‘The Raid 2: Berandal’ Trailer: Prepare To Get Knocked Senseless

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It’s been more than a year since Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans blew the minds of viewers with his instant martial arts classic The Raid: Redemption (check out Screen Rant’s glowing five star review here), and in the wake of that movie’s global success he’s dedicated himself toward making a sequel, simply titled Berandal, only taking time off to cobble together the best segment for horror omnibus V/H/S/2. Months ago, Evans whet fans’ appetite for mayhem with some early images from The Raid 2 and today, he’s treated us all to an adrenaline-pumping first glimpse of Berandal footage in the freshly-released teaser, seen above.

At just over a minute in length, the clip accomplishes two important goals: upping the stakes of the original movie, and showing off just enough without giving anything away. Forget about plot details or story summations – the basic message here has to do with Berandal‘s scope, ratcheting up the level of impeccably choreographed violence in The Raid: Redemption and introducing a whole new cast of unique, completely terrifying characters (like our recent acquaintance, the ever-fashionable Hammer Girl) ready, willing, and able to dish it out in equal measure.

In other words, Evans wants his audience to know that Berandal will beat the tar out of them, but he’s smart enough to know that too much of a good thing is still just too much. This is a fast teaser, one that captures only heartbeats of carnage with fast-cuts between fight sequences, gangland assassinations, and Iko Uwais – star of the original film, and who just appeared in Keanu Reeves’ excellent Man of Tai Chi – showing a concrete wall who’s boss with his bare hands.

While the trailer is light on anything that resembles narrative, Evans has already touched on the direction Berandal will take; if you haven’t seen The Raid: Redemption yet, you should remedy that immediately, and also beware of spoilers to follow. We know that Berandal picks up where we left our heroes at the end of the The Raid, and that the film will pit Rama (Uwais) against his brother, Andi (Donny Alamsyah), following the latter’s inheritance of his very own criminal empire. Exactly how they wind up butting heads is slightly fuzzier, though it’s known that Rama will go undercover to infiltrate the crime syndicate, so that’s probably our jumping-off point this time around.

Berandal Hammer Girl The Raid 2: Berandal Trailer: Prepare To Get Knocked Senseless

The other major known detail here is that Evans intends to make a trilogy out of this story, so whatever happens in Berandal, there’s more to come afterwards. But that’s of little concern for now; just enjoy watching copious amounts of ass-kicking before the film hits US theaters next year.


The Raid 2: Berandal is currently on-track for a March 2014 release.

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  1. This looks so good it makes me want to punch the wall!

    • I’m not sure if they’re undercranking, but look at the hand-speed on Iko. Walls around the world should be scared.

      • If he ever gets bored of acting, he’d make a hell of a home renovator.

  2. I can’t even describe my excitement in words right now. This, Godzilla, and DOFP are movies I am so looking forward to in 2014.

  3. (First movie spoiler)

    Was that scruffy looking dude with long hair the little menace from the first movie? The guy that took a light bulb to the neck?

    • That’s the same actor and he’s playing a different character.

    • Yep. his name was madd dogg in the first film.

  4. The thing that bugged me about “The Raid: Redemption” was that after a while all the fighting seemed to be the same. While it was a solid and fun action movie, there was not a lot of variety in the action scenes. Even the final battle seemed to go on forever. It bugged me when they break a characters leg and then they keep fighting like all he is is out of breath. They knock the character down and then help their friend up, giving the bad guy a chance to get up too. Why not just finish him while you have the chance? The fighting choreography just didnt make sense to me.

    Unlike “The Man of Tai Chi” where there was a real feeling of urgency and creativity with the fight sequences. Continuity was paid attention too, when a character got hit in the leg, he would start limping through the fight. The fights were quick and stylized. They felt real. The way the story went it didnt matter if the fight lasted forever, there would be another one in no time. “The Man of Tai Chi” had its share of problems, and i would agree that “The Raid: Redemption” is overall the better film, but i hope the action sequences get better choreographed, instead of just better photographed.

    • Keanu is that you ?

      • No, actually Keanu is one of the problems i had with “Man of Tai Chi” he did a fine enough job of directing, but him as the villain was just silly.

      • LOL @ Blake

  5. The action was masterfully filmed, well worth going to see a sequal

  6. Oh boy, this is going to be fun.
    I know I’m counting the chickens before they hatch but knowing that at some point there will be 3 of these films has me giddy with anticipation of the night when I can watch all 3 in a row.
    It’s going to be an assault on the senses. :)

    • Hey, I’m right there counting chickens with you. A Raid-a-thon sounds like an awesome time to me.

  7. That was Mad Dog in the trailer, or at least the actor who played him. I don’t care what zany story they have to make up. I want the Mad Dog back.

    • the actor (yayan ruhian) get another role in this sequel as prakoso.
      (imho, it’s not wise wasting that talent behind the scene) ^^

  8. The cool thing about some of these actors is that they are legit bad@$s mothers in real life.

  9. Instead of using the Flying Fists Of Fury, you’d think he would just buy a fly-swatter….!

  10. I dont say this alot , but I just j!zzed my pants. This looks phenomenal. I cannot wait. I just saw mad dogg in the trailer. i thought he died in the first film.

    • same actor different character ^^

  11. I wonder if theyre gonna continue the story line from the first film or have a completely different story with different characters but with the same cast. Either way, im seeing this in the theater.

    • the story start two hour after the first movie’s ending, with the same cast and character
      in other word, a sequel

  12. Reminds me of the time in much younger days when my buddies and I were hanging out in my townhouse, and in the kitchen hallway there was a cork-covered wall (big black cork tiles), and so you could use the whole wall as a bulletin board. I had a big poster up there of someone or other, and we got the idea it would be cool to run up to it, do a flying savate kick through the air, and see how close we could come to the figure’s forehead like we thought we were Bruce lee or somebody without actually hitting the wall with our foot (keep in mind the forehead of the poster character was fairly high up). After several jumps by each of us (during which it was established that i was the best at it), I went running for one final flying simulated drop-kick, and I slipped. My foot went directly through the poster’s forehead, the cork wall, and the drywall behind it, and I got humg up in an extreme “make a wish” position with my right foot stuck as high as my forehead through the wall and hung up in the drywall! My left foot was kind of tip-toed on the floor, and my crotch was sprained like someone had played “Rack-A-Mole” with it! My buddies were laughing hysterically while I yelled for them to help me unhook my foot out of the wall and help me stand up normal instead of looking like the world’s worst contortionist! Finally after I hung there in pain for what seemed like an eternity, one of the guys helped me unhook my foot and i limped to the couch where I layed for the rest of eternity. Guess when doing activities like being Chuck Norris wannabees, it it advisable to put your best foot forwards! (At least I had a leg up on my buddies….!). The landlord would have been amused (NOT!)(We fixed the wall a couple days later).

    • Took me back to my pre-teen days. The things we did for fun……..

  13. looks dope

  14. Looks Amazing!! Can’t wait.

  15. Can’t wait to see this, nom nom nom.

  16. Yay, so Dredd might not get a sequel, but the movie that copied it (yes, despite being released first, the screenplay was written after the screenplay for Dredd was leaked online) gets one. Awesome…

    • I’ve never bought this notion, mostly because the films are very, very different despite sharing a similar conceit, but also because Evans wrote Berandal before any of them – and only made The Raid because he couldn’t get Berandal made first.

      Plus, Alex Garland doesn’t care, so I can’t really muster the energy to care, either. And they’re both great movies.

      • Well, every time there is anything about Dredd, fans of The Raid will always accused Dredd of being a copy of The Raid despite the timeline of when their screenplay being written not making sense for that. I feel the need to give The Raid fans the same treatment.

        • You won’t hear that from me. Similarities or no, they’re both awesome.

          • Same here. They may have similar premises, but the style and execution of both movies are distinct enough that any arguments that one is a ripoff of the other are either uninformed or superficial.

            If anyone’s wondering why Raid is getting a sequel and Dredd is struggling to do so, you only have to look at the numbers. I want a Dredd sequel as much as any other fan, but Raid: Redemption quadrupled its budget and Dredd only recouped around 70%.

    • You complain A WHOLE LOT, in case you didn’t notice. The point of The Raid wasn’t the plot at all. The point was the ridiculous fight scenes and action. Dredd was good and also deserves a sequel, but do you have to be sarcastic and whine about it? Because really, being a foreign movie, I’m sure no one was too concerned with the plot anyway, I know I wasn’t.

      • Hilarious, since in every article about Dredd, you get a whole bunch of The Raid fanboys making jokes about how Dredd copied The Raid. One comment going the other way around (which makes more sense if you look at the timeline) and you guys lose your minds, lol. :-P We need the Joker meme right about now.

        “Everyone claims Dredd copied The Raid and nobody bats an eye. Claim The Raid copied Dredd once and everyone loses their minds.”

        • I’m not saying it didn’t copy off Dredd. In fact, it probably did. My question is: “Why do you care and why must you complain?” The purpose of The Raid was to bring pencak silat to the big screen, frankly, because it’s awesome. The point of Dredd was to adapt a classic comic book the way it should be, not in a cheesy borderline-comedy starring Stallone, bleh. They’re both great movies made for different purposes, so chill and enjoy both.

          • In terms of the sequel, I care because I’d much rather see a sequel to Dredd than a sequel to The Raid to be completely honest. The Raid was a good film, but in my opinion, nowhere near the “perfection” everyone touts it to be. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and I’ve seen a million Asian martial arts movies so it’s nothing really special to me, but whatever the reason, I enjoyed Dredd a lot more.

            But in terms of talking about who copied who, it’s only fair. At least I’m the only one here making that comment. In any Dredd article, there’s at least 10 people that come in making snarky comments about how it’s just a USA rip-off of The Raid…

            • It was based off the themes revolving around “Assault on Precinct 13″, The RAID.

    • Can’t watch at the moment, but I imagine his daily regimen for life involves chewing glass, smoothing down pylons with his elbows, and headbutting elephants.

  17. Alright! HK 80′s action flicks making a comeback :D

  18. I think Dredd failed because they wasn’t a lot killings,but a lot of hiding. Let’s face it,The Raid had a lot of kills and non-stop action while the Dredd movie had a lot shooting,but it was mostly by the bad guys. :-(

    • @EthotheJ

      Um, they were the law, they don’t just kill everyone without a reason. But even so, they DID kill a lot of people, Dredd even set a whole group of them on fire for crying out loud… The two of them probably took out 50 bad guys, Dredd killed another judge by collapsing his windpipe, blew one’s head off, set a whole group on fire, threw two people over the ledge, I mean, seriously, that’s not at all the reason why it tanked at the box office. Poor marketing and the stupid decision to put “3D” in the title were the reasons why it didn’t do well in theaters…

      • LOL I guess I didn’t remember that part.

  19. That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  20. Im late to the party I know but I just finished watching The Raid: Redemption for the first time. OMG I was blown away…incredible stuff! After watching a string of mediocre so called ‘action’ movies this was definitely what I needed. Absolutely cant wait for the sequel!

  21. Also no Joe Taslim for the sequel? Thats a shame, he couldve played a different character like Yayan Ruhian is doing. Oh well!

    • I heard that the actor named Cecep will be as awesome as Joe Taslim. Maybe this time he would fight Yayan Maddog.

      • From what I heard, Cecep Arif Rahman is even better than Yayan, and he speaks English as he’s a Silat instructor to some foreigners. There isn’t any official information disclosed yet, but I’m guessing the final fight will be Iko vs Cecep.

        • Ha…the actor named Cecep is Joe Taslim’s Big Brother. They both are karateka, not Pencak Silat practicioner. Gareth recruit them to complete the circumstance that brimob (Indonesia police squad like SWAT)is combine some martial art for their squad.

          • Joe Taslim is The National Judo Championship in 2005, not a karate practicioner. He is Indonesian and Chinese too.

  22. The first Raid was a masterpiece, this looks as if it could be even more amazing. I hope the director does get to make a trilogy like the director of the original Oldboy series did. This really made my day, thank Screen Rant for sharing.

  23. This looks freakin awesome. Am still wondering how and why he’s in jail and whatever did the guy on the wall ever do to him.

  24. I’m so worried about Berandal, because this movie imo got a little too many mini-bosses. In 1st movie there were only 2; Mad Dog and Machete gang. And they were more than enough. Now you got Yayan, Cecep, that Japanese Guy, Hammer Girl. It means there will be a long long fighting scenes.