‘The Purge’ Spoilers & Ending Discussion

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The Purge Movie Ending Spoilers The Purge Spoilers & Ending Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our review of The Purge, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for The Purge without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out upcoming episodes of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Purge for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film, its ending and all its surprises!

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The Purge is now playing in theaters. It is 85 minutes long and is Rated R for strong disturbing violence and some language.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out upcoming episodes of the SR Underground podcast. Or join the epic discussion over in the “How Would YOU Survive The Purge” comment thread.


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  1. I liked it but it could have been better.

    Imagine if the community turned on them because the security system Ethan sold them failed and a family was killed. There anger and jealousy would turn them into an angry mob.

    Then he has to protect his family from his neighbors for the entire movie. Not some random crazy mob.

    That is a more compelling drama. Could still be scary as the mob lose it and the action is provided by the community trying to gain access to the home. IMO.

    • @Epluribus

      Excellent idea, which would properly narrow the scope.

      If you imagine the entire United States is under this “purge”, the extent of the criminality (and the depth of it) would be unfathomable. And how might the country realistically recover its status quo?

      Think of it: bombings, burnings, rapes, murders — every manner of terrorism and untolled primal criminality; and the unspeakable physical damage to every metropolis, town, farm and village.

      The movie, true to its premise, would have to be a World-War-Z styled attack across the entirety of the U.S. homeland.

      But, as it is, one reads a review of the film in the hopes that the cinematic vernacular might suggest a freshness, should such a thing still be possible.

      THE PURGE feels like STRAW DOGS (the original or the reboot) and any iteration of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD assuming the unorthodox form of licensed “crowd psychology” and mob rule. Ok, there’s nothing new under the sun.

      However, Epluribus, what you suggest — something local and blunt, a dispiriting note of vengeful violence — would stay within the limits of the story being told and production being rendered without the loss of credibility.

      Still, if the audience is none the wiser, then all this is much ado about nothing.

    • To be fair, the whole point is that the seemingly “good” people are actually hiding dark sides and savagery the rest of the year. The “good” neighborhood is actually full of “bad” people, and the “bad” homeless guy is actually very honorable and noble.

      A lot of this a direct copy of “The Lottery” – specifically the duplicitous nature of the neighbors.

      • True that. I just wish they didn’t wait until the end to examine that theme.

        Plus who cuts power to a house and then ask folks to catch a “Black” man in the dark? I’m Black and so was my guest and that’s the first thing we thought when they cut power to the house. Why even cut the power?

        • I personally don’t think that task is as hard as you’re making it out to be.

          • I wondered the same thing, but not because he was black.

        • That’s what I thought but I think they were setting them up to fail and kill them anyway.the only thing I could see was his eyes

        • You’re giving stupid teenagers too much credit.

      • I still think the mother should have killed Grace at the end! I hated her so much when she tried to kill the kids! I was pleased with her getting a broken nose, but she deserved so much worse!

  2. I love that Ethan Hawke’s character dies! It made the tension so much greater when the rest of the neighborhood came into the house to handle the rest of the family. Kind of a Game of Throne moment of will they won’t they just kill off all the Sandin household.

    • Not really sure there if Ethan Hawke died or survived the attack. The neighbors might just have thought he died. I think he was just unconscious. After all, there is a part 2.

      • Despite all the spoilers that say the father dies, the movie does not actually show him to have passed, nor to have bled out profusely on the floor (unless I missed something). The father did sustain one large belly wound to the gut. However, if a major artery was not hit, he could have, in fact, survived until morning. The point they seemed to want to make is, whether the father thought his life was worth that of a homeless man. The answer was given in his prior actions. He chose to protect a stranger knowing the risks.

        • well his son puts his heart monitor watch on him and u hear it stop

  3. One other thing: all this security but no panic room?!

    • +1

  4. Those kids were so ridiculously stupid in this movie, though I did enjoy it.

    • Note to self: if my kids are idiots, then tie them up during a PURGE.

  5. It was a solid movie, but I did have a couple issues.
    1.That family was stupid as s***. They did everything they could to get themselves killed.
    2.I wish when the wife captured the neighbors at the end she would’ve said something along the lines of “You didn’t invite me to your Purge party!” and then killed them all.
    Why leave the neighbors alive when you have the upper hand now? You know they’re coming back next year.

    • Thats not the type of person Mary was. And plus. the Sandins probably moved the hell out of there. Their house was trashed already. And really they should’ve shown what happened the next day or some s*** It was really creepy how they started ‘praying’ in a circle before they tried to kill the Sandins. Basically, all of them were haters and they were gonna kill them cause they were hating on them and they were jealous. Thats so dumb.

      And the way that girl with the mask was ‘tickling’ Mary, that was horrible. Oh my god. I hate things like that. But i hate how James died. But after all, Grace (the neighbor) got what she needed. A knock in the face with a gun.

      I knew something was going on when the neighbors came to help, that plot was too easy. And I already had a mindset of seeing everybody outside of the Sandins and not trusting them. And I was completely right. Every person we saw in the movie that wasn’t in the family, came and tryed to hurt them. The boyfriend, and all the neighbors.
      Nice movie though.

  6. It was okay but could have been much better. The concept of Purge sounds intriguing if not plausible but they focus more on the home invasion part, which led to laughs but is really unoriginal. I feel they should have focused on the purge.

    For example, you know the family that works to protect the kids, what’s to say that the family won’t turn against each other. Like when Henry gets killed by Charlie, it would have been a perfect opportunity for Zoe to desire revenge and “purge” herself of those desires by killing her father. Here, the family is portrayed as 100% trustworthy. If I made that film, I would have focused more on the purge concept, maybe turning it into a psychological thriller, allowing for character development to shine through.

    One thing that annoyed me was that everytime someone is about to get killed, someone else always shoots them from the back.

    • Im sorry, I mean James kills Henry.

  7. So, why does this mob target Ethan Hawks family?

    • I don’t really understand what was so special about the “homeless swine”. Couldn’t they just go around the corner and find another? The story could have been a little better, but I’m glad they left it open to a possible sequel.

      • The ‘homeless swine’ killed one of their people (The masked freaks) while defending himself. Then he ran. Thats what really set them off I guess.

    • The neighbors target the family because the husband made a ton of money selling his security systems to the neighborhood and just rubbed the money in their face bad reason but better than nothing

      • I really don’t understand how he or the family rubbed it in their faces. They brought stuff so thats rubbing it in their faces, really they just haters and mad about the security systems prices. I thought this movie was awful, majority of it was just searching their homes in fear.

    • Because one of the kids let in a black man that the group was trying to get

    • We were after the homeless kid that was hiding in there home

  8. Things that didn’t add up for me:

    Why did Henry try to kill James? Would it really help his relationship with Zoey?
    How come every single window and door in the house opened when they breached the front entrance?
    Why did everybody drop their firearms upon the initiation of every fight scene? (this one really bothered me)
    Why did the family spilt up? Why was the daughter just doing her own thing? Why was Charlie a complete moron?
    Why didn’t they just kill the neighbours after? Are they just gonna go back to normal?
    Why didn’t they untie the black dude after they decided to spare him?

    • You are correct on so many levels. Here’s a few more gripes I had.
      Why did so many characters prolong EVERY KILL. In the basement when the guys snatches the sun, He goes through the trouble of dragging to the center of the room then slowly draws his gun. Same with when they captured the wife and wrestled with her for the better part of a few minutes rather than just killing her. AGAIN when they have the whole family hostage and decide to kill them, they waste time reciting mottos and organizing who’s going first like a potluck lunch before they commence killing. Also the decision to not kill her neighbors was a decision i’m sure the directors are regretting. THAT was stupid. Her husband is lying dead in the other room, her neighbors who you just finished groveling on your knees begging them not to kill your children and you, are sitting right in front of you and “you’ve had enough of the killing”….she didn’t even have to kill them, the homeless guy(who wore dog tags so I’ll asume he may have been a VETERAN) was gonna kill them for them so she didn’t even need to get her hands dirty essentially. Even if she didn’t kill them I would’ve maimed them at least. Like maybe through bleach in all their eyes and let them live their entire lives blind as a reminder they screwed with the wrong person. Overall the movie literally WASTED every single opportunity to be a unique thriller. Instead all it ended up being was a movie about crazy people breaking into a house….the whole purge concept doesn’t get explored or even backstoried at all and is nothing but background noise to just another random violent thriller.

      • I thought the idea of not killing any of the neighbors was a good idea. it showed that Mary was a very good person overall because she is not that kind of person considering shes the one who convinced her husband not to kill the homeless man. Maybe she wanted the neighbors to live their lives in guilt because of what they tried to do.

        • There were too many holes in this movie for me. The characters (kids) were so poorly portrayed and acted. Is this what our society thinks the younger generation is like? Was the whole family ok with dying to save some random guy? Buying things like an addition to the house is not flaunting money. It was absurd for the neighbors to put this whole thing on anger when it was really just jealousy. Mary should have shot each one of the neighbors in both knee caps or in the spine. Paralyze them and let them live with what they tried to do.

      • Thank You. I agree completely.

  9. ikr its fu.cking shi.tty that they would make such a shi.t film omfg kill me now.

  10. I didn’t like this movie, it wasn’t believable or realistic. My biggest problem was that the black guy they were trying to kill was just a homeless man. I thought he would be hiding something like a way to shut down the purge, or that he was actually a level 5 guy in disguise. So much more potential for his character wasted. So ultimately it was dumb.

    • It’s not a perfect movie, but realize that it is a MOVIE! Of course it’s no realistic.

  11. Overall I loved the movie. It had a fantastic concept. However, I don’t believe they really pushed their limits with it. I think it would have been cool in other genres; a comedy crazy trip, a government challenging thriller, etc. will the ending, I’m just disappointed about the polite stranger(Rhys Wakefield)’s death. I feel if they left him alive, a sequel would be amazing. (Terrible, actually, but I would love to see it). It’s good the killed James. Without that, I would have thrown up my hands in defeat. Main characters do not simply live.

  12. Overall I loved the movie. It had a fantastic concept. However, I don’t believe they really pushed their limits with it. I think it would have been cool in other genres; a comedy crazy trip, a government challenging thriller, etc. will the ending, I’m just disappointed about the polite stranger(Rhys Wakefield)’s death. A sequel would have been great. Terrible, but I would have loved to see it.
    The only good choice they made was killing off one of the family members.

    The only death I cared about was the leader’s death. They really shouldn’t have killed him. :(

  13. Overall I loved the movie. It had a fantastic concept. However, I don’t believe they really pushed their limits with it. I think it would have been cool in other genres; a comedy crazy trip, a government challenging thriller, etc. with the ending, I’m just disappointed about the polite stranger(Rhys Wakefield)’s death. A sequel would have been great. Terrible, but I would have loved to see it.
    The only good choice they made was killing off one of the family members.

    The only death I cared about was the leader’s death. They really shouldn’t have killed him. :(

  14. I didn’t like the movie because they should of focused more on the purge itself not just a family trapped in a house, I wanted maybe to see a group of people or even just one person running around town so you get the full effect not just one incident that occurred during the purge, I also felt like they just reused the plot from the strangers but that’s my opinion.

  15. I went to see this movie sunday with my husband and just as the family was taping up the homeless guy, getting ready to surrender him, the power in the theatre went out and never came back on. What happened?! In detail please :)

  16. I seen the movie and I really liked it. Don’t know why people say its an awful movie.

    I think the Purge was an excuse to go after poor people and not just people who annoy someone else for 364 days. Like on the radio, poor people can’t defend themselves when the Purge hits. So why isn’t the Father’s of America who ever they are, never said who they were in the movie Protect the Poor? (like the poor homeless man the crazy mask people were chasing)

    What the young kid did, cant remember his name, he saved the homeless man. He seemed to be the only one in the movie that cared for the hurt and scared guy. Cheers to him…

    And the family didn’t say, look at me, I am filthy rich. I didn’t see anything on their house that the other neighbors didn’t have, or maybe I missed it. But the ones who brought the security have to be rich, cause the security didn’t sound cheap. And if the family wanted to put flowers in their yard or have a extra edition to the house, then they can.

    I think the neighbors that attacked the family were idiots and the mother let the neighbors get away, when she should have done something but she must have been too tramatise to do anything in return…

    Maybe she will in the next movie… (Hell Has No Furry Like A Scorn Women!)

    • Actually, the Purge is BOTH a way to eliminate the poor/homeless so that they wouldn’t be a burden to society, AND an opportunity to go after people that you dislike/have a problem with. The movie didn’t go specifically into the concept of how people or organizations who are professional racists (e.g. KKK, neo-Nazi groups, etc.) would utilize this chance to their advantage, as explicitly showing that kind of footage would create far more controversy over this film. But it clearly did show how those who despise their neighbors, or let’s sy their boss (as we heard a radio caller saying he’d kill his boss in the hot tub at the beginning of the film), or how the daughter’s boyfriend tried to kill the father for instance, that the purge isn’t simply about eliminating the poor.

      Also, while the family didn’t explicitly rub their neighbor’s face in on how much money they were making off of them, the movie did indicate that the father (played by Ethan Hawke) was the no. 1 salesman, getting a nice fat bonus for all the units he sold–particularly to his neighbors–as indicated by the blonde woman who brought them cookies telling the mother (played by Lena Heady) how the neighborhood gossiped about all that business paying for that family’s house & security. The father was also contemplating buying a boat/yacht with potentially a car garage, remember? Now doing something like that is a bit “flaunting” wouldn’t you say?

  17. my idea, let everyone in the house (making them think your inside). Sit with a sniper at the other side… take em all out.


    ak47, kill every single one as they walk in


    camp in a conner, or find another good vantage point

    or note to the kid: when a stranger opens the door, try and turn your torch light off so he doesn’t see you. be stealthy!

    • Get rid of the homeless and crime goes down?

  18. How did they know the black guy was there?? I didn’t get that part!! The movie is okay..

    • As the creepy psycho blonde-haired suit wearing mullet, but no-sideburns sporting purge leader stated when he made his initial announcement to the family, THEIR NEIGHBORS had pointed out to these would-be purgists that the family gave shelter to the homeless Black man.

  19. How did they know the black guy was there? I didn’t get that part!! The movie is okay

  20. I think it is a great movie, its creative and interesting, its like my eyes are locked on the screen, because, i never saw a movie like this before. The Grudge, The Ring, House on haunted hill, Possession, Psycho, Suspiria, Shaun of the dead, Predator, Sinister or Evidence, none of them had a effect on me like this one. Because someday, it could happen, in reality. It feels so real and i just can’t stop watching it over and over again.

  21. Honestly, I wanted the family to die so hard because of their stupidity, I stopped caring about what happens half way through. I wonder: How would a black/asian/latino family have reacted? Would the daughters be so naive and ditzy? Would their boyfriends REALLY think they could have a relationship after killing someone’s FATHER???

  22. The biggest parallel that I saw in this movie to what’s going on in real life today is: “support the purge” = “support the troops” (or rather support the unjust racist wars in the Mid-East & elsewhere). In the movie, just about everyone seem to agree at first that the purge should have UNCONDITIONAL support, the same way that we Americans in real life are brainwashed to say we should all support the troops who are purging foreign nationals by slaughtering them in their very own land.

    It’s only when they bound and began stabbing the Black homeless man in his wound (i.e. TORTURE) did the family realize they’re on the wrong side here, and just how evil this whole concept of “supporting the purge” truly is! Ironically, the homeless Black man was wearing what appeared to be at least in part some army camo clothing, thus indicating he might be a homeless vet. This movie is full of nuances and tidbits that those who pay attention to detail will greatly appreciate. I especially liked the part where the suited-up psychotic purge leader first appeared to the besieged family and announced that he and his friends were a group of fine young EDUCATED members of society. Also, how all those who participate in the purge like to use PATRIOTISM & DUTY as an excuse to justify slaughtering helpless people in cold blood. Sound familiar America?

    • unjust racist wars in the Mid-East?
      troops who are purging foreign nationals by slaughtering them in their very own land?

      Wow, you are completely clueless. If it was a war against a race, why wouldn’t the military just drop nukes all over the Middle East? Why spend billions of dollars and risk lives of our own young men? Have you even been to the Middle East? I have. I have spent over 3 years in Iraq both as a member of the military and another government agency. Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq were killing hundreds of Iraqis every day. It was so bad, that the Iraqis formed the Council of Awakening to hunt them down.

      • Are you kidding me? Drop nukes all over the Middle East, you say? Get this through your head… the only country in history to have ever used nukes against another nation are us, the United States, and we still take crap over it even now! So dropping a whole bunch of nukes in a region like the Mid-East (where the radiation would no dobut spread to parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe as well), mass-killing people by the billions, and making that whole area uninhabitable for decades if not longer, would be like out-doing Hitler by a thousandfold, you idiot! I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire planet (what would be left of it) banded together to wipe us off the map then.

        Secondly, stop watching Fox News and spouting BS! Al-Qaeda are not from Iraq, and they only went there to fight the invading U.S. military, period! Everything else you say/or have heard is UTTER CRAP! And I don’t believe for a second that you’re a soldier either, but even if you were, I don’t give a damn! Because you’d be no better than the Nazi stormtroopers invading, raping, killing, and dirupting or destroying the lives os so many innocent people in a country that has done nothing wrong to you! In fact, over 90% of the insurgent forces that the U.S. military have fought and MURDERED in Iraq are PATRIOTIC Iraqis defending their land from the evil forces who invaded their country! Ever seen the move Red Dawn? Well, those brave Iraqis are fighting the Red White & Blue Dawn!

        Third, to answer your question, yes, I’ve been to several countries in the Mid-East, and I still go there frequently on business and vacations to places like Qatar, Turkey, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Some of these locales are so luxurious and decadant, they have manmade islands with 6-star hotels that the likes of you would never be able to get into. I’ve even been to Iraq in the 1980s when they were still considered U.S. allies, and their currency was worth about 4 times the value of the U.S. dollar. It used to be a gorgeous country, turned into rubble by the thousands of bombs we’ve dropped there, and the decade-long war with no end in sight, and not to mention over 2 decades of economic sanctions that were forced upon them after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait for allegedly slant-drilling into Iraqi oilfields. To this day, there are thousands of Iraqi families and businesses that await compensation from the U.S. Government for the damages and destruction done to their land and property.

        In any case, cut the crap, would ya’? Anyone who is the least bit informed and has half-a-brain knows that both these wars in Iraq & Afghanistan were started for the wrong reason(s)… namely REVENGE for 9/11! After the death of millions of Iraqis and Afghans (all of which we Americans are responsible for either directly or indirectly because we started these conflicts), we should have the guts to hone up to what we did… and hold our government responsible, especially the memebers of the Bush administration. Good God, that guy was such a friggin’ idiot! Oh yeah, and those so-called councils formed or actions taken by the PUPPET GOVERNMENTS installed by Washington in Iraq & Afghanistan don’t mean jack squat! Who’re you tryin’ to kid with that garbage, anyhow?

        • Since the USA is so awful and such cruel people; why is it that you live here? Because we are a world power even when we are broke? Grief for the nuke? No fear of the nuke is more like it. That single action took us to the top of tbe food chain. Only the strong live at the top. Either strong physically or strong intelligence have to have one or the other to have control plan out fact. Only the strong survive best to remember that.

  23. So many subliminal stuff in this movie i actually believe one day something kinda like this WELL HAPPEN……illuminati….

  24. So many subliminal stuff in this movie i actually believe one day something kinda like this WELL HAPPEN. illuminati

  25. Stupid movie, wasn’t scary. And I felt like it wasn’t reality at all that couldn’t possibly happen in America it’s crazy

  26. I think for possible sequel, the remaining family takes a trip to see government I.e. founding fathers and confronts them about the purge, only to find it has a deep demonic founding. (Sorta like the house in the woods…)

  27. I think for possible sequel, the remaining family takes a trip to see government I.e. founding fathers and confronts them about the purge, only to find it has a deep demonic founding. Sorta like the house in the woods…

  28. So the purge would make it hard for tv stations/security companies/ any sort of business to remain functional because the amount of high level white collar crime that would occur during the purge would be insane. CEO emptying the accounts keeping the money for himself etc.

    I think this could have been a kick ass movie if they had focused on the eve of the purge (before you can kill) for like 3/4 of the movie. You could really develop characters and make it a more intelligent movie. Then for the last 1/4 just have a shytstorm.

  29. Hello! I actually have a question about one part of the movie, when the killers with masks enter the house, the father killed a teenage with mask, and then when te mask fades he stares at her like he knows her, who was she????

    • Yeah, I noticed that part too. He was staring at the dead girl like he knew her from somewhere. I suppose she could’ve just been someone from that very same neighborhood/community, and he was just surprised to see how little he knew about his neighbors, or perhaps stunned to see how much his neighbors really hate him and his family.