Exclusive: Olivier Megaton Says Sequel to ‘The Professional’ Unlikely

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2013 at 12:16 pm,

Olivier Megaton Professional Sequel Mathilda Exclusive: Olivier Megaton Says Sequel to ‘The Professional’ Unlikely

Rumors have circulated for years about a possible sequel to Luc Besson’s fantastic 1994 film, The Professional (a.k.a. Leon). The proposed director of the sequel, Olivier Megaton, has told Screen Rant the film will more than likely never happen. But there’s room to be hopeful – because everybody involved still wants to make it.

Mathilda, the title of the sequel, already has a script, written by Besson, with Transporter 3 director Olivier Megaton in line to helm the project. Megaton is in Chicago to shoot the Zoe Saldana assassin movie Colombiana and discussed the rough development process.

Apparently, when The Professional was first completed, there were immediate plans to film a sequel following the main character, Mathilda (Natalie Portman). However, everybody wanted to wait for Portman to get a bit older – so that she could reprise the character at a more mature age.

While the filmmakers were waiting on Portman to age, Besson moved on from the production company that helped distribute The Professional, creating his own company, EuropaCorp. None too happy about the loss, the original studio has held The Professional rights close to the vest – and will not budge. Therefore, Besson cannot continue with his creative process.

In the film, Portman portrays 12-year-old Mathilda (for which she earned the top spot on our list of favorite performances by a child actor). Her family is murdered and her neighbor, Leon (Jean Reno) takes her in – and an awkward, yet charming, relationship develops. Her main goal is to study his talents as a hitman – so she can exact revenge.

Without ruining the film, she is more than able by the end of film – yet never accomplishes the feat. Mathilda would catch up with the titular character years later as she fulfills her revenge.

The development standstill is even more unfortunate because, as Megaton explained, Natalie Portman still wants to make the movie. Everybody involved is in for a sequel, everyone except the studio that controls the rights to the story.

This is essentially where Colombianacomes into play, which Megaton feels is as close to a Professional sequel as we’ll ever see. Although the characters and background are different, the film follows Zoe Saldana’s character as she seeks revenge for the murder of her parents when she was a child.

If you are still hoping for the Mathilda film, don’t abandon all hope. But this is a wake-up call for anybody expecting it to happen anytime soon.

Besson has filled the void with femme fatales in Nikita and now Colombiana. Both of which could enhance the possibility of The Professional sequel - or simply replace it.

If a sequel did happen, what would you like to see? Are you still going to remain hopeful for a Mathilda film? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Mathilda would be a perfect sequel. The story could be as removed from Leon as you could want it to be. The real beauty would be that we all know what she has been through.

  2. I bet that this year the announcement of “Mathilda” is coming – I can feel it!

  3. Later for “Matilda” or that type of sequel as technically it is not broken being quite good as is so it doesn’t need any fixing,.. I however would very much love to see a prequel based upon “Leon’s” life and the loss he suffered driving to seek revenge and ultimately changing the course of his life.

    It would be interesting seeing “Leon” transition from a grieving man suffering the loss of his true love into the person he becomes whom chooses to avenge her death while having to flee to the country. To be honest a prequel seems far more interesting because of the events which would explain “Leon’s” character in depth and the development between “Leon and Tony” before “Matilda’s” appearance as it seems “Leon” because of his revenge act, feeling the country and not knowing how to read or write may have contributed to isolating him psychologically and his giving in to being a victim of his own circumstances may have left him feeling like he needed help which “Tony” was all too happy but to exploit while molding “Leon” into becoming a professional hit man ready to do his dirty work.

    Showing conflict within “Leon” and eventually pseudo-acceptance of his situation and how this mentality goes on to develop his overall character while showing him to be human, ethical and having morals despite what he has become would simply be incredible… remember – No women. No children.

    In as much as a sequel with “Portman” could be spun into something perhaps decent under the right direction I think a prequel with “Leon” would be a much more substantial and complete film.

    • Hi Joseph,

      I totally agree with you and I would love to see how Leon came to be the man he is before Mathilda came into his life. A prequel would be better to come out right now than a sequel. The sequel would tell us how Mathilda turned out but remember at the end of The Professional, Leon killed Stansfield the one who ordered the kill anyway. Sure there are a few that got away but they were only following his orders. Either way I will go to see both movies.

  4. I can not understand why the shooting have not yet started by Mathilda until today? We are talking about a movie for Natalie who will be most important and greatest, I would say her fate film …..
    The good thing is Natalie also wants this movie … that gives me hope, nothing is too late ..

  5. MATILDA would be the best sequel ever Natalie portman all grown up exacts revenge on ” old tony” for leons money . Then continues to rage on against the cops who killed her little brother and who are now still trying to find her ofcourse those cops now have much higher positions . At the end of leon so much was left for a sequel hopefully the studio can get over personal feelings and give the fans what they want to see 2014 and peoplpe still want to see this happen . Come on already DO IT !

  6. I believe that the studios are shying away from women as well as other minority lead action movies, Why? I could only speculate as to the prejudices, restricted thinking and limited ideas of studio heads and directors that have kept many valid concepts from becoming realized or stifled some that had. Other such films would reach fruition, but in my opinion, did not accomplish what I feel a Mathilda: The Professional 2 could. Her character has shown a potential for far more depth and an empathetic value the movies of its kind failed to produce. Fans of the first movie have longed for this character’s reprisal along with an older Portman return.

    Today, studios have overlooked or ignored the potential success that “minority” action leads offer. Black, oriental, woman, and now, with the influx of British, Austrailian and New Zealand actors, American starring roles have become all too scarce in our theaters and TV programs. Clearly this white male dominated industry suffers from the opinions of the few instead of just making quality films for the public to enjoy without restricting leads to white males. Ninja Assassin was better than many, yet fails to bestow Rain with true stardom or a significant sequel which might help to propel him so. Many superhero movies have been made, but where are the Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Black Widow, Ms Marvel, Power Girl flicks. There really aren’t many highly popular black superheroes, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Luke Cage: Power Man and/or The Black Panther unleashed on the big screen. And from my own private creations…Might and Blackmail, lol. In other words, to limit potential is to limit results.

    Movies such as Femme Fatales and Columbianna similarity dealt with a female heroin exacting revenge on those who have killed their loved ones. The Mathilda character shows more deapth of empathy having to survive the schemes and dealings of pathetic neglectful parents. An abusive older sister with no sympathy for anyone but herself and caring for her baby brother. Her turmoil clearly begins years prior to the slaughter of her family on that fated day when Leon would reluctantly take her in, becoming her savior, guardian, love and avenger. The Columbianna characte’s life seemed to be mostly normal preceding the events that led to her parents death. She also held more untamed emotions which eventually caused the demise of her remaining family members. I believe Mathilda’s temperment was calmer and more concise. That as an adult, she would be more of an Evelyn Salt kind of assassin. With more high profile targets and deadlier adversaries.

    I strongly feel that Mathilda: The Professional Edge is a viable commodity that fans have long awaited. In conclusion, I believe that it could establish itself as an entity of its own making and, if done right, a franchise worth billions.

  7. For me it always remains a mystery why Mathilda has not yet come on the big screen?? We are talking about a blockbuster starring Natalie Portman …

    • Dude, it would be great if a sequel is made. But back to the reality… i don’t think they will produce an another sequel. So sad but true..

  8. Hope they make the sequel.
    will keep my fingers cross!!

  9. The sequel to the professional would be awesome! Us and our friends are waiting for the sequel with Natalie portman. Please make the MOVIE thank you.

  10. Apparently, Besson said that he doesn’t have a great idea yet for a new scenario. He wants a potential sequel or prequel to be as good or better than the original, and he just didn’t come up with anything good enough yet. And he doesn’t want to make a movie just for the money.
    Being an author myself I can understand that. Leon: The Professional feels complete anyway, so I don’t think we really need a sequel anyway. A prequel would be nice though, but Jean Reno is too old to reprise the role.

  11. I hope they make Matilda

  12. Looking forward if they make the Sequel!! great movie!!