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the other guys review The Other Guys Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews The Other Guys

Disclaimer: I am not huge fan of Anchorman and my favorite Will Ferrel performance is from the film that put him on the map as a theatrical comedic actor: Elf. I know that people find the guy funny but to me, he plays essentially the same role in many of his films – clueless, yet egotistical with over-abundant quantities of self-esteem that would make any under-performing yet cocky high school kid blush.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play detectives Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, terribly mismatched police partners who are essentially paper-pushers at their precinct. At the beginning of the film they (and everyone else in the police station) are vastly overshadowed by a pair of super-cops played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. Jackson and Johnson are the uber-hip, super popular, testosterone-oozing media darlings of the police force, and are looked up to by everyone in their precinct except for Terry. The film opens with a chase sequence with the dynamic duo, and while I get that it’s meant to be over-the-top, it left me thinking that I was in for a really stupid movie.

Thankfully, from there it down-shifted a bit and got funnier. Sam Jackson is getting to the point where it seems he just does self-parodies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Dwayne Johnson plays his character in a manner that fits him like a glove (imagine his character from Get Smart, but double the ego and remove any hint of “nice guy”). Terry used to be a popular detective on the street until an unfortunate accident involving a well-known sports figure – and now he’s relegated mainly to desk duty with Gamble, someone with whom his relationship the word “incompatible” is a woefully inadequate descriptor.

Terry is an easily angered, aggressive kind of guy while Allen is a laid back, nerdy, goody-two-shoes personality. Most everything he does drives Terry crazy and makes the pair look silly in front of their co-workers. While Terry is desperate to get back into the thick of things on the street, Allen is quite content to be a desk jockey (he’s a police accountant). Allen’s “big case” is going after someone who is constructing a huge building without filling out the required scaffolding permits. It turns out that the person in question is one David Ershon (played by Steve Coogan), a billionare investor who has lost $32 billion through bad investments for a major bank. The bank is not about to have a quarterly financial report come out that reflects such a staggering loss, so they’re demanding that Ershon find a “sucker” from whom he can extract $32 billion in order to replace the loss. To ensure he doesn’t run off and that he completes this task, he is assigned a team of “bodyguards” led by Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone).

Eventually the scaffolding investigation leads our intrepid detectives to what’s going on with the billions, and Allen is determined to get to the bottom of it before someone is bilked out of $32 billion with Terry at his side.

A lot of people bash on Wahlberg as an actor, but I’m a fan of the guy. Here he actually let himself go a little in the gut area (belly fat) and it makes him seem more of a regular guy. He plays angry and on the edge well, although there was one scene where he confronts his ex-girlfriend in a ballet studio where his character jumps the rails completely and comes across like his IQ suddenly dropped about 60 points. I actually liked Ferrell in this film because it harkened back to his role as Buddy the Elf – very honest and straightforward, but without that over the top extreme ego his characters usually display. He and Wahlberg played well off of each other. Steve Coogan, who is usually very funny, was not even remotely funny in this film. There was a scene that was an obvious take-off on the “greed is good” speech by Michael Douglas in Wall Street which fell completely and utterly flat. It was weird seeing Eva Mendes as a subservient wife in the film – not bad, just weird.

Overall I found the film sporadically funny, with a lot of chuckles sprinkled throughout and the occasional laugh out loud moment. There were a lot of gags in the film in the “awkward funny” vein, which are often difficult to pull off. I’ve seen plenty of films where that’s attempted and the supposed humor only makes me cringe – here it was for the most part pretty funny. One thing that seemed added after the fact was the voiceover narration, which the film could have definitely done without. Oh, and a bit of  a warning: I was really surprised to find out after the fact that this movie is rated PG-13 – as I sat watching it I would have sworn it was rated R due to the suggestive and vulgar language.

Finally, I have a caveat, which most of you will no doubt not heed: If you want to leave the theater having enjoyed this film and in a good mood, I would suggest that you leave just as the credits start rolling. Why? Because here you have what is supposed to be a goofy spoof of “buddy cop” action movies, but once the credits start to roll you’ll be presented with graphics and statistics with an obvious, blatant political message about the evils of capitalism, covering everything from corporate Ponzi schemes to CEO pay to what’s happened to the value of the average person’s 401K. Frankly, it was completely bizarre and as it started I was waiting for some kind of punch line – but soon enough I saw that directory Adam McKay was serious. If this had been attached to Oliver Stone’s upcoming Wall Street 2 I would have thought it an appropriate bookend – but at the end of a comedy?

Most bizarre and inappropriate idea, ever. I don’t know how the studio let this thing out the door with an ending like that.

So, if you leave the theater prior to the credits, you’ll probably left having enjoyed The Other Guys.

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Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. RDJ was pretty effing awsome too^^

  2. Ricky I can’t stand Jack Black I hate that guy. I hate Ferral even more. Carrey was hit and miss back in the day but recently he just sucks. Steve Carrel Is hit and miss for me but mostly hit.

    If you count RDJ because he some times foes comedy than he’s number one. If you mean straight comedy.

    I’m gonna go with Paul Rudd, Seath Rogan, Micheal Cera, Zack Galafanakus, and most of the time but not always Sean William Scott.

    Pretty much in that order. I’m glad Zack finally made it big I’ve been obsessed with his stand up for years much better than his films though.

  3. Igh Fidelity was great. Jack was the worst part and the only reason the film falls short of my top 5.

  4. OMG we almost always disagree lol! Oh well,u guys are still cool.

    • i juzt dont watch too many comedies,i like things that go BOOM!!! more than i like laughter.

  5. Anthony
    I do too lol! I like comedy mixed with action:)

  6. step brothers has to be the funniest ferrel movie to date imo, even now as i type this i’m thinking of some of the jokes hehehe

    btw wtf are we getting into politics ? i mean i should be saying wtf are you guys getting into politics, since i don’t live their i’ll let you guys decided just how f*****# up your country is… no offence to you gun lovers ;)

    # nicest word i can use, since i hate both america and its political leaders along side the massive corporate companies which run them (yeah you read right) and the annoying little kids who swarm around and ruin everything entertaining i like such as games and movies.

  7. step brothers was really funny.

  8. I agree on all of it Anthony. Jack was better in it than other things and he usually sucks.

    I connected to Cusack in that film his character is similar to me in alot of ways.

    • ive made tapes for old gf’s like he did at some point in my life

  9. Ricky I don’t even know where to begin on Jack B. He can only do crude and very stupid humor. I hate Will F and Jack Is like Will only dumber and with more farts. If your gonna be crude at least talk about sex fart jokes are just dumb. The only good films with him are the ones where he is a secondary like High Fidelity or Tropic Thunder. He really is the worst part of all his films.

    The funny part Is while his films contain the most idiotic humor I’ve ever seen his music is actually sometimes witty and hilarious. Tribute is a bad ass song.

    With the music in mind I watched pick of destiny thinking it would be good because of his music and yet it still sucked.

  10. I’m as mad as you Daniel about 911,,,
    Wouldn’t you want to know the truth?
    You will one moment know the truth, whether it be in this life or the next,,,

  11. You can’t let it rest seriously? I know the truth already.

    Believe what ever the hell you want but don’t try to push on everyone else. Just let it go and stop. You believe it how ever you want that’s fine but keep it to your self or to whatever site you go to talk about. This is not only not the place but there are more than a few people who don’t want to hear that crap.

    • AMEN

  12. I’ve made it very clear here on screen rant that I don’t think routh is a great actor. He was an awful actor in superman returns. While he has gotten better over time and is fairly decent now he still isn’t good enough to play superman in a Nolan film.

    That said there is no way in hell that Routh is worse than Welling. Tom has been acting for over a decade now and is just as bad as ever. He hasn’t grown as an actor since the pilot of smallville.

    I could tollerate Routh in a superman film but it would be a bad choice.

    The day Welling plays Superman in a blockbuster live action movie is the day I stop watching comic book films. There have been bad casting choices like Chris Evans for comic films before but Tom Welling would be the worst decision ever. He’s not only wrong for the part but he his a horrid actor. It’s bad enough he’s got smallville but it’s TV and it’s not really superman so it’s tolerable as long as I don’t watch it. A movie though? That’s an insult to not only Superman but comics everywhere. Hell that’s an insult to every actor in the world.

    • ummm…Routh was playing Chris Reeves, not the Man of Steel. Have to agree with Vic on “Elf”. It is the only Will Ferrel movie that I made it through the entire film.

  13. Umm that’s odd. I may the post about Superman on the Hamm article not sure how it got posted here.

    • Daniel F,

      Multiple browser tabs, maybe? And you commented in one when you thought it was another?


  14. LOL

  15. 790,

    I deleted your comment. Things have been very pleasant around here lately and then you go and throw out the word “stupid” when referring to others here in the comment section.

    You know the policy here.


    • i hope i wasnt one of the “others” you referred to vic, 790 and i seem to get along fine here lol

  16. Daniel F
    I liked nacho libre lol! Ok hate me for it but thats a funny movie. And napoleans funny too.

  17. It’s weird Vic I clicked the email link in my email and commented on the article it took me to. I’m sure my safari just screwed up it’s a lousy browser wish I could get Mozilla.

    Just realized had a hacked IPhone for months and never looked for a Mozilla app in the hack dl app.

  18. Lol Ricky I’m not gonna hate someone for liking a movie no matter how dumb I think it is….. Unless it’s Micheal Moore then I might hate. Lol

    • thats true ricky, daniel would hate me with a passion for sure :)

  19. Daniel F
    OMG u are like always serious,its weird cuz wen you are joking around or anything,i still think u are serious lol! U ar never mad or happy,just serious in every comment ive read about u!

    PS Thats not a bad thing :P

    • hey daniel, a thought just occured to me…Blacks second best on screen time was when bruce willis shot his arm off in The Jackel :) that guy just needs to stay away from film altogether though lol

  20. vic, if youre out there, what happened to the weekly box office round up thread?

    • Niall, who does those every week was swamped with some personal stuff. I’ll about him getting it done.



      • thanks vic :)

  21. Vic im stopped reading the review when you said ‘Elf’ was Ferell’s movie that put him on the map as a theatrical comedic actor. The movie that made me notice him was old school. A much funnier and entertaining film than elf even though he wasn’t the main character, he stole nearly every scene he was in.

  22. Elf was great! Can we get a part 2? “Elf 2 pass the syrup”

  23. I can not believe you just compared Regan to those other ass clowns. How dare you sir. RR was one of the few great men to lead this country. What’s next? Are you gonna call honest Abe a Nazi?

  24. Ricky I’m not serious all the time I’ve made happy comments it’s just challenging to convey emotion on the Internet. Also I hate smiley faces I only use them if I’m texting a girl lol or trying to defuse an Internet fight. I can be a crazy jokester in life I just don’t have a lot of jokes on here my jokes tend to come out of the blue and based on something that just happened or I tend to use very dark humor which could get me in trouble here

    Anthony I wouldn’t hate you man. I have no reason to.

  25. No worries Ricky I thought I used lol alot lol guess I need to use it more.

  26. Well you don’t check your email for a few hours and next thing you got 80 of them,,,
    I’m not pushing anything Daniel, and nothing personal but I don’t whisper my opinion on 911 behind closed doors or with the fear I’m going to be called a conspiracy nut. I made a remark and you had a blogger breakdown. In the world of truth, your point of view is the minority. More and more people are waking up to the truth everyday, your just not one of them,,, and hey good for you eh?,,,

    This is what its like discussing this with people like you Daniel.
    Hey did you know the Earth is round?
    “What ???”
    Yeah the facts are coming out that its not flat as we have been told, its actually round like a ball,,,,
    “What?? Are you crazy?”
    No seriously the planet is round like a ball!
    “Listen, you take that crazy talk and get out of my face,”
    But dude,,,
    “Get out before I kill and beat you!!!!”
    I have a feeling that when the truth comes out you won’t believe it anyway… That goes for a lot of closed minded step children out there,,, (comment not directed at anyone in particular)
    Maybe since we have freedom of speech we should ban and make it illegal to say anything else on the 911 subject… ;-)

    • 790,

      OK, let’s stop this conversation thread please. Your “earth is round” analogy is flawed – but you can think what you like.