What Would You Do if ‘The Purge’ Was Real?

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Rhys Wakefield The Purge What Would You Do if The Purge Was Real?

The year is 2022, the unemployment rate is at 1% and crime is at an all-time low. You’d think that’d mean Americans are living the dream, but if you’re weak, alone, poor, or sparked some grudges over the year, you could be in big trouble. The government credits the low crime rate to an event called “The Purge.” Every year on March 21st at 7pm, sirens sound, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are tucked away, and all hell breaks loose – because from 7pm to 7am the next morning, all crime is legal – even murder.

So it goes in The Purge, the latest from Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes (read our review). While blood spills across the country, the film hones in on one family, the Sandins. They live in a pristine gated community, seemingly safe from folks feeling the need to make due on the chance to purge, thanks to James Sandin (Ethan Hawke), who actually sustains his fortune by selling security systems for this very night. Trouble is, James’ son Charlie (Max Burkholder) still has a heart on purge night, and opts to open the gates to help out an innocent victim (Edwin Hodge). When that man’s pursuers catch up to him, they are not happy their right to purge has been taken away and demand the Sandins return the target or… else.

You can judge the credibility of the scenario for yourself after catching The Purge in theaters on June 7th, but whether you buy into it or not, there’s still the fun of wondering how you’d fare, and what you might do in such a scenario. After catching an early screening of the film in New York City, some of the audience indulged in a purge plan discussion.

To my horror, there were some people who were blatantly honest about who they’d target, one person even admitting, “I watched the whole movie thinking about my teacher, constantly.” After that it wasn’t a surprise that co-workers and bosses topped a number of hit lists, but then someone opted to throw every non-New Yorker under the bus, announcing, “I’d go for the transplants who come here.” But perhaps the most disturbing answer of all was this little gem – “I would grisly torture everyone. It would be Saw 8.” Saw 8? I’d purge myself.

The Purge What Would You Do if The Purge Was Real?

Unless you’re earning the big bucks and can afford a fancy security system and gun collection like the Sandins, this truly might be the smartest approach: “I’d probably raid a store for hunting stuff to protect myself.” Then again, after watching the full film, you’ll likely agree that this short and sweet response is, hands down, the best of the lot: “I’d kill children.

Considering I have no children, I’m safe on that front – but in all honesty, if The Purge ever really did exist, I’d definitely play it safe and lay low – unless someone threatened my family. But obviously that’s the lame answer, so if I opted to have a little more fun with the concept, I’d skip out on murder and indulge in another crime – robbery. Watch out Apple stores; in 2022, I’m coming for you.

What would you do if The Purge were instated? Would you keep clear of the madness or take advantage of the opportunity for a catharsis?


The Purge is now playing in theaters. It is 85 minutes long and is Rated R for strong disturbing violence and some language. Be sure to Read Our Review.

Want to discuss Spoilers and the Ending to the film? Go to our Purge Spoilers Discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out upcoming episodes of the SR Underground podcast.


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  1. Mentioned this before but, I’d rob every comic book store I could (preferrably Newbury Comics) Either that or I’d burn down a bunch of abandoned buildings

  2. A cyber crime of some sort, to steal billions from various banks.

  3. Would it not give the Police and Law Enforcement the right…TO GET EVIL.

    • I think the law has them put away their patrol cars and uniforms. But they could still go out and shoot someone.

  4. I’d break into Ben Kendrick’s house and force him to read my movie reviews and give me his honest opinion. Then I’d probably go hide under a bridge or something until everyone went home.

    • Ha! Wow! You don’t have to hold me under duress to get my honest opinion. Promise. Let me know where I can find them, and I’ll be happy to give you some feedback!

  5. Actually, take a flight to another country with the family.
    Or go to Canada the day before and stay there till the purge was over.

    • Actually, now that I think about it…….

      Steal a truck load of A1, and….

      ….. with big Jeff out of the country, and no rules or law around, I’m going after his cows.

      It’s cow eating time……

      Free burgers and steaks for everybody!!!!

      Oh, and free milk. We should probably drain them, before we eat them.

      We’ll call it the Purge BBQ!!

  6. Hmm, now that I think about it.

    Take out every child molester I can get my sights on in 12 hours.
    Take out every animal abuser I can get my sights on in 12 hours.
    Beat the snot out of Tommy Harris for stealing my bike when I was 8.
    Walk through NYC with a 128 oz Mega Ultra Big Gulp.
    Eat a couple of hamburgers.
    Jump the Train.
    Ride on top of the train like in Beauty and the Beast.
    Have sex with a sheep.

    • “Have sex with a sheep.”

      By your own rules you’d need to purge yourself.

    • @ Jeff W

      “Have sex with a sheep.”????!!!!


      What is that?!?!?

      With all those cow standing around, you go out and pick on some innocent sheep??


      • Wouldn’t you have to kill yourself for being an animal abuser after the sex with a sheep thing?

  7. i would Color the White House ( not sure if that would be a crime )

  8. Shouldn’t be a shock. We are at our base animals, and while ‘crime’ in general is not an animal trait punishment to a degree is.

    People are not doing this out of sheer enjoyment they appear to be acting out some sort of punishment they think is deserved upon their teachers, bosses, transplants etc.

    The ‘Saw’ person probably has some deep rooted issue brought about by being wronged in one way or another.

    Of course targeting someone and that someone knowing and or preparing are two different things.

    Myself? Well lets just say I would make sure anyone wanting to come to my home and disturb my solitude for those 24hours wouldn’t make it off my lawn.

    • I was thinking front lawn minefield too.

  9. I’m surprised no one has said “Kill Adam Sandler” yet lol jk. but seriously.

    • That’s a given.

  10. A free of penalties period? well i think i’d start by busting atms machines. If i have reasons to want to get rid of anyone…could be an option. We could all go get hacks like m. night shamelayan and clean hollywood too.

  11. I’d illegally download a bunch of movies and music and not feel guilty about it because that’s why I don’t do it now. :)

  12. Stay my a*% in the house.

    Considering, from what I’ve gleaned from previews/ reviews, that the people being targeted are lower income folks of color, I’d be on the chopping block.

    Yup, I’d be in the house.

    Concept for the flick is kind of eh, but I’m always up for a solid home invasion flick. Blu Ray for sure.

  13. I do not know. Should I be relived or worried that no one has made any remarks about me eating a couple hamburgers.



  15. I’d slaughter all of Jeff’s cows and make one hell of a BBQ for all Screenranters.

    Alternatively, as mentioned before, I would go to a local airport, steal a plane and throw any aviation safety regulation into the wind. Maintain minimum separation at all times my ass! ;)

    • All of them?

      Not going to leave me with one.

      Well, I have to defend the cows.

      So, I know how my 12 hours is going to be spent.

      • Well, you are free to come to the BBQ. After all, you provided the food. :D

        • That’s what I think Screenrant should do someday. Invite all his loyal Screenranters to one big Screenrant Festival Lol :)

          • And I forgot, I would come to TheLostWinchester’s Barbecue as Long as He leaves Jeff W at least One. Jeff W, You have to come too. :)

            • Yeah.

              I will come.

              With a Military Copter

              ARMED TO THE TEETH!

              • Lol! I’ll Reserve a Place for you to Park it so we can Party. :)

  16. Build a panic room and stockpile guns, amo and food. Lol

    • ScreenRant needs a Like button.

  17. I can see everyone doing enough damage that it would take a year for the nation to recover. So many stores would go under after being robbed at least once a year

  18. Realistically speaking, I’d hide out in the mountains somewhere. Non-realistically speaking, I’d become Batman for a night and take out all those masked Jokers ;)

  19. I’d Molotov the poor part of town, then empty a nail gun into Adam Sandler and M. Night Shabalamadingdong.

  20. I’d go to Canada, have a couple of nice cold pints, and wait for all of that to blow over.

    • +1 on the Shaun of the Dead reference.

  21. My co workers and I would all transfer the balance of all our big account to our personal accounts and them we would ride out the night in the bank vault. The next day we could all just go back to work like nothing happened.

  22. How much more horrifying would this film be if once the house is sealed up, one of the parents goes Scott Peterson/Susan Smith and decides they don’t want a family anymore?

    I’m wondering how many “Purge Divorces” there are?

    • Wow! Twisted yet Good Point. :)

  23. I would not do anything because i have strong morals.. so ill probably get killed

  24. I would hide in a very safe location. I would also foresee a massive spike for the morning after pill from non-raided & torched pharmacies.

  25. What’s the point of killing? Stealing maybe?

    • If you steal, you can’t be caught using or selling your stolen property. Possession of stolen items or property is illegal any other day, isn’t it?

  26. Purge the world of Justin Beiber

  27. The reality in such a situation is that most folks would opt for the robbery option; to get as much money as they could during that period. With limited banks, etc., that would inevitably lead to conflict among the perpetrators.

    I think all-out revenge murders and crimes of passion would not be as prevalent as many seem to think.

    Unless your a sociopath, most folks would not be able to actually cause bodily harm to someone who they had a gripe with…much less deal with the guilt that would ensue for the rest of their lives.

    So an interesting concept, and probably mindless fun to watch. But also kind of dumb at the same time.

    • Loads of people would die. Loads. Sick people are way more common than you think – and it’s only the thread of being locked away forever that holds them back.

  28. Would Batman be taking part?