it in theaters and then have to wait twice as long for the Dvd and then despite my instincts,buy it based on positive reviews.

  9. Looks pretty good. My friend actually told me about this…

  10. 3 words … wow this looks awesome

    • 10 words … you don’t know how to count

      lol, j/k man :-D

      It does look awesome. But March 23 is The Hunger Games… decisions decisions…

      • :)

  11. This looks awesome, will be seeing this

  12. Omg I can’t wait for america to remake it! yay. =]

  13. This has been one of my most anticipated movies for 2012 for several months. I’m way more excited for this than the Avengers. Iko Uwais, one of the main stars of this film, is a phenomenal martial artist and was fantastic in director Gareth Evans other film, Merantau. Merantau is an exceptional martial arts film and gives me high hopes for the quality of this one too. Can’t wait!

  14. One day before my Bday? yea, I know what Im doing now

  15. Ok, blowing up the building or blasting holes into it aside, seriously, in a real life situation like this, they would simply surround the building for days on end. Hunger will drive them out to surrender…

  16. Just another Saturday night in Chicago….

    • LOL
      Detroit for that matter.

  17. This looks f’ing sweet. Is it just me or are these foreign martial arts films pushing the boundaries on insanity? The stunts they’ve been pulling off have been especially in films like Ong Bak and my favorite Chocolate

  18. Awesome trailer, this film could turn out to be a badass movie.

  19. can’t wait to see this movie. fan of linkin park so I’ve been interested in this movie for some months now and i doubt it will disappoint. this is going to be a movie made for the big screen

  20. and this is why i dont do anything bad in asian countries anymore.. music kicks on and someones head is getting bashed into a wall.. Ive moved on to canada.. free healthcare works great for my goons

  21. I will smash your head on the wall not once, not twice & not thrice..I will smash your head off the wall six times beofre I let you hit the floor…or maybe it was seven?

    Looks good!

  22. The trailer for this movie has been out for 5 months. I was hoping it would be on DVD/BR already. Oh well. It looks like it is gonna be cool, especially since the main actor was awesome in Merantau.

  23. Awesome trailer! Can’t wait to see this hit in theaters!! Mr. Joe Taslim is the man! He rock!! #Deadmine :)

  24. That looks CRAZY-WILD!!

    Gotta see it. I haven’t seen a good rumble in a while.

  25. So, is it worth ?

  26. I saw this last night and was blown away. This movie had the most spectacular fight scenese and choreography that ive seen since OLDBOY. Perhaps even THE BEST i’ve seen in terms of realism and grittinest. EFFIN AWESOME MOVIE!!