What Would You Do if ‘The Purge’ Was Real?

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Rhys Wakefield The Purge What Would You Do if The Purge Was Real?

The year is 2022, the unemployment rate is at 1% and crime is at an all-time low. You’d think that’d mean Americans are living the dream, but if you’re weak, alone, poor, or sparked some grudges over the year, you could be in big trouble. The government credits the low crime rate to an event called “The Purge.” Every year on March 21st at 7pm, sirens sound, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are tucked away, and all hell breaks loose – because from 7pm to 7am the next morning, all crime is legal – even murder.

So it goes in The Purge, the latest from Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes (read our review). While blood spills across the country, the film hones in on one family, the Sandins. They live in a pristine gated community, seemingly safe from folks feeling the need to make due on the chance to purge, thanks to James Sandin (Ethan Hawke), who actually sustains his fortune by selling security systems for this very night. Trouble is, James’ son Charlie (Max Burkholder) still has a heart on purge night, and opts to open the gates to help out an innocent victim (Edwin Hodge). When that man’s pursuers catch up to him, they are not happy their right to purge has been taken away and demand the Sandins return the target or… else.

You can judge the credibility of the scenario for yourself after catching The Purge in theaters on June 7th, but whether you buy into it or not, there’s still the fun of wondering how you’d fare, and what you might do in such a scenario. After catching an early screening of the film in New York City, some of the audience indulged in a purge plan discussion.

To my horror, there were some people who were blatantly honest about who they’d target, one person even admitting, “I watched the whole movie thinking about my teacher, constantly.” After that it wasn’t a surprise that co-workers and bosses topped a number of hit lists, but then someone opted to throw every non-New Yorker under the bus, announcing, “I’d go for the transplants who come here.” But perhaps the most disturbing answer of all was this little gem – “I would grisly torture everyone. It would be Saw 8.” Saw 8? I’d purge myself.

The Purge What Would You Do if The Purge Was Real?

Unless you’re earning the big bucks and can afford a fancy security system and gun collection like the Sandins, this truly might be the smartest approach: “I’d probably raid a store for hunting stuff to protect myself.” Then again, after watching the full film, you’ll likely agree that this short and sweet response is, hands down, the best of the lot: “I’d kill children.

Considering I have no children, I’m safe on that front – but in all honesty, if The Purge ever really did exist, I’d definitely play it safe and lay low – unless someone threatened my family. But obviously that’s the lame answer, so if I opted to have a little more fun with the concept, I’d skip out on murder and indulge in another crime – robbery. Watch out Apple stores; in 2022, I’m coming for you.

What would you do if The Purge were instated? Would you keep clear of the madness or take advantage of the opportunity for a catharsis?


The Purge is now playing in theaters. It is 85 minutes long and is Rated R for strong disturbing violence and some language. Be sure to Read Our Review.

Want to discuss Spoilers and the Ending to the film? Go to our Purge Spoilers Discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out upcoming episodes of the SR Underground podcast.


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  1. i have an idea
    Batman vs Purge

    on March 21st at 7pm, sirens sound, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are tucked away, and all hell breaks loose except for one man
    The batman- a one day Vigilante stopping murders one at a time without killing anyone

    • Awesome. But after reading Knightfall, I’m not sure he could pull it off.

    • Maybe with the Justice League

  2. No response to disgusting troll

  3. 1488

  4. The only way to survive such night is to invite someone over…

    And that someone better be Chuck Norris.

    • that obviously means batman

      • Okay Ravz, gotta ask;
        Who would win?

  5. Most of my neighbors would be dead. And I’m betting I’m not alone here.

    • I know what you mean, but would you really? Who wants a constant reminder of their misdeeds? Every day you go past a neighbors house, you’d be thinking about it, you’d torture yourself.

      “Never s**t where you eat” and “a little too close to home” are some of the things that would come up in my mind.

      • If I was going to go through with it, I would be certain to make sure my identity was protected.
        Granted, what I’d be doing would be legal for the time being, but you don’t need someone looking for revenge. And not everyone out there cares what day it is when they look to kill someone

        • That’s exactly why I’d lock myself in my house, over-thinking. What if someone, who was wronged by what I did during The Purge, decided that they want some kind of revenge? I’d constantly be watching my back. A little thing like incarceration doesn’t intimidate everyone.

  6. I’ve literally read every single comment on this thread, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The “sex with sheep” comment is priceless and the guy who said he’d probably die first because he has morals is like me, I’d be to scared to do anything. But if I thought about it…..

    There’s this girl I have a crush on, I’d probably go to her cheating boyfriends house and “take care of him”. Then I’d try and find the address of the only Bugatti Veyron in the country and see if I can break 400km/h on our highways.

    • I can relate to cheating boyfriends, but what about the other cars on the highway?

      • Hopefully everyone is holed-out in their homes. Even on a normal day the cars on the road, after midnight, are scarce. But during “The Purge” they’d be nothing on the road especially in the country/farming regions where the roads are pristine from lack of wear and tear.

        Lets be honest, cheating partners would go first, who wants to go through a messy divorce or a cordial break-up anyway?

        • That’s true. I was once told, if you want to drive fast, the best time is on the highway at three in the morning. As for cheating partners,
          If my wife cheated on me, I’d probably wait for the Purge so I could beat Chaning Tatum to death. lol

          • Exactly, I’m in the process of ordering a bike and the first thing I’m gonna do is take it out at 3 in the morning as I think that would be the best time to get acquainted with riding. Yeah, Channing Tatum is just too pretty, I’d definitely help out. This actually reminds me of that blond guy in the movie Fight Club, you just want to mess his face up for no good reason.

            • lol That guy was Brad Pitt but after Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer I couldn’t go through with it.

              As for your other comment, I was making a point with this other guy about the difference between a sociopath and a psycho; when one is pissed at you, say for asking him not to blast music late at night, he might slash your tires, but a psycho would slash your throat.

              If I was going to kill anyone, purge or no purge, I would always try the friendly approach first. Then if I was actually going to go through with murder, my defense to my conscience would be, “Hey, I tried to be nice about it.”

              There was a line from a film, wish to god I knew the name, but this guy said, just before he blew this guy’s head apart with a shotgun, he said, “Some people are such a#%*oles they deserve to die!”

  7. You think racists are safe? Buddy….

    Strap that jerk boyfriend you mentioned to the back of your bike by his ankles and take him for a ride on the highway at three am!

    Wow, I might wanna look into anger management…

    • Too easy. I’d want to do it with my bare hands. Since that one episode of Hannibal I’ve been wondering how hard it would be to gouge someone’s eyes out cause it looked far too easy when Will Graham did it. I’d probably take my time as well, this guy is a special breed of d**che and has it coming.

  9. See? Two birds one stone

    • Bad Puppy?

      You might want to consider therapy…

      • Oh you think that’s bad, you should read some of the earlier comments.

  10. there are so many guys i’d kill, i have a list and specific things i want to do to them not to mention i’d want to destroy them mentally and then the ones i’d let live after hours of torture if i didn’t want to kill them, i horribly scar their faces and amputate their hands and feet and other appendages. I’m not psychotic but there are so many people who deserve to have their lives horribly ruined because they are assholes.

  11. Ok, obviously people are ignoring the fact that The Purge premise was a knock off from a japanese movie ‘Zebraman 2′.

    • In other words, the basis of a Japanese movie plot, that was retarded, was fine tuned into something watchable

  12. Maybe rape my hot sister in law sisnce i know i would get away with it=)

  13. Yeah, I’d probably kill all the rapists

  14. My word!! Kill children, rape sisters-in-law, sex with sheep??

    Seriously if The Purge did actually happen, and its not impossible, we’d all be majorly f**ked!!!