‘The Raid’ Remake Adds ‘Captain America 2′ Actor Frank Grillo

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Captain America Winter Soldier Grillo The Raid Remake Adds Captain America 2 Actor Frank Grillo

Whether you like it or not, The Raid: Redemption is getting the remake treatment over at Sony’s Screen Gems division, and production is set to start shooting later rather than sooner following a four month production delay. Ostensibly, the studio has the train held up at the station to wrangle the right on-screen talent to compliment the people behind the lens, from fledgling director Patrick Hughes (the helmer on impending action bonanza The Expendables 3) to screenwriter Brad Ingsley (forthcoming Liam Neeson vehicle Run All Night).

But who to hire to star in an adaptation of a movie that’s populated almost exclusively with bona fide martial artists? Originally, Screen Gems threw around the word “Hemsworth” a bit, but their more recently teased shortlist made no mention of the Aussie sibling trio and instead dropped names ranging from Ethan Hawke to Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo. Quite a turnabout, that, and a surprisingly healthy ratio of veterans to relative newcomers, too.

More importantly, that shortlist happens to be accurate, as Grillo just recently revealed to We Got This Covered that he’s been brought on to play a part in The Raid: Redemption Redux. (If Screen Gems has a twist on the title to distinguish it from Gareth Evans’ original film, they’re holding it in reserve.) Speaking in an interview about his role in July’s horror sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, Grillo took a moment to talk turkey about his martial arts resume, casually dropping a line about Hughes’ film to go along with it. Here’s the full quote from Grillo:

What people don’t know is that I’m a blackbelt in jujitsu, which I’ve been for 20 years, and I’ve been boxing since I’ve been 15 years old – those are things that come natural to me. Believe it or not, I just got hired to do [the remake of] The Raid…I loved [the original]…we’ve got to do this justice. It’s a fanboy favorite.

Grillo’s words should allay the primary anxiety fans likely have about The Raid remake: the lack of authenticity. Evans’ film put lifelong practitioners of the Indonesian martial discipline pencak silat at its forefront, showcasing their skills in extended sequences of kinetically shot, hyper violent hand to hand carnage; it’s the kind of movie that could only be made outside of Hollywood, one that doesn’t skimp on mayhem and backs up its brutality with credibility.

The Raid Redemption Mad Dog The Raid Remake Adds Captain America 2 Actor Frank Grillo

Taking that conceit and shipping over to US shores potentially means losing the element that made The Raid successful to begin with. But if Screen Gems has people like Grillo in their sights – people who know their way around a fight and boast serious acting chops – maybe there’s less cause for concern. For those unfamiliar with his work, Grillo has been tearing it up in movies for twenty two years; credit his recent uptick in visibility to appearances in movies like Warrior, The Grey, and End of Watch. The fact that he isn’t a bigger star already is kind of a mystery.

So The Raid remake has opted for a thespian who packs a literal and metaphoric punch. If everything else about the film sounds suspect – even Hughes’ proposed changes to the backdrop of the original – then Grillo’s casting is nothing but good news (though it’s worth noting that he doesn’t elaborate at all in regards to whether he’s playing a hero or a heavy).


We’ll keep you updated on developments for The Raid: Redemption remake as they’re made available.

Source: We Got This Covered

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  1. Scott Adkins please!

    • Yea… i think they are gonna have too add Adkins to keep the Martial Arts level respectable to the original.

      • The article says it’s a mystery why Grillo is not a bigger star but the real mystery is why Adkins is not a bigger star.
        He may nog have the acting chops like Grillo but he could certainly be a big action star.

        • he can act pretty damn good when he puts his a** into it, just look at his character boyka, or his ability to put on accents to sell himself as american etc (he’s english btw).

          my dream cast for this would be adkins, michael jai white, mat mullins (johnny cage in the MK rebirth short) and darren shalavi (kano from MK legacy).

  2. Well, he still needs to work on his kicking then.

  3. This is a great addition to another unnecessary remake. At least we will always have the original to fall back on when this fails.

    • Yah, another unnecessary remake of an unnecessary remake… The Raid pretty much copied their plot straight off the leaked Dredd script at that time…

      • Pretty sure Raid was made and released first.

        • *sigh*

          The script/screenplay for Dredd was written, then leaked on the internet, shortly after the script leaked, the screenplay for The Raid was completely re-written, prior to that, it didn’t have that vertical element. The production for The Raid finished and the movie was released. Then Dredd was released. The Raid was released first, but the script and screenplay for Dredd was completely long before production on The Raid even started. It’s pretty obvious The Raid copied Dredd because the whole vertical element of having to reach the top of a building idea was written into the script “coincidentally” after the screenplay for Dredd was leaked on the internet…

          • What about Bruce Lee’s Game of Death? The pagoda climb was pretty innovative.

  4. Truer words never spoken about a film:

    it’s the kind of movie that could only be made outside of Hollywood, one that doesn’t skimp on mayhem and backs up its brutality with credibility.

  5. Scott would be able to play nothing more than goon #2 or guy in suit. He needs to really take acting lessons. Gina Carano, as talented as she is physically, distracted me from enjoying Haywire with her acting. Thankfully she didn’t say much in Fast 6.

    The real question is, will we get Iko in Hollywood at some point?

  6. Lol “fanboy favorite”


  7. Frank Grillo is the *beep*! Seriously love this guy.

  8. Jason Statham pls

  9. Hollywood needs to learn from Spike Lee’s Oldboy, and keep their grubby fingers away from remaking amazing foreign films.

  10. Grillo is great for the lean, cut Military man. He was awesome in The Grey and I liked him in Cap 2

    • He did say that Brock (Crossbones) would return in the next captain america sequel

      • He mentioned it just yesterday

  11. I can’t avoid a certain amount of trepidation with this remake. I loved The Raid: Redemption, but I don’t mind to watch the story again, filmed in a language that I am familiar with. If they manage to make it right and don’t shy from re-creating the gritty violence of the original, they can make a satisfying product.

    • is it going to be pg-13 like robocop remake?

  12. i like Grillo but like ive commented on this story before, i dont agree with this getting a US release…the original raid was more martial arts and the indonesian type of fighting which made the movie so good, it showed how one man can make a difference and he doesnt need a weapon to do so, the thing about these big US actors, none of them have even close to the talent as Iko Uwais and therefore there gona have to rely on brute strength and/or weapons,what makes the raid so good is the fight choreography and the delivery of every punch, kick or broken bone which is why foreign cinema is soo much better than US, the US directors use these quick cuts and you cant even see who there kicking or punching…also the fact that granted Grillo is a good actor he still doesnt have much fan appeal becuase hes never been a main star and in order for this movie to be any good it needs to attract atleast one big name star and villian, Adkins on the other hand could physically play the role and ive noticed hes a better actor than most people give him credit for but he doesnt have a big fan base either mainly cuz hes shyed away from big movies and stayed mostly in those B-rated action movies that go staright to blu ray/dvd

  13. you know if they want it to work, they gotta look for guys like, Scott Atkins or Ray Park. Anyone who has seen them in a film will know they got this.