‘The Purge 2′ Is In Development – What Will the Sequel Be About?

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The Purge 2 Sequel Announced and Confirmed The Purge 2 Is In Development   What Will the Sequel Be About?

The Purge turned out to be a big hit for Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions – winning the weekend box office with a $36 million haul on a $3 million budget. The film – which examines a near-future America in which all crime is declared legal for one night a year – had a premise that was more intriguing than the stripped-down, single-setting thriller director James DeMonaco presented (read our review); that’s why it’s no surprise that the studio is going to mine the idea for greater box office opportunity.

In other words: A Purge sequel has already been given the green light, so the only question is: what will it be about?

The Wrap reported on the Purge sequel being given the go-ahead. This development is by now par for the course for Blumhouse Productions, which has been one of the biggest ushers of the micro-budget horror movie sub-genre. For those unfamiliar: Blumhouse has produced films like the Paranormal Activity franchise and last year’s horror hit Sinister (also starring Ethan Hawke) for budgets in the low single-digit millions, which ultimately generate gross earnings in the (approx) $40 – 50 million range. It’s no secret that after four movies (and a fifth on the way) Blumhouse is milking the PA franchise for all more than it’s worth; Sinister 2 is in the works as well, which is clear sign the studio is also milking that franchise. So, The Purge 2 is just a logical next step in the company’s proven blueprint for horror movie success – but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to be getting a better movie the second time around.

Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser1 The Purge 2 Is In Development   What Will the Sequel Be About?

Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4 was the most blatant example yet of Blumhouse using brand recognition to offer audiences an undercooked film – one that spent more time rehashing the overly-famliar scare tactics the franchise is known for, and almost zero time straightening out the franchise’s increasingly convoluted mythos - whether or not Sinister 2 and The Purge 2 follow suit remains to be seen. In the case of the latter, people have already begun speculating that a Purge sequel might take things out of a single house setting and into the wider mayhem of the savage streets – and while that might be interesting (and epic) to witness, the simple fact is such a move doesn’t fit with tight-pursestrings approach that Blumhouse seems to be rigidly sticking to.

In fact, in the case of both Sinister 2 and The Purge 2, I wouldn’t be surprised to see each sequel rehash the same story using a new set of characters in a different locale (still a single house setting); either that or a continuation of the first chapters using the surviving characters (relocated to new single-setting locales) – much like PA2. However, a sprawling road trip manhunt for Sinister’s Bughuul or a city-wide odyssey through a night of Purging aren’t the type of $equels I would place my bets on, since it would push the budgets of each respective film past the studio’s comfort zone.

Sinister Movie 2012  The Purge 2 Is In Development   What Will the Sequel Be About?


What would you like to see from The Purge 2? Another round of the same (with maybe some better and more thought-provoking direction)? Or an epic look at the larger mass violence the annual ritual inspires?







Although, given his 0% survival rate for both Sinister and The Purge, don’t expect to see Ethan Hawke headlining either sequel.


We’ll keep you updated on the status of The Purge 2 as news is released.

The Purge is now playing in theaters. It is 85 minutes long and is Rated R for strong disturbing violence and some language. Be sure to Read Our Review.

Want to discuss Spoilers and the Ending to the film? Go to our Purge Spoilers Discussion. Or join the epic discussion over in our “How Would YOU Survive The Purge” comment thread.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Oh Hollywood, just because a surprise hit occurs, it doesn’t mean you have to ruin the concept in an attempt to milk it.

    • +1

  2. I brought this up in the “What would you do?” thread…

    One of the parents decides he/she doesn’t want a family anymore (ala Susan Smith or Scott Peterson). After the house goes on lock-down, the mom/dad hunts down his children and spouse.

    Single set, scary as hell. Explores the other side of the purge, the body-snatcher side. You can’t really know who you are living with until all blocks are removed. Internal threat rather than external. Familiar vs the strange. Familiar is always more frightening.

    I think back to the opening of a film I can’t seem to find the title of. A cult leader is calling his followers back, and in one scene we see a serene housewife and her poisoned dead husband and kids at the breakfast table. That terrifying image has stuck with me my whole life, and that is what Purge 2 should be based on.

  3. The Purge 2: Hour of Red

    It turns out that the government is actually a computer and during the Purge, the people who go out and do crime are actually being controlled by the computer.

    Therefore Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban seek out the source to find this computer and liberate society.

  4. i think itd be cool if they have someone being a vigilante during this and actually saving people. they could have a group that gets together to save people as well

  5. Another comment about Blumehouse. Obviously they’ve figured out the financial side, they just need a bit of improvement on the artistic end of it.

    I love the idea of a production studio creating low-risk micro-budget movies, just not in the slap-dash method they’ve used so far. I think the success of their financial formula can be used to fuel actual long-running franchises rather than just endless sequels.

    Writing and planning are cheaper than any other aspect of production, and will yield the greatest return financially and artistically than any other factor in film making if done correctly.

    In other words, when you make your next micro-budget first movie, have the other 5 planned out ahead of time so that at least there is some cohesiveness. Obviously not fully written scripts, but at least have some idea of the progression of the films.

    As always – Go to where the puck will be, not where it is now.

  6. Kill the race fans

  7. Have the main characters be the members of a Purge Party.

  8. I think the same story and new set of characters is the likely outcome.
    If The Purge finishes at the current projected numbers the present
    cast would ask for more money making a 3 mill budget impossible.

  9. I would actually go see the Purge 2 if they went with either city wide destruction or Morrigan’s idea of the parent going after the rest of the family.

  10. I think it would be cool if in the sequel they change everything up new family, new area, and bigger problems like have the families house broken in and they escape on foot and just have them being chased around by crazy people and another thin that the purge didn’t have gory death of main charactors

  11. I would love to see the chaos going on throughout the city and streets. But yeah, Blumhouse probably would not approve that budget.

  12. LAAAAME!!!!!

  13. We know you are, but are you in favor of a sequel?

  14. I think it would be cool if they showed the aftermath of the first movie,and how it went with Grace, the neighbors and the family after the events of the first film. After that, the movie skips onto the next Purge where Grace and the other neighbors try to get back revenge on the family once more. And then the movie will progress throughout, but they should also have some sort of twist to it. Maybe the family itself, should go out and kill their neighbors for what they tried to do to them last year – they do now have hatred towards them that they need to release themselves of, and that’s what the Purge is all about.

    • Actually, another idea to it could also be expanding on America as a whole during the Purge, and the political side of it. Who are these founding fathers? Could it all some sick experiment (like Cabin in the Woods)? It’s a very interesting Idea (The Purge) which they should go and explore into more. They should give a more intense portrayal of this and America and exploit the idea more.

      • They should go with the second one that would be interesting

        • What one?

  15. It would be great for a purge 2!!! i loved the purge

  16. At the end we all see the family watching the homeless guy leave the house but I noticed the kid charlie whatever his name is stares at him so hard .. I would like too see the kid charlie get revenge on the homeless guy because he is gonna hate himself for opening the doors too him so he is going too have hatred for the homeless guy and get him back, mean while the mom and zoey get revenge on the neighbors that almost killed them

  17. I think The Purge 2 should be a combination of several things going on.

    Instead of just one area, visit several.

    Show several scenes.

    Here are some good examples.

    1. Similar to What Morrigan said: One of the parents decides he/she doesn’t want a family anymore (ala Susan Smith or Scott Peterson). After the house goes on lock-down, the mom/dad hunts down his children and spouse.

    But mine would be a different.

    Every day you see a “loving family”. But on the night of the purge?

    It starts out with one parent or child starts hunting their own, then it explodes. All those hidden feelings come bursting to the surface and they start hunting each other.

    2. Similar What Some Guy said: If they showed the aftermath of the first movie.

    But mine is a bit different

    Next year comes around and everything “seems” to be back to normal or normalish. Everyone is going about their daily routine, the Sandin’s are trying to cope with last year’s Purge. However, seeing their neighbor’s every day, smugly walking around, enjoying life, acting as if the previous year nothing happened. It causes the rest of the Sandin family to more or less snap. Not crazy or psycho snap, but just snap enough that they partake in the Purge with some revenge.

    3. City wide destruction. Chaos going on throughout the city and streets. Just all kinds of horror and violence. And a quick look at how the Purge is through out the entire world.

    4. Similar to What John Solo said: I think it’d be cool if they have someone being a vigilante during this and actually saving people. they could have a group that gets together to save people as well

    But, mine again would be a bit different.

    You have these roaming groups of people that are vigilante’s. They wander around the cities saving people and killing those that are out to harm the innocents. Oh and the vigilante groups grow, because those that are saved decide to join to help other innocent people. Yes, its a little cheesy but if mixed in with the rest of the stories, it would do well.

    Oh I have to add: NOT what Guardian Outlaw said, about the government is actually a computer. During the Purge, the people who go out and do crime are actually being controlled by the computer.

    Therefore Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban seek out the source to find this computer and liberate society.

    That is BEYOND STUPID!

    I wouldn’t offend my computer by downloading that clap trap crap.

  18. I think the second one will be about the family in the first purge going out to kill the family that tried to kill them at the end, as in RIGHT at the end

  19. I think my idea of the second purge would definitely continue with the family were they left off, have everyone all happy go lucky in their quaint little neighborhood all protected and what not, but have the main family driving out of the gated community. Maybe start off with Mrs. Sandin and her children visit their fathers grave and you know the tomb stone says “…beloved father and husband…” but at the end say “thank you for your sacrifice”. But the night of the purge the Mrs. Sandin, Zoey, and Charlie all join in on the purge, but instead they are going after their neighbors. Say they were plotting everything for a year since the father/husband died and maybe have the bloody stranger be a guest appearance. But since this movie would be considered more suspenseful you gotta add a little something, like maybe one of this kids goes crazy, or even goes on an alternate killing spree.

    Or make it a new family, a lower classed family, but they have the same security system that the family from the first film sold. Maybe make them much much lower class. Even make them live in a not so good neighborhood, but they used most of their money on the security system because safety seems to be everything in this movie. You can make it a single parent having problems with their children’s other parent. Maybe a single dad having to raise two little innocent girls. The night of the purge maybe the security system gives out, the father is freaking out trying to fix it before something bad happens. But he hears shots from a couple streets down, he tells his girls to hide. They could have another victim just like the first movie, the bloody stranger, have a homeless lady beg for his protection. He gives in and takes the lady in, not knowing that there should be a twist and she is apart of a group like the last movie, except the group is going to peoples home just like the new family and killing them all. The man finally gets the system fixed and puts up the barriers, but from the inside the lady is contacting her group and telling them their location. Long story short, they get into the house someone cause you know you have to have a some kind of mishap, maybe even the young girls die. I know it sounds really bad but hey, they killed a main character in the last movie so it technically makes fair game. The man could find his children, go a little insane in a 2.5 second radius and decide to cause some kind of explosion and you know how movies end. Hero wins, villain loses yada yada.

    Just a small suggestion even if the movie is in the making. Sorry for using the word maybe, or like a lot.

  20. If they made a second movie I’d like to see:
    1)Have the same characters and see what happens in the purge of 2023, whether they take revenge or something else happens
    2) As a teenager I’d love to see a group of teenagers point of view like if they had went to a crazy wild party or they payed some people a visit
    3) A new story that show what is happening all over their surroundings. For example the black dude that was being hunted down, what if nobody opened the door and the whole movie was him trying to stay alive running around the city for the whole 12 hours

  21. I think it would be cool if they did what john solo said,
    but like grace try’s to get revenge on the Sandins and the vigilantes save them and the sandins join them and it like shows how crazy things are outside of their little gated community.

  22. I think it should pick up from the end of the 2022 Purge. Watch how the families and towns clean up the Purge. Then right when everything starts getting back normal and the house of the family that was in the first one is repaired we see from another point of view. A group of government agencies wanting to make a change and by doing that they start another purge up by starting in the rich neighborhood. Bombings, shootings, and gas(that kills) has killed half the people and burned down their homes. When the agencies find that the next house is without a father figure they send in a man who tries to win trust of the family learn their routine. But with the neighborhood under attack the family keeps guns near by. While the outside agents stand by for the clear the little boy starts to discover the mans true identity. Shooting him dead in front of everyone sets off an alarms that the man was signaling to the other angents. They break in and the family must fight once more for the freedom they want..

  23. For the second film I would imagine that there would be a large public outcry about the “Success” of the last purge. Despite the majority of the nation against the purge, the government goes ahead with plans as usual.

    Within the year until the next purge a group of individuals band together to stand against the purge. Believing that people who decide to participate in the purge are the real problem with the country.

    The government sees this group as a threat to the nation and labels them as terrorists. After capturing one of the “terrorists” they get names of most of the people in the group. But by the time the government discovers their location, the purge has started. With this new information they broadcast a bounty on terrorists.

    The movie would be more or less a cat and mouse game. With those running around trying to avoid the hoards of people trying to hunt them down.

  24. I would like to see the son turning out to become a psycho and go crazy in the next movie against an innocent family that could be pretty interesting as you can already notice that he is a little bit weird and disturb

  25. Well I have a couple of ideas and it would be cool to have the sequels on the same day as the 1st movie to show the many stories all on one day

    1. In Texas a race/gang war between different groups (neo-nazis, mexican immigrants/drug lords, black gangs, feminists).

    2. In New York a crime family tries to commit a big heist only for a rookie or small town cop, who still wants to help the innocent, to try and stop them.

    3. In Illinois a cult leader is breaking out and recruiting prisoners and mental patients to join his brotherhood (army).

    4. In California a mask wearing serial killer is terrorizing a suburban town.

  26. Of course they coming out with sequel

  27. Type o in my first comment I ment city

  28. its simple, while the purge was a great micro budget film, it should not stay that way. micro budgets are good for high risk movies such as PA and Sinister and the purge. things that push the norm and may offend people. but if that micro budget is successful, then it should be upgraded to a full blown budget. So people who liked the single setting will love a spawling multi million dollar budget. if a movie did well, then they should expaned the budget and provide amazing CONTENT. :D