What Would You Do if ‘The Purge’ Was Real?

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Rhys Wakefield The Purge What Would You Do if The Purge Was Real?

The year is 2022, the unemployment rate is at 1% and crime is at an all-time low. You’d think that’d mean Americans are living the dream, but if you’re weak, alone, poor, or sparked some grudges over the year, you could be in big trouble. The government credits the low crime rate to an event called “The Purge.” Every year on March 21st at 7pm, sirens sound, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are tucked away, and all hell breaks loose – because from 7pm to 7am the next morning, all crime is legal – even murder.

So it goes in The Purge, the latest from Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes (read our review). While blood spills across the country, the film hones in on one family, the Sandins. They live in a pristine gated community, seemingly safe from folks feeling the need to make due on the chance to purge, thanks to James Sandin (Ethan Hawke), who actually sustains his fortune by selling security systems for this very night. Trouble is, James’ son Charlie (Max Burkholder) still has a heart on purge night, and opts to open the gates to help out an innocent victim (Edwin Hodge). When that man’s pursuers catch up to him, they are not happy their right to purge has been taken away and demand the Sandins return the target or… else.

You can judge the credibility of the scenario for yourself after catching The Purge in theaters on June 7th, but whether you buy into it or not, there’s still the fun of wondering how you’d fare, and what you might do in such a scenario. After catching an early screening of the film in New York City, some of the audience indulged in a purge plan discussion.

To my horror, there were some people who were blatantly honest about who they’d target, one person even admitting, “I watched the whole movie thinking about my teacher, constantly.” After that it wasn’t a surprise that co-workers and bosses topped a number of hit lists, but then someone opted to throw every non-New Yorker under the bus, announcing, “I’d go for the transplants who come here.” But perhaps the most disturbing answer of all was this little gem – “I would grisly torture everyone. It would be Saw 8.” Saw 8? I’d purge myself.

The Purge What Would You Do if The Purge Was Real?

Unless you’re earning the big bucks and can afford a fancy security system and gun collection like the Sandins, this truly might be the smartest approach: “I’d probably raid a store for hunting stuff to protect myself.” Then again, after watching the full film, you’ll likely agree that this short and sweet response is, hands down, the best of the lot: “I’d kill children.

Considering I have no children, I’m safe on that front – but in all honesty, if The Purge ever really did exist, I’d definitely play it safe and lay low – unless someone threatened my family. But obviously that’s the lame answer, so if I opted to have a little more fun with the concept, I’d skip out on murder and indulge in another crime – robbery. Watch out Apple stores; in 2022, I’m coming for you.

What would you do if The Purge were instated? Would you keep clear of the madness or take advantage of the opportunity for a catharsis?


The Purge is now playing in theaters. It is 85 minutes long and is Rated R for strong disturbing violence and some language. Be sure to Read Our Review.

Want to discuss Spoilers and the Ending to the film? Go to our Purge Spoilers Discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out upcoming episodes of the SR Underground podcast.


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  1. Knowing Myself, I’ll stay home because I know Outside would be a dangerous ground and If something Happened to me, I would blame myself for that. I’d stay home, barricade myself and share the company with a 12 pack. :)

  2. I’d train my kids to use high-powered rifles to snipe anything that comes within 200 yards of the house. No way they get close enough to get in.

  3. I’d make sure all my most treasured things are in a safe place and get out of there.

    Would’ve gone after child molestors etc but then, how do you know if they really are without evidence?

    Plus I’ve always looked at the knife and gun crime of the last decade in the UK and longed for the days when men were proper men and settled fights with their fists instead of using weapons so my moral stance on physical violence would be out the window if I tried to defend myself with my bare hands and some mouth breather came at me with a gun.

  4. Anyone who has kids would probably arrange for an out of country vacation during “The Purge”.

  5. I would destroy the Westboro Baptist Church.

    • Best replay ever!

      • Haha. That’s exactly the type of thing the WBC wants people to say about them.

  6. I’d probably still try my best not to kill anybody. I’d probably try and score a big 3D TV though, simple needs

  7. I would eat Regis Philbin and obtain his powers, unless if he ate me first…..!

  8. I’d kill anyone & everyone, why not? O__o

    • Tickle torture? ‘Cause that’s the worst.

  9. When I first heard about this movie I imagined something scary and cool; a Hunger Games-esque story where it was every person for themselves. Then I actually started thinking about the country gone awry. Vandalism would likely be the most common, with stores, malls, etc totally emptied and trashed. Then I started to think about the fallout; how small companies would go out of business, how non-registered cars, guns, etc would be out on the road the next day, how hospitals may be emptied and patients die without assistance. How many billions of dollars of clean up there would be and how there would be no way the government could afford to fix things after. The whole idea of the purge is silly; that to keep crime low, you need to let people let their inner criminal out so they don’t do it any other day. This would not solve anything-crime would continue on a day to day basis for all the reasons that it does. As someone mentioned, the average person would not be able to murder or rape someone just because they would not get arrested. If the potential to get caught is the only thing holding you back from killing another person, you should get help. Anyhow, I think most people (most) have morels enough to actually just want to protect their own families and not go on a hunt. I am thinking about it wayyy too deeply-I guess you have to imagine a different, ruthless world. I guess its just the fallout of burned cities, dead bodies including children, etc. everywhere is far too large to permit something like this to ever happen. It’s just a movie, right?
    Anyhow, I would lock myself in my house and keep a gun to the door. Wait, this is Canada. My cat would protect me :)

    • Ya, you would prob be one of the first to go.

    • Hunger Games but more violent you mean?

      Try the novel and movie series Battle Royale that The Hunger Games completely ripped off.

      • Hunger Games is a cheap Battle Royale knockoff. How It Should Have Ended really laid into the huge plot holes and lame characters in HG. It’s pretty awesome. HISHE usually is.

  10. I’d like to say I’d partake in a little light looting, HMV or something similar being my main target, but quite simply I’d be too scared to be out in case someone…you know…killed me. I guess it comes down to what do I value more, a few stolen Blu-Rays, or my life?

  11. Stupid idea for a movie.

    • If it was a social commentary then it’s a great idea for a movie.

  12. I think this would be the worst idea of worst ideas. The aftermath would be horrendous the costs both human and monetary would be unimaginable. You would have millions of people with PTSD and all sorts of psychological illnesses . As far as what I would do I would put all money in can food and shotgun shells.

    • It would be okay though because the people who can’t cope with the situation will be killed the next year.

      But yeah, imagine loads of people burning houses an the firefighters don’t come – the damage is too high.

  13. Guns and ammo upstairs, the stairs act as a bottleneck. Let’s just say they won’t like what greets them if they come after me…

    • I could burn your house down, you know, from the bottom. Just for that cheeky comment.

      • I’ve jumped from a second story window before, I’ll just take the fight to you. I’m willing to bet I’m better trained with my weapons and I’m better armed, so oh well. Even if you bring friends and I die, I’m killing you first. :-)

  14. Also, I wonder if the film makers realize that an unemployment rate of 1% is actually BAD… You need it to be right around 5%, no more, no less… Take economics and you’ll realize why.

    • Nope, you’re just wrong.

      • Yeah.. because Pencil knows EVERYTHING… just ask him, he’ll tell ya.

        • LOL Cave, probably a kid with wet dreams that this will come true so he can carry out his fantasies, lol. Oh too bad no matter how bad-ass he is in his mind, there are just so many people out there that is actually more so. 😛

      • @Pencil

        Ok, so I guess you haven’t taken economics, lol. 😉

  15. This movie is like Fight Club on meth

  16. I would go out befriend a group of would-be murders, and murder them.

    • A group would kill you first.

      • But only after they killed Pencil for telling them how they’re killing everyone the wrong way…

  17. The National Security Agency would like to thank you all for your candor.

  18. Vacation in Windsor, Ontario for the day.

  19. I’d download Walker Texas Ranger

    • @Jan

      I’ll take a DSA SA58 (FN FAL type weapon) over a HK G3. Just my personal preference. :-)

  20. Schedule a tropical vacation out of the country. That or run my cheating ex over with a car.

    • @Adriana

      WOOOOWWWWWW, I think she will be booking that tropical vacation for you every year, lmao!!! What a stark contrast…

      “Oh, I’m going to relax in a pool, or stab school children in their eyes…” *slowly backs away*

  21. I would eat a chocolate bar and leave the wrapper on the sidewalk and not feel one ounce of guilt. Yup. I just went there.

    • Filthy Earth-killing litterbug!

    • I would illegally download as many movies as I could, then put my recycling in the wrong bin…screw you county council, mwahaha!

    • @boogoo

      Hey man, I know this is just a hypothetical situation, and I know the purge is supposed to make nothing illegal, but did you have to go there? Really? That’s just… so wrong… I’m ashamed to even be talking to you right now…

  22. I would go the Pain & Gain route. Find some rich bloke and make him sign over his riches to me all nice and legal, that way there are no repercussions like possession of stolen property or the like. And after acquiring said ill-gotten gains move to a non-purge country post haste.

    • @il princerino

      But, then wouldn’t that make YOU the “rich bloke?” So the next year someone else will go all pain and gain on you?

      • And moving to another country wouldn’t stop that from happening since having you sign over the money it’s then legal, so no need for a purge day for someone to do it…

  23. I would steal a yacht and sail the seas til I find an island for my family to live on where dumb stuff like this doesn’t happen.

  24. I’m about 99% sure that all the sex offenders that are registered online would be the first to go lol. I know every parent has that thought of wanting to kill them when they find out they have one in their neighborhood.

  25. Some of you guys clearly need some help!

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  26. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
    Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
    The dead rising from the grave!
    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  27. This thread is disturbing

  28. If The Purge was real
    Justin Bieber would be dead before the first hour was out

    • Nice!

      • Not saying I would do it, I’m just stating the truth. EVERYONE would be out to kill him.

        • @Lawrence

          Hey, no need to backtrack, even if you said you’d do it, none of us will think less of you, lol. 😀